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  1. // Copyright (c) The Tor Project, Inc.
  2. // See LICENSE for licensing information
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  7. tor-gencert(1)
  8. ==============
  9. Nick Mathewson
  10. NAME
  11. ----
  12. tor-gencert - Generate certs and keys for Tor directory authorities
  14. --------
  15. **tor-gencert** [-h|--help] [-v] [-r|--reuse] [--create-identity-key] [-i __id_file__] [-c
  16. __cert_file__] [-m __num__] [-a __address__:__port__]
  18. -----------
  19. **tor-gencert** generates certificates and private keys for use by Tor
  20. directory authorities running the v3 Tor directory protocol, as used by
  21. Tor 0.2.0 and later. If you are not running a directory authority, you
  22. don't need to use tor-gencert. +
  23. Every directory authority has a long term authority __identity__ __key__ (which
  24. is distinct from the identity key it uses as a Tor server); this key
  25. should be kept offline in a secure location. It is used to certify
  26. shorter-lived __signing__ __keys__, which are kept online and used by the
  27. directory authority to sign votes and consensus documents. +
  28. After you use this program to generate a signing key and a certificate,
  29. copy those files to the keys subdirectory of your Tor process, and send
  32. -------
  33. **-v**::
  34. Display verbose output.
  35. **-h** or **--help**::
  36. Display help text and exit.
  37. **-r** or **--reuse**::
  38. Generate a new certificate, but not a new signing key. This can be used to
  39. change the address or lifetime associated with a given key.
  40. **--create-identity-key**::
  41. Generate a new identity key. You should only use this option the first time
  42. you run tor-gencert; in the future, you should use the identity key that's
  43. already there.
  44. **-i** __FILENAME__::
  45. Read the identity key from the specified file. If the file is not present
  46. and --create-identity-key is provided, create the identity key in the
  47. specified file. Default: "./authority_identity_key"
  48. **-s** __FILENAME__::
  49. Write the signing key to the specified file. Default:
  50. "./authority_signing_key"
  51. **-c** __FILENAME__::
  52. Write the certificate to the specified file. Default:
  53. "./authority_certificate"
  54. **-m** __NUM__::
  55. Number of months that the certificate should be valid. Default: 12.
  56. **--passphrase-fd** __FILEDES__::
  57. Filedescriptor to read the passphrase from. Ends at the first NUL or
  58. newline. Default: read from the terminal.
  59. **-a** __address__:__port__::
  60. If provided, advertise the address:port combination as this authority's
  61. preferred directory port in its certificate. If the address is a hostname,
  62. the hostname is resolved to an IP before it's published.
  63. BUGS
  64. ----
  65. This probably doesn't run on Windows. That's not a big issue, since we don't
  66. really want authorities to be running on Windows anyway.
  67. SEE ALSO
  68. --------
  69. **tor**(1) +
  70. See also the "dir-spec.txt" file, distributed with Tor.
  72. -------
  73. Roger Dingledine <>, Nick Mathewson <>.