Commit History

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  Ian Goldberg 77913877b9 Implement a flag to allow for log parsing on the host instead of in a docker 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg d048e03f1a The ubuntu:22.04 docker image's bash ignores signal 15 when run as init, so force quit right away. 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 30af206359 Mark test output from repro 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg f560f500b2 Update the README to match the new parse_logs output format 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg a8d2e4d7de Have repro output a marker for the end of the figures 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg a2ec274f86 Have parse_logs compute stats from multiple runs 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 039adef5ff If the Duoram NUMA commands are set, but Circuit-ORAM-specific ones are not, use them for Circuit ORAM 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg e3795b010f Add a README 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 0599a86c59 Output the number of iterations in parse_logs 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 6b828eb578 For portability, use = instead of == in bash scripts 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 4ac2e451e1 Output online and total data points separately instead of interleaved 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 9d418ca091 Improve log parser 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 1a8c7915a8 USENIX artifact reproduction script 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 59b6d74cd2 The Java code already reports bandwidth _per iteration_ so don't divide again 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 4acdaa86b3 Have parse_output also output the bandwidths 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 663692eedb Add a little more paranoia to the output parser 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 6c7a5c0049 Improve the parser for the docker experiment output 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg afe1bf2e4f Be explicit about what is being printed in the test output where useful 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 08d6ec9855 Add an iters: field to the config.yaml file 1 year ago
  Ian Goldberg 6bd461c1d7 Docker setup for running experiments with controlled network latencies and bandwidths 1 year ago
  Boyang Wei 39a9f487f9 Add SSOT protocol 3 years ago
  Boyoung- 7a283ab70e add Retrieve time and bandwidth output printing 6 years ago
  Boyang Wei 335530b4b2 group timer/bandwidth for outputing 6 years ago
  Boyoung- ac6ea65390 reorganize folders 6 years ago
  Boyoung- 668fe576d0 more old stuff to remove 6 years ago
  Boyoung- f8fb0d3bc3 delete old protocols 6 years ago
  Boyoung- bf0a9b87e3 done removing PreData and Timer 6 years ago
  Boyoung- 0db5414f60 continue removing PreData and Timer 6 years ago
  Boyoung- 425ce246b8 continue remove PreData and Timer 6 years ago
  Boyoung- 618b46d377 continue removing PreData and Timer 6 years ago