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  Don Porter ce49dcb03d Migrate unit tests to jenkins (#122) 6 years ago
  Don Porter d54c32ec9b More CI debugging. I think we should run the non-SGX unit tests before alternate builds. 6 years ago
  Don Porter 35d6b976cc Fix assert for SGX=1 and DEBUG=1 (Issue #97) (#98) 6 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 580e465b39 add Graphene-SGX building and non-SGX regression tests into .travis.yml 6 years ago
  Don Porter 7e4f03a773 Try specifying trusty as the OS 7 years ago
  Don Porter 85a17015c4 Test installation too 7 years ago
  Don Porter ecaca9e393 Try again, with less verbose Make output 7 years ago
  Don Porter 1ac40891ff This is not going to work. 7 years ago
  Don Porter fa2f9ce3eb Play with Travis CI. This attempt will fail. 7 years ago