Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stan Gurtler 9581a5b195 more clarity regarding funding 1 year ago
  tristangurtler 25c935007c small potential valgrind issue 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 61c645e63f fixing a small bug in how scalars were transmitted over the wire 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 1e498830e7 fixed a few minor typos 2 years ago
  tristangurtler d83f19388e fixing a few things with serialization of types that I hadn't been using yet 2 years ago
  tristangurtler f03bf85281 fixing underlying issue with affine points 2 years ago
  tristangurtler e22e4ed40e updates to make serialization slightly more efficient 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 0f9f92256c stray comment to be deleted 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 3f174bb533 making scalars more natural to work with for prsona, as well as fixing a bug in serialization 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 07b933c9dd Added functionality to allow new user proofs to work 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 74af8389b9 Adding new functionality to enable proofs of valid votes in PRSONA 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 7f27cdf91b changes made to enable things needed for proof structure in PRSONA 2 years ago
  tristangurtler b7b1339376 Modifying how things print out to aid in debugging 2 years ago
  tristangurtler ec1ba5c9d6 Adding functionality that wasn't already present, which was necessary for PRSONA 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 513323222d type mismatch with something I do in prsona code 2 years ago
  tristangurtler ba5f8bda75 serialization is now slightly better 2 years ago
  tristangurtler e34a304f68 adding more detailed tests 2 years ago
  tristangurtler d8b3dfabbf serialization for the stuff that I don't know if I'll actually need it for 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 733a78b550 fixed some bugs with serialization 2 years ago
  tristangurtler daaa2114a4 making serialization possible for hashing (and also network stuff) 2 years ago
  tristangurtler a11851e0a1 updated to do some benchmarking in addition to normal testing 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 9a461bc266 bug by me: forgot to make points affine before hashing them 2 years ago
  tristangurtler e2624e7fe9 bug in underlying library handling multiplication by scalar 0 2 years ago
  tristangurtler ef19d901de fixing the compiler errors so that the test will actually run in a way that can be seen 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 15f16757ca additions to make things easier in prsona 2 years ago
  tristangurtler d0cfbfca14 cleanup 2 years ago
  tristangurtler f00c6d2b7b Updated main.cpp to be more clear about what is being tested where 2 years ago
  tristangurtler a7a779f645 final bugfixes associated with the issue of decryption not returning (The issue was related to the dclxvi library not handling adding two equal points correctly; it is fixed by checking if two points are equal in BGN, and using double instead of addition if so) 2 years ago
  tristangurtler eb8683e425 fixing make_affine() 2 years ago
  tristangurtler 8e598f270b fixing make_affine() 2 years ago