Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dettanym 7f157da341 Refactored sealing code into another class and made other edits to get it to compile. 2 years ago
  dettanym e0aa56ff0c Old uncommited code - instrumentation for timing. 3 years ago
  dettanym 729ae208ed Removed printfs in decrypt_client_data for measurement 3 years ago
  dettanym 9673d126d5 Works with apache, client extension. Need to fix IVs for both. 3 years ago
  dettanym 8a3d1c826b Got code to not crash when running enclave call - edl i/o stuff. ecall doesnt seem to work properly 3 years ago
  dettanym 265fa4ab68 Works with extension but crashes in case we actually try to decrypt data 3 years ago
  dettanym ad68d3761a Works for LA with verifier, apache. Need to extract sealed verification key to client. Need to get apaches php extension working - need to modify messages to send IV and expect a particular kind (even/odd) from apache, client. 3 years ago
  dettanym 0947cf3017 Works with verifier. 3 years ago
  dettanym bfbc956b54 Made some changes to untrusted part 3 years ago
  dettanym 3d120ee423 Adding code to commit before working on local copy. 3 years ago
  dettanym b9991f04ab Refactored code - to make it easier to set up encryption to enclaves and to the client 3 years ago