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  Ian Goldberg 2840ccb8b8 Be able to run the tests for each of the figures separately 5 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 27ab4d66c4 Also run 2^30 sized binary search 7 months ago
  Ian Goldberg c033f9fd0b Fix off-by-one error in heap extract experiments 7 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 4715e8144b Figure 6 should go up to 2^30 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg b4a6a529a0 Support for running experiments over ssh instead of in dockers 7 months ago
  Ian Goldberg fd0bcce3a3 We use 3 iterations for ORAM for the paper 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 345e335e68 Allow the docker scripts to be run from other directories 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 9a496d6a8f Add Figure 6 as well 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg d103912876 Touch up data collection code for Figures 7 and 8 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 6f326cb5bb Repro for Figures 7 and 8 of the PRAC paper for 3P Circuit ORAM 8 months ago
  user avadapal 9d4bb46a85 readme 8 months ago
  user avadapal 0c42b28937 readme 8 months ago
  user avadapal d6b68e5073 heaps with constant db 8 months ago
  user avadapal 6857bedd7b updating the README instructions 8 months ago
  user avadapal 72915f8c08 rawdata for constant dbsize 8 months ago
  user avadapal be1c5035c8 prac repro stuff 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 77913877b9 Implement a flag to allow for log parsing on the host instead of in a docker 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg d048e03f1a The ubuntu:22.04 docker image's bash ignores signal 15 when run as init, so force quit right away. 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 30af206359 Mark test output from repro 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg f560f500b2 Update the README to match the new parse_logs output format 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg a8d2e4d7de Have repro output a marker for the end of the figures 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg a2ec274f86 Have parse_logs compute stats from multiple runs 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 039adef5ff If the Duoram NUMA commands are set, but Circuit-ORAM-specific ones are not, use them for Circuit ORAM 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg e3795b010f Add a README 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 0599a86c59 Output the number of iterations in parse_logs 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 6b828eb578 For portability, use = instead of == in bash scripts 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 4ac2e451e1 Output online and total data points separately instead of interleaved 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 9d418ca091 Improve log parser 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 1a8c7915a8 USENIX artifact reproduction script 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 59b6d74cd2 The Java code already reports bandwidth _per iteration_ so don't divide again 1 year ago