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  cecylia 2b4049d5f1 updated firefox repo to be public 6 years ago
  cecylia ee1194c81a updated README to point to public slitheen repo 6 years ago
  cecylia 3739086038 updated README file to be Ian's run-through 6 years ago
  cecylia bcab2ed5b9 added README for setting up docker environment 6 years ago
  cecylia e4a5cb0549 Upped /dev/shm allocation to avoid tab crash 6 years ago
  cecylia a08ac25e6f updated testenv networking 6 years ago
  cecylia 59909dfb85 changed name of slitheen main file in source, updated config check 6 years ago
  cecylia feca19bbb8 modified net_run to check for offloading settigns on docker interface on host 6 years ago
  cecylia 0b8f3fbf7b Merge branch 'master' of 7 years ago
  cecylia 6a8cebf682 Upped MTY of ous container so large packets aren't dropped 7 years ago
  aemhlori 80d191c9f3 Adds necessary packages to build the SliFox debian package 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg a94a2a9c9a Add packages to slitheen image to facilitate building debs 7 years ago
  cecylia 805ab17120 updated Docker file for slitheen to build OpenSSL version 1.1.0 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg d0ae8b67b9 A script for starting the Slitheen SOCKS proxy 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 13250f8d1f Changed ous run script to also listen on port 1080 7 years ago
  cecylia 2221e9e6a3 upped MTU size of relay station interfaces to avoid send errors 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 87e9efa099 Add mktestenvconfig script 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg a57ce526f9 Touch up the ous_run script 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg a94bcc58b0 Pathnames to repos on the host now live in a config file 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg b2a79f6bbc The launch scripts now work! 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg f2c20a0332 Dockerfile for slitheen image 7 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 53359caf19 Initial checkin of docker test environment launching scripts 7 years ago