Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Mathewson 7c6a8c674b Fix documentation for ClientAuth on HSv3. 5 years ago
  David Goulet 0906dde9d5 man: Document HSv3 client authorization revocation 5 years ago
  David Goulet f41bec1290 man: ClientOnionAuthDir can't be reloaded with Sandbox 1 5 years ago
  teor c793cf338b doc: Remove an outdated sentence from KeepalivePeriod in the man page 5 years ago
  Mike Tigas d023de945a tweak manpage bits about v3 onion svc client auth 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 9767cf8cc0 Merge branch 'bug26913_033' 5 years ago
  David Goulet dbc32400d5 man: Fix format typo for HiddenServiceExportCircuitID 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 0e4c42a912 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ahf-github/asn/bugs4700_2' 5 years ago
  Alexander Færøy 03ef4ec466 Document the haproxy option of HiddenServiceExportCircuitID. 5 years ago
  Alexander Færøy 8ecaf41003 Support 'none' in torrc for HiddenServiceExportCircuitID. 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 4fd761a418 Make CacheDirectoryGroupReadable an autobool. 5 years ago
  Alexander Færøy 9b511dc5d6 Change HiddenServiceExportCircuitID to take a string parameter: the protocol. 5 years ago
  George Kadianakis e44e6a1857 Add man page entry. 5 years ago
  David Goulet e7ab20710c hs-v3: Add changes file and man page for client authorization 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 8815960c46 Merge remote-tracking branch 'tor-github/pr/294' 5 years ago
  rl1987 5db6cf7cbd In manpage, warn about combination of MyFamily and BridgeRelay being bad 5 years ago
  Roger Dingledine 721763126e fix man page issue noticed during #26367 review 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 76843639e5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'teor/bug22747' 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 48632455a5 Merge branch 'bug26367_035_01' 5 years ago
  David Goulet 4976eca826 hs: Render obsolete Tor2web 6 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 219f6ea516 Fix log.c comments about assert vs tor_assert vs raw_assert. 5 years ago
  rl1987 326b510bae manpage: Warn users about comma-separating addr-port pairs 6 years ago
  David Goulet e8557ba00d hs: Change default version from 2 to 3 5 years ago
  traumschule 29d62987da doc/tor: add note for IPv6-only hosts (fixes #27204) 6 years ago
  teor 40d5b573a4 doc: Explain how to limit Tor's sockets in the man page 6 years ago
  rl1987 a17e9d3378 Add a sentence to manpage that we may not scrub logs at loglevels below Notice 6 years ago
  teor 08b82409d4 doc: Explain how to avoid inconsistent reads on V3BandwidthsFile 6 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 5edc72a45b Merge remote-tracking branch 'mikeperry/bug25870_rebase' 6 years ago
  Roger Dingledine bf5eaa82da Merge branch 'maint-0.3.3' 6 years ago
  Roger Dingledine b979415e8b manpage fix to stop saying CacheIPv4DNS is on by default 6 years ago