Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  teor 53ec087450 Avoid an error in the fallback script when a fallback doesn't have any uptime 7 years ago
  teor 654367f026 Allow fallbacks serving consensuses that expired less than 24 hours ago 7 years ago
  teor 2d2bbaf259 Avoid checking fallback candidates' DirPorts if they are down in OnionOO 7 years ago
  teor 4c832bcfac Be more tolerant of a decreased number of fallbacks 7 years ago
  teor 124c342364 Reduce fallback bandwidth requirement to 1 MByte/s 7 years ago
  teor 35da99a712 Allow 3 fallbacks per operator 7 years ago
  teor ee3e8fc3e9 Require fallbacks to have 90% Running, V2Dir, and Guard flags 7 years ago
  teor 396bddaa4c Require fallback directories to have the same address and port for 7 days 7 years ago
  teor 9629a25d10 Display the fingerprint when downloading consensuses from fallbacks 7 years ago
  teor 8381d928cf Exclude relays that deliver an expired consensus from the fallback list 7 years ago
  teor 243d6fa0c7 Exclude relay versions affected by #20499 from the fallback list 7 years ago
  teor 864a8eb283 Make fallback sort order configurable 7 years ago
  teor 31e1439642 Select 200 fallback directories by default for each release 7 years ago
  teor 4eba30ca59 Provide bandwidth and consensus weight for each candidate fallback 7 years ago
  teor 6ed8e3764b Add a missed return to fallbackdir_comment() in 7 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 26146dbe9e Comment-out fallbacks in a way the stem fallback parser understands 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 4090612246 Avoid errors in when there are no fallbacks 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 6ce53668f4 Document how to test the hard-coded fallback list 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) ab06b79cba Simplify string cleansing in fallback update script 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) d41f92b006 Improve logging in fallback update script 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 46d813922a Improve comments in fallback update script 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) ba7691071e Report fallback directory detail changes when rebuilding list 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) c157a31ee8 Limit fallbacks from the same operator 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 999834324b Simplify fallback list output 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 78ec782f76 Select fallbacks by bandwidth rather than consensus weight 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) e115523c98 Only count active fallbacks in 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 205a641e1d Remove fallback directory weights 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) 7e1b8ae79c Improve fallback selection and output 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) e2202146d1 Update default fallback directories for (Feb 2016) 8 years ago
  teor (Tim Wilson-Brown) a6017d61e1 Fix minor fallback directory script issues with time zones 8 years ago