Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alex Crichton 74c1e44746 Fix segfaults related to sanitizers+jemalloc 5 years ago
  Nick Mathewson a8ac21fbb5 Don't try to link C from rust doctests for nss detection 5 years ago
  teor 19038ff4bb Revert "Rust: Use --all-features in for 0.3.3 and 0.3.4" 6 years ago
  teor e1291aa84a Rust: Use --all-features in for 0.3.3 and 0.3.4 6 years ago
  teor 229a75a49a Rust: use a consistent working directory in builds and tests 6 years ago
  teor c9ad16ca2a Fix $abs_top_srcdir in 6 years ago
  teor ce19477ffc Stop setting $CARGO_HOME 6 years ago
  teor 2a35b085ee Rust: backport src/test/ from master 6 years ago
  Chelsea H. Komlo eb355e031e use CARGO_HOME instead of HOME when building with rust 7 years ago
  Sebastian Hahn 70c067102b Allow Rust build using locally supplied crates or 7 years ago
  Sebastian Hahn d6f9a4f11a cargo-online-mode configure argument 7 years ago
  Sebastian Hahn f0516ed348 Run cargo test during make check 7 years ago