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  Chia-Che Tsai a9dbc2a81d update README about submodules and clarify about custom kernel usage 6 years ago
  Don Porter 1ccac87459 Update my email 6 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 76967f39d3 Bugfixes: 7 years ago
  Adrian Dombeck c88b6539a3 Minor fixes in the README 7 years ago
  Don Porter d0ca9ada03 Port PAL to work on latest SGX driver (Issue #12). Fix a few other SGX-related bugs. 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai d673986a6c adding description about the dependency to python-protobuf python-crypto. 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 0eb21858b0 add more instructions for the SGX support 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 1a1e199c79 release v0.4beta 7 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai a5f54e01b3 update README 9 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 85932d9c1e minor 9 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 7974db7720 Bugfixes, upgrade to Linux 3.14 9 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 10c06ad723 The first official release 10 years ago
  Chia-Che Tsai 791facb646 first commit 10 years ago