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  Ian Goldberg da677c6167 Check whether we have enough RAM to run the 2^28 and 2^30 experiments 5 months ago
  Ian Goldberg dc6640e872 Be able to run the tests for each of the figures separately 5 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 1db10050c3 Also run 2^30 sized binary search 7 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 751fd5958f Inherit PRAC NUMA env vars, if set 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg a7bf56c09b Gather and parse data for Figures 6 and 7 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg bc8353ba4f Remove redundant copy of parse_logs 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 803bd9c667 parse_logs will parse mode bs output as well 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 9e32ef44f2 run-experiments can be used with modes "read" or "bs" 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg b79daf99e9 Allow docker scripts to be run from other directories 8 months ago
  user avadapal a72e2317e5 readme 8 months ago
  user avadapal 03e9b9443c bs const 8 months ago
  user avadapal 474391aafd repro scripts 8 months ago
  user avadapal d5e4506ec3 changing run experiment for BS 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 12b9441c23 Optionally run and show the tests needed for the graphs that only appear in the extended version of the paper 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg a03179c626 Implement a flag to allow for log parsing on the host instead of in a docker 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 5d2c304a2e Mark test output from repro 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 98209553a4 Update the README to match the new parse_logs output format 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 873a7c4cad Have repro output a marker for the end of the figures 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 70e511d481 Have parse_logs compute stats from multiple runs 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg df257585e6 If the Duoram NUMA commands are set, but Floram-specific ones are not, use them for Floram 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 6a3f29a7e5 Touch up README 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg ab9a51cb0f Update README 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 31e7e2e978 Output the number of operations in parse_logs 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 549e8b3247 For portability, use = instead of == in bash scripts 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg ed5ad2def1 Fix Figure 8(c) report 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 7312e34826 typo 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg da0abd38f3 typo fix 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 6a0743a7e6 Be able to run a single experiment from the repro script 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg de195ba5e8 Allow the user to specify a log suffix in the repro script 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 87ba837d2b Output the Floram data points for each plot 1 year ago