Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Carlos Aguilar a4fb3f3150 better free query system, dbhandler not used when not needed 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 32878e7614 Better error checking with dbdirectoryprocessor 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar d639a94784 Less ambitious first test for simplepir 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar ec46fba5cd Better presentation for tests, small bug in mkdb-correctness 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar e1cf7c1f91 simplepir, more verbosity on tests, some memory leaks fixed 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 089cd82f6a advanced example in simplepir and some memore fixes 8 years ago
  Kirija d6f188e228 Merge pull request #19 from XPIR-team/feature/update-readme-osx-behavior 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 90111e615b updated readme 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar Melchor 3d834f91a8 Merge pull request #17 from XPIR-team/feature/better-osx-behavior 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 156b37f243 minor error in printed message 8 years ago
  Marc-Olivier Killijian 41f42ec2f7 now it compiles and run on OSX in Release. cleaned a lot the cmakelists.txt 8 years ago
  Marc-Olivier Killijian e6514154ec -wno-deprecated messages 8 years ago
  Kirija 251c51d438 Merge pull request #14 from XPIR-team/feature/todo-in-french 8 years ago
  Kirija 495cce59c1 Merge pull request #15 from XPIR-team/feature/release-as-default 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar Melchor 6e62e2e08b Merge pull request #16 from XPIR-team/feature/dependencies-on-github 8 years ago
  Marc-Olivier Killijian f36edddb33 --no-certificate to wget on github 8 years ago
  Marc-Olivier Killijian 10ca8234a8 dependencies is now hosted on github 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar a9391c967d cmake default build is release now 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 89c3377806 updated todo 8 years ago
  Kirija 669d3736e8 Merge pull request #13 from XPIR-team/feature/improve-readme 8 years ago
  Carlos Aguilar 9748cc91fc Minor modifications on readme 8 years ago
  Marc-Olivier Killijian ab85ef48b1 Initial commit for xpir as a library 8 years ago