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  Nick Mathewson 011d94fb11 apply ahf's test_assert_null.cocci 6 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 047790a253 apply ahf's test_assert_int.cocci 6 years ago
  Alexander Færøy c4744a01cc Fix operator usage in src/test/*.c 6 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 7505f452c8 Run the copyright update script. 6 years ago
  Nick Mathewson d9ca4e20bd Merge branch 'feature_15055_v2' 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 99b3e54691 Add "Ed ID" arguments to a bunch of connection-ID-related fns. 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 64521a9d35 Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/solaris_warnings_028' 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 4d4ccc505b Search for remaining references to 'bufferevent'. 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 94bff894f9 Fix a large pile of solaris warnings for bug 19767. 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 8f2d2933f9 Use -Wdouble-promotion in GCC >= 4.6 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 493499a339 Add -Wfloat-conversion for GCC >= 4.9 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 57699de005 Update the copyright year. 7 years ago
  cypherpunks 824a6a2a90 Replace usage of INLINE with inline 8 years ago
  Nick Mathewson f54e54b0b4 Bump copyright dates to 2015, in case someday this matters. 9 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 03d2df62f6 Fix a bunch of memory leaks in the unit tests. Found with valgrind 9 years ago
  Andrea Shepard faea058baa Update test_channeltls.c for recent test suite changes and --enable-mempools support 9 years ago
  Andrea Shepard 5e9a88e001 Add channel_tls_num_cells_writeable_method() coverage to channeltls/num_bytes_queued unit test 10 years ago
  Andrea Shepard 030b0fe107 Add channeltls/num_bytes_queued unit test 10 years ago
  Andrea Shepard 8719f8ff09 Implement tlschan create and overhead estimate unit tests 10 years ago
  Andrea Shepard 50d5fb87bd Initial test_channeltls.c 10 years ago