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  Stan Gurtler 5f7aba370d Updated to identify the specific libraries that need to be installed for things to compile and run properly 3 years ago
  Stan Gurtler 0eef06f516 new directory names means one line needs to be updated 3 years ago
  Stan Gurtler aeca3a2d31 those files shouldn't actually be in git 3 years ago
  Stan Gurtler 232044185b updated README to include information about Makefile 3 years ago
  Stan Gurtler e33ac5f83c added Makefile for C programs 3 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 5047de1b38 Update the README for the cuckoo simulation 3 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 64ebbe5d68 Update to the latest cuckoo simulation code 3 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 12ba41bd69 Remove unneeded files 3 years ago
  Stan Gurtler 44de1f2746 Preparing artifacts for external review 3 years ago