Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cecylia 552c2dc325 Fixed bug in tagging code (used in the generation of the Slitheen ID) 7 years ago
  cecylia e6439de1a4 Fixed bug in verify_extensions function to correctly parse messages with no extensions. 7 years ago
  cecylia 9f8a6cfc11 Updated SOCKS proxy to check if the decrypted Slitheen hdr has corrupted zeros. This will determine whether the block is from a previous session or has not been replaced. 7 years ago
  cecylia 108e6836ad Fixed leaks in socks proxy code. 7 years ago
  cecylia 0277603e5d Process status 304 resources (header only) so that it doesn't forfeit the flow. 7 years ago
  cecylia 39b5418622 fixed off-by-one error in length of private key for elliptic curves 7 years ago
  cecylia 9d082cd37c fixed leaks in relay station code due to extended master secret implementation 7 years ago
  cecylia b8b23307bc re-wrote socks proxy on client side 7 years ago
  cecylia 8f104d6af9 implemented support for curve25519 7 years ago
  cecylia 3e8d294c0d fixed len to include extra '/' character 7 years ago
  cecylia b76b16b65e changed content type to sli/theen 7 years ago
  cecylia 57e2c536ca Updated code to compile with OpenSSL version 1.1.0 and use curve25519 7 years ago
  cecylia 3e4a1303f1 No longer close connection to ous_in, reuse same socket for all future sends and receives 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 6ca0f7c59e Change the port to connect to 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 1d305de885 Typo fix 7 years ago
  cecylia c4e0acbd64 changed byte ordering of length sent to ous to big-endian 7 years ago
  cecylia af4439d6c4 updated information sent from socks proxy to OUS to be of the format 2 byte len || message of len bytes 7 years ago
  cecylia 5125f72068 implemented extended master secret computation 7 years ago
  cecylia 0333e8e3f7 added code to check for Extended Master Secret extension 7 years ago
  cecylia ee670440de added a check for the certificate status hs message 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg c7aadd6530 Remove now-dead code 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 070ce0865d Update the incoming Finished message in the new way 7 years ago
  cecylia b9dca6952e removed Sandvine configuration and reverted to transparent proxy config (don't change MAC addresses and forward all non TCP packets 7 years ago
  cecylia 2a0d9573b8 fixed bug in tag-check code so it actually checks the tag 7 years ago
  cecylia d7dc2bc9c9 updated relay station to check for tag with context string (server_ip || first 4 bytes of ClientHello random) 7 years ago
  cecylia 13aabbdb54 added debugging statements to print out result of tag check 7 years ago
  cecylia 3641c8150e updated tagging description 7 years ago
  cecylia 421e4adeeb updated description of super encryption keys 7 years ago
  cecylia fa5be95f86 formatting fix 7 years ago
  cecylia 2e804ab52a updated documentation with byte-level description of tag and DH parameter selection 7 years ago