Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  dettanym aa16d23233 Complete refactor - compiles, links. Yet to test it. 4 years ago
  dettanym 6c78f03dbf Partial refactor - LA class 4 years ago
  dettanym a864eb1bed Partial refactor - Transforms class 4 years ago
  dettanym 7f157da341 Refactored sealing code into another class and made other edits to get it to compile. 4 years ago
  dettanym e0aa56ff0c Old uncommited code - instrumentation for timing. 4 years ago
  dettanym 729ae208ed Removed printfs in decrypt_client_data for measurement 5 years ago
  dettanym 9673d126d5 Works with apache, client extension. Need to fix IVs for both. 5 years ago
  dettanym 8a3d1c826b Got code to not crash when running enclave call - edl i/o stuff. ecall doesnt seem to work properly 5 years ago
  dettanym 265fa4ab68 Works with extension but crashes in case we actually try to decrypt data 5 years ago
  dettanym ad68d3761a Works for LA with verifier, apache. Need to extract sealed verification key to client. Need to get apaches php extension working - need to modify messages to send IV and expect a particular kind (even/odd) from apache, client. 5 years ago
  dettanym 0947cf3017 Works with verifier. 5 years ago
  dettanym bfbc956b54 Made some changes to untrusted part 5 years ago
  dettanym 1e495ca5e4 Forgot an include file 5 years ago
  dettanym 3d120ee423 Adding code to commit before working on local copy. 5 years ago
  dettanym 68189597cf is compiled and linked now. 5 years ago
  dettanym a70a827f08 Some changes to decryptor cpp file 5 years ago
  dettanym e7c327e63e Not compiling yet - need to go through errors for decryptor.cpp and for localattestationtrusted.cpp 5 years ago
  dettanym 4a985beaaa Made new header files for custom classes and added some changes to cpp files 5 years ago
  dettanym b9991f04ab Refactored code - to make it easier to set up encryption to enclaves and to the client 5 years ago
  dettanym 0ae1160096 No encryption between apache and decryptor - managed to get same derived key. Need to decrypt properly. 5 years ago
  dettanym 94b5df506b Refactored some decryptors client data decryption code and added in encryption with Apache. Does not work with client side extension. 5 years ago
  dettanym a27c0b3ca8 Got decryption of client data working. Yet to encrypt client-data back to the Apache. Refactored decryptor client data decryption functions in trusted and untrusted code. Added in a new base64 decoding function (CommonOpensslCode was intended to contain base64 function and it was supposed to be linkable by both trusted, untrusted code, but couldnot get the app to link against the same version of openssl as intel-sgx-ssl. 5 years ago
  dettanym 02c5dc0152 Encrypts hardcoded strings in aesgcm (for clientside extension) 5 years ago
  dettanym 61c3e45943 Compiled and linked against working copy of ECDHE key generation (Mitigator header) + shared secret + derived key code. Can port ECDSA signing code to openssl for clarity. 5 years ago
  dettanym c508171e76 Got decryptor working with intel-sgx-ssl libraries without any linker errors. Added in sample ECDHE key and shared secret generation code, key derivation code that worked outside sgx 5 years ago
  dettanym a20b36689c Not working commit of compiling ECDHE key generation code. Correct code is in openssl_ecdhe folder. Linking error of thread functions not defined in stdc keeps throwing up. 5 years ago
  dettanym 6e1febba9c Added in ECDHE key generation code - does not work with 2 implementations on JS side 5 years ago
  dettanym cb9e34027d Added in new interface to send post-LA msgs so we don't need to know the size of msgs beforehand for native read/write sys calls 5 years ago
  dettanym 95ebb52e20 Modified ecalls and interface for post-LA AES encryption and decryption functions. Seems to work 5 years ago
  dettanym 0ee2a787ef Works with verifier + Apache! 5 years ago