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CrySP Logo

This repository contains the official CrySP logo and its associated build scripts.

The rendered logo is stored in the build directory. Filenames follow this naming convention:


X defines the contents of the logo according to the following table:

X value Logo content
pictorial Only the pictorial mark
word The pictorial mark and "CrySP"
tagline1 Pictorial mark, "CrySP", and the lab name
tagline2 Pictorial mark, "CrySP", lab name, and "@ uWaterloo"

Y defines the logo colour scheme according to the following table:

Y value Pictorial Background Text
blackbg-whitefg Tri-colour Black White
whitebg-blackfg Tri-colour White Black
clearbg-blackfg Tri-colour Transparent Black
clearbg-whitefg Tri-colour Transparent White
mono-blackbg-whitefg White Black White
mono-whitebg-blackfg Black White Black
mono-clearbg-blackfg Black Transparent Black
mono-clearbg-whitefg White Transparent White

When X is pictorial, Y is one of the following values:

Y value Pictorial Background
blackbg Tri-colour Black
whitebg Tri-colour White
clearbg Tri-colour Transparent
mono-blackbg White Black
mono-whitebg Black White

All combinations are available in SVG, PDF, and PNG formats (based on the file extension Z). Versions that have a solid background colour (either black or white) are also available in EPS format.

In addition to all of the above, the build/icon directory contains versions of the pictorial mark that are usable as icons; they contain no margins around the mark. Each file named crysp-logo-icon-A.png is a square PNG with A pixels per side. crysp-logo-icon.ico is a multi-resolution icon file containing every resolution from the PNG files. It is designed to support all of the most common icon sizes across many devices. crysp-logo-favicon.ico is specifically meant for use on the web. It contains only the resolutions necessary for web use, and thus is significantly smaller than the full icon file. crysp-logo-icon.svg is the vectorized source for the icons.

The Makefile is also capable of rendering optimized PNGs of specific sizes on demand. The size of these PNGs is specified either as a fixed height or a fixed width; the other dimension is automatically determined. To build such a file, simply append -hB or -wB to the filename before the extension, where B is the pixel count of the height or width, respectively. For example:

make build/crysp-logo-tagline2-clearbg-blackfg-h150.png

Finally, the master_template.svg file in the root directory contains the Inkscape file that serves as a template for the Makefile.

Copyright (C) 2018 Cryptography, Security, and Privacy Research Group. All rights reserved.