Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steven Engler b608f06a3e Don't overwrite 'CHUTNEY_DATA_DIR' in '' 3 years ago
  Steven Engler 23093073bc Chutney scripts now use a network file rather than flavour 3 years ago
  Nick Mathewson d8c700e178 test scripts: If a network is not supported, exit with 77 3 years ago
  teor 113f415e3b Merge remote-tracking branch 'tor-github/pr/17' 3 years ago
  teor d6df03566a shellcheck: fix warnings in the script 3 years ago
  teor f6d409540a bootstrap-network: Actually use the first argument as the network flavour 3 years ago
  teor b03e5a30b4 bootstrap-network: Log the flavour name that's actually being used 3 years ago
  teor b0e98fccdc Fix a common Travis failure mode by allowing tor more time to bootstrap 4 years ago
  teor 3a9e7f87c2 Consistely use 4 space indents in tools/ 4 years ago
  teor 0d882aeb03 Remove an unused variable 4 years ago
  teor ef92c76684 Debug: give better bootstrap error messages 4 years ago
  teor 1641c18991 Remove unused code for setting TestingV3AuthVotingStartOffset 4 years ago
  teor 030e2b9817 Use sh rather than bash 6 years ago
  teor bc7a8eab20 Handle CHUTNEY_DATA_DIR correctly, even if it's relative 6 years ago
  teor cdd9119df4 Make chutney accept relative paths, as well as the scripts 6 years ago
  teor 0d57f92157 Use bash rather than the default shell 6 years ago
  teor 729ea601c5 Check that relative paths actually have what we need in them 6 years ago
  teor 822b30c8e5 Make chutney shell scripts support relative paths 6 years ago
  teor 16e32cc0d7 Make chutney tools work with relative paths 6 years ago
  Lars Luthman 4c29954b0d Fix typo in 6 years ago
  teor b2558a7b46 Wait a second before checking if tor has launched 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson de810e6700 Now that chutney moves dirs on config, can stop 8 years ago
  Linus Nordberg 1678c99b28 Don't require directory 'net'. 9 years ago
  Linus Nordberg 5dd2068296 Print a note about the renaming of old net/nodes directory. 9 years ago
  Linus Nordberg a0be5e2f59 Have the bootstrap script indicate network status in exit code. 9 years ago
  Linus Nordberg 933e49a8b2 Use new Tor option TestingV3AuthVotingStartOffset to bootstrap quicker. 9 years ago