Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cecylia c1284c654a moved streams and stream table structures to relay.c where they are used 6 years ago
  cecylia 559950ca73 made cryptothread functions static 6 years ago
  cecylia febe6f1624 cleaned up header files and moved static functions to .c files 6 years ago
  cecylia 02f5617045 fixed comments at the end of include guards 6 years ago
  cecylia afd609566a removed auto-generated relay station key 6 years ago
  cecylia eaba2332d0 integration tests for resumed handshakes using the extended master secret 6 years ago
  cecylia 449ee79926 added integration test for TLS extended master secret (curve 25519 only) 6 years ago
  cecylia 26b980e30d integration-style test for checking a full TLS handshake 6 years ago
  cecylia aaa30f882f extracted read_file function out for future use 6 years ago
  cecylia ba3752bf02 changed check_handshake to return a success or failure value 6 years ago
  cecylia 2b143f694f added unit tests for checking tags 6 years ago
  cecylia 699eaf1cec had to rename emalloc and ecalloc to smalloc and scalloc to avoid collition with unit testing library 6 years ago
  cecylia 358bf12cdd moved packet header extraction from slitheen.c to packet.c 6 years ago
  cecylia 0648120a8f moved shared functions from slitheen.c (which contains main()) to a new file packet.c 6 years ago
  cecylia 0a1447332c renamed slitheen-proxy.c to slitheen.c 6 years ago
  cecylia b9c2bbe138 removed file with code for old measurement tests, will replace with integration tests of code 6 years ago
  cecylia 0cc345a1f6 fixed include guards to be valid c 6 years ago
  cecylia 17dc50801a fixed indentation in all relay station code files 6 years ago
  cecylia 53bd0c7157 removed unecessary file 6 years ago
  cecylia 14183b6af7 add code to replace webm resources 6 years ago
  cecylia f565eb3a6b cleaning up print statements 6 years ago
  cecylia c637d02c0f adding test private relay key 6 years ago
  cecylia 3cdbfe63ed R script for generating step functions 6 years ago
  cecylia 2aea9c2e72 wrote lua script to generate bandwidth step functions 6 years ago
  cecylia 27cd8bba89 added tests for covert bandwidth 6 years ago
  cecylia 7d599716a5 reverted back to correct tag computation for firefox ous 6 years ago
  cecylia b0461011c5 fixed bug that failed to parse Context-Length header when same string appeared in another header 6 years ago
  cecylia 9a923cea12 fixed memory leaks 6 years ago
  cecylia 3089ec20a5 added ability to partially decrypt large TLS records 6 years ago
  cecylia 963e241de9 Fixed DEBUG statements 7 years ago