Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ian Goldberg c3623c6c23 The 2^26 experiments won't run in just 16 GB of RAM 5 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 53c3327755 Be able to run the tests for each of the figures separately 6 months ago
  Ian Goldberg e3bd564bda Add Cargo.lock file to git 7 months ago
  Ian Goldberg ba5dee080a Fix off-by-one error in heap extract experiments 7 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 22a5917a40 Support for running experiments over ssh instead of in dockers 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg a4832c196d The ramen code crashes for sizes 2^28 and 2^30 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg f0a98506ca Fix run-experiment invocation for binary search tests 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg ab179e9e74 Extract data from the ramen outputs 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg fd2976d5f8 repro script 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 9b9e80968c Gather data for Figures 6, 7, 8 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 7727807ca5 Remove redundant copy of 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg c27568f829 Enable NUMA for run-experiment, and touch up its logging 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg c0107031b4 Allow docker scripts to be run from other directories 8 months ago
  Ian Goldberg 92bd229c4b Make it build with rustc 1.66.1, which is what's in Ubuntu 20.04 8 months ago
  user avadapal 9cd4fdf75c generating rawdata for ramen 8 months ago
  user avadapal a4db694c5a rawdata 8 months ago
  user avadapal e18a5022ea extracting stats from raw data files 8 months ago
  user avadapal 04e4e71ec9 raw data for heaps 8 months ago
  user avadapal 3bddc00bad echos 8 months ago
  user avadapal bedf266cbd bs 9 months ago
  user avadapal 2ec858335a repro scripts for ramen 11 months ago
  user avadapal da0291af30 add the init time 11 months ago
  user avadapal e3d8377687 making the ramen take an extra parameter for number of acceses 11 months ago
  user avadapal 3904ed0949 cleaning up the outputs 11 months ago
  avadapal 8fd0305156 the first repro script 1 year ago
  avadapal 8273dc6942 standarbuf outs in runexperiment 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 21555f72f2 Make docker scripts executable 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 709a4b7ed1 Touch up run-experiment 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 995e7f0f69 Touch up Dockerfile 1 year ago
  avadapal adbcb4f1a3 an empty README 1 year ago