Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kirija 8f6acae0e6 Bug noise amplifier was zeroed (#38) 5 years ago
  Nicolas Amat c9ca19f67c Bugfixes/unread unused variables (#33) 5 years ago
  Nicolas Amat 8dc8f59807 New security estimation - More secure (#35) 5 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 9896cc7a71 solved more leaks and issues associated 6 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar aae505e016 Fixed leak when pushing queries 6 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar e1cf7c1f91 simplepir, more verbosity on tests, some memory leaks fixed 6 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 089cd82f6a advanced example in simplepir and some memore fixes 6 years ago
  Marc-Olivier Killijian ab85ef48b1 Initial commit for xpir as a library 6 years ago