Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tristangurtler d8b3dfabbf serialization for the stuff that I don't know if I'll actually need it for 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 15f16757ca additions to make things easier in prsona 3 years ago
  tristangurtler a7a779f645 final bugfixes associated with the issue of decryption not returning (The issue was related to the dclxvi library not handling adding two equal points correctly; it is fixed by checking if two points are equal in BGN, and using double instead of addition if so) 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 732ae10471 bgn2 now compiles (although whether it does anything remains to be seen 3 years ago
  tristangurtler b9afa528a7 final touches on that BGN class refactor -- you should only be able to get validly made public and private keys 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 579500ee80 refactor down one last time, now PublicKey does the actual addition/multiplication 3 years ago
  tristangurtler a47148d30a changes to make things a little more sane 3 years ago
  tristangurtler ed0864594c minor reorganization to match dclxvi directory 3 years ago