Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Mathewson 2bfd92d0d1 Apply coccinelle script to replace malloc(a*b)->calloc(a,b) 9 years ago
  Matthew Finkel 2d5a7b1842 Check for new IP addr after circuit liveliness returns 9 years ago
  Roger Dingledine 85ef58e5ba quiet the debug message in circuit_build_times_disabled() 9 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 00bcc25d05 Cleanup whitespaces 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 8920fc5457 Hide the contents of the circuit_build_times structure. 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 79cad08b4f Documentation for new cbt accessors 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 775c491502 Separate mutable/const accessors for circuit_build_times 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson e1c9b43b8e Rename get_circuit_nbuild_* to end with _ms 10 years ago
  vagrant 4834641dce Make circ_times static and add accessor functions. 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson a3e0a87d95 Completely refactor how FILENAME_PRIVATE works 10 years ago
  Mike Perry 87d50d0617 Clarify liveness log message and lower it to notice. 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 5b0b51ca3f Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/bug6304_v3' into maint-0.2.4 10 years ago
  Mike Perry da5817772d Rename and relocate the bw weight scale param getter. 10 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 4da083db3b Update the copyright date to 201. 10 years ago
  Mike Perry 42e3c04a7a Bug 3443: Don't count ORconn setup in circuit build time. 11 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 907db008ab Move the circuit build timeout code into its own file. 11 years ago