teor 03e77ef036 Merge branch 'maint-0.3.5' into maint-0.4.0 4 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 9 years ago
29241_diagnostic 680fd3f8fb NSS: Log an error message when SSL_ExportKeyingMaterial() fails 5 years ago
bug12399 05fa1689eb Change loglevel of message 'Hash of session info was not as expected' 4 years ago
bug13221 1b9e77349f Fix some error-checking logic and a misleading error message 5 years ago
bug22619 70b85358af Fix a logic error in deciding whether to accept SessionGroup= 5 years ago
bug23507 41bc1fac8e changes: file for 23507, v3 onion service fix 4 years ago
bug23818_v2 231a74363f changes: file for 23818, v2 onion service fix 4 years ago
bug23818_v3 084245134b changes: file for 23818, v3 onion service fix 4 years ago
bug27199 fecd583c0e rust: abort on panic in all profiles 5 years ago
bug28525 ec2a2a6b7a Fix #28525 changes file that is breaking CI. 5 years ago
bug28614_better_logging 5613968d57 Improve logging for 28614. 5 years ago
bug28656 532f4c9103 Stop logging a BUG() warning when tor is waiting for exit descriptors 5 years ago
bug28698 78220aae1e Add circuit time check before logging about relaxing circuit time 5 years ago
bug28925 5d2f5e482e Correctly report PT vs proxy during bootstrap 5 years ago
bug28979 7c6a8c674b Fix documentation for ClientAuth on HSv3. 5 years ago
bug28981 f0408b844f Add changes file for bug 28981 5 years ago
bug29017 85c598cbc2 stats: Make PaddingStatistics depend on ExtraInfoStatistics 5 years ago
bug29029 89a0b77740 rend: stop warning when clients send multiple rend establish cells 5 years ago
bug29034 a6399da598 Bug 29034: Cleanup hs circuitmap when purpose changes. 5 years ago
bug29036 eb0bd18d6e changes: Use the first Tor version with CI coverage for the 29036 changes file 5 years ago
bug29040 eca0f87801 Add changes file for bug 29040. 5 years ago
bug29042 d9fde87607 correct bug number in 29042 changelog 5 years ago
bug29122 6243133a71 Fix intermittent failures of test_circuitpadding_wronghop(). 5 years ago
bug29135 712a622fce Log an HSDesc we failed to parse at Debug loglevel 5 years ago
bug29144 389ee834b6 Log the correct "auto" port number for listening sockets 5 years ago
bug29145 4417ac880a Fix a compiler warning on OpenBSD 5 years ago
bug29150 83b1ca9b07 Add release note for bug 29150 5 years ago
bug29161 6144cf99ad Capture more BUG warnings in util/time test 5 years ago
bug29169 e19222a0da Use tt_u64_op() in test_circuitpadding.c to fix compilation warnings 5 years ago
bug29175_035 790150e57a Allow empty username/password in SOCKS5 username/password auth message 5 years ago
bug29204 ff410edec0 Bug 29204: Inspect circuit queues before sending padding. 5 years ago
bug29241 4dd96f7444 changes: Ticket 29241 is actually a bug on NSS in 5 years ago
bug29244 4d7a0a1310 Update Cargo.lock with new comment; suppress 29244. 5 years ago
bug29298 f5a6d4c6ea Disable unstable circuit padding unittest. 5 years ago
bug29500 28db7646ba Changes file for bug 29500. 5 years ago
bug29508 b054a6c6b9 kist: When readding chans, check correct chan's sched_heap_idx 5 years ago
bug29527 cfcf6de1a8 Changes file for bug 29527 5 years ago
bug29530_035 cc23afddd1 Changes file for backporting 29530 to 0.3.5 5 years ago
bug29562 aa360b255b Fix crash bug in PT subsystem. 5 years ago
bug29599 4d9eb4dd0e test/shared-random: Stop leaking shared random state in the unit tests 5 years ago
bug29601 a479909ee8 appveyor: skip two redundant builds to speed up CI on Windows 5 years ago
bug29665 a3bc950e42 relays shouldn't close idle rend circuits 5 years ago
bug29670 5cbd71b977 Make get_proxy_type() connection-specific 5 years ago
bug29693 a5df9402b6 prob-distr: Decrease false positive rate of stochastic tests. 5 years ago
bug29703 f7688cb179 test: Backport the 0.3.4 src/test/test-network.sh to 0.2.9 5 years ago
bug29706_minimal 9400da9b5e test/sr: Free SRVs before replacing them in test_sr_setup_srv() 5 years ago
bug29706_refactor 26e6f56023 sr: Free SRVs before replacing them in state_query_put_() 5 years ago
bug29874 4be522b2e6 Pass NULL to lpApplicationName in CreateProcessA(). 5 years ago
bug29875 c09e7a4e71 changes file for bug 29875. 5 years ago
bug29922 a63bd87760 Detect and suppress an additional gmtime() warning in test_util.c 5 years ago
bug29930 0429072495 Lower log level of unlink() errors in networkstatus_set_current_consensus(). 5 years ago
bug29959-040 8e961b2174 bwauth: Actually include the bandwidth-file-digest in authority votes 5 years ago
bug30001 37d7daa3cd changes: update the changes file for 30001 5 years ago
bug30011 3fa42d599a Travis: Terminate test-stem if it takes more than 9.5 minutes to run 5 years ago
bug30021 1710f4bbd6 Do not cache bogus results from classifying client ciphers 5 years ago
bug30040 2cdc6b2005 Add changes file for #30040. 5 years ago
bug30041 c24928dd8f Changes file for bug30041 5 years ago
bug30148 85ff6f9114 Fix a memory leak on failure to create keys directory. 5 years ago
bug30189 802ac8ad61 Use a tor_abort_() wrapper in our util_bug.h macros 5 years ago
bug30190 8c4e68438d Do not warn about compatible OpenSSL upgrades 5 years ago
bug30263 1788343aff Stop looking for scripts in the build directory during "make shellcheck" 5 years ago
bug30316 0ab4dc7ef7 Move bandwidth-file-headers line to appear in the correct vote section 5 years ago
bug30452 1b16fcb70c Add a --list-modules command 5 years ago
bug30475 ff55840343 Don't pass a NULL into a %s when logging client auth file load failure 5 years ago
bug30561 0e0cf4abd8 Tweak comments in tor_vasprintf(), and add a changes file for 30651 5 years ago
bug30614 bdf685e476 Changes file for bug 30614 5 years ago
bug30649 763fd0ad66 Fix bugfix version in Bug 30649: Changes file. 4 years ago
bug30713 be0a4be276 Travis: Skip test_rebind on macOS builds 5 years ago
bug30744 d761c3ca6d Travis: allow the test-stem job to fail 5 years ago
bug30781 ba83c1e5cf dirparse: Stop crashing when parsing unknown descriptor purpose annotations 5 years ago
bug30894 4ab1d1c0c4 Fix memleak when failing to parse a CSV_INTERVAL. 5 years ago
bug30916 2da4d64a64 Avoid a crash if our "current" and "old" ntor onion keys are equal 4 years ago
bug31003 a9379d6750 Set 'routerlist' global to NULL before freeing it. 4 years ago
bug31107 3c97ab3c24 Treat an unexpected constant-sized VERSIONS cell as a PROTOCOL_WARN. 4 years ago
bug31343 0849d2a2fd Avoid using labs() on time_t in channeltls.c 4 years ago
bug31408 0614f83905 changes: use correct bugfix release, and reword changes file for 31408 4 years ago
bug31463 190386f1c4 Fix gcc build exclude on travis 4 years ago
bug31657 670d402621 entrynodes: Make routine descriptor expiry notice logs less alarming 4 years ago
bug31837 cf2b00d3f5 test/rebind: Make control formatting and log parsing more robust 4 years ago
bug31884 b186418792 Appveyor: Avoid spurious errors in Appveyor CI builds 4 years ago
chutney_ci 63325c0596 Add a chutney mode to travis.yml. 5 years ago
cid1444119 669ec64325 Fix CID 1444119 5 years ago
diagnostic_28223_redux 99b87d7ca4 Even more diagnostic messages for bug 28223. 5 years ago
doc28623 58cbe51708 Use RFC5737-compliant example IP addresses in manpage when describing MapAddress 5 years ago
doc29121 61e6b217c5 manpage: Clarify that Tor does stream isolation between *Port listeners by default 5 years ago
doc31089 1087c48d6e Hardcode the image into tor-exit-notice.html 4 years ago
feature28976 99fffc6c2f Add a pre-commit hook that runs code and changelog entry formatting checks 5 years ago
geoip-2019-02-05 a3f9ddcf03 Update geoip and geoip6 to the February 5 2019 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2019-03-04 2e74edb53e Update geoip and geoip6 to the March 4 2019 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2019-04-02 54e249e269 Update geoip and geoip6 to the April 2 2019 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2019-05-13 4e262196a8 Update geoip and geoip6 to the May 13 2019 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2019-06-10 0ec4ebd00d Update geoip and geoip6 to the June 10 2019 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2019-10-01 90de776ea9 Update geoip and geoip6 to the October 1 2019 database. 4 years ago
ticket21377 6ecf9590ea changes: add file for #21377 5 years ago
ticket26698 b61c3c6dfa changes: Add changes file for #26698 5 years ago
ticket27761 3eafa61f63 check-changes: Warn about bugfixes on future releases 5 years ago
ticket28614 249319ec5d fix typos from #28614 5 years ago
ticket28668 f684cd8005 Fail any unit test that causes an unhandled LD_BUG or LOG_ERR 5 years ago
ticket28795 fb977f8cac changes: file for 28795 4 years ago
ticket28816 c2222ba169 Add changes file 5 years ago
ticket29026 b63404ebba Changes file for ticket29026. 5 years ago
ticket29072 6fdd34acd6 Remove check-tor script 5 years ago
ticket29160 54c9c8b04f If address/get_if_addrs6 can't findipv6, log WARN, not ERR 5 years ago
ticket29168 be84ed1a64 kist: Don't write above the highwater outbuf mark 5 years ago
ticket29357 d194f6bedf Implement an DormantCanceledByStartup option 5 years ago
ticket29435 192b312c97 Fix coverage script. 5 years ago
ticket29617 37aae23945 OOM-purge the DNS cache one part at a time 5 years ago
ticket29631 a999cb43df protover: Add missing Padding to translate_to_rust 5 years ago
ticket29702 12b9bfc05f test: Also avoid reading the system default torrc in integration tests 5 years ago
ticket29806 4ab2e9a599 bwauth: Ignore bandwidth file lines with "vote=0" 5 years ago
ticket29897 194b25f0c7 dircache: Refactor handle_get_next_bandwidth() to use connection_dir_buf_add() 5 years ago
ticket29962 124990aa01 Add changes file 5 years ago
ticket30117 8ff6ab0a39 changes: file for 30117 5 years ago
ticket30213 b05b165a75 Add changes file 5 years ago
ticket30234 9a97b5ff56 Travis: Show stem's tor log after failure 5 years ago
ticket30454 9f52b87518 hs: Add changes file for #30454 5 years ago
ticket30591 9eb221b2d2 Travis: make stem log a controller trace, and tail stem's tor log 5 years ago
ticket30694 cdda69ca8a Travis: only run the stem tests that use a tor binary 5 years ago
ticket30860 1e0e23c1e4 Travis: Add a macOS chutney job, but don't wait for it to finish 4 years ago
ticket30871 e3f3478032 guard: Ignore marked for close circuit when changing state to open 5 years ago
ticket31372_appveyor 49a11f8a8a Try using make -k in the Appveyor configuration 4 years ago
ticket31372_travis 6ed3d8dbd1 Try using make -k in Travis configuration 4 years ago
ticket31374 3a280b35ee Fix a warning about casting the results of GetProcAddress. 4 years ago
ticket31406 5a1c3e44f7 dirauth: Change dizum IP address 4 years ago
ticket31466 f0e4120996 Add a rate-limit to our warning about the disabled .exit notation 4 years ago
ticket31554 664d1b4366 test: Change "make test-stem" so it only runs the stem tests that use tor 4 years ago
ticket31673 409df19b5a build: The <sys/sysctl.h> is now deprecated on Linux 4 years ago
ticket31687_1 51475aee57 fp.c: Suppress float-conversion warnings on FreeBSD. 4 years ago
ticket31687_2 97f7efa9e3 pf: when extracting an IPv6 address, make sure we got an IPv6 address 4 years ago
ticket31859 1e0e23c1e4 Travis: Add a macOS chutney job, but don't wait for it to finish 4 years ago
ticket31919_bionic 93be7275ec changes: file for 31919's bionic Travis image change 4 years ago
ticket32086 f420b60c19 Appveyor: Use Windows Server 2019 4 years ago
ticket32177 511aeba8ee Travis: Disable all but one macOS build 4 years ago
ticket32241 14b197a148 Travis: Use macOS 10.14 with Xcode 11.2 4 years ago