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  7. <title>This is a Tor Exit Router</title>
  8. <!--
  9. This notice is intended to be placed on a virtual host for a domain that
  10. your Tor exit node IP reverse resolves to so that people who may be about
  11. to file an abuse complaint would check it first before bothering you or
  12. your ISP. Ex:
  13. or
  14. This type of setup has proven very effective at reducing abuse complaints
  15. for exit node operators.
  16. There are a few places in this document that you may want to customize.
  17. They are marked with FIXME.
  18. -->
  19. </head>
  20. <body>
  21. <p style="text-align:center; font-size:xx-large; font-weight:bold">This is a
  22. Tor Exit Router</p>
  23. <p>
  24. Most likely you are accessing this website because you had some issue with
  25. the traffic coming from this IP. This router is part of the <a
  26. href="">Tor Anonymity Network</a>, which is
  27. dedicated to <a href="">providing
  28. privacy</a> to people who need it most: average computer users. This
  29. router IP should be generating no other traffic, unless it has been
  30. compromised.</p>
  31. <!-- FIXME: you should probably grab your own copy of how_tor_works_thumb.png
  32. and serve it locally -->
  33. <p style="text-align:center">
  34. <a href="">
  35. <img src="" alt="How Tor works" style="border-style:none"/>
  36. </a></p>
  37. <p>
  38. Tor sees use by <a href="">many
  39. important segments of the population</a>, including whistle blowers,
  40. journalists, Chinese dissidents skirting the Great Firewall and oppressive
  41. censorship, abuse victims, stalker targets, the US military, and law
  42. enforcement, just to name a few. While Tor is not designed for malicious
  43. computer users, it is true that they can use the network for malicious ends.
  44. In reality however, the actual amount of <a
  45. href="">abuse</a> is quite low. This
  46. is largely because criminals and hackers have significantly better access to
  47. privacy and anonymity than do the regular users whom they prey upon. Criminals
  48. can and do <a
  49. href="">build,
  50. sell, and trade</a> far larger and <a
  51. href="">more
  52. powerful networks</a> than Tor on a daily basis. Thus, in the mind of this
  53. operator, the social need for easily accessible censorship-resistant private,
  54. anonymous communication trumps the risk of unskilled bad actors, who are
  55. almost always more easily uncovered by traditional police work than by
  56. extensive monitoring and surveillance anyway.</p>
  57. <p>
  58. In terms of applicable law, the best way to understand Tor is to consider it a
  59. network of routers operating as common carriers, much like the Internet
  60. backbone. However, unlike the Internet backbone routers, Tor routers
  61. explicitly do not contain identifiable routing information about the source of
  62. a packet, and no single Tor node can determine both the origin and destination
  63. of a given transmission.</p>
  64. <p>
  65. As such, there is little the operator of this router can do to help you track
  66. the connection further. This router maintains no logs of any of the Tor
  67. traffic, so there is little that can be done to trace either legitimate or
  68. illegitimate traffic (or to filter one from the other). Attempts to
  69. seize this router will accomplish nothing.</p>
  70. <!-- FIXME: US-Only section. Remove if you are a non-US operator -->
  71. <p>
  72. Furthermore, this machine also serves as a carrier of email, which means that
  73. its contents are further protected under the ECPA. <a
  74. href="">18
  75. USC 2707</a> explicitly allows for civil remedies ($1000/account
  76. <i><b>plus</b></i> legal fees)
  77. in the event of a seizure executed without good faith or probable cause (it
  78. should be clear at this point that traffic with an originating IP address of
  79. FIXME_DNS_NAME should not constitute probable cause to seize the
  80. machine). Similar considerations exist for 1st amendment content on this
  81. machine.</p>
  82. <!-- FIXME: May or may not be US-only. Some non-US tor nodes have in
  83. fact reported DMCA harassment... -->
  84. <p>
  85. If you are a representative of a company who feels that this router is being
  86. used to violate the DMCA, please be aware that this machine does not host or
  87. contain any illegal content. Also be aware that network infrastructure
  88. maintainers are not liable for the type of content that passes over their
  89. equipment, in accordance with <a
  90. href="">DMCA
  91. "safe harbor" provisions</a>. In other words, you will have just as much luck
  92. sending a takedown notice to the Internet backbone providers. Please consult
  93. <a href="">EFF's prepared
  94. response</a> for more information on this matter.</p>
  95. <p>For more information, please consult the following documentation:</p>
  96. <ol>
  97. <li><a href="">Tor Overview</a></li>
  98. <li><a href="">Tor Abuse FAQ</a></li>
  99. <li><a href="">Tor Legal FAQ</a></li>
  100. </ol>
  101. <p>
  102. That being said, if you still have a complaint about the router, you may
  103. email the <a href="mailto:FIXME_YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS">maintainer</a>. If
  104. complaints are related to a particular service that is being abused, I will
  105. consider removing that service from my exit policy, which would prevent my
  106. router from allowing that traffic to exit through it. I can only do this on an
  107. IP+destination port basis, however. Common P2P ports are
  108. already blocked.</p>
  109. <p>
  110. You also have the option of blocking this IP address and others on
  111. the Tor network if you so desire. The Tor project provides a <a
  112. href="">web service</a>
  113. to fetch a list of all IP addresses of Tor exit nodes that allow exiting to a
  114. specified IP:port combination, and an official <a
  115. href="">DNSRBL</a> is also available to
  116. determine if a given IP address is actually a Tor exit server. Please
  117. be considerate
  118. when using these options. It would be unfortunate to deny all Tor users access
  119. to your site indefinitely simply because of a few bad apples.</p>
  120. </body>
  121. </html>