1. The scripts directory holds tools for use in building, generating, testing,
  2. and maintaining the Tor source code. It is mainly for use by developers.
  3. Code maintenance scripts
  4. ------------------------
  5. maint/ -- Verify that Tor log statements are unique.
  6. maint/ -- Look for autoconf tests whose results are
  7. never used.
  8. maint/ -- Make sure that Tor options are documented in the
  9. manpage, and that the manpage only documents real Tor options.
  10. maint/ -- Style checker for the Tor source code. Mainly checks
  11. whitespace.
  12. maint/ -- Find a set of changes/* files that have been
  13. merged into an upstream version.
  14. maint/ -- Flow the changelog into the proper format.
  15. maint/ -- Find places that should have DOCDOC comments to indicate a
  16. need for doxygen comments, and put those comments there.
  17. maint/ -- Update the version number in the .nsi and windows
  18. orconfig.h files.
  19. Testing scripts
  20. ---------------
  21. test/cov-blame -- Mash up the results of gcov with git blame. Mainly useful
  22. to find out who has been writing untested code.
  23. test/cov-diff -- Compare two directories of gcov files to identify changed
  24. lines without coverage.
  25. test/coverage -- Generates a directory full of gcov files. You need to use
  26. this script instead of calling gcov directly because of our confusingly named
  27. object files.
  28. test/ -- Example script for invoking clang's scan-build
  29. static analysis tools.
  30. Code generation scripts
  31. -----------------------
  32. codegen/ -- Generate a table mapping linux syscall
  33. numbers to their names.
  34. codegen/ -- Generate a sorted list of TLS ciphersuites
  35. for servers to choose from.
  36. codegen/ -- Generate a list of TLS ciphersuites for
  37. clients to use in order to look like Firefox.
  38. Code transformation scripts
  39. ---------------------------
  40. coccinelle/calloc.cocci -- Transform code to replace variants of
  41. malloc(a*b) with calloc(a,b)