Nick Mathewson c1d98c75e3 Merge branch 'maint-0.3.0' into maint-0.3.1 6 years ago
curve25519_donna 0390e1a60c Fix a set of variable-shadowing warnings in curve25519-donna.c 7 years ago
ed25519 1d5e693b63 Merge branch 'maint-0.3.0' into maint-0.3.1 6 years ago
keccak-tiny 9014dc111a Improve keccak-tiny performance by 15% on LE intel 7 years ago
mulodi 5a9696fad8 Fix a new compilation warning with broken-mulodi i386 clang builds. :( 7 years ago
rust @ 2402968008 70c067102b Allow Rust build using locally supplied crates or 7 years ago
timeouts accd0ea65b Fix the clz32 and clz64 settings on MSVC. 6 years ago
trunnel 6bacc3c7a8 hs: Change trunnel prop224 cell's namespace 7 years ago
Makefile.nmake 8391c96091 Clean up the MVSC nmake files so they work again. 9 years ago
OpenBSD_malloc_Linux.c 40b7dfaed2 Remove now-pointless SIZE_MAX stanza from OpenBSD_malloc_linux 9 years ago
README 265e40b481 Raise libevent dependency to 2.0.10-stable or newer 7 years ago
byteorder.h 9014dc111a Improve keccak-tiny performance by 15% on LE intel 7 years ago
csiphash.c e5f4642db3 Fix GCC 7 -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings 7 years ago
ht.h 7505f452c8 Run the copyright update script. 7 years ago 38fb651f0d Make our ed25519 implementations no longer use openssl directly. 7 years ago
readpassphrase.c d7a0382ba3 Don't call the system toupper or tolower. 8 years ago
siphash.h 0e97c8e23e Siphash-2-4 is now our hash in nearly all cases. 10 years ago
strlcat.c 48b3ae8fe0 Move strlcpy and strlcat into src/ext too 11 years ago
strlcpy.c 48b3ae8fe0 Move strlcpy and strlcat into src/ext too 11 years ago
tinytest.c 53a3b39da1 Add -Wmissing-variable-declarations, with attendant fixes 8 years ago
tinytest.h 1365ff5b9a Upgrade to the latest version of tinytest. 10 years ago
tinytest_demo.c a3dafd3f58 Replace operators used as macro arguments with OP_XX macros 9 years ago
tinytest_macros.h 5bb6172367 Fix numerous type errors in the unit tests 10 years ago
tor_queue.h 13298d90a9 Silence spurious clang warnings 9 years ago
tor_queue.txt 965d778b26 Add a copy of the queue(3) manpage to the git repository. 11 years ago
tor_readpassphrase.h d7a0382ba3 Don't call the system toupper or tolower. 8 years ago



The OpenBSD malloc implementation, ported to Linux. Used only when
--enable-openbsd-malloc is passed to the configure script.


Implementations of strlcat and strlcpy, the more sane replacements
for strcat and strcpy. These are nonstandard, and some libc
implementations refuse to add them for religious reasons.


An implementation of a hash table in the style of Niels Provos's
tree.h. Shared with Libevent.


A unit testing framework.


A copy of sys/queue.h from OpenBSD. We keep our own copy rather
than using sys/queue.h, since some platforms don't have a
sys/queue.h, and the ones that do have diverged in incompatible
ways. (CIRCLEQ or no CIRCLEQ? SIMPLQ or STAILQ?) We also rename
the identifiers with a TOR_ prefix to avoid conflicts with
the system headers.


A copy of Adam Langley's curve25519-donna mostly-portable
implementations of curve25519.


Marek Majkowski's implementation of siphash 2-4, a secure keyed
hash algorithm to avoid collision-based DoS attacks against hash


Headers and runtime code for Trunnel, a system for generating
code to encode and decode binary formats.


Daniel Bernsten's portable ref10 implementation of ed25519.
Public domain.


Andrew Moon's semi-portable ed25519-donna implementation of
ed25519. Public domain.


David Leon Gil's portable Keccak implementation. CC0.


Portable readpassphrase implementation from OpenSSH portable, version


William Ahern's hierarchical timer-wheel implementation. MIT license.


Contains an overflow-checking 64-bit signed integer multiply
from LLVM's compiler_rt. For some reason, this is missing from
32-bit libclang in many places. Dual licensed MIT-license and
BSD-like license; see mulodi/LICENSE.TXT.