Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vecna dc7531689c Move simulation code to its own repo 1 month ago
  Vecna 7573c70dda Move things around for aesthetic reasons 1 month ago
  Vecna eda8e5c9f0 Remove relative path in lox_cli dependency 1 month ago
  Vecna 355dfc9226 Handle more errors 1 month ago
  Vecna 498d6b4cee Change Hides to Secrecy, have censor submit all false reports at end 1 month ago
  Vecna bc834c329d Better error handling, update for lox_cli 1 month ago
  Vecna 9495c8cbda Flood with a specific large number of connections 1 month ago
  Vecna 12882938e3 Make censors less likely to get invites from trusted users 1 month ago
  Vecna d32c352ccc Have Troll Patrol generate new negative report key if necessary 1 month ago
  Vecna c3b1908120 Add probability of user treating throttling as interference 1 month ago
  Vecna bff304eef0 Indent simulation output for readability 1 month ago
  Vecna 3469fa67a4 Track memory usage in simulation 1 month ago
  Vecna 461d7d4ce5 Assorted improvements, mostly suggested by clippy 1 month ago
  Vecna f245ee21f9 Improve error handling and stats collection 1 month ago
  Vecna 18de3f58b0 Make sure Troll Patrol has a negative report key on first day 1 month ago
  Vecna bbf582078a Add option to restrict positive reports to 1 per bridge per cred 1 month ago
  Vecna d8a3f3b564 Initialize simulation with some number of trusted users 1 month ago
  Vecna 9cb967ca61 Simulate only one censor at a time 1 month ago
  Vecna df813355c8 Integrate from 3 StdDevs down instead of starting at 0 1 month ago
  Vecna a8a0983f9e Use statrs functions 1 month ago
  Vecna 11bedfb74a Only use CDF tests if today's numbers are worse than average 1 month ago
  Vecna 788f1f7f21 Censor user always gives lv3+ cred to censor 1 month ago
  Vecna 38de75b253 Correct encoding 1 month ago
  Vecna fc03309af2 Clean up 1 month ago
  Vecna c4828d691f Fix a bunch of issues with the simulation 1 month ago
  Vecna 7a075d42ff Add simulation binary code, move server code to main 1 month ago
  Vecna 895623a2a2 Set up daily updater to be controlled by simulation 1 month ago
  Vecna 1cc9f7797b Implement daily behavior for bridges and censors 1 month ago
  Vecna 690019f4c5 Censor user gives bridges and creds to censor 1 month ago
  Vecna 62bb11ed30 Add config variable for whether censors share info 1 month ago