Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tristangurtler 25c935007c small potential valgrind issue 3 years ago
  tristangurtler f03bf85281 fixing underlying issue with affine points 3 years ago
  tristangurtler e22e4ed40e updates to make serialization slightly more efficient 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 74af8389b9 Adding new functionality to enable proofs of valid votes in PRSONA 3 years ago
  tristangurtler ec1ba5c9d6 Adding functionality that wasn't already present, which was necessary for PRSONA 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 513323222d type mismatch with something I do in prsona code 3 years ago
  tristangurtler daaa2114a4 making serialization possible for hashing (and also network stuff) 3 years ago
  tristangurtler ef19d901de fixing the compiler errors so that the test will actually run in a way that can be seen 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 15f16757ca additions to make things easier in prsona 3 years ago