Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dettanym 86d3fb0609 temp commit from pre-paper-revision stage 3 years ago
  dettanym 76723770fa Works with modified decryptor - commit 0947cf3. JVM code causes it to go into a full signal loop whereas python code causes a sigsegv 4 years ago
  dettanym 5a98fd13e3 Working commit with old libraries 4 years ago
  dettanym 833692e0c3 Not working commit 4 years ago
  dettanym c0cf3df7f6 Verifier sends an encrypted message to decryptor and closes the connection 4 years ago
  dettanym 17eb69029c Post-LA encryption/decryption working 4 years ago
  dettanym 8cf97b17ce Refactored code + added in RSA key generation + sha256 hash of RSA public key which is in little endian format 5 years ago