Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tristangurtler 61c645e63f fixing a small bug in how scalars were transmitted over the wire 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 1e498830e7 fixed a few minor typos 3 years ago
  tristangurtler d83f19388e fixing a few things with serialization of types that I hadn't been using yet 3 years ago
  tristangurtler e22e4ed40e updates to make serialization slightly more efficient 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 3f174bb533 making scalars more natural to work with for prsona, as well as fixing a bug in serialization 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 7f27cdf91b changes made to enable things needed for proof structure in PRSONA 3 years ago
  tristangurtler ec1ba5c9d6 Adding functionality that wasn't already present, which was necessary for PRSONA 3 years ago
  tristangurtler d8b3dfabbf serialization for the stuff that I don't know if I'll actually need it for 3 years ago
  tristangurtler 732ae10471 bgn2 now compiles (although whether it does anything remains to be seen 3 years ago
  tristangurtler a47148d30a changes to make things a little more sane 3 years ago
  tristangurtler a1f08d1179 renamed to be more honest 3 years ago