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The scripts directory holds tools for use in building, generating, testing,
and maintaining the Tor source code. It is mainly for use by developers.

Code maintenance scripts

maint/checkLogs.pl -- Verify that Tor log statements are unique.

maint/check_config_macros.pl -- Look for autoconf tests whose results are
never used.

maint/checkOptionDocs.pl -- Make sure that Tor options are documented in the
manpage, and that the manpage only documents real Tor options.

maint/checkSpaces.pl -- Style checker for the Tor source code. Mainly checks

maint/findMergedChanges.pl -- Find a set of changes/* files that have been
merged into an upstream version.

maint/format_changelog.py -- Flow the changelog into the proper format.

maint/redox.py -- Find places that should have DOCDOC comments to indicate a
need for doxygen comments, and put those comments there.

maint/updateVersions.pl -- Update the version number in the .nsi and windows
orconfig.h files.

Testing scripts

test/chutney-git-bisect.sh -- a git bisect run script that bisects using
chutney. The script builds tor and tor-gencert, then runs chutney. The script
takes optional arguments for out-of-tree builds, and specific chutney network
flavours. You should copy this script before using it with git bisect, so that
it doesn't change (or disappear) during bisection.

test/cov-blame -- Mash up the results of gcov with git blame. Mainly useful
to find out who has been writing untested code.

test/cov-diff -- Compare two directories of gcov files to identify changed
lines without coverage.

test/coverage -- Generates a directory full of gcov files. You need to use
this script instead of calling gcov directly because of our confusingly named
object files.

test/scan-build.sh -- Example script for invoking clang's scan-build
static analysis tools.

Code generation scripts

codegen/gen_linux_syscalls.pl -- Generate a table mapping linux syscall
numbers to their names.

codegen/gen_server_ciphers.py -- Generate a sorted list of TLS ciphersuites
for servers to choose from.

codegen/get_mozilla_ciphers.py -- Generate a list of TLS ciphersuites for
clients to use in order to look like Firefox.

Code transformation scripts

coccinelle/calloc.cocci -- Transform code to replace variants of
malloc(a*b) with calloc(a,b)