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  Nick Mathewson c1deabd3b0 Run our #else/#endif annotator on our source code. 6 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 7505f452c8 Run the copyright update script. 7 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 57699de005 Update the copyright year. 8 years ago
  Nick Mathewson f54e54b0b4 Bump copyright dates to 2015, in case someday this matters. 9 years ago
  Nick Mathewson fcdcb377a4 Add another year to our copyright dates. 9 years ago
  Karsten Loesing 26b49f525d Tweak CELL_STATS event based on comments by nickm. 11 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 4da083db3b Update the copyright date to 201. 11 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 0cb921f3e9 Convert all include-guard macros to avoid reserved identifiers. 11 years ago
  Andrea Shepard 3f4b95b1a3 Split channel_t into channel_t and channel_listener_t; get rid of that big union 11 years ago
  Andrea Shepard 519c971f6a Use channel_t in cmd.c 11 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 0fa107a6aa Update copyright dates to 2012; add a few missing copyright statements 12 years ago
  Nick Mathewson 30b3475e6d Bump copyright statements to 2011 (0.2.2) 13 years ago
  Sebastian Hahn 3074d5a221 Create command.h 14 years ago