Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ian Goldberg 670910f43a README for the pirserver repo 2 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 1ac62c1b5a Add a script to run the docker 2 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 1a3638e11c Dockerfile for pirserver repo 2 years ago
  Ian Goldberg cc9a1c9633 Fix Makefile to look for libZT in the right place 2 years ago
  sshsshy cd544b96cd server CPU time log 5 years ago
  sshsshy 4c84f5a96f Tweaks for ORAM Integration 5 years ago
  sshsshy 4219204ec1 Path/Circuit ORAM Integration Base 5 years ago
  sshsshy 311de99a54 Integration fixes 5 years ago
  sshsshy 6ce068dafa ZT_LSORAMserver and ZT_LSORAMclient 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 386202a22d Missing #include for compiling on older g++ 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg ad0becedd8 Adding the toyclient implementation 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 5035a1104b Forgot to set a header field 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 7652d7627b The client side of the toy protocol 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 06e560897d Ensure the stderr integration works 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg edfa6932e7 A toy private lookup protocol 5 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 746f980c29 Start the pirserver code 5 years ago