Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dettanym ab921a343f Old commit - instrumentation for timing and some refactoring 5 years ago
  dettanym 872d6a5a87 Removed some printfs for testing 5 years ago
  dettanym 0e48f40658 Works with decryptor, client extension. Need to fix up the IVs for both. 5 years ago
  dettanym 5e21212d5a decrypt_client_data does not crash but it does not work in tandem with the decryptor. Uncommenting both causes both to crash coz of freeing issues. 5 years ago
  dettanym 6a61074ed8 Commit for updated decrypt_client_data - crashes in Apache 5 years ago
  dettanym 535d6cdee8 Works for LA with decryptor. decrypt_client_data doesnt work 5 years ago
  dettanym f663a38f39 Doesnt crash - decryptor throws up an error 5 years ago
  dettanym 5f261baf59 No encryption between apache and decryptor - got same derived key. 5 years ago
  dettanym 707aaea629 Main extension code. Refactored and added in code to decrypt data between apache and decryptor. Doesnt work with client side extension 5 years ago
  dettanym 55e3e066a6 Renamed Mitigator header, added in dummy decryptor method. Removed unused crypto functions. 6 years ago
  dettanym 4dda5dc738 Sends base64 encoding of decrypted token string to the client 6 years ago
  dettanym b425511fd4 New refactored Apache extension code 6 years ago