Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ian Goldberg cc9a1c9633 Fix Makefile to look for libZT in the right place 1 year ago
  sshsshy 4219204ec1 Path/Circuit ORAM Integration Base 4 years ago
  sshsshy 311de99a54 Integration fixes 4 years ago
  sshsshy 6ce068dafa ZT_LSORAMserver and ZT_LSORAMclient 4 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 7652d7627b The client side of the toy protocol 4 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 06e560897d Ensure the stderr integration works 4 years ago
  Ian Goldberg edfa6932e7 A toy private lookup protocol 4 years ago
  Ian Goldberg 746f980c29 Start the pirserver code 4 years ago