Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chia-Che Tsai 84f81d8f13 Lots of bugfixes (#145) 6 years ago
  Don Porter 7807773a76 Bugfix for getsockopt (#102) 6 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 3aaf591fc5 Fixing a bunch of memory leaking issues (#86) 6 years ago
  Don Porter 0433461802 License change to LGPL (#140) 6 years ago
  Don Porter 62f07c7181 Reimplement directory caching (#78) 6 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai a5bc12fd53 Fixing miscellaneous bugs in LibOS 6 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai fba92d6a28 Bugfies: 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai b6e06b5f79 - add linux-test-project to apps 7 years ago
  Don Porter 62d2cfc6c5 Misc bugfixes, mostly in sockets and memory mapping 7 years ago
  Don Porter 2c03ba1566 Minor: Better to explicitly check the domain. 7 years ago
  woonhak e94285a566 fix bug connect AF_UNIX 7 years ago
  woonhak 5966c2d2fe fix local socket bind bug 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 8cc0920bf4 bugfixes: TCP/UDP sockets fail to return addresses when running in enclaves 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai b5586bbfc6 release v0.3 8 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 7f19f62f31 beta version 0.2 8 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 10c06ad723 The first official release 9 years ago