Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chia-Che Tsai 84f81d8f13 Lots of bugfixes (#145) 6 years ago
  Don Porter 7807773a76 Bugfix for getsockopt (#102) 6 years ago
  Don Porter f122ea7b55 Properly report the remaining time on the last alarm (fix #93) (#101) 6 years ago
  Don Porter c844d24199 CI Improvements (#141) 6 years ago
  Don Porter d04f172e89 Replace the atomics implementation (#83) 6 years ago
  Don Porter 62f07c7181 Reimplement directory caching (#78) 6 years ago
  Don Porter f67fe09124 Fix a bug introduced by commit 3a40af399d1d85 (#94) 6 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 2fd334dfbe Adding all the LTP tests recently passed 6 years ago
  Don Porter 31a1bb35ac Edit LTP list a bit; fcntl is missing some shared memory infrastructure to work, and waitpid03 is flaky (hangs some fraction of time). Take these off of the PASSED list. 6 years ago
  Don Porter 6a288b4ee6 I don't think clone03 works (or worked) reliably; take it off the passed list for now. 6 years ago
  Don Porter 7d98e8ca28 Debug waitpid tests (partially): Fix exit status wrt signals, support nlink in the chroot fs. We don't currently support core dumps from graphene, so some waitpid tests will fail for this reason. 7 years ago
  Don Porter c8fed99357 Also, clone05 is not supported 7 years ago
  Don Porter 7673b71349 Not expecting to pass the umask test yet 7 years ago
  Don Porter 7ce7c064c7 Further refine SIGSEGV vs SIGBUSS semantics. Tweak the LTP rules a bit. 7 years ago
  Don Porter 1c51584792 Fix some getdents bugs, drop a few flaky tests from the PASSED list. 7 years ago
  Don Porter 88162e9679 Update list of LTP tests that should pass 7 years ago
  Don Porter 872af4984c Futex bugfixes (may help #40), more enhancements to LTP framework. 7 years ago
  Don Porter ec588882ba Some bugfixes from Arjun 7 years ago
  Don Porter 0ff2ac4f77 Squashed commit of the following: 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai b6e06b5f79 - add linux-test-project to apps 7 years ago