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Linux videoconferencing docker image

On the assumption that there will be a lot more videoconferencing going on in the near future, I put together a docker image containing skype, zoom, and wire, so that you can run them inside a container and have a little less worry about the random binaries.


I made this to run on Ubuntu 18.04, but you may have luck with other platforms as well.

  • docker

  • x11docker

    • git clone
    • copy x11docker/x11docker into some directory in your $PATH
  • nxagent

    • apt install nxagent
    • There are other possible virtual X servers you could use here; see x11docker above for a list. This is the part that's most sensitive to your host OS and version.

Download skype and zoom

  • ./download-debs

Build the vidcdocker image

  • ./build-docker

Install the launch script

  • Copy vidcdocker somewhere in your $PATH

Running vidcdocker

  • vidcdocker will start the docker image and launch an xterminal in that docker. Your webcam and pulseaudio will be connected to that xterminal. From that terminal, you can run wire-desktop, skypeforlinux, or zoom. Exiting the terminal will terminate the docker container.