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  1. This document summarizes new features and bugfixes in each stable release
  2. of Tor. If you want to see more detailed descriptions of the changes in
  3. each development snapshot, see the ChangeLog file.
  4. Changes in version - 2015-12-10
  5. Tor version fixes a major bug in entry guard selection, as
  6. well as a minor bug in hidden service reliability.
  7. o Major bugfixes (guard selection):
  8. - Actually look at the Guard flag when selecting a new directory
  9. guard. When we implemented the directory guard design, we
  10. accidentally started treating all relays as if they have the Guard
  11. flag during guard selection, leading to weaker anonymity and worse
  12. performance. Fixes bug 17772; bugfix on Discovered
  13. by Mohsen Imani.
  14. o Minor features (geoip):
  15. - Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 1 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
  16. Country database.
  17. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  18. - When checking for net/pfvar.h, include netinet/in.h if possible.
  19. This fixes transparent proxy detection on OpenBSD. Fixes bug
  20. 17551; bugfix on Patch from "rubiate".
  21. - Fix a compilation warning with Clang 3.6: Do not check the
  22. presence of an address which can never be NULL. Fixes bug 17781.
  23. o Minor bugfixes (correctness):
  24. - When displaying an IPv6 exit policy, include the mask bits
  25. correctly even when the number is greater than 31. Fixes bug
  26. 16056; bugfix on Patch from "gturner".
  27. - The wrong list was used when looking up expired intro points in a
  28. rend service object, causing what we think could be reachability
  29. issues for hidden services, and triggering a BUG log. Fixes bug
  30. 16702; bugfix on
  31. - Fix undefined behavior in the tor_cert_checksig function. Fixes
  32. bug 17722; bugfix on
  33. Changes in version - 2015-11-20
  34. The Tor 0.2.7 release series is dedicated to the memory of Tor user
  35. and privacy advocate Caspar Bowden (1961-2015). Caspar worked
  36. tirelessly to advocate human rights regardless of national borders,
  37. and oppose the encroachments of mass surveillance. He opposed national
  38. exceptionalism, he brought clarity to legal and policy debates, he
  39. understood and predicted the impact of mass surveillance on the world,
  40. and he laid the groundwork for resisting it. While serving on the Tor
  41. Project's board of directors, he brought us his uncompromising focus
  42. on technical excellence in the service of humankind. Caspar was an
  43. inimitable force for good and a wonderful friend. He was kind,
  44. humorous, generous, gallant, and believed we should protect one
  45. another without exception. We honor him here for his ideals, his
  46. efforts, and his accomplishments. Please honor his memory with works
  47. that would make him proud.
  48. Tor is the first stable release in the Tor 0.2.7 series.
  49. The 0.2.7 series adds a more secure identity key type for relays,
  50. improves cryptography performance, resolves several longstanding
  51. hidden-service performance issues, improves controller support for
  52. hidden services, and includes small bugfixes and performance
  53. improvements throughout the program. This release series also includes
  54. more tests than before, and significant simplifications to which parts
  55. of Tor invoke which others. For a full list of changes, see below.
  56. o New system requirements:
  57. - Tor no longer includes workarounds to support Libevent versions
  58. before 1.3e. Libevent 2.0 or later is recommended. Closes
  59. ticket 15248.
  60. - Tor no longer supports copies of OpenSSL that are missing support
  61. for Elliptic Curve Cryptography. (We began using ECC when
  62. available in, for more safe and efficient key
  63. negotiation.) In particular, support for at least one of P256 or
  64. P224 is now required, with manual configuration needed if only
  65. P224 is available. Resolves ticket 16140.
  66. - Tor no longer supports versions of OpenSSL before 1.0. (If you are
  67. on an operating system that has not upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0 or
  68. later, and you compile Tor from source, you will need to install a
  69. more recent OpenSSL to link Tor against.) These versions of
  70. OpenSSL are still supported by the OpenSSL, but the numerous
  71. cryptographic improvements in later OpenSSL releases makes them a
  72. clear choice. Resolves ticket 16034.
  73. o Major features (controller):
  74. - Add the ADD_ONION and DEL_ONION commands that allow the creation
  75. and management of hidden services via the controller. Closes
  76. ticket 6411.
  77. - New "GETINFO onions/current" and "GETINFO onions/detached"
  78. commands to get information about hidden services created via the
  79. controller. Part of ticket 6411.
  80. - New HSFETCH command to launch a request for a hidden service
  81. descriptor. Closes ticket 14847.
  82. - New HSPOST command to upload a hidden service descriptor. Closes
  83. ticket 3523. Patch by "DonnchaC".
  84. o Major features (Ed25519 identity keys, Proposal 220):
  85. - Add support for offline encrypted Ed25519 master keys. To use this
  86. feature on your tor relay, run "tor --keygen" to make a new master
  87. key (or to make a new signing key if you already have a master
  88. key). Closes ticket 13642.
  89. - All relays now maintain a stronger identity key, using the Ed25519
  90. elliptic curve signature format. This master key is designed so
  91. that it can be kept offline. Relays also generate an online
  92. signing key, and a set of other Ed25519 keys and certificates.
  93. These are all automatically regenerated and rotated as needed.
  94. Implements part of ticket 12498.
  95. - Directory authorities now vote on Ed25519 identity keys along with
  96. RSA1024 keys. Implements part of ticket 12498.
  97. - Directory authorities track which Ed25519 identity keys have been
  98. used with which RSA1024 identity keys, and do not allow them to
  99. vary freely. Implements part of ticket 12498.
  100. - Microdescriptors now include Ed25519 identity keys. Implements
  101. part of ticket 12498.
  102. - Add a --newpass option to allow changing or removing the
  103. passphrase of an encrypted key with tor --keygen. Implements part
  104. of ticket 16769.
  105. - Add a new OfflineMasterKey option to tell Tor never to try loading
  106. or generating a secret Ed25519 identity key. You can use this in
  107. combination with tor --keygen to manage offline and/or encrypted
  108. Ed25519 keys. Implements ticket 16944.
  109. - On receiving a HUP signal, check to see whether the Ed25519
  110. signing key has changed, and reload it if so. Closes ticket 16790.
  111. - Significant usability improvements for Ed25519 key management. Log
  112. messages are better, and the code can recover from far more
  113. failure conditions. Thanks to "s7r" for reporting and diagnosing
  114. so many of these!
  115. o Major features (ECC performance):
  116. - Improve the runtime speed of Ed25519 signature verification by
  117. using Ed25519-donna's batch verification support. Implements
  118. ticket 16533.
  119. - Improve the speed of Ed25519 operations and Curve25519 keypair
  120. generation when built targeting 32 bit x86 platforms with SSE2
  121. available. Implements ticket 16535.
  122. - Improve the runtime speed of Ed25519 operations by using the
  123. public-domain Ed25519-donna by Andrew M. ("floodyberry").
  124. Implements ticket 16467.
  125. - Improve the runtime speed of the ntor handshake by using an
  126. optimized curve25519 basepoint scalarmult implementation from the
  127. public-domain Ed25519-donna by Andrew M. ("floodyberry"), based on
  128. ideas by Adam Langley. Implements ticket 9663.
  129. o Major features (Hidden services):
  130. - Hidden services, if using the EntryNodes option, are required to
  131. use more than one EntryNode, in order to avoid a guard discovery
  132. attack. (This would only affect people who had configured hidden
  133. services and manually specified the EntryNodes option with a
  134. single entry-node. The impact was that it would be easy to
  135. remotely identify the guard node used by such a hidden service.
  136. See ticket for more information.) Fixes ticket 14917.
  137. - Add the torrc option HiddenServiceNumIntroductionPoints, to
  138. specify a fixed number of introduction points. Its maximum value
  139. is 10 and default is 3. Using this option can increase a hidden
  140. service's reliability under load, at the cost of making it more
  141. visible that the hidden service is facing extra load. Closes
  142. ticket 4862.
  143. - Remove the adaptive algorithm for choosing the number of
  144. introduction points, which used to change the number of
  145. introduction points (poorly) depending on the number of
  146. connections the HS sees. Closes ticket 4862.
  147. o Major features (onion key cross-certification):
  148. - Relay descriptors now include signatures of their own identity
  149. keys, made using the TAP and ntor onion keys. These signatures
  150. allow relays to prove ownership of their own onion keys. Because
  151. of this change, microdescriptors will no longer need to include
  152. RSA identity keys. Implements proposal 228; closes ticket 12499.
  153. o Major bugfixes (client-side privacy, also in
  154. - Properly separate out each SOCKSPort when applying stream
  155. isolation. The error occurred because each port's session group
  156. was being overwritten by a default value when the listener
  157. connection was initialized. Fixes bug 16247; bugfix on
  158. Patch by "jojelino".
  159. o Major bugfixes (hidden service clients, stability, also in
  160. - Stop refusing to store updated hidden service descriptors on a
  161. client. This reverts commit 9407040c59218 (which indeed fixed bug
  162. 14219, but introduced a major hidden service reachability
  163. regression detailed in bug 16381). This is a temporary fix since
  164. we can live with the minor issue in bug 14219 (it just results in
  165. some load on the network) but the regression of 16381 is too much
  166. of a setback. First-round fix for bug 16381; bugfix
  167. on
  168. o Major bugfixes (hidden services):
  169. - Revert commit that made directory authorities assign the HSDir
  170. flag to relay without a DirPort; this was bad because such relays
  171. can't handle BEGIN_DIR cells. Fixes bug 15850; bugfix
  172. on
  173. - When cannibalizing a circuit for an introduction point, always
  174. extend to the chosen exit node (creating a 4 hop circuit).
  175. Previously Tor would use the current circuit exit node, which
  176. changed the original choice of introduction point, and could cause
  177. the hidden service to skip excluded introduction points or
  178. reconnect to a skipped introduction point. Fixes bug 16260; bugfix
  179. on
  180. o Major bugfixes (memory leaks):
  181. - Fix a memory leak in ed25519 batch signature checking. Fixes bug
  182. 17398; bugfix on
  183. o Major bugfixes (open file limit):
  184. - The open file limit wasn't checked before calling
  185. tor_accept_socket_nonblocking(), which would make Tor exceed the
  186. limit. Now, before opening a new socket, Tor validates the open
  187. file limit just before, and if the max has been reached, return an
  188. error. Fixes bug 16288; bugfix on
  189. o Major bugfixes (security, correctness):
  190. - Fix an error that could cause us to read 4 bytes before the
  191. beginning of an openssl string. This bug could be used to cause
  192. Tor to crash on systems with unusual malloc implementations, or
  193. systems with unusual hardening installed. Fixes bug 17404; bugfix
  194. on
  195. o Major bugfixes (stability, also in
  196. - Stop crashing with an assertion failure when parsing certain kinds
  197. of malformed or truncated microdescriptors. Fixes bug 16400;
  198. bugfix on Found by "torkeln"; fix based on a patch
  199. by "cypherpunks_backup".
  200. - Stop random client-side assertion failures that could occur when
  201. connecting to a busy hidden service, or connecting to a hidden
  202. service while a NEWNYM is in progress. Fixes bug 16013; bugfix
  203. on
  204. o Minor features (client, SOCKS):
  205. - Add GroupWritable and WorldWritable options to unix-socket based
  206. SocksPort and ControlPort options. These options apply to a single
  207. socket, and override {Control,Socks}SocketsGroupWritable. Closes
  208. ticket 15220.
  209. - Relax the validation done to hostnames in SOCKS5 requests, and
  210. allow a single trailing '.' to cope with clients that pass FQDNs
  211. using that syntax to explicitly indicate that the domain name is
  212. fully-qualified. Fixes bug 16674; bugfix on
  213. - Relax the validation of hostnames in SOCKS5 requests, allowing the
  214. character '_' to appear, in order to cope with domains observed in
  215. the wild that are serving non-RFC compliant records. Resolves
  216. ticket 16430.
  217. o Minor features (client-side privacy):
  218. - New KeepAliveIsolateSOCKSAuth option to indefinitely extend circuit
  219. lifespan when IsolateSOCKSAuth and streams with SOCKS
  220. authentication are attached to the circuit. This allows
  221. applications like TorBrowser to manage circuit lifetime on their
  222. own. Implements feature 15482.
  223. - When logging malformed hostnames from SOCKS5 requests, respect
  224. SafeLogging configuration. Fixes bug 16891; bugfix on
  225. o Minor features (clock-jump tolerance):
  226. - Recover better when our clock jumps back many hours, like might
  227. happen for Tails or Whonix users who start with a very wrong
  228. hardware clock, use Tor to discover a more accurate time, and then
  229. fix their clock. Resolves part of ticket 8766.
  230. o Minor features (command-line interface):
  231. - Make --hash-password imply --hush to prevent unnecessary noise.
  232. Closes ticket 15542. Patch from "cypherpunks".
  233. - Print a warning whenever we find a relative file path being used
  234. as torrc option. Resolves issue 14018.
  235. o Minor features (compilation):
  236. - Give a warning as early as possible when trying to build with an
  237. unsupported OpenSSL version. Closes ticket 16901.
  238. - Use C99 variadic macros when the compiler is not GCC. This avoids
  239. failing compilations on MSVC, and fixes a log-file-based race
  240. condition in our old workarounds. Original patch from Gisle Vanem.
  241. o Minor features (control protocol):
  242. - Support network-liveness GETINFO key and NETWORK_LIVENESS event in
  243. the control protocol. Resolves ticket 15358.
  244. o Minor features (controller):
  245. - Add DirAuthority lines for default directory authorities to the
  246. output of the "GETINFO config/defaults" command if not already
  247. present. Implements ticket 14840.
  248. - Controllers can now use "GETINFO hs/client/desc/id/..." to
  249. retrieve items from the client's hidden service descriptor cache.
  250. Closes ticket 14845.
  251. - Implement a new controller command "GETINFO status/fresh-relay-
  252. descs" to fetch a descriptor/extrainfo pair that was generated on
  253. demand just for the controller's use. Implements ticket 14784.
  254. o Minor features (directory authorities):
  255. - Directory authorities no longer vote against the "Fast", "Stable",
  256. and "HSDir" flags just because they were going to vote against
  257. "Running": if the consensus turns out to be that the router was
  258. running, then the authority's vote should count. Patch from Peter
  259. Retzlaff; closes issue 8712.
  260. o Minor features (directory authorities, security, also in
  261. - The HSDir flag given by authorities now requires the Stable flag.
  262. For the current network, this results in going from 2887 to 2806
  263. HSDirs. Also, it makes it harder for an attacker to launch a sybil
  264. attack by raising the effort for a relay to become Stable to
  265. require at the very least 7 days, while maintaining the 96 hours
  266. uptime requirement for HSDir. Implements ticket 8243.
  267. o Minor features (DoS-resistance):
  268. - Make it harder for attackers to overload hidden services with
  269. introductions, by blocking multiple introduction requests on the
  270. same circuit. Resolves ticket 15515.
  271. o Minor features (geoip):
  272. - Update geoip and geoip6 to the October 9 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
  273. Country database.
  274. o Minor features (hidden services):
  275. - Add the new options "HiddenServiceMaxStreams" and
  276. "HiddenServiceMaxStreamsCloseCircuit" to allow hidden services to
  277. limit the maximum number of simultaneous streams per circuit, and
  278. optionally tear down the circuit when the limit is exceeded. Part
  279. of ticket 16052.
  280. - Client now uses an introduction point failure cache to know when
  281. to fetch or keep a descriptor in their cache. Previously, failures
  282. were recorded implicitly, but not explicitly remembered. Closes
  283. ticket 16389.
  284. - Relays need to have the Fast flag to get the HSDir flag. As this
  285. is being written, we'll go from 2745 HSDirs down to 2342, a ~14%
  286. drop. This change should make some attacks against the hidden
  287. service directory system harder. Fixes ticket 15963.
  288. - Turn on hidden service statistics collection by setting the torrc
  289. option HiddenServiceStatistics to "1" by default. (This keeps
  290. track only of the fraction of traffic used by hidden services, and
  291. the total number of hidden services in existence.) Closes
  292. ticket 15254.
  293. - To avoid leaking HS popularity, don't cycle the introduction point
  294. when we've handled a fixed number of INTRODUCE2 cells but instead
  295. cycle it when a random number of introductions is reached, thus
  296. making it more difficult for an attacker to find out the amount of
  297. clients that have used the introduction point for a specific HS.
  298. Closes ticket 15745.
  299. o Minor features (logging):
  300. - Include the Tor version in all LD_BUG log messages, since people
  301. tend to cut and paste those into the bugtracker. Implements
  302. ticket 15026.
  303. o Minor features (pluggable transports):
  304. - When launching managed pluggable transports on Linux systems,
  305. attempt to have the kernel deliver a SIGTERM on tor exit if the
  306. pluggable transport process is still running. Resolves
  307. ticket 15471.
  308. - When launching managed pluggable transports, setup a valid open
  309. stdin in the child process that can be used to detect if tor has
  310. terminated. The "TOR_PT_EXIT_ON_STDIN_CLOSE" environment variable
  311. can be used by implementations to detect this new behavior.
  312. Resolves ticket 15435.
  313. o Minor bugfixes (torrc exit policies):
  314. - In each instance above, usage advice is provided to avoid the
  315. message. Resolves ticket 16069. Patch by "teor". Fixes part of bug
  316. 16069; bugfix on
  317. - In torrc, "accept6 *" and "reject6 *" ExitPolicy lines now only
  318. produce IPv6 wildcard addresses. Previously they would produce
  319. both IPv4 and IPv6 wildcard addresses. Patch by "teor". Fixes part
  320. of bug 16069; bugfix on
  321. - When parsing torrc ExitPolicies, we now issue an info-level
  322. message when expanding an "accept/reject *" line to include both
  323. IPv4 and IPv6 wildcard addresses. Related to ticket 16069.
  324. - When parsing torrc ExitPolicies, we now warn for a number of cases
  325. where the user's intent is likely to differ from Tor's actual
  326. behavior. These include: using an IPv4 address with an accept6 or
  327. reject6 line; using "private" on an accept6 or reject6 line; and
  328. including any ExitPolicy lines after accept *:* or reject *:*.
  329. Related to ticket 16069.
  330. o Minor bugfixes (command-line interface):
  331. - When "--quiet" is provided along with "--validate-config", do not
  332. write anything to stdout on success. Fixes bug 14994; bugfix
  333. on
  334. - When complaining about bad arguments to "--dump-config", use
  335. stderr, not stdout.
  336. - Print usage information for --dump-config when it is used without
  337. an argument. Also, fix the error message to use different wording
  338. and add newline at the end. Fixes bug 15541; bugfix
  339. on
  340. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  341. - Fix compilation of sandbox.c with musl-libc. Fixes bug 17347;
  342. bugfix on Patch from 'jamestk'.
  343. - Repair compilation with the most recent (unreleased, alpha)
  344. vesions of OpenSSL 1.1. Fixes part of ticket 17237.
  345. o Minor bugfixes (compilation, also in
  346. - Build with --enable-systemd correctly when libsystemd is
  347. installed, but systemd is not. Fixes bug 16164; bugfix on
  348. Patch from Peter Palfrader.
  349. o Minor bugfixes (configuration, unit tests):
  350. - Only add the default fallback directories when the DirAuthorities,
  351. AlternateDirAuthority, and FallbackDir directory config options
  352. are set to their defaults. The default fallback directory list is
  353. currently empty, this fix will only change tor's behavior when it
  354. has default fallback directories. Includes unit tests for
  355. consider_adding_dir_servers(). Fixes bug 15642; bugfix on
  356. 90f6071d8dc0 in Patch by "teor".
  357. o Minor bugfixes (controller):
  358. - Add the descriptor ID in each HS_DESC control event. It was
  359. missing, but specified in control-spec.txt. Fixes bug 15881;
  360. bugfix on
  361. o Minor bugfixes (correctness):
  362. - For correctness, avoid modifying a constant string in
  363. handle_control_postdescriptor. Fixes bug 15546; bugfix
  364. on
  365. - Remove side-effects from tor_assert() calls. This was harmless,
  366. because we never disable assertions, but it is bad style and
  367. unnecessary. Fixes bug 15211; bugfix on,,
  368. and
  369. - When calling channel_free_list(), avoid calling smartlist_remove()
  370. while inside a FOREACH loop. This partially reverts commit
  371. 17356fe7fd96af where the correct SMARTLIST_DEL_CURRENT was
  372. incorrectly removed. Fixes bug 16924; bugfix on
  373. o Minor bugfixes (crypto error-handling, also in
  374. - Check for failures from crypto_early_init, and refuse to continue.
  375. A previous typo meant that we could keep going with an
  376. uninitialized crypto library, and would have OpenSSL initialize
  377. its own PRNG. Fixes bug 16360; bugfix on, introduced
  378. when implementing ticket 4900. Patch by "teor".
  379. o Minor bugfixes (hidden service):
  380. - Fix an out-of-bounds read when parsing invalid INTRODUCE2 cells on
  381. a client authorized hidden service. Fixes bug 15823; bugfix
  382. on
  383. - Remove an extraneous newline character from the end of hidden
  384. service descriptors. Fixes bug 15296; bugfix on
  385. o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
  386. - Use the sandbox in tor_open_cloexec whether or not O_CLOEXEC is
  387. defined. Patch by "teor". Fixes bug 16515; bugfix on
  388. - Allow bridge authorities to run correctly under the seccomp2
  389. sandbox. Fixes bug 16964; bugfix on
  390. - Add the "hidserv-stats" filename to our sandbox filter for the
  391. HiddenServiceStatistics option to work properly. Fixes bug 17354;
  392. bugfix on Patch from David Goulet.
  393. o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox, also in
  394. - Allow pipe() and pipe2() syscalls in the seccomp2 sandbox: we need
  395. these when eventfd2() support is missing. Fixes bug 16363; bugfix
  396. on Patch from "teor".
  397. o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox, also in
  398. - Allow systemd connections to work with the Linux seccomp2 sandbox
  399. code. Fixes bug 16212; bugfix on Patch by
  400. Peter Palfrader.
  401. - Fix sandboxing to work when running as a relay, by allowing the
  402. renaming of secret_id_key, and allowing the eventfd2 and futex
  403. syscalls. Fixes bug 16244; bugfix on Patch by
  404. Peter Palfrader.
  405. o Minor bugfixes (logging):
  406. - When building Tor under Clang, do not include an extra set of
  407. parentheses in log messages that include function names. Fixes bug
  408. 15269; bugfix on every released version of Tor when compiled with
  409. recent enough Clang.
  410. o Minor bugfixes (network):
  411. - When attempting to use fallback technique for network interface
  412. lookup, disregard loopback and multicast addresses since they are
  413. unsuitable for public communications.
  414. o Minor bugfixes (open file limit):
  415. - Fix set_max_file_descriptors() to set by default the max open file
  416. limit to the current limit when setrlimit() fails. Fixes bug
  417. 16274; bugfix on tor- Patch by dgoulet.
  418. o Minor bugfixes (portability):
  419. - Check correctly for Windows socket errors in the workqueue
  420. backend. Fixes bug 16741; bugfix on
  421. - Try harder to normalize the exit status of the Tor process to the
  422. standard-provided range. Fixes bug 16975; bugfix on every version
  423. of Tor ever.
  424. - Use libexecinfo on FreeBSD to enable backtrace support. Fixes part
  425. of bug 17151; bugfix on Patch from Marcin Cieślak.
  426. o Minor bugfixes (relay):
  427. - Ensure that worker threads actually exit when a fatal error or
  428. shutdown is indicated. This fix doesn't currently affect the
  429. behavior of Tor, because Tor workers never indicates fatal error
  430. or shutdown except in the unit tests. Fixes bug 16868; bugfix
  431. on
  432. - Fix a rarely-encountered memory leak when failing to initialize
  433. the thread pool. Fixes bug 16631; bugfix on Patch
  434. from "cypherpunks".
  435. - Unblock threads before releasing the work queue mutex to ensure
  436. predictable scheduling behavior. Fixes bug 16644; bugfix
  437. on
  438. o Minor bugfixes (security, exit policies):
  439. - ExitPolicyRejectPrivate now also rejects the relay's published
  440. IPv6 address (if any), and any publicly routable IPv4 or IPv6
  441. addresses on any local interfaces. ticket 17027. Patch by "teor".
  442. Fixes bug 17027; bugfix on
  443. o Minor bugfixes (statistics):
  444. - Disregard the ConnDirectionStatistics torrc options when Tor is
  445. not a relay since in that mode of operation no sensible data is
  446. being collected and because Tor might run into measurement hiccups
  447. when running as a client for some time, then becoming a relay.
  448. Fixes bug 15604; bugfix on
  449. o Minor bugfixes (systemd):
  450. - Tor's systemd unit file no longer contains extraneous spaces.
  451. These spaces would sometimes confuse tools like deb-systemd-
  452. helper. Fixes bug 16162; bugfix on
  453. o Minor bugfixes (test networks):
  454. - When self-testing reachability, use ExtendAllowPrivateAddresses to
  455. determine if local/private addresses imply reachability. The
  456. previous fix used TestingTorNetwork, which implies
  457. ExtendAllowPrivateAddresses, but this excluded rare configurations
  458. where ExtendAllowPrivateAddresses is set but TestingTorNetwork is
  459. not. Fixes bug 15771; bugfix on Patch by "teor",
  460. issue discovered by CJ Ess.
  461. o Minor bugfixes (tests, also in
  462. - Fix a crash in the unit tests when built with MSVC2013. Fixes bug
  463. 16030; bugfix on Patch from "NewEraCracker".
  464. o Code simplification and refactoring:
  465. - Change the function that's called when we need to retry all
  466. downloads so that it only reschedules the downloads to happen
  467. immediately, rather than launching them all at once itself. This
  468. further simplifies Tor's callgraph.
  469. - Define WINVER and _WIN32_WINNT centrally, in orconfig.h, in order
  470. to ensure they remain consistent and visible everywhere.
  471. - Move some format-parsing functions out of crypto.c and
  472. crypto_curve25519.c into crypto_format.c and/or util_format.c.
  473. - Move the client-only parts of init_keys() into a separate
  474. function. Closes ticket 16763.
  475. - Move the hacky fallback code out of get_interface_address6() into
  476. separate function and get it covered with unit-tests. Resolves
  477. ticket 14710.
  478. - Refactor hidden service client-side cache lookup to intelligently
  479. report its various failure cases, and disentangle failure cases
  480. involving a lack of introduction points. Closes ticket 14391.
  481. - Remove some vestigial workarounds for the MSVC6 compiler. We
  482. haven't supported that in ages.
  483. - Remove the unused "nulterminate" argument from buf_pullup().
  484. - Simplify the microdesc_free() implementation so that it no longer
  485. appears (to code analysis tools) to potentially invoke a huge
  486. suite of other microdesc functions.
  487. - Simply the control graph further by deferring the inner body of
  488. directory_all_unreachable() into a callback. Closes ticket 16762.
  489. - The link authentication code has been refactored for better
  490. testability and reliability. It now uses code generated with the
  491. "trunnel" binary encoding generator, to reduce the risk of bugs
  492. due to programmer error. Done as part of ticket 12498.
  493. - Treat the loss of an owning controller as equivalent to a SIGTERM
  494. signal. This removes a tiny amount of duplicated code, and
  495. simplifies our callgraph. Closes ticket 16788.
  496. - Use our own Base64 encoder instead of OpenSSL's, to allow more
  497. control over the output. Part of ticket 15652.
  498. - When generating an event to send to the controller, we no longer
  499. put the event over the network immediately. Instead, we queue
  500. these events, and use a Libevent callback to deliver them. This
  501. change simplifies Tor's callgraph by reducing the number of
  502. functions from which all other Tor functions are reachable. Closes
  503. ticket 16695.
  504. - Wrap Windows-only C files inside '#ifdef _WIN32' so that tools
  505. that try to scan or compile every file on Unix won't decide that
  506. they are broken.
  507. o Documentation:
  508. - Fix capitalization of SOCKS in sample torrc. Closes ticket 15609.
  509. - Improve the descriptions of statistics-related torrc options in
  510. the manpage to describe rationale and possible uses cases. Fixes
  511. issue 15550.
  512. - Improve the layout and formatting of ./configure --help messages.
  513. Closes ticket 15024. Patch from "cypherpunks".
  514. - Include a specific and (hopefully) accurate documentation of the
  515. torrc file's meta-format in doc/torrc_format.txt. This is mainly
  516. of interest to people writing programs to parse or generate torrc
  517. files. This document is not a commitment to long-term
  518. compatibility; some aspects of the current format are a bit
  519. ridiculous. Closes ticket 2325.
  520. - Include the TUNING document in our source tarball. It is referred
  521. to in the ChangeLog and an error message. Fixes bug 16929; bugfix
  522. on
  523. - Note that HiddenServicePorts can take a unix domain socket. Closes
  524. ticket 17364.
  525. - Recommend a 40 GB example AccountingMax in torrc.sample rather
  526. than a 4 GB max. Closes ticket 16742.
  527. - Standardize on the term "server descriptor" in the manual page.
  528. Previously, we had used "router descriptor", "server descriptor",
  529. and "relay descriptor" interchangeably. Part of ticket 14987.
  530. - Advise users on how to configure separate IPv4 and IPv6 exit
  531. policies in the manpage and sample torrcs. Related to ticket 16069.
  532. - Fix an error in the manual page and comments for
  533. TestingDirAuthVoteHSDir[IsStrict], which suggested that a HSDir
  534. required "ORPort connectivity". While this is true, it is in no
  535. way unique to the HSDir flag. Of all the flags, only HSDirs need a
  536. DirPort configured in order for the authorities to assign that
  537. particular flag. Patch by "teor". Fixed as part of 14882; bugfix
  538. on
  539. - Fix the usage message of tor-resolve(1) so that it no longer lists
  540. the removed -F option. Fixes bug 16913; bugfix on
  541. o Removed code:
  542. - Remove `USE_OPENSSL_BASE64` and the corresponding fallback code
  543. and always use the internal Base64 decoder. The internal decoder
  544. has been part of tor since, and no one should
  545. be using the OpenSSL one. Part of ticket 15652.
  546. - Remove the 'tor_strclear()' function; use memwipe() instead.
  547. Closes ticket 14922.
  548. - Remove the code that would try to aggressively flush controller
  549. connections while writing to them. This code was introduced in
  550., in order to keep output buffers from exceeding
  551. their limits. But there is no longer a maximum output buffer size,
  552. and flushing data in this way caused some undesirable recursions
  553. in our call graph. Closes ticket 16480.
  554. - The internal pure-C tor-fw-helper tool is now removed from the Tor
  555. distribution, in favor of the pure-Go clone available from
  556. . The libraries
  557. used by the C tor-fw-helper are not, in our opinion, very
  558. confidence- inspiring in their secure-programming techniques.
  559. Closes ticket 13338.
  560. o Removed features:
  561. - Remove the (seldom-used) DynamicDHGroups feature. For anti-
  562. fingerprinting we now recommend pluggable transports; for forward-
  563. secrecy in TLS, we now use the P-256 group. Closes ticket 13736.
  564. - Remove the HidServDirectoryV2 option. Now all relays offer to
  565. store hidden service descriptors. Related to 16543.
  566. - Remove the VoteOnHidServDirectoriesV2 option, since all
  567. authorities have long set it to 1. Closes ticket 16543.
  568. - Remove the undocumented "--digests" command-line option. It
  569. complicated our build process, caused subtle build issues on
  570. multiple platforms, and is now redundant since we started
  571. including git version identifiers. Closes ticket 14742.
  572. - Tor no longer contains checks for ancient directory cache versions
  573. that didn't know about microdescriptors.
  574. - Tor no longer contains workarounds for stat files generated by
  575. super-old versions of Tor that didn't choose guards sensibly.
  576. o Testing:
  577. - The script now supports performance testing.
  578. Requires corresponding chutney performance testing changes. Patch
  579. by "teor". Closes ticket 14175.
  580. - Add a new set of callgraph analysis scripts that use clang to
  581. produce a list of which Tor functions are reachable from which
  582. other Tor functions. We're planning to use these to help simplify
  583. our code structure by identifying illogical dependencies.
  584. - Add new 'test-full' and 'test-full-online' targets to run all
  585. tests, including integration tests with stem and chutney.
  586. - Autodetect CHUTNEY_PATH if the chutney and Tor sources are side-
  587. by-side in the same parent directory. Closes ticket 16903. Patch
  588. by "teor".
  589. - Document use of coverity, clang static analyzer, and clang dynamic
  590. undefined behavior and address sanitizers in doc/HACKING. Include
  591. detailed usage instructions in the blacklist. Patch by "teor".
  592. Closes ticket 15817.
  593. - Make "bridges+hs" the default test network. This tests almost all
  594. tor functionality during make test-network, while allowing tests
  595. to succeed on non-IPv6 systems. Requires chutney commit 396da92 in
  596. test-network-bridges-hs. Closes tickets 16945 (tor) and 16946
  597. (chutney). Patches by "teor".
  598. - Make the test-workqueue test work on Windows by initializing the
  599. network before we begin.
  600. - New make target (make test-network-all) to run multiple applicable
  601. chutney test cases. Patch from Teor; closes 16953.
  602. - Now that OpenSSL has its own scrypt implementation, add an unit
  603. test that checks for interoperability between libscrypt_scrypt()
  604. and OpenSSL's EVP_PBE_scrypt() so that we could not use libscrypt
  605. and rely on EVP_PBE_scrypt() whenever possible. Resolves
  606. ticket 16189.
  607. - The link authentication protocol code now has extensive tests.
  608. - The relay descriptor signature testing code now has
  609. extensive tests.
  610. - The test_workqueue program now runs faster, and is enabled by
  611. default as a part of "make check".
  612. - Unit test dns_resolve(), dns_clip_ttl() and dns_get_expiry_ttl()
  613. functions in dns.c. Implements a portion of ticket 16831.
  614. - Use environment variables rather than autoconf substitutions to
  615. send variables from the build system to the test scripts. This
  616. change should be easier to maintain, and cause 'make distcheck' to
  617. work better than before. Fixes bug 17148.
  618. - When building Tor with testing coverage enabled, run Chutney tests
  619. (if any) using the 'tor-cov' coverage binary.
  620. - When running test-network or test-stem, check for the absence of
  621. stem/chutney before doing any build operations.
  622. - Add a test to verify that the compiler does not eliminate our
  623. memwipe() implementation. Closes ticket 15377.
  624. - Add make rule `check-changes` to verify the format of changes
  625. files. Closes ticket 15180.
  626. - Add unit tests for control_event_is_interesting(). Add a compile-
  627. time check that the number of events doesn't exceed the capacity
  628. of control_event_t.event_mask. Closes ticket 15431, checks for
  629. bugs similar to 13085. Patch by "teor".
  630. - Command-line argument tests moved to Stem. Resolves ticket 14806.
  631. - Integrate the ntor, backtrace, and zero-length keys tests into the
  632. automake test suite. Closes ticket 15344.
  633. - Remove assertions during builds to determine Tor's test coverage.
  634. We don't want to trigger these even in assertions, so including
  635. them artificially makes our branch coverage look worse than it is.
  636. This patch provides the new test-stem-full and coverage-html-full
  637. configure options. Implements ticket 15400.
  638. - New TestingDirAuthVote{Exit,Guard,HSDir}IsStrict flags to
  639. explicitly manage consensus flags in testing networks. Patch by
  640. "robgjansen", modified by "teor". Implements part of ticket 14882.
  641. - Check for matching value in server response in Fixes
  642. bug 15591; bugfix on Reported and fixed
  643. by "joelanders".
  644. - Set the severity correctly when testing
  645. get_interface_addresses_ifaddrs() and
  646. get_interface_addresses_win32(), so that the tests fail gracefully
  647. instead of triggering an assertion. Fixes bug 15759; bugfix on
  648. Reported by Nicolas Derive.
  649. Changes in version - 2015-07-12
  650. Tor version fixes some significant stability and hidden
  651. service client bugs, bulletproofs the cryptography init process, and
  652. fixes a bug when using the sandbox code with some older versions of
  653. Linux. Everyone running an older version, especially an older version
  654. of 0.2.6, should upgrade.
  655. o Major bugfixes (hidden service clients, stability):
  656. - Stop refusing to store updated hidden service descriptors on a
  657. client. This reverts commit 9407040c59218 (which indeed fixed bug
  658. 14219, but introduced a major hidden service reachability
  659. regression detailed in bug 16381). This is a temporary fix since
  660. we can live with the minor issue in bug 14219 (it just results in
  661. some load on the network) but the regression of 16381 is too much
  662. of a setback. First-round fix for bug 16381; bugfix
  663. on
  664. o Major bugfixes (stability):
  665. - Stop crashing with an assertion failure when parsing certain kinds
  666. of malformed or truncated microdescriptors. Fixes bug 16400;
  667. bugfix on Found by "torkeln"; fix based on a patch
  668. by "cypherpunks_backup".
  669. - Stop random client-side assertion failures that could occur when
  670. connecting to a busy hidden service, or connecting to a hidden
  671. service while a NEWNYM is in progress. Fixes bug 16013; bugfix
  672. on
  673. o Minor features (geoip):
  674. - Update geoip to the June 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
  675. - Update geoip6 to the June 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
  676. o Minor bugfixes (crypto error-handling):
  677. - Check for failures from crypto_early_init, and refuse to continue.
  678. A previous typo meant that we could keep going with an
  679. uninitialized crypto library, and would have OpenSSL initialize
  680. its own PRNG. Fixes bug 16360; bugfix on, introduced
  681. when implementing ticket 4900. Patch by "teor".
  682. o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
  683. - Allow pipe() and pipe2() syscalls in the seccomp2 sandbox: we need
  684. these when eventfd2() support is missing. Fixes bug 16363; bugfix
  685. on Patch from "teor".
  686. Changes in version - 2015-06-11
  687. Tor fixes a regression in the circuit isolation code, increases the
  688. requirements for receiving an HSDir flag, and addresses some other small
  689. bugs in the systemd and sandbox code. Clients using circuit isolation
  690. should upgrade; all directory authorities should upgrade.
  691. o Major bugfixes (client-side privacy):
  692. - Properly separate out each SOCKSPort when applying stream
  693. isolation. The error occurred because each port's session group was
  694. being overwritten by a default value when the listener connection
  695. was initialized. Fixes bug 16247; bugfix on Patch
  696. by "jojelino".
  697. o Minor feature (directory authorities, security):
  698. - The HSDir flag given by authorities now requires the Stable flag.
  699. For the current network, this results in going from 2887 to 2806
  700. HSDirs. Also, it makes it harder for an attacker to launch a sybil
  701. attack by raising the effort for a relay to become Stable which
  702. takes at the very least 7 days to do so and by keeping the 96
  703. hours uptime requirement for HSDir. Implements ticket 8243.
  704. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  705. - Build with --enable-systemd correctly when libsystemd is
  706. installed, but systemd is not. Fixes bug 16164; bugfix on
  707. Patch from Peter Palfrader.
  708. o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
  709. - Fix sandboxing to work when running as a relaymby renaming of
  710. secret_id_key, and allowing the eventfd2 and futex syscalls. Fixes
  711. bug 16244; bugfix on Patch by Peter Palfrader.
  712. - Allow systemd connections to work with the Linux seccomp2 sandbox
  713. code. Fixes bug 16212; bugfix on Patch by
  714. Peter Palfrader.
  715. o Minor bugfixes (tests):
  716. - Fix a crash in the unit tests when built with MSVC2013. Fixes bug
  717. 16030; bugfix on Patch from "NewEraCracker".
  718. Changes in version - 2015-05-21
  719. Tor fixes a bit of dodgy code in parsing INTRODUCE2 cells, and
  720. fixes an authority-side bug in assigning the HSDir flag. All directory
  721. authorities should upgrade.
  722. o Major bugfixes (hidden services, backport from
  723. - Revert commit that made directory authorities assign the HSDir
  724. flag to relay without a DirPort; this was bad because such relays
  725. can't handle BEGIN_DIR cells. Fixes bug 15850; bugfix
  726. on
  727. o Minor bugfixes (hidden service, backport from
  728. - Fix an out-of-bounds read when parsing invalid INTRODUCE2 cells on
  729. a client authorized hidden service. Fixes bug 15823; bugfix
  730. on
  731. o Minor features (geoip):
  732. - Update geoip to the April 8 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
  733. - Update geoip6 to the April 8 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
  734. Country database.
  735. Changes in version - 2015-04-06
  736. Tor fixes two security issues that could be used by an
  737. attacker to crash hidden services, or crash clients visiting hidden
  738. services. Hidden services should upgrade as soon as possible; clients
  739. should upgrade whenever packages become available.
  740. This release also contains two simple improvements to make hidden
  741. services a bit less vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks.
  742. o Major bugfixes (security, hidden service):
  743. - Fix an issue that would allow a malicious client to trigger an
  744. assertion failure and halt a hidden service. Fixes bug 15600;
  745. bugfix on Reported by "disgleirio".
  746. - Fix a bug that could cause a client to crash with an assertion
  747. failure when parsing a malformed hidden service descriptor. Fixes
  748. bug 15601; bugfix on Found by "DonnchaC".
  749. o Minor features (DoS-resistance, hidden service):
  750. - Introduction points no longer allow multiple INTRODUCE1 cells to
  751. arrive on the same circuit. This should make it more expensive for
  752. attackers to overwhelm hidden services with introductions.
  753. Resolves ticket 15515.
  754. - Decrease the amount of reattempts that a hidden service performs
  755. when its rendezvous circuits fail. This reduces the computational
  756. cost for running a hidden service under heavy load. Resolves
  757. ticket 11447.
  758. Changes in version - 2015-04-06
  759. Tor backports two fixes from for security issues that
  760. could be used by an attacker to crash hidden services, or crash clients
  761. visiting hidden services. Hidden services should upgrade as soon as
  762. possible; clients should upgrade whenever packages become available.
  763. This release also backports a simple improvement to make hidden
  764. services a bit less vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks.
  765. o Major bugfixes (security, hidden service):
  766. - Fix an issue that would allow a malicious client to trigger an
  767. assertion failure and halt a hidden service. Fixes bug 15600;
  768. bugfix on Reported by "disgleirio".
  769. - Fix a bug that could cause a client to crash with an assertion
  770. failure when parsing a malformed hidden service descriptor. Fixes
  771. bug 15601; bugfix on Found by "DonnchaC".
  772. o Minor features (DoS-resistance, hidden service):
  773. - Introduction points no longer allow multiple INTRODUCE1 cells to
  774. arrive on the same circuit. This should make it more expensive for
  775. attackers to overwhelm hidden services with introductions.
  776. Resolves ticket 15515.
  777. Changes in version - 2015-04-06
  778. Tor backports two fixes from for security issues that
  779. could be used by an attacker to crash hidden services, or crash clients
  780. visiting hidden services. Hidden services should upgrade as soon as
  781. possible; clients should upgrade whenever packages become available.
  782. This release also backports a simple improvement to make hidden
  783. services a bit less vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks.
  784. o Major bugfixes (security, hidden service):
  785. - Fix an issue that would allow a malicious client to trigger an
  786. assertion failure and halt a hidden service. Fixes bug 15600;
  787. bugfix on Reported by "disgleirio".
  788. - Fix a bug that could cause a client to crash with an assertion
  789. failure when parsing a malformed hidden service descriptor. Fixes
  790. bug 15601; bugfix on Found by "DonnchaC".
  791. o Minor features (DoS-resistance, hidden service):
  792. - Introduction points no longer allow multiple INTRODUCE1 cells to
  793. arrive on the same circuit. This should make it more expensive for
  794. attackers to overwhelm hidden services with introductions.
  795. Resolves ticket 15515.
  796. Changes in version - 2015-03-24
  797. Tor is the first stable release in the 0.2.6 series.
  798. It adds numerous safety, security, correctness, and performance
  799. improvements. Client programs can be configured to use more kinds of
  800. sockets, AutomapHosts works better, the multithreading backend is
  801. improved, cell transmission is refactored, test coverage is much
  802. higher, more denial-of-service attacks are handled, guard selection is
  803. improved to handle long-term guards better, pluggable transports
  804. should work a bit better, and some annoying hidden service performance
  805. bugs should be addressed.
  806. o New compiler and system requirements:
  807. - Tor 0.2.6.x requires that your compiler support more of the C99
  808. language standard than before. The 'configure' script now detects
  809. whether your compiler supports C99 mid-block declarations and
  810. designated initializers. If it does not, Tor will not compile.
  811. We may revisit this requirement if it turns out that a significant
  812. number of people need to build Tor with compilers that don't
  813. bother implementing a 15-year-old standard. Closes ticket 13233.
  814. - Tor no longer supports systems without threading support. When we
  815. began working on Tor, there were several systems that didn't have
  816. threads, or where the thread support wasn't able to run the
  817. threads of a single process on multiple CPUs. That no longer
  818. holds: every system where Tor needs to run well now has threading
  819. support. Resolves ticket 12439.
  820. o Deprecated versions and removed support:
  821. - Tor relays older than are no longer allowed to
  822. advertise themselves on the network. Closes ticket 13555.
  823. - Tor clients no longer support connecting to hidden services
  824. running on Tor 0.2.2.x and earlier; the Support022HiddenServices
  825. option has been removed. (There shouldn't be any hidden services
  826. running these versions on the network.) Closes ticket 7803.
  827. o Directory authority changes:
  828. - The directory authority Faravahar has a new IP address. This
  829. closes ticket 14487.
  830. - Remove turtles as a directory authority.
  831. - Add longclaw as a new (v3) directory authority. This implements
  832. ticket 13296. This keeps the directory authority count at 9.
  833. o Major features (bridges):
  834. - Expose the outgoing upstream HTTP/SOCKS proxy to pluggable
  835. transports if they are configured via the "TOR_PT_PROXY"
  836. environment variable. Implements proposal 232. Resolves
  837. ticket 8402.
  838. o Major features (changed defaults):
  839. - Prevent relay operators from unintentionally running exits: When a
  840. relay is configured as an exit node, we now warn the user unless
  841. the "ExitRelay" option is set to 1. We warn even more loudly if
  842. the relay is configured with the default exit policy, since this
  843. can indicate accidental misconfiguration. Setting "ExitRelay 0"
  844. stops Tor from running as an exit relay. Closes ticket 10067.
  845. o Major features (client performance, hidden services):
  846. - Allow clients to use optimistic data when connecting to a hidden
  847. service, which should remove a round-trip from hidden service
  848. initialization. See proposal 181 for details. Implements
  849. ticket 13211.
  850. o Major features (directory system):
  851. - Upon receiving an unparseable directory object, if its digest
  852. matches what we expected, then don't try to download it again.
  853. Previously, when we got a descriptor we didn't like, we would keep
  854. trying to download it over and over. Closes ticket 11243.
  855. - When downloading server- or microdescriptors from a directory
  856. server, we no longer launch multiple simultaneous requests to the
  857. same server. This reduces load on the directory servers,
  858. especially when directory guards are in use. Closes ticket 9969.
  859. - When downloading server- or microdescriptors over a tunneled
  860. connection, do not limit the length of our requests to what the
  861. Squid proxy is willing to handle. Part of ticket 9969.
  862. - Authorities can now vote on the correct digests and latest
  863. versions for different software packages. This allows packages
  864. that include Tor to use the Tor authority system as a way to get
  865. notified of updates and their correct digests. Implements proposal
  866. 227. Closes ticket 10395.
  867. o Major features (guards):
  868. - Introduce the Guardfraction feature to improves load balancing on
  869. guard nodes. Specifically, it aims to reduce the traffic gap that
  870. guard nodes experience when they first get the Guard flag. This is
  871. a required step if we want to increase the guard lifetime to 9
  872. months or greater. Closes ticket 9321.
  873. o Major features (hidden services):
  874. - Make HS port scanning more difficult by immediately closing the
  875. circuit when a user attempts to connect to a nonexistent port.
  876. Closes ticket 13667.
  877. - Add a HiddenServiceStatistics option that allows Tor relays to
  878. gather and publish statistics about the overall size and volume of
  879. hidden service usage. Specifically, when this option is turned on,
  880. an HSDir will publish an approximate number of hidden services
  881. that have published descriptors to it the past 24 hours. Also, if
  882. a relay has acted as a hidden service rendezvous point, it will
  883. publish the approximate amount of rendezvous cells it has relayed
  884. the past 24 hours. The statistics themselves are obfuscated so
  885. that the exact values cannot be derived. For more details see
  886. proposal 238, "Better hidden service stats from Tor relays". This
  887. feature is currently disabled by default. Implements feature 13192.
  888. o Major features (performance):
  889. - Make the CPU worker implementation more efficient by avoiding the
  890. kernel and lengthening pipelines. The original implementation used
  891. sockets to transfer data from the main thread to the workers, and
  892. didn't allow any thread to be assigned more than a single piece of
  893. work at once. The new implementation avoids communications
  894. overhead by making requests in shared memory, avoiding kernel IO
  895. where possible, and keeping more requests in flight at once.
  896. Implements ticket 9682.
  897. o Major features (relay):
  898. - Raise the minimum acceptable configured bandwidth rate for bridges
  899. to 50 KiB/sec and for relays to 75 KiB/sec. (The old values were
  900. 20 KiB/sec.) Closes ticket 13822.
  901. - Complete revision of the code that relays use to decide which cell
  902. to send next. Formerly, we selected the best circuit to write on
  903. each channel, but we didn't select among channels in any
  904. sophisticated way. Now, we choose the best circuits globally from
  905. among those whose channels are ready to deliver traffic.
  906. This patch implements a new inter-cmux comparison API, a global
  907. high/low watermark mechanism and a global scheduler loop for
  908. transmission prioritization across all channels as well as among
  909. circuits on one channel. This schedule is currently tuned to
  910. (tolerantly) avoid making changes in network performance, but it
  911. should form the basis for major circuit performance increases in
  912. the future. Code by Andrea; tuning by Rob Jansen; implements
  913. ticket 9262.
  914. o Major features (sample torrc):
  915. - Add a new, infrequently-changed "torrc.minimal". This file is
  916. similar to torrc.sample, but it will change as infrequently as
  917. possible, for the benefit of users whose systems prompt them for
  918. intervention whenever a default configuration file is changed.
  919. Making this change allows us to update torrc.sample to be a more
  920. generally useful "sample torrc".
  921. o Major features (security, unix domain sockets):
  922. - Allow SocksPort to be an AF_UNIX Unix Domain Socket. Now high risk
  923. applications can reach Tor without having to create AF_INET or
  924. AF_INET6 sockets, meaning they can completely disable their
  925. ability to make non-Tor network connections. To create a socket of
  926. this type, use "SocksPort unix:/path/to/socket". Implements
  927. ticket 12585.
  928. - Support mapping hidden service virtual ports to AF_UNIX sockets.
  929. The syntax is "HiddenServicePort 80 unix:/path/to/socket".
  930. Implements ticket 11485.
  931. o Major bugfixes (client, automap):
  932. - Repair automapping with IPv6 addresses. This automapping should
  933. have worked previously, but one piece of debugging code that we
  934. inserted to detect a regression actually caused the regression to
  935. manifest itself again. Fixes bug 13811 and bug 12831; bugfix on
  936. Diagnosed and fixed by Francisco Blas
  937. Izquierdo Riera.
  938. o Major bugfixes (crash, OSX, security):
  939. - Fix a remote denial-of-service opportunity caused by a bug in
  940. OSX's _strlcat_chk() function. Fixes bug 15205; bug first appeared
  941. in OSX 10.9.
  942. o Major bugfixes (directory authorities):
  943. - Do not assign the HSDir flag to relays if they are not Valid, or
  944. currently hibernating. Fixes 12573; bugfix on
  945. o Major bugfixes (directory bandwidth performance):
  946. - Don't flush the zlib buffer aggressively when compressing
  947. directory information for clients. This should save about 7% of
  948. the bandwidth currently used for compressed descriptors and
  949. microdescriptors. Fixes bug 11787; bugfix on
  950. o Major bugfixes (exit node stability):
  951. - Fix an assertion failure that could occur under high DNS load.
  952. Fixes bug 14129; bugfix on Tor 0.0.7rc1. Found by "jowr";
  953. diagnosed and fixed by "cypherpunks".
  954. o Major bugfixes (FreeBSD IPFW transparent proxy):
  955. - Fix address detection with FreeBSD transparent proxies, when
  956. "TransProxyType ipfw" is in use. Fixes bug 15064; bugfix
  957. on
  958. o Major bugfixes (hidden services):
  959. - When closing an introduction circuit that was opened in parallel
  960. with others, don't mark the introduction point as unreachable.
  961. Previously, the first successful connection to an introduction
  962. point would make the other introduction points get marked as
  963. having timed out. Fixes bug 13698; bugfix on 0.0.6rc2.
  964. o Major bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
  965. - Upon receiving sighup with the seccomp2 sandbox enabled, do not
  966. crash during attempts to call wait4. Fixes bug 15088; bugfix on
  967. Patch from "sanic".
  968. o Major bugfixes (mixed relay-client operation):
  969. - When running as a relay and client at the same time (not
  970. recommended), if we decide not to use a new guard because we want
  971. to retry older guards, only close the locally-originating circuits
  972. passing through that guard. Previously we would close all the
  973. circuits through that guard. Fixes bug 9819; bugfix on
  974. Reported by "skruffy".
  975. o Major bugfixes (pluggable transports):
  976. - Initialize the extended OR Port authentication cookie before
  977. launching pluggable transports. This prevents a race condition
  978. that occured when server-side pluggable transports would cache the
  979. authentication cookie before it has been (re)generated. Fixes bug
  980. 15240; bugfix on
  981. o Major bugfixes (relay, stability, possible security):
  982. - Fix a bug that could lead to a relay crashing with an assertion
  983. failure if a buffer of exactly the wrong layout is passed to
  984. buf_pullup() at exactly the wrong time. Fixes bug 15083; bugfix on
  985. Patch from "cypherpunks".
  986. - Do not assert if the 'data' pointer on a buffer is advanced to the
  987. very end of the buffer; log a BUG message instead. Only assert if
  988. it is past that point. Fixes bug 15083; bugfix on
  989. o Minor features (build):
  990. - New --disable-system-torrc compile-time option to prevent Tor from
  991. looking for the system-wide torrc or torrc-defaults files.
  992. Resolves ticket 13037.
  993. o Minor features (client):
  994. - Clients are now willing to send optimistic data (before they
  995. receive a 'connected' cell) to relays of any version. (Relays
  996. without support for optimistic data are no longer supported on the
  997. Tor network.) Resolves ticket 13153.
  998. o Minor features (client):
  999. - Validate hostnames in SOCKS5 requests more strictly. If SafeSocks
  1000. is enabled, reject requests with IP addresses as hostnames.
  1001. Resolves ticket 13315.
  1002. o Minor features (controller):
  1003. - Add a "SIGNAL HEARTBEAT" controller command that tells Tor to
  1004. write an unscheduled heartbeat message to the log. Implements
  1005. feature 9503.
  1006. - Include SOCKS_USERNAME and SOCKS_PASSWORD values in controller
  1007. events so controllers can observe circuit isolation inputs. Closes
  1008. ticket 8405.
  1009. - ControlPort now supports the unix:/path/to/socket syntax as an
  1010. alternative to the ControlSocket option, for consistency with
  1011. SocksPort and HiddenServicePort. Closes ticket 14451.
  1012. - New "GETINFO bw-event-cache" to get information about recent
  1013. bandwidth events. Closes ticket 14128. Useful for controllers to
  1014. get recent bandwidth history after the fix for ticket 13988.
  1015. - Messages about problems in the bootstrap process now include
  1016. information about the server we were trying to connect to when we
  1017. noticed the problem. Closes ticket 15006.
  1018. o Minor features (Denial of service resistance):
  1019. - Count the total number of bytes used storing hidden service
  1020. descriptors against the value of MaxMemInQueues. If we're low on
  1021. memory, and more than 20% of our memory is used holding hidden
  1022. service descriptors, free them until no more than 10% of our
  1023. memory holds hidden service descriptors. Free the least recently
  1024. fetched descriptors first. Resolves ticket 13806.
  1025. - When we have recently been under memory pressure (over 3/4 of
  1026. MaxMemInQueues is allocated), then allocate smaller zlib objects
  1027. for small requests. Closes ticket 11791.
  1028. o Minor features (directory authorities):
  1029. - Don't list relays with a bandwidth estimate of 0 in the consensus.
  1030. Implements a feature proposed during discussion of bug 13000.
  1031. - In tor-gencert, report an error if the user provides the same
  1032. argument more than once.
  1033. - If a directory authority can't find a best consensus method in the
  1034. votes that it holds, it now falls back to its favorite consensus
  1035. method. Previously, it fell back to method 1. Neither of these is
  1036. likely to get enough signatures, but "fall back to favorite"
  1037. doesn't require us to maintain support an obsolete consensus
  1038. method. Implements part of proposal 215.
  1039. o Minor features (geoip):
  1040. - Update geoip to the March 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
  1041. - Update geoip6 to the March 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
  1042. Country database.
  1043. o Minor features (guard nodes):
  1044. - Reduce the time delay before saving guard status to disk from 10
  1045. minutes to 30 seconds (or from one hour to 10 minutes if
  1046. AvoidDiskWrites is set). Closes ticket 12485.
  1047. o Minor features (heartbeat):
  1048. - On relays, report how many connections we negotiated using each
  1049. version of the Tor link protocols. This information will let us
  1050. know if removing support for very old versions of the Tor
  1051. protocols is harming the network. Closes ticket 15212.
  1052. o Minor features (hidden service):
  1053. - Make Sybil attacks against hidden services harder by changing the
  1054. minimum time required to get the HSDir flag from 25 hours up to 96
  1055. hours. Addresses ticket 14149.
  1056. - New option "HiddenServiceAllowUnknownPorts" to allow hidden
  1057. services to disable the anti-scanning feature introduced in
  1058. With this option not set, a connection to an
  1059. unlisted port closes the circuit. With this option set, only a
  1060. RELAY_DONE cell is sent. Closes ticket 14084.
  1061. - When re-enabling the network, don't try to build introduction
  1062. circuits until we have successfully built a circuit. This makes
  1063. hidden services come up faster when the network is re-enabled.
  1064. Patch from "akwizgran". Closes ticket 13447.
  1065. - When we fail to retrieve a hidden service descriptor, send the
  1066. controller an "HS_DESC FAILED" controller event. Implements
  1067. feature 13212.
  1068. - New HiddenServiceDirGroupReadable option to cause hidden service
  1069. directories and hostname files to be created group-readable. Patch
  1070. from "anon", David Stainton, and "meejah". Closes ticket 11291.
  1071. o Minor features (interface):
  1072. - Implement "-f -" command-line option to read torrc configuration
  1073. from standard input, if you don't want to store the torrc file in
  1074. the file system. Implements feature 13865.
  1075. o Minor features (logging):
  1076. - Add a count of unique clients to the bridge heartbeat message.
  1077. Resolves ticket 6852.
  1078. - Suppress "router info incompatible with extra info" message when
  1079. reading extrainfo documents from cache. (This message got loud
  1080. around when we closed bug 9812 in Closes
  1081. ticket 13762.
  1082. - Elevate hidden service authorized-client message from DEBUG to
  1083. INFO. Closes ticket 14015.
  1084. - On Unix-like systems, you can now use named pipes as the target of
  1085. the Log option, and other options that try to append to files.
  1086. Closes ticket 12061. Patch from "carlo von lynX".
  1087. - When opening a log file at startup, send it every log message that
  1088. we generated between startup and opening it. Previously, log
  1089. messages that were generated before opening the log file were only
  1090. logged to stdout. Closes ticket 6938.
  1091. - Add a TruncateLogFile option to overwrite logs instead of
  1092. appending to them. Closes ticket 5583.
  1093. - Quiet some log messages in the heartbeat and at startup. Closes
  1094. ticket 14950.
  1095. o Minor features (portability, Solaris):
  1096. - Threads are no longer disabled by default on Solaris; we believe
  1097. that the versions of Solaris with broken threading support are all
  1098. obsolete by now. Resolves ticket 9495.
  1099. o Minor features (relay):
  1100. - Re-check our address after we detect a changed IP address from
  1101. getsockname(). This ensures that the controller command "GETINFO
  1102. address" will report the correct value. Resolves ticket 11582.
  1103. Patch from "ra".
  1104. - A new AccountingRule option lets Relays set whether they'd like
  1105. AccountingMax to be applied separately to inbound and outbound
  1106. traffic, or applied to the sum of inbound and outbound traffic.
  1107. Resolves ticket 961. Patch by "chobe".
  1108. - When identity keypair is generated for first time, log a
  1109. congratulatory message that links to the new relay lifecycle
  1110. document. Implements feature 10427.
  1111. o Minor features (security, memory wiping):
  1112. - Ensure we securely wipe keys from memory after
  1113. crypto_digest_get_digest and init_curve25519_keypair_from_file
  1114. have finished using them. Resolves ticket 13477.
  1115. o Minor features (security, out-of-memory handling):
  1116. - When handling an out-of-memory condition, allocate less memory for
  1117. temporary data structures. Fixes issue 10115.
  1118. - When handling an out-of-memory condition, consider more types of
  1119. buffers, including those on directory connections, and zlib
  1120. buffers. Resolves ticket 11792.
  1121. o Minor features (stability):
  1122. - Add assertions in our hash-table iteration code to check for
  1123. corrupted values that could cause infinite loops. Closes
  1124. ticket 11737.
  1125. o Minor features (systemd):
  1126. - Various improvements and modernizations in systemd hardening
  1127. support. Closes ticket 13805. Patch from Craig Andrews.
  1128. - Where supported, when running with systemd, report successful
  1129. startup to systemd. Part of ticket 11016. Patch by Michael Scherer.
  1130. - When running with systemd, support systemd watchdog messages. Part
  1131. of ticket 11016. Patch by Michael Scherer.
  1132. o Minor features (testing networks):
  1133. - Add the TestingDirAuthVoteExit option, which lists nodes to assign
  1134. the "Exit" flag regardless of their uptime, bandwidth, or exit
  1135. policy. TestingTorNetwork must be set for this option to have any
  1136. effect. Previously, authorities would take up to 35 minutes to
  1137. give nodes the Exit flag in a test network. Partially implements
  1138. ticket 13161.
  1139. - Drop the minimum RendPostPeriod on a testing network to 5 seconds,
  1140. and the default on a testing network to 2 minutes. Drop the
  1141. MIN_REND_INITIAL_POST_DELAY on a testing network to 5 seconds, but
  1142. keep the default on a testing network at 30 seconds. This reduces
  1143. HS bootstrap time to around 25 seconds. Also, change the default
  1144. time in to match. Closes ticket 13401. Patch
  1145. by "teor".
  1146. - Create TestingDirAuthVoteHSDir to correspond to
  1147. TestingDirAuthVoteExit/Guard. Ensures that authorities vote the
  1148. HSDir flag for the listed relays regardless of uptime or ORPort
  1149. connectivity. Respects the value of VoteOnHidServDirectoriesV2.
  1150. Partial implementation for ticket 14067. Patch by "teor".
  1151. o Minor features (tor2web mode):
  1152. - Introduce the config option Tor2webRendezvousPoints, which allows
  1153. clients in Tor2webMode to select a specific Rendezvous Point to be
  1154. used in HS circuits. This might allow better performance for
  1155. Tor2Web nodes. Implements ticket 12844.
  1156. o Minor features (transparent proxy):
  1157. - Update the transparent proxy option checks to allow for both ipfw
  1158. and pf on OS X. Closes ticket 14002.
  1159. - Use the correct option when using IPv6 with transparent proxy
  1160. support on Linux. Resolves 13808. Patch by Francisco Blas
  1161. Izquierdo Riera.
  1162. o Minor features (validation):
  1163. - Check all date/time values passed to tor_timegm and
  1164. parse_rfc1123_time for validity, taking leap years into account.
  1165. Improves HTTP header validation. Implemented with bug 13476.
  1166. - In correct_tm(), limit the range of values returned by system
  1167. localtime(_r) and gmtime(_r) to be between the years 1 and 8099.
  1168. This means we don't have to deal with negative or too large dates,
  1169. even if a clock is wrong. Otherwise we might fail to read a file
  1170. written by us which includes such a date. Fixes bug 13476.
  1171. - Stop allowing invalid address patterns like "*/24" that contain
  1172. both a wildcard address and a bit prefix length. This affects all
  1173. our address-range parsing code. Fixes bug 7484; bugfix
  1174. on 0.0.2pre14.
  1175. o Minor bugfixes (bridge clients):
  1176. - When configured to use a bridge without an identity digest (not
  1177. recommended), avoid launching an extra channel to it when
  1178. bootstrapping. Fixes bug 7733; bugfix on
  1179. o Minor bugfixes (bridges):
  1180. - When DisableNetwork is set, do not launch pluggable transport
  1181. plugins, and if any are running, terminate them. Fixes bug 13213;
  1182. bugfix on
  1183. o Minor bugfixes (C correctness):
  1184. - Fix several instances of possible integer overflow/underflow/NaN.
  1185. Fixes bug 13104; bugfix on and later. Patches
  1186. from "teor".
  1187. - In circuit_build_times_calculate_timeout() in circuitstats.c,
  1188. avoid dividing by zero in the pareto calculations. This traps
  1189. under clang's "undefined-trap" sanitizer. Fixes bug 13290; bugfix
  1190. on
  1191. - Fix an integer overflow in format_time_interval(). Fixes bug
  1192. 13393; bugfix on
  1193. - Set the correct day of year value when the system's localtime(_r)
  1194. or gmtime(_r) functions fail to set struct tm. Not externally
  1195. visible. Fixes bug 13476; bugfix on 0.0.2pre14.
  1196. - Avoid unlikely signed integer overflow in tor_timegm on systems
  1197. with 32-bit time_t. Fixes bug 13476; bugfix on 0.0.2pre14.
  1198. o Minor bugfixes (certificate handling):
  1199. - If an authority operator accidentally makes a signing certificate
  1200. with a future publication time, do not discard its real signing
  1201. certificates. Fixes bug 11457; bugfix on
  1202. - Remove any old authority certificates that have been superseded
  1203. for at least two days. Previously, we would keep superseded
  1204. certificates until they expired, if they were published close in
  1205. time to the certificate that superseded them. Fixes bug 11454;
  1206. bugfix on
  1207. o Minor bugfixes (client):
  1208. - Fix smartlist_choose_node_by_bandwidth() so that relays with the
  1209. BadExit flag are not considered worthy candidates. Fixes bug
  1210. 13066; bugfix on
  1211. - Use the consensus schedule for downloading consensuses, and not
  1212. the generic schedule. Fixes bug 11679; bugfix on
  1213. - Handle unsupported or malformed SOCKS5 requests properly by
  1214. responding with the appropriate error message before closing the
  1215. connection. Fixes bugs 12971 and 13314; bugfix on 0.0.2pre13.
  1216. o Minor bugfixes (client, automapping):
  1217. - Avoid crashing on torrc lines for VirtualAddrNetworkIPv[4|6] when
  1218. no value follows the option. Fixes bug 14142; bugfix on
  1219. Patch by "teor".
  1220. - Fix a memory leak when using AutomapHostsOnResolve. Fixes bug
  1221. 14195; bugfix on
  1222. - Prevent changes to other options from removing the wildcard value
  1223. "." from "AutomapHostsSuffixes". Fixes bug 12509; bugfix
  1224. on
  1225. - Allow MapAddress and AutomapHostsOnResolve to work together when
  1226. an address is mapped into another address type (like .onion) that
  1227. must be automapped at resolve time. Fixes bug 7555; bugfix
  1228. on
  1229. o Minor bugfixes (client, bridges):
  1230. - When we are using bridges and we had a network connectivity
  1231. problem, only retry connecting to our currently configured
  1232. bridges, not all bridges we know about and remember using. Fixes
  1233. bug 14216; bugfix on
  1234. o Minor bugfixes (client, DNS):
  1235. - Report the correct cached DNS expiration times on SOCKS port or in
  1236. DNS replies. Previously, we would report everything as "never
  1237. expires." Fixes bug 14193; bugfix on
  1238. - Avoid a small memory leak when we find a cached answer for a
  1239. reverse DNS lookup in a client-side DNS cache. (Remember, client-
  1240. side DNS caching is off by default, and is not recommended.) Fixes
  1241. bug 14259; bugfix on
  1242. o Minor bugfixes (client, IPv6):
  1243. - Reject socks requests to literal IPv6 addresses when IPv6Traffic
  1244. flag is not set; and not because the NoIPv4Traffic flag was set.
  1245. Previously we'd looked at the NoIPv4Traffic flag for both types of
  1246. literal addresses. Fixes bug 14280; bugfix on
  1247. o Minor bugfixes (client, microdescriptors):
  1248. - Use a full 256 bits of the SHA256 digest of a microdescriptor when
  1249. computing which microdescriptors to download. This keeps us from
  1250. erroneous download behavior if two microdescriptor digests ever
  1251. have the same first 160 bits. Fixes part of bug 13399; bugfix
  1252. on
  1253. - Reset a router's status if its microdescriptor digest changes,
  1254. even if the first 160 bits remain the same. Fixes part of bug
  1255. 13399; bugfix on
  1256. o Minor bugfixes (client, torrc):
  1257. - Stop modifying the value of our DirReqStatistics torrc option just
  1258. because we're not a bridge or relay. This bug was causing Tor
  1259. Browser users to write "DirReqStatistics 0" in their torrc files
  1260. as if they had chosen to change the config. Fixes bug 4244; bugfix
  1261. on
  1262. - When GeoIPExcludeUnknown is enabled, do not incorrectly decide
  1263. that our options have changed every time we SIGHUP. Fixes bug
  1264. 9801; bugfix on Patch from "qwerty1".
  1265. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  1266. - Fix a compilation warning on s390. Fixes bug 14988; bugfix
  1267. on
  1268. - Silence clang warnings under --enable-expensive-hardening,
  1269. including implicit truncation of 64 bit values to 32 bit, const
  1270. char assignment to self, tautological compare, and additional
  1271. parentheses around equality tests. Fixes bug 13577; bugfix
  1272. on
  1273. - Fix a clang warning about checking whether an address in the
  1274. middle of a structure is NULL. Fixes bug 14001; bugfix
  1275. on
  1276. - The address of an array in the middle of a structure will always
  1277. be non-NULL. clang recognises this and complains. Disable the
  1278. tautologous and redundant check to silence this warning. Fixes bug
  1279. 14001; bugfix on
  1280. - Compile correctly with (unreleased) OpenSSL 1.1.0 headers.
  1281. Addresses ticket 14188.
  1282. - Build without warnings with the stock OpenSSL srtp.h header, which
  1283. has a duplicate declaration of SSL_get_selected_srtp_profile().
  1284. Fixes bug 14220; this is OpenSSL's bug, not ours.
  1285. - Do not compile any code related to Tor2Web mode when Tor2Web mode
  1286. is not enabled at compile time. Previously, this code was included
  1287. in a disabled state. See discussion on ticket 12844.
  1288. - Allow our configure script to build correctly with autoconf 2.62
  1289. again. Fixes bug 12693; bugfix on
  1290. - Improve the error message from ./configure to make it clear that
  1291. when asciidoc has not been found, the user will have to either add
  1292. --disable-asciidoc argument or install asciidoc. Resolves
  1293. ticket 13228.
  1294. o Minor bugfixes (controller):
  1295. - Report "down" in response to the "GETINFO entry-guards" command
  1296. when relays are down with an unreachable_since value. Previously,
  1297. we would report "up". Fixes bug 14184; bugfix on
  1298. - Avoid crashing on a malformed EXTENDCIRCUIT command. Fixes bug
  1299. 14116; bugfix on
  1300. o Minor bugfixes (controller):
  1301. - Return an error when the second or later arguments of the
  1302. "setevents" controller command are invalid events. Previously we
  1303. would return success while silently skipping invalid events. Fixes
  1304. bug 13205; bugfix on Reported by "fpxnns".
  1305. o Minor bugfixes (directory authority):
  1306. - Allow directory authorities to fetch more data from one another if
  1307. they find themselves missing lots of votes. Previously, they had
  1308. been bumping against the 10 MB queued data limit. Fixes bug 14261;
  1309. bugfix on
  1310. - Do not attempt to download extrainfo documents which we will be
  1311. unable to validate with a matching server descriptor. Fixes bug
  1312. 13762; bugfix on
  1313. - Fix a bug that was truncating AUTHDIR_NEWDESC events sent to the
  1314. control port. Fixes bug 14953; bugfix on
  1315. - Enlarge the buffer to read bwauth generated files to avoid an
  1316. issue when parsing the file in dirserv_read_measured_bandwidths().
  1317. Fixes bug 14125; bugfix on
  1318. - When running as a v3 directory authority, advertise that you serve
  1319. extra-info documents so that clients who want them can find them
  1320. from you too. Fixes part of bug 11683; bugfix on
  1321. o Minor bugfixes (directory system):
  1322. - Always believe that v3 directory authorities serve extra-info
  1323. documents, whether they advertise "caches-extra-info" or not.
  1324. Fixes part of bug 11683; bugfix on
  1325. - Check the BRIDGE_DIRINFO flag bitwise rather than using equality.
  1326. Previously, directories offering BRIDGE_DIRINFO and some other
  1327. flag (i.e. microdescriptors or extrainfo) would be ignored when
  1328. looking for bridges. Partially fixes bug 13163; bugfix
  1329. on
  1330. o Minor bugfixes (file handling):
  1331. - Stop failing when key files are zero-length. Instead, generate new
  1332. keys, and overwrite the empty key files. Fixes bug 13111; bugfix
  1333. on all versions of Tor. Patch by "teor".
  1334. - Stop generating a fresh .old RSA onion key file when the .old file
  1335. is missing. Fixes part of 13111; bugfix on 0.0.6rc1.
  1336. - Avoid overwriting .old key files with empty key files.
  1337. - Skip loading zero-length extrainfo store, router store, stats,
  1338. state, and key files.
  1339. - Avoid crashing when trying to reload a torrc specified as a
  1340. relative path with RunAsDaemon turned on. Fixes bug 13397; bugfix
  1341. on
  1342. o Minor bugfixes (hidden services):
  1343. - Close the introduction circuit when we have no more usable intro
  1344. points, instead of waiting for it to time out. This also ensures
  1345. that no follow-up HS descriptor fetch is triggered when the
  1346. circuit eventually times out. Fixes bug 14224; bugfix on 0.0.6.
  1347. - When fetching a hidden service descriptor for a down service that
  1348. was recently up, do not keep refetching until we try the same
  1349. replica twice in a row. Fixes bug 14219; bugfix on
  1350. - Correctly send a controller event when we find that a rendezvous
  1351. circuit has finished. Fixes bug 13936; bugfix on
  1352. - Pre-check directory permissions for new hidden-services to avoid
  1353. at least one case of "Bug: Acting on config options left us in a
  1354. broken state. Dying." Fixes bug 13942; bugfix on 0.0.6pre1.
  1355. - When fetching hidden service descriptors, we now check not only
  1356. for whether we got the hidden service we had in mind, but also
  1357. whether we got the particular descriptors we wanted. This prevents
  1358. a class of inefficient but annoying DoS attacks by hidden service
  1359. directories. Fixes bug 13214; bugfix on Reported
  1360. by "special".
  1361. o Minor bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
  1362. - Make transparent proxy support work along with the seccomp2
  1363. sandbox. Fixes part of bug 13808; bugfix on Patch
  1364. by Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera.
  1365. - Fix a memory leak in tor-resolve when running with the sandbox
  1366. enabled. Fixes bug 14050; bugfix on
  1367. - Allow glibc fatal errors to be sent to stderr before Tor exits.
  1368. Previously, glibc would try to write them to /dev/tty, and the
  1369. sandbox would trap the call and make Tor exit prematurely. Fixes
  1370. bug 14759; bugfix on
  1371. o Minor bugfixes (logging):
  1372. - Avoid crashing when there are more log domains than entries in
  1373. domain_list. Bugfix on
  1374. - Downgrade warnings about RSA signature failures to info log level.
  1375. Emit a warning when an extra info document is found incompatible
  1376. with a corresponding router descriptor. Fixes bug 9812; bugfix
  1377. on 0.0.6rc3.
  1378. - Make connection_ap_handshake_attach_circuit() log the circuit ID
  1379. correctly. Fixes bug 13701; bugfix on 0.0.6.
  1380. o Minor bugfixes (networking):
  1381. - Check for orconns and use connection_or_close_for_error() rather
  1382. than connection_mark_for_close() directly in the getsockopt()
  1383. failure case of connection_handle_write_impl(). Fixes bug 11302;
  1384. bugfix on
  1385. o Minor bugfixes (parsing):
  1386. - Stop accepting milliseconds (or other junk) at the end of
  1387. descriptor publication times. Fixes bug 9286; bugfix on 0.0.2pre25.
  1388. - Support two-number and three-number version numbers correctly, in
  1389. case we change the Tor versioning system in the future. Fixes bug
  1390. 13661; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
  1391. o Minor bugfixes (portability):
  1392. - Fix the ioctl()-based network interface lookup code so that it
  1393. will work on systems that have variable-length struct ifreq, for
  1394. example Mac OS X.
  1395. - Use the correct datatype in the SipHash-2-4 function to prevent
  1396. compilers from assuming any sort of alignment. Fixes bug 15436;
  1397. bugfix on
  1398. o Minor bugfixes (preventative security, C safety):
  1399. - When reading a hexadecimal, base-32, or base-64 encoded value from
  1400. a string, always overwrite the whole output buffer. This prevents
  1401. some bugs where we would look at (but fortunately, not reveal)
  1402. uninitialized memory on the stack. Fixes bug 14013; bugfix on all
  1403. versions of Tor.
  1404. - Clear all memory targetted by tor_addr_{to,from}_sockaddr(), not
  1405. just the part that's used. This makes it harder for data leak bugs
  1406. to occur in the event of other programming failures. Resolves
  1407. ticket 14041.
  1408. o Minor bugfixes (relay):
  1409. - When generating our family list, remove spaces from around the
  1410. entries. Fixes bug 12728; bugfix on
  1411. - If our previous bandwidth estimate was 0 bytes, allow publishing a
  1412. new relay descriptor immediately. Fixes bug 13000; bugfix
  1413. on
  1414. o Minor bugfixes (shutdown):
  1415. - When shutting down, always call event_del() on lingering read or
  1416. write events before freeing them. Otherwise, we risk double-frees
  1417. or read-after-frees in event_base_free(). Fixes bug 12985; bugfix
  1418. on
  1419. o Minor bugfixes (small memory leaks):
  1420. - Avoid leaking memory when using IPv6 virtual address mappings.
  1421. Fixes bug 14123; bugfix on Patch by Tom van
  1422. der Woerdt.
  1423. o Minor bugfixes (statistics):
  1424. - Increase period over which bandwidth observations are aggregated
  1425. from 15 minutes to 4 hours. Fixes bug 13988; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
  1426. o Minor bugfixes (systemd support):
  1427. - Run correctly under systemd with the RunAsDaemon option set. Fixes
  1428. part of bug 14141; bugfix on Patch from Tomasz Torcz.
  1429. - Inform the systemd supervisor about more changes in the Tor
  1430. process status. Implements part of ticket 14141. Patch from
  1431. Tomasz Torcz.
  1432. o Minor bugfixes (testing networks):
  1433. - Fix TestingDirAuthVoteGuard to properly give out Guard flags in a
  1434. testing network. Fixes bug 13064; bugfix on
  1435. - Stop using the default authorities in networks which provide both
  1436. AlternateDirAuthority and AlternateBridgeAuthority. Partially
  1437. fixes bug 13163; bugfix on
  1438. o Minor bugfixes (testing networks, fast startup):
  1439. - Allow Tor to build circuits using a consensus with no exits. If
  1440. the consensus has no exits (typical of a bootstrapping test
  1441. network), allow Tor to build circuits once enough descriptors have
  1442. been downloaded. This assists in bootstrapping a testing Tor
  1443. network. Fixes bug 13718; bugfix on Patch
  1444. by "teor".
  1445. - When V3AuthVotingInterval is low, give a lower If-Modified-Since
  1446. header to directory servers. This allows us to obtain consensuses
  1447. promptly when the consensus interval is very short. This assists
  1448. in bootstrapping a testing Tor network. Fixes parts of bugs 13718
  1449. and 13963; bugfix on Patch by "teor".
  1450. - Stop assuming that private addresses are local when checking
  1451. reachability in a TestingTorNetwork. Instead, when testing, assume
  1452. all OR connections are remote. (This is necessary due to many test
  1453. scenarios running all relays on localhost.) This assists in
  1454. bootstrapping a testing Tor network. Fixes bug 13924; bugfix on
  1455. Patch by "teor".
  1456. - Avoid building exit circuits from a consensus with no exits. Now
  1457. thanks to our fix for 13718, we accept a no-exit network as not
  1458. wholly lost, but we need to remember not to try to build exit
  1459. circuits on it. Closes ticket 13814; patch by "teor".
  1460. - Stop requiring exits to have non-zero bandwithcapacity in a
  1461. TestingTorNetwork. Instead, when TestingMinExitFlagThreshold is 0,
  1462. ignore exit bandwidthcapacity. This assists in bootstrapping a
  1463. testing Tor network. Fixes parts of bugs 13718 and 13839; bugfix
  1464. on Patch by "teor".
  1465. - Add "internal" to some bootstrap statuses when no exits are
  1466. available. If the consensus does not contain Exits, Tor will only
  1467. build internal circuits. In this case, relevant statuses will
  1468. contain the word "internal" as indicated in the Tor control-
  1469. spec.txt. When bootstrap completes, Tor will be ready to build
  1470. internal circuits. If a future consensus contains Exits, exit
  1471. circuits may become available. Fixes part of bug 13718; bugfix on
  1472. Patch by "teor".
  1473. - Decrease minimum consensus interval to 10 seconds when
  1474. TestingTorNetwork is set, or 5 seconds for the first consensus.
  1475. Fix assumptions throughout the code that assume larger intervals.
  1476. Fixes bugs 13718 and 13823; bugfix on Patch
  1477. by "teor".
  1478. - Avoid excluding guards from path building in minimal test
  1479. networks, when we're in a test network and excluding guards would
  1480. exclude all relays. This typically occurs in incredibly small tor
  1481. networks, and those using "TestingAuthVoteGuard *". Fixes part of
  1482. bug 13718; bugfix on Patch by "teor".
  1483. o Minor bugfixes (testing):
  1484. - Avoid a side-effect in a tor_assert() in the unit tests. Fixes bug
  1485. 15188; bugfix on Patch from Tom van der Woerdt.
  1486. - Stop spawn test failures due to a race condition between the
  1487. SIGCHLD handler updating the process status, and the test reading
  1488. it. Fixes bug 13291; bugfix on
  1489. - Avoid passing an extra backslash when creating a temporary
  1490. directory for running the unit tests on Windows. Fixes bug 12392;
  1491. bugfix on Patch from Gisle Vanem.
  1492. o Minor bugfixes (TLS):
  1493. - Check more thoroughly throughout the TLS code for possible
  1494. unlogged TLS errors. Possible diagnostic or fix for bug 13319.
  1495. o Minor bugfixes (transparent proxy):
  1496. - Use getsockname, not getsockopt, to retrieve the address for a
  1497. TPROXY-redirected connection. Fixes bug 13796; bugfix
  1498. on
  1499. o Minor bugfixes (windows):
  1500. - Remove code to special-case handling of NTE_BAD_KEYSET when
  1501. acquiring windows CryptoAPI context. This error can't actually
  1502. occur for the parameters we're providing. Fixes bug 10816; bugfix
  1503. on 0.0.2pre26.
  1504. o Minor bugfixes (zlib):
  1505. - Avoid truncating a zlib stream when trying to finalize it with an
  1506. empty output buffer. Fixes bug 11824; bugfix on
  1507. o Code simplification and refactoring:
  1508. - Change the entry_is_live() function to take named bitfield
  1509. elements instead of an unnamed list of booleans. Closes
  1510. ticket 12202.
  1511. - Refactor and unit-test entry_is_time_to_retry() in entrynodes.c.
  1512. Resolves ticket 12205.
  1513. - Use calloc and reallocarray functions instead of multiply-
  1514. then-malloc. This makes it less likely for us to fall victim to an
  1515. integer overflow attack when allocating. Resolves ticket 12855.
  1516. - Use the standard macro name SIZE_MAX, instead of our
  1517. own SIZE_T_MAX.
  1518. - Document usage of the NO_DIRINFO and ALL_DIRINFO flags clearly in
  1519. functions which take them as arguments. Replace 0 with NO_DIRINFO
  1520. in a function call for clarity. Seeks to prevent future issues
  1521. like 13163.
  1522. - Avoid 4 null pointer errors under clang static analysis by using
  1523. tor_assert() to prove that the pointers aren't null. Fixes
  1524. bug 13284.
  1525. - Rework the API of policies_parse_exit_policy() to use a bitmask to
  1526. represent parsing options, instead of a confusing mess of
  1527. booleans. Resolves ticket 8197.
  1528. - Introduce a helper function to parse ExitPolicy in
  1529. or_options_t structure.
  1530. - Move fields related to isolating and configuring client ports into
  1531. a shared structure. Previously, they were duplicated across
  1532. port_cfg_t, listener_connection_t, and edge_connection_t. Failure
  1533. to copy them correctly had been the cause of at least one bug in
  1534. the past. Closes ticket 8546.
  1535. - Refactor the get_interface_addresses_raw() doom-function into
  1536. multiple smaller and simpler subfunctions. Cover the resulting
  1537. subfunctions with unit-tests. Fixes a significant portion of
  1538. issue 12376.
  1539. - Remove workaround in dirserv_thinks_router_is_hs_dir() that was
  1540. only for version <= which is now deprecated. Closes
  1541. ticket 14202.
  1542. - Remove a test for a long-defunct broken version-one
  1543. directory server.
  1544. - Refactor main loop to extract the 'loop' part. This makes it
  1545. easier to run Tor under Shadow. Closes ticket 15176.
  1546. - Stop using can_complete_circuits as a global variable; access it
  1547. with a function instead.
  1548. - Avoid using operators directly as macro arguments: this lets us
  1549. apply coccinelle transformations to our codebase more directly.
  1550. Closes ticket 13172.
  1551. - Combine the functions used to parse ClientTransportPlugin and
  1552. ServerTransportPlugin into a single function. Closes ticket 6456.
  1553. - Add inline functions and convenience macros for inspecting channel
  1554. state. Refactor the code to use convenience macros instead of
  1555. checking channel state directly. Fixes issue 7356.
  1556. - Document all members of was_router_added_t and rename
  1558. confusable with ROUTER_WAS_TOO_OLD. Fixes issue 13644.
  1559. - In connection_exit_begin_conn(), use END_CIRC_REASON_TORPROTOCOL
  1560. constant instead of hardcoded value. Fixes issue 13840.
  1561. - Refactor our generic strmap and digestmap types into a single
  1562. implementation, so that we can add a new digest256map
  1563. type trivially.
  1564. o Documentation:
  1565. - Add a doc/TUNING document with tips for handling large numbers of
  1566. TCP connections when running busy Tor relay. Update the warning
  1567. message to point to this file when running out of sockets
  1568. operating system is allowing to use simultaneously. Resolves
  1569. ticket 9708.
  1570. - Adding section on OpenBSD to our TUNING document. Thanks to mmcc
  1571. for writing the OpenBSD-specific tips. Resolves ticket 13702.
  1572. - Make the tor-resolve documentation match its help string and its
  1573. options. Resolves part of ticket 14325.
  1574. - Log a more useful error message from tor-resolve when failing to
  1575. look up a hidden service address. Resolves part of ticket 14325.
  1576. - Document the bridge-authority-only 'networkstatus-bridges' file.
  1577. Closes ticket 13713; patch from "tom".
  1578. - Fix typo in PredictedPortsRelevanceTime option description in
  1579. manpage. Resolves issue 13707.
  1580. - Stop suggesting that users specify relays by nickname: it isn't a
  1581. good idea. Also, properly cross-reference how to specify relays in
  1582. all parts of manual documenting options that take a list of
  1583. relays. Closes ticket 13381.
  1584. - Clarify the HiddenServiceDir option description in manpage to make
  1585. it clear that relative paths are taken with respect to the current
  1586. working directory. Also clarify that this behavior is not
  1587. guaranteed to remain indefinitely. Fixes issue 13913.
  1588. o Distribution (systemd):
  1589. - systemd unit file: only allow tor to write to /var/lib/tor and
  1590. /var/log/tor. The rest of the filesystem is accessible for reading
  1591. only. Patch by intrigeri; resolves ticket 12751.
  1592. - systemd unit file: ensure that the process and all its children
  1593. can never gain new privileges. Patch by intrigeri; resolves
  1594. ticket 12939.
  1595. - systemd unit file: set up /var/run/tor as writable for the Tor
  1596. service. Patch by intrigeri; resolves ticket 13196.
  1597. o Downgraded warnings:
  1598. - Don't warn when we've attempted to contact a relay using the wrong
  1599. ntor onion key. Closes ticket 9635.
  1600. o Removed code:
  1601. - Remove some lingering dead code that once supported mempools.
  1602. Mempools were disabled by default in 0.2.5, and removed entirely
  1603. in Closes more of ticket 14848; patch
  1604. by "cypherpunks".
  1605. o Removed features (directory authorities):
  1606. - Remove code that prevented authorities from listing Tor relays
  1607. affected by CVE-2011-2769 as guards. These relays are already
  1608. rejected altogether due to the minimum version requirement of
  1609. Closes ticket 13152.
  1610. - The "AuthDirRejectUnlisted" option no longer has any effect, as
  1611. the fingerprints file (approved-routers) has been deprecated.
  1612. - Directory authorities do not support being Naming dirauths anymore.
  1613. The "NamingAuthoritativeDir" config option is now obsolete.
  1614. - Directory authorities do not support giving out the BadDirectory
  1615. flag anymore.
  1616. - Directory authorities no longer advertise or support consensus
  1617. methods 1 through 12 inclusive. These consensus methods were
  1618. obsolete and/or insecure: maintaining the ability to support them
  1619. served no good purpose. Implements part of proposal 215; closes
  1620. ticket 10163.
  1621. o Removed features:
  1622. - To avoid confusion with the "ExitRelay" option, "ExitNode" is no
  1623. longer silently accepted as an alias for "ExitNodes".
  1624. - The --enable-mempool and --enable-buf-freelists options, which
  1625. were originally created to work around bad malloc implementations,
  1626. no longer exist. They were off-by-default in 0.2.5. Closes
  1627. ticket 14848.
  1628. - We no longer remind the user about configuration options that have
  1629. been obsolete since 0.2.3.x or earlier. Patch by Adrien Bak.
  1630. - Remove our old, non-weighted bandwidth-based node selection code.
  1631. Previously, we used it as a fallback when we couldn't perform
  1632. weighted bandwidth-based node selection. But that would only
  1633. happen in the cases where we had no consensus, or when we had a
  1634. consensus generated by buggy or ancient directory authorities. In
  1635. either case, it's better to use the more modern, better maintained
  1636. algorithm, with reasonable defaults for the weights. Closes
  1637. ticket 13126.
  1638. - Remove the --disable-curve25519 configure option. Relays and
  1639. clients now are required to support curve25519 and the
  1640. ntor handshake.
  1641. - The old "StrictEntryNodes" and "StrictExitNodes" options, which
  1642. used to be deprecated synonyms for "StrictNodes", are now marked
  1643. obsolete. Resolves ticket 12226.
  1644. - Clients don't understand the BadDirectory flag in the consensus
  1645. anymore, and ignore it.
  1646. o Removed platform support:
  1647. - We no longer include special code to build on Windows CE; as far
  1648. as we know, nobody has used Tor on Windows CE in a very long time.
  1649. Closes ticket 11446.
  1650. o Testing (
  1651. - Stop using "echo -n", as some shells' built-in echo doesn't
  1652. support "-n". Instead, use "/bin/echo -n". Partially fixes
  1653. bug 13161.
  1654. - Stop an apparent test-network hang when used with make -j2. Fixes
  1655. bug 13331.
  1656. - Add a --delay option to, which configures the
  1657. delay before the chutney network tests for data transmission.
  1658. Partially implements ticket 13161.
  1659. o Testing:
  1660. - Test that tor does not fail when key files are zero-length. Check
  1661. that tor generates new keys, and overwrites the empty key files.
  1662. - Test that tor generates new keys when keys are missing
  1663. (existing behavior).
  1664. - Test that tor does not overwrite key files that already contain
  1665. data (existing behavior). Tests bug 13111. Patch by "teor".
  1666. - New "make test-stem" target to run stem integration tests.
  1667. Requires that the "STEM_SOURCE_DIR" environment variable be set.
  1668. Closes ticket 14107.
  1669. - Make the script work correctly on Windows.
  1670. Patch from Gisle Vanem.
  1671. - Move the slower unit tests into a new "./src/test/test-slow"
  1672. binary that can be run independently of the other tests. Closes
  1673. ticket 13243.
  1674. - New tests for many parts of channel, relay, and circuitmux
  1675. functionality. Code by Andrea; part of 9262.
  1676. - New tests for parse_transport_line(). Part of ticket 6456.
  1677. - In the unit tests, use chgrp() to change the group of the unit
  1678. test temporary directory to the current user, so that the sticky
  1679. bit doesn't interfere with tests that check directory groups.
  1680. Closes 13678.
  1681. - Add unit tests for resolve_my_addr(). Part of ticket 12376; patch
  1682. by 'rl1987'.
  1683. - Refactor the function that chooses guard nodes so that it can more
  1684. easily be tested; write some tests for it.
  1685. - Fix and re-enable the fgets_eagain unit test. Fixes bug 12503;
  1686. bugfix on Patch from "cypherpunks."
  1687. - Create unit tests for format_time_interval(). With bug 13393.
  1688. - Add unit tests for tor_timegm signed overflow, tor_timegm and
  1689. parse_rfc1123_time validity checks, correct_tm year clamping. Unit
  1690. tests (visible) fixes in bug 13476.
  1691. - Add a "coverage-html" make target to generate HTML-visualized
  1692. coverage results when building with --enable-coverage. (Requires
  1693. lcov.) Patch from Kevin Murray.
  1694. - Enable the backtrace handler (where supported) when running the
  1695. unit tests.
  1696. - Revise all unit tests that used the legacy test_* macros to
  1697. instead use the recommended tt_* macros. This patch was generated
  1698. with coccinelle, to avoid manual errors. Closes ticket 13119.
  1699. Changes in version - 2015-03-17
  1700. Tor is the second stable release in the 0.2.5 series.
  1701. It backports several bugfixes from the 0.2.6 branch, including a
  1702. couple of medium-level security fixes for relays and exit nodes.
  1703. It also updates the list of directory authorities.
  1704. o Directory authority changes:
  1705. - Remove turtles as a directory authority.
  1706. - Add longclaw as a new (v3) directory authority. This implements
  1707. ticket 13296. This keeps the directory authority count at 9.
  1708. - The directory authority Faravahar has a new IP address. This
  1709. closes ticket 14487.
  1710. o Major bugfixes (crash, OSX, security):
  1711. - Fix a remote denial-of-service opportunity caused by a bug in
  1712. OSX's _strlcat_chk() function. Fixes bug 15205; bug first appeared
  1713. in OSX 10.9.
  1714. o Major bugfixes (relay, stability, possible security):
  1715. - Fix a bug that could lead to a relay crashing with an assertion
  1716. failure if a buffer of exactly the wrong layout was passed to
  1717. buf_pullup() at exactly the wrong time. Fixes bug 15083; bugfix on
  1718. Patch from 'cypherpunks'.
  1719. - Do not assert if the 'data' pointer on a buffer is advanced to the
  1720. very end of the buffer; log a BUG message instead. Only assert if
  1721. it is past that point. Fixes bug 15083; bugfix on
  1722. o Major bugfixes (exit node stability):
  1723. - Fix an assertion failure that could occur under high DNS load.
  1724. Fixes bug 14129; bugfix on Tor 0.0.7rc1. Found by "jowr";
  1725. diagnosed and fixed by "cypherpunks".
  1726. o Major bugfixes (Linux seccomp2 sandbox):
  1727. - Upon receiving sighup with the seccomp2 sandbox enabled, do not
  1728. crash during attempts to call wait4. Fixes bug 15088; bugfix on
  1729. Patch from "sanic".
  1730. o Minor features (controller):
  1731. - New "GETINFO bw-event-cache" to get information about recent
  1732. bandwidth events. Closes ticket 14128. Useful for controllers to
  1733. get recent bandwidth history after the fix for ticket 13988.
  1734. o Minor features (geoip):
  1735. - Update geoip to the March 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
  1736. - Update geoip6 to the March 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
  1737. Country database.
  1738. o Minor bugfixes (client, automapping):
  1739. - Avoid crashing on torrc lines for VirtualAddrNetworkIPv[4|6] when
  1740. no value follows the option. Fixes bug 14142; bugfix on
  1741. Patch by "teor".
  1742. - Fix a memory leak when using AutomapHostsOnResolve. Fixes bug
  1743. 14195; bugfix on
  1744. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  1745. - Build without warnings with the stock OpenSSL srtp.h header, which
  1746. has a duplicate declaration of SSL_get_selected_srtp_profile().
  1747. Fixes bug 14220; this is OpenSSL's bug, not ours.
  1748. o Minor bugfixes (directory authority):
  1749. - Allow directory authorities to fetch more data from one another if
  1750. they find themselves missing lots of votes. Previously, they had
  1751. been bumping against the 10 MB queued data limit. Fixes bug 14261;
  1752. bugfix on
  1753. - Enlarge the buffer to read bwauth generated files to avoid an
  1754. issue when parsing the file in dirserv_read_measured_bandwidths().
  1755. Fixes bug 14125; bugfix on
  1756. o Minor bugfixes (statistics):
  1757. - Increase period over which bandwidth observations are aggregated
  1758. from 15 minutes to 4 hours. Fixes bug 13988; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
  1759. o Minor bugfixes (preventative security, C safety):
  1760. - When reading a hexadecimal, base-32, or base-64 encoded value from
  1761. a string, always overwrite the whole output buffer. This prevents
  1762. some bugs where we would look at (but fortunately, not reveal)
  1763. uninitialized memory on the stack. Fixes bug 14013; bugfix on all
  1764. versions of Tor.
  1765. Changes in version - 2015-03-17
  1766. Tor includes an updated list of directory authorities. It
  1767. also backports a couple of stability and security bugfixes from 0.2.5
  1768. and beyond.
  1769. o Directory authority changes:
  1770. - Remove turtles as a directory authority.
  1771. - Add longclaw as a new (v3) directory authority. This implements
  1772. ticket 13296. This keeps the directory authority count at 9.
  1773. - The directory authority Faravahar has a new IP address. This
  1774. closes ticket 14487.
  1775. o Major bugfixes (exit node stability, also in
  1776. - Fix an assertion failure that could occur under high DNS load.
  1777. Fixes bug 14129; bugfix on Tor 0.0.7rc1. Found by "jowr";
  1778. diagnosed and fixed by "cypherpunks".
  1779. o Major bugfixes (relay, stability, possible security, also in
  1780. - Fix a bug that could lead to a relay crashing with an assertion
  1781. failure if a buffer of exactly the wrong layout was passed to
  1782. buf_pullup() at exactly the wrong time. Fixes bug 15083; bugfix on
  1783. Patch from 'cypherpunks'.
  1784. - Do not assert if the 'data' pointer on a buffer is advanced to the
  1785. very end of the buffer; log a BUG message instead. Only assert if
  1786. it is past that point. Fixes bug 15083; bugfix on
  1787. o Minor features (geoip):
  1788. - Update geoip to the March 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.
  1789. - Update geoip6 to the March 3 2015 Maxmind GeoLite2
  1790. Country database.
  1791. Changes in version - 2014-10-24
  1792. Tor is the first stable release in the 0.2.5 series.
  1793. It adds several new security features, including improved
  1794. denial-of-service resistance for relays, new compiler hardening
  1795. options, and a system-call sandbox for hardened installations on Linux
  1796. (requires seccomp2). The controller protocol has several new features,
  1797. resolving IPv6 addresses should work better than before, and relays
  1798. should be a little more CPU-efficient. We've added support for more
  1799. OpenBSD and FreeBSD transparent proxy types. We've improved the build
  1800. system and testing infrastructure to allow unit testing of more parts
  1801. of the Tor codebase. Finally, we've addressed several nagging pluggable
  1802. transport usability issues, and included numerous other small bugfixes
  1803. and features mentioned below.
  1804. This release marks end-of-life for Tor 0.2.3.x; those Tor versions
  1805. have accumulated many known flaws; everyone should upgrade.
  1806. o Major features (security):
  1807. - The ntor handshake is now on-by-default, no matter what the
  1808. directory authorities recommend. Implements ticket 8561.
  1809. - Make the "tor-gencert" tool used by directory authority operators
  1810. create 2048-bit signing keys by default (rather than 1024-bit, since
  1811. 1024-bit is uncomfortably small these days). Addresses ticket 10324.
  1812. - Warn about attempts to run hidden services and relays in the same
  1813. process: that's probably not a good idea. Closes ticket 12908.
  1814. - Disable support for SSLv3. All versions of OpenSSL in use with Tor
  1815. today support TLS 1.0 or later, so we can safely turn off support
  1816. for this old (and insecure) protocol. Fixes bug 13426.
  1817. o Major features (relay security, DoS-resistance):
  1818. - When deciding whether we have run out of memory and we need to
  1819. close circuits, also consider memory allocated in buffers for
  1820. streams attached to each circuit.
  1821. This change, which extends an anti-DoS feature introduced in
  1822. and improved in, lets Tor exit relays
  1823. better resist more memory-based DoS attacks than before. Since the
  1824. MaxMemInCellQueues option now applies to all queues, it is renamed
  1825. to MaxMemInQueues. This feature fixes bug 10169.
  1826. - Avoid hash-flooding denial-of-service attacks by using the secure
  1827. SipHash-2-4 hash function for our hashtables. Without this
  1828. feature, an attacker could degrade performance of a targeted
  1829. client or server by flooding their data structures with a large
  1830. number of entries to be stored at the same hash table position,
  1831. thereby slowing down the Tor instance. With this feature, hash
  1832. table positions are derived from a randomized cryptographic key,
  1833. and an attacker cannot predict which entries will collide. Closes
  1834. ticket 4900.
  1835. - If you don't specify MaxMemInQueues yourself, Tor now tries to
  1836. pick a good value based on your total system memory. Previously,
  1837. the default was always 8 GB. You can still override the default by
  1838. setting MaxMemInQueues yourself. Resolves ticket 11396.
  1839. o Major features (bridges and pluggable transports):
  1840. - Add support for passing arguments to managed pluggable transport
  1841. proxies. Implements ticket 3594.
  1842. - Bridges now track GeoIP information and the number of their users
  1843. even when pluggable transports are in use, and report usage
  1844. statistics in their extra-info descriptors. Resolves tickets 4773
  1845. and 5040.
  1846. - Don't launch pluggable transport proxies if we don't have any
  1847. bridges configured that would use them. Now we can list many
  1848. pluggable transports, and Tor will dynamically start one when it
  1849. hears a bridge address that needs it. Resolves ticket 5018.
  1850. - The bridge directory authority now assigns status flags (Stable,
  1851. Guard, etc) to bridges based on thresholds calculated over all
  1852. Running bridges. Now bridgedb can finally make use of its features
  1853. to e.g. include at least one Stable bridge in its answers. Fixes
  1854. bug 9859.
  1855. o Major features (controller):
  1856. - Extend ORCONN controller event to include an "ID" parameter,
  1857. and add four new controller event types CONN_BW, CIRC_BW,
  1858. CELL_STATS, and TB_EMPTY that show connection and circuit usage.
  1859. The new events are emitted in private Tor networks only, with the
  1860. goal of being able to better track performance and load during
  1861. full-network simulations. Implements proposal 218 and ticket 7359.
  1862. o Major features (relay performance):
  1863. - Speed up server-side lookups of rendezvous and introduction point
  1864. circuits by using hashtables instead of linear searches. These
  1865. functions previously accounted between 3 and 7% of CPU usage on
  1866. some busy relays. Resolves ticket 9841.
  1867. - Avoid wasting CPU when extending a circuit over a channel that is
  1868. nearly out of circuit IDs. Previously, we would do a linear scan
  1869. over possible circuit IDs before finding one or deciding that we
  1870. had exhausted our possibilities. Now, we try at most 64 random
  1871. circuit IDs before deciding that we probably won't succeed. Fixes
  1872. a possible root cause of ticket 11553.
  1873. o Major features (seccomp2 sandbox, Linux only):
  1874. - Use the seccomp2 syscall filtering facility on Linux to limit
  1875. which system calls Tor can invoke. This is an experimental,
  1876. Linux-only feature to provide defense-in-depth against unknown
  1877. attacks. To try turning it on, set "Sandbox 1" in your torrc
  1878. file. Please be ready to report bugs. We hope to add support
  1879. for better sandboxing in the future, including more fine-grained
  1880. filters, better division of responsibility, and support for more
  1881. platforms. This work has been done by Cristian-Matei Toader for
  1882. Google Summer of Code. Resolves tickets 11351 and 11465.
  1883. o Major features (testing networks):
  1884. - Make testing Tor networks bootstrap better: lower directory fetch
  1885. retry schedules and maximum interval without directory requests,
  1886. and raise maximum download tries. Implements ticket 6752.
  1887. - Add make target 'test-network' to run tests on a Chutney network.
  1888. Implements ticket 8530.
  1889. o Major features (other):
  1890. - On some platforms (currently: recent OSX versions, glibc-based
  1891. platforms that support the ELF format, and a few other
  1892. Unix-like operating systems), Tor can now dump stack traces
  1893. when a crash occurs or an assertion fails. By default, traces
  1894. are dumped to stderr (if possible) and to any logs that are
  1895. reporting errors. Implements ticket 9299.
  1896. o Deprecated versions:
  1897. - Tor 0.2.3.x has reached end-of-life; it has received no patches or
  1898. attention for some while.
  1899. o Major bugfixes (security, directory authorities):
  1900. - Directory authorities now include a digest of each relay's
  1901. identity key as a part of its microdescriptor.
  1902. This is a workaround for bug 11743 (reported by "cypherpunks"),
  1903. where Tor clients do not support receiving multiple
  1904. microdescriptors with the same SHA256 digest in the same
  1905. consensus. When clients receive a consensus like this, they only
  1906. use one of the relays. Without this fix, a hostile relay could
  1907. selectively disable some client use of target relays by
  1908. constructing a router descriptor with a different identity and the
  1909. same microdescriptor parameters and getting the authorities to
  1910. list it in a microdescriptor consensus. This fix prevents an
  1911. attacker from causing a microdescriptor collision, because the
  1912. router's identity is not forgeable.
  1913. o Major bugfixes (openssl bug workaround):
  1914. - Avoid crashing when using OpenSSL version 0.9.8zc, 1.0.0o, or
  1915. 1.0.1j, built with the 'no-ssl3' configuration option. Fixes
  1916. bug 13471. This is a workaround for an OpenSSL bug.
  1917. o Major bugfixes (client):
  1918. - Perform circuit cleanup operations even when circuit
  1919. construction operations are disabled (because the network is
  1920. disabled, or because there isn't enough directory information).
  1921. Previously, when we were not building predictive circuits, we
  1922. were not closing expired circuits either. Fixes bug 8387; bugfix on
  1923. This bug became visible in when we
  1924. became more strict about when we have "enough directory information
  1925. to build circuits".
  1926. o Major bugfixes (client, pluggable transports):
  1927. - When managing pluggable transports, use OS notification facilities
  1928. to learn if they have crashed, and don't attempt to kill any
  1929. process that has already exited. Fixes bug 8746; bugfix
  1930. on
  1931. o Major bugfixes (relay denial of service):
  1932. - Instead of writing destroy cells directly to outgoing connection
  1933. buffers, queue them and intersperse them with other outgoing cells.
  1934. This can prevent a set of resource starvation conditions where too
  1935. many pending destroy cells prevent data cells from actually getting
  1936. delivered. Reported by "oftc_must_be_destroyed". Fixes bug 7912;
  1937. bugfix on
  1938. o Major bugfixes (relay):
  1939. - Avoid queuing or sending destroy cells for circuit ID zero when we
  1940. fail to send a CREATE cell. Fixes bug 12848; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
  1941. Found and fixed by "cypherpunks".
  1942. - Fix ORPort reachability detection on relays running behind a
  1943. proxy, by correctly updating the "local" mark on the controlling
  1944. channel when changing the address of an or_connection_t after the
  1945. handshake. Fixes bug 12160; bugfix on
  1946. - Use a direct dirport connection when uploading non-anonymous
  1947. descriptors to the directory authorities. Previously, relays would
  1948. incorrectly use tunnel connections under a fairly wide variety of
  1949. circumstances. Fixes bug 11469; bugfix on
  1950. - When a circuit accidentally has the same circuit ID for its
  1951. forward and reverse direction, correctly detect the direction of
  1952. cells using that circuit. Previously, this bug made roughly one
  1953. circuit in a million non-functional. Fixes bug 12195; this is a
  1954. bugfix on every version of Tor.
  1955. o Minor features (security):
  1956. - New --enable-expensive-hardening option to enable security
  1957. hardening options that consume nontrivial amounts of CPU and
  1958. memory. Right now, this includes AddressSanitizer and UbSan, which
  1959. are supported in newer versions of GCC and Clang. Closes ticket
  1960. 11477.
  1961. - Authorities now assign the Guard flag to the fastest 25% of the
  1962. network (it used to be the fastest 50%). Also raise the consensus
  1963. weight that guarantees the Guard flag from 250 to 2000. For the
  1964. current network, this results in about 1100 guards, down from 2500.
  1965. This step paves the way for moving the number of entry guards
  1966. down to 1 (proposal 236) while still providing reasonable expected
  1967. performance for most users. Implements ticket 12690.
  1968. o Minor features (security, memory management):
  1969. - Memory allocation tricks (mempools and buffer freelists) are now
  1970. disabled by default. You can turn them back on with
  1971. --enable-mempools and --enable-buf-freelists respectively. We're
  1972. disabling these features because malloc performance is good enough
  1973. on most platforms, and a similar feature in OpenSSL exacerbated
  1974. exploitation of the Heartbleed attack. Resolves ticket 11476.
  1975. o Minor features (bridge client):
  1976. - Report a more useful failure message when we can't connect to a
  1977. bridge because we don't have the right pluggable transport
  1978. configured. Resolves ticket 9665. Patch from Fábio J. Bertinatto.
  1979. o Minor features (bridge):
  1980. - Add an ExtORPortCookieAuthFileGroupReadable option to make the
  1981. cookie file for the ExtORPort g+r by default.
  1982. o Minor features (bridges, pluggable transports):
  1983. - Bridges now write the SHA1 digest of their identity key
  1984. fingerprint (that is, a hash of a hash of their public key) to
  1985. notice-level logs, and to a new hashed-fingerprint file. This
  1986. information will help bridge operators look up their bridge in
  1987. Globe and similar tools. Resolves ticket 10884.
  1988. - Improve the message that Tor displays when running as a bridge
  1989. using pluggable transports without an Extended ORPort listener.
  1990. Also, log the message in the log file too. Resolves ticket 11043.
  1991. - Add threshold cutoffs to the networkstatus document created by
  1992. the Bridge Authority. Fixes bug 1117.
  1993. - On Windows, spawn background processes using the CREATE_NO_WINDOW
  1994. flag. Now Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 with pluggable transports enabled
  1995. doesn't pop up a blank console window. (In Tor Browser Bundle 2.x,
  1996. Vidalia set this option for us.) Implements ticket 10297.
  1997. o Minor features (build):
  1998. - The configure script has a --disable-seccomp option to turn off
  1999. support for libseccomp on systems that have it, in case it (or
  2000. Tor's use of it) is broken. Resolves ticket 11628.
  2001. - Assume that a user using ./configure --host wants to cross-compile,
  2002. and give an error if we cannot find a properly named
  2003. tool-chain. Add a --disable-tool-name-check option to proceed
  2004. nevertheless. Addresses ticket 9869. Patch by Benedikt Gollatz.
  2005. - If we run ./configure and the compiler recognizes -fstack-protector
  2006. but the linker rejects it, warn the user about a potentially missing
  2007. libssp package. Addresses ticket 9948. Patch from Benedikt Gollatz.
  2008. - Add support for `--library-versions` flag. Implements ticket 6384.
  2009. - Return the "unexpected sendme" warnings to a warn severity, but make
  2010. them rate limited, to help diagnose ticket 8093.
  2011. - Detect a missing asciidoc, and warn the user about it, during
  2012. configure rather than at build time. Fixes issue 6506. Patch from
  2013. Arlo Breault.
  2014. o Minor features (client):
  2015. - Add a new option, PredictedPortsRelevanceTime, to control how long
  2016. after having received a request to connect to a given port Tor
  2017. will try to keep circuits ready in anticipation of future requests
  2018. for that port. Patch from "unixninja92"; implements ticket 9176.
  2019. o Minor features (config options and command line):
  2020. - Add an --allow-missing-torrc commandline option that tells Tor to
  2021. run even if the configuration file specified by -f is not available.
  2022. Implements ticket 10060.
  2023. - Add support for the TPROXY transparent proxying facility on Linux.
  2024. See documentation for the new TransProxyType option for more
  2025. details. Implementation by "thomo". Closes ticket 10582.
  2026. o Minor features (config options):
  2027. - Config (torrc) lines now handle fingerprints which are missing
  2028. their initial '$'. Resolves ticket 4341; improvement over 0.0.9pre5.
  2029. - Support a --dump-config option to print some or all of the
  2030. configured options. Mainly useful for debugging the command-line
  2031. option parsing code. Helps resolve ticket 4647.
  2032. - Raise awareness of safer logging: notify user of potentially
  2033. unsafe config options, like logging more verbosely than severity
  2034. "notice" or setting SafeLogging to 0. Resolves ticket 5584.
  2035. - Add a new configuration option TestingV3AuthVotingStartOffset
  2036. that bootstraps a network faster by changing the timing for
  2037. consensus votes. Addresses ticket 8532.
  2038. - Add a new torrc option "ServerTransportOptions" that allows
  2039. bridge operators to pass configuration parameters to their
  2040. pluggable transports. Resolves ticket 8929.
  2041. - The config (torrc) file now accepts bandwidth and space limits in
  2042. bits as well as bytes. (Anywhere that you can say "2 Kilobytes",
  2043. you can now say "16 kilobits", and so on.) Resolves ticket 9214.
  2044. Patch by CharlieB.
  2045. o Minor features (controller):
  2046. - Make the entire exit policy available from the control port via
  2047. GETINFO exit-policy/*. Implements enhancement 7952. Patch from
  2048. "rl1987".
  2049. - Because of the fix for ticket 11396, the real limit for memory
  2050. usage may no longer match the configured MaxMemInQueues value. The
  2051. real limit is now exposed via GETINFO limits/max-mem-in-queues.
  2052. - Add a new "HS_DESC" controller event that reports activities
  2053. related to hidden service descriptors. Resolves ticket 8510.
  2054. - New "DROPGUARDS" controller command to forget all current entry
  2055. guards. Not recommended for ordinary use, since replacing guards
  2056. too frequently makes several attacks easier. Resolves ticket 9934;
  2057. patch from "ra".
  2058. - Implement the TRANSPORT_LAUNCHED control port event that
  2059. notifies controllers about new launched pluggable
  2060. transports. Resolves ticket 5609.
  2061. o Minor features (diagnostic):
  2062. - When logging a warning because of bug 7164, additionally check the
  2063. hash table for consistency (as proposed on ticket 11737). This may
  2064. help diagnose bug 7164.
  2065. - When we log a heartbeat, log how many one-hop circuits we have
  2066. that are at least 30 minutes old, and log status information about
  2067. a few of them. This is an attempt to track down bug 8387.
  2068. - When encountering an unexpected CR while writing text to a file on
  2069. Windows, log the name of the file. Should help diagnosing
  2070. bug 11233.
  2071. - Give more specific warnings when a client notices that an onion
  2072. handshake has failed. Fixes ticket 9635.
  2073. - Add significant new logging code to attempt to diagnose bug 12184,
  2074. where relays seem to run out of available circuit IDs.
  2075. - Improve the diagnostic log message for bug 8387 even further to
  2076. try to improve our odds of figuring out why one-hop directory
  2077. circuits sometimes do not get closed.
  2078. - Add more log messages to diagnose bug 7164, which causes
  2079. intermittent "microdesc_free() called but md was still referenced"
  2080. warnings. We now include more information, to figure out why we
  2081. might be cleaning a microdescriptor for being too old if it's
  2082. still referenced by a live node_t object.
  2083. - Log current accounting state (bytes sent and received + remaining
  2084. time for the current accounting period) in the relay's heartbeat
  2085. message. Implements ticket 5526; patch from Peter Retzlaff.
  2086. o Minor features (geoip):
  2087. - Update geoip and geoip6 to the August 7 2014 Maxmind GeoLite2
  2088. Country database.
  2089. o Minor features (interface):
  2090. - Generate a warning if any ports are listed in the SocksPolicy,
  2091. DirPolicy, AuthDirReject, AuthDirInvalid, AuthDirBadDir, or
  2092. AuthDirBadExit options. (These options only support address
  2093. ranges.) Fixes part of ticket 11108.
  2094. o Minor features (kernel API usage):
  2095. - Use the SOCK_NONBLOCK socket type, if supported, to open nonblocking
  2096. sockets in a single system call. Implements ticket 5129.
  2097. o Minor features (log messages):
  2098. - When ServerTransportPlugin is set on a bridge, Tor can write more
  2099. useful statistics about bridge use in its extrainfo descriptors,
  2100. but only if the Extended ORPort ("ExtORPort") is set too. Add a
  2101. log message to inform the user in this case. Resolves ticket 9651.
  2102. - When receiving a new controller connection, log the origin address.
  2103. Resolves ticket 9698; patch from "sigpipe".
  2104. - When logging OpenSSL engine status at startup, log the status of
  2105. more engines. Fixes ticket 10043; patch from Joshua Datko.
  2106. o Minor features (log verbosity):
  2107. - Demote the message that we give when a flushing connection times
  2108. out for too long from NOTICE to INFO. It was usually meaningless.
  2109. Resolves ticket 5286.
  2110. - Don't log so many notice-level bootstrapping messages at startup
  2111. about downloading descriptors. Previously, we'd log a notice
  2112. whenever we learned about more routers. Now, we only log a notice
  2113. at every 5% of progress. Fixes bug 9963.
  2114. - Warn less verbosely when receiving a malformed
  2115. ESTABLISH_RENDEZVOUS cell. Fixes ticket 11279.
  2116. o Minor features (performance):
  2117. - If we're using the pure-C 32-bit curve25519_donna implementation
  2118. of curve25519, build it with the -fomit-frame-pointer option to
  2119. make it go faster on register-starved hosts. This improves our
  2120. handshake performance by about 6% on i386 hosts without nacl.
  2121. Closes ticket 8109.
  2122. o Minor features (relay):
  2123. - If a circuit timed out for at least 3 minutes, check if we have a
  2124. new external IP address, and publish a new descriptor with the new
  2125. IP address if it changed. Resolves ticket 2454.
  2126. o Minor features (testing):
  2127. - If Python is installed, "make check" now runs extra tests beyond
  2128. the unit test scripts.
  2129. - When bootstrapping a test network, sometimes very few relays get
  2130. the Guard flag. Now a new option "TestingDirAuthVoteGuard" can
  2131. specify a set of relays which should be voted Guard regardless of
  2132. their uptime or bandwidth. Addresses ticket 9206.
  2133. o Minor features (transparent proxy, *BSD):
  2134. - Support FreeBSD's ipfw firewall interface for TransPort ports on
  2135. FreeBSD. To enable it, set "TransProxyType ipfw". Resolves ticket
  2136. 10267; patch from "yurivict".
  2137. - Support OpenBSD's divert-to rules with the pf firewall for
  2138. transparent proxy ports. To enable it, set "TransProxyType
  2139. pf-divert". This allows Tor to run a TransPort transparent proxy
  2140. port on OpenBSD 4.4 or later without root privileges. See the
  2141. pf.conf(5) manual page for information on configuring pf to use
  2142. divert-to rules. Closes ticket 10896; patch from Dana Koch.
  2143. o Minor bugfixes (bridge client):
  2144. - Stop accepting bridge lines containing hostnames. Doing so would
  2145. cause clients to perform DNS requests on the hostnames, which was
  2146. not sensible behavior. Fixes bug 10801; bugfix on
  2147. o Minor bugfixes (bridges):
  2148. - Avoid potential crashes or bad behavior when launching a
  2149. server-side managed proxy with ORPort or ExtORPort temporarily
  2150. disabled. Fixes bug 9650; bugfix on
  2151. - Fix a bug where the first connection works to a bridge that uses a
  2152. pluggable transport with client-side parameters, but we don't send
  2153. the client-side parameters on subsequent connections. (We don't
  2154. use any pluggable transports with client-side parameters yet,
  2155. but ScrambleSuit will soon become the first one.) Fixes bug 9162;
  2156. bugfix on Based on a patch from "rl1987".
  2157. o Minor bugfixes (build, auxiliary programs):
  2158. - Stop preprocessing the "torify" script with autoconf, since
  2159. it no longer refers to LOCALSTATEDIR. Fixes bug 5505; patch
  2160. from Guilhem.
  2161. - The tor-fw-helper program now follows the standard convention and
  2162. exits with status code "0" on success. Fixes bug 9030; bugfix on
  2163. Patch by Arlo Breault.
  2164. - Corrected ./configure advice for what openssl dev package you should
  2165. install on Debian. Fixes bug 9207; bugfix on
  2166. o Minor bugfixes (client):
  2167. - Avoid "Tried to open a socket with DisableNetwork set" warnings
  2168. when starting a client with bridges configured and DisableNetwork
  2169. set. (Tor launcher starts Tor with DisableNetwork set the first
  2170. time it runs.) Fixes bug 10405; bugfix on
  2171. - Improve the log message when we can't connect to a hidden service
  2172. because all of the hidden service directory nodes hosting its
  2173. descriptor are excluded. Improves on our fix for bug 10722, which
  2174. was a bugfix on
  2175. - Raise a control port warning when we fail to connect to all of
  2176. our bridges. Previously, we didn't inform the controller, and
  2177. the bootstrap process would stall. Fixes bug 11069; bugfix on
  2179. - Exit immediately when a process-owning controller exits.
  2180. Previously, tor relays would wait for a little while after their
  2181. controller exited, as if they had gotten an INT signal -- but this
  2182. was problematic, since there was no feedback for the user. To do a
  2183. clean shutdown, controllers should send an INT signal and give Tor
  2184. a chance to clean up. Fixes bug 10449; bugfix on
  2185. - Stop attempting to connect to bridges before our pluggable
  2186. transports are configured (harmless but resulted in some erroneous
  2187. log messages). Fixes bug 11156; bugfix on
  2188. - Fix connections to IPv6 addresses over SOCKS5. Previously, we were
  2189. generating incorrect SOCKS5 responses, and confusing client
  2190. applications. Fixes bug 10987; bugfix on
  2191. o Minor bugfixes (client, DNSPort):
  2192. - When using DNSPort, try to respond to AAAA requests with AAAA
  2193. answers. Previously, we hadn't looked at the request type when
  2194. deciding which answer type to prefer. Fixes bug 10468; bugfix on
  2196. - When receiving a DNS query for an unsupported record type, reply
  2197. with no answer rather than with a NOTIMPL error. This behavior
  2198. isn't correct either, but it will break fewer client programs, we
  2199. hope. Fixes bug 10268; bugfix on Original patch
  2200. from "epoch".
  2201. o Minor bugfixes (client, logging during bootstrap):
  2202. - Only report the first fatal bootstrap error on a given OR
  2203. connection. This stops us from telling the controller bogus error
  2204. messages like "DONE". Fixes bug 10431; bugfix on
  2205. - Avoid generating spurious warnings when starting with
  2206. DisableNetwork enabled. Fixes bug 11200 and bug 10405; bugfix on
  2208. o Minor bugfixes (closing OR connections):
  2209. - If write_to_buf() in connection_write_to_buf_impl_() ever fails,
  2210. check if it's an or_connection_t and correctly call
  2211. connection_or_close_for_error() rather than
  2212. connection_mark_for_close() directly. Fixes bug 11304; bugfix on
  2214. - When closing all connections on setting DisableNetwork to 1, use
  2215. connection_or_close_normally() rather than closing OR connections
  2216. out from under the channel layer. Fixes bug 11306; bugfix on
  2218. o Minor bugfixes (code correctness):
  2219. - Previously we used two temporary files when writing descriptors to
  2220. disk; now we only use one. Fixes bug 1376.
  2221. - Remove an erroneous (but impossible and thus harmless) pointer
  2222. comparison that would have allowed compilers to skip a bounds
  2223. check in channeltls.c. Fixes bugs 10313 and 9980; bugfix on
  2224. Noticed by Jared L Wong and David Fifield.
  2225. - Fix an always-true assertion in pluggable transports code so it
  2226. actually checks what it was trying to check. Fixes bug 10046;
  2227. bugfix on Found by "dcb".
  2228. o Minor bugfixes (command line):
  2229. - Use a single command-line parser for parsing torrc options on the
  2230. command line and for finding special command-line options to avoid
  2231. inconsistent behavior for torrc option arguments that have the same
  2232. names as command-line options. Fixes bugs 4647 and 9578; bugfix on
  2233. 0.0.9pre5.
  2234. - No longer allow 'tor --hash-password' with no arguments. Fixes bug
  2235. 9573; bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
  2236. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  2237. - Compile correctly with builds and forks of OpenSSL (such as
  2238. LibreSSL) that disable compression. Fixes bug 12602; bugfix on
  2239. Patch from "dhill".
  2240. - Restore the ability to compile Tor with V2_HANDSHAKE_SERVER
  2241. turned off (that is, without support for v2 link handshakes). Fixes
  2242. bug 4677; bugfix on Patch from "piet".
  2243. - In routerlist_assert_ok(), don't take the address of a
  2244. routerinfo's cache_info member unless that routerinfo is non-NULL.
  2245. Fixes bug 13096; bugfix on Patch by "teor".
  2246. - Fix a large number of false positive warnings from the clang
  2247. analyzer static analysis tool. This should make real warnings
  2248. easier for clang analyzer to find. Patch from "teor". Closes
  2249. ticket 13036.
  2250. - Resolve GCC complaints on OpenBSD about discarding constness in
  2251. TO_{ORIGIN,OR}_CIRCUIT functions. Fixes part of bug 11633; bugfix
  2252. on Patch from Dana Koch.
  2253. - Resolve clang complaints on OpenBSD with -Wshorten-64-to-32 due to
  2254. treatment of long and time_t as comparable types. Fixes part of
  2255. bug 11633. Patch from Dana Koch.
  2256. - When deciding whether to build the 64-bit curve25519
  2257. implementation, detect platforms where we can compile 128-bit
  2258. arithmetic but cannot link it. Fixes bug 11729; bugfix on
  2259. Patch from "conradev".
  2260. - Fix compilation when DNS_CACHE_DEBUG is enabled. Fixes bug 11761;
  2261. bugfix on Found by "cypherpunks".
  2262. - Fix compilation with dmalloc. Fixes bug 11605; bugfix
  2263. on
  2264. - Build and run correctly on systems like OpenBSD-current that have
  2265. patched OpenSSL to remove get_cipher_by_char and/or its
  2266. implementations. Fixes issue 13325.
  2267. o Minor bugfixes (controller and command-line):
  2268. - If changing a config option via "setconf" fails in a recoverable
  2269. way, we used to nonetheless write our new control ports to the
  2270. file described by the "ControlPortWriteToFile" option. Now we only
  2271. write out that file if we successfully switch to the new config
  2272. option. Fixes bug 5605; bugfix on Patch from "Ryman".
  2273. o Minor bugfixes (directory server):
  2274. - No longer accept malformed http headers when parsing urls from
  2275. headers. Now we reply with Bad Request ("400"). Fixes bug 2767;
  2276. bugfix on 0.0.6pre1.
  2277. - When sending a compressed set of descriptors or microdescriptors,
  2278. make sure to finalize the zlib stream. Previously, we would write
  2279. all the compressed data, but if the last descriptor we wanted to
  2280. send was missing or too old, we would not mark the stream as
  2281. finished. This caused problems for decompression tools. Fixes bug
  2282. 11648; bugfix on
  2283. o Minor bugfixes (hidden service):
  2284. - Only retry attempts to connect to a chosen rendezvous point 8
  2285. times, not 30. Fixes bug 4241; bugfix on
  2286. o Minor bugfixes (interface):
  2287. - Reject relative control socket paths and emit a warning. Previously,
  2288. single-component control socket paths would be rejected, but Tor
  2289. would not log why it could not validate the config. Fixes bug 9258;
  2290. bugfix on
  2291. o Minor bugfixes (log messages):
  2292. - Fix a bug where clients using bridges would report themselves
  2293. as 50% bootstrapped even without a live consensus document.
  2294. Fixes bug 9922; bugfix on
  2295. - Suppress a warning where, if there's only one directory authority
  2296. in the network, we would complain that votes and signatures cannot
  2297. be uploaded to other directory authorities. Fixes bug 10842;
  2298. bugfix on
  2299. - Report bootstrapping progress correctly when we're downloading
  2300. microdescriptors. We had updated our "do we have enough microdescs
  2301. to begin building circuits?" logic most recently in
  2302. (see bug 5956), but we left the bootstrap status event logic at
  2303. "how far through getting 1/4 of them are we?" Fixes bug 9958;
  2304. bugfix on, which is where they diverged (see bug 5343).
  2305. o Minor bugfixes (logging):
  2306. - Downgrade "Unexpected onionskin length after decryption" warning
  2307. to a protocol-warn, since there's nothing relay operators can do
  2308. about a client that sends them a malformed create cell. Resolves
  2309. bug 12996; bugfix on 0.0.6rc1.
  2310. - Log more specific warnings when we get an ESTABLISH_RENDEZVOUS
  2311. cell on a cannibalized or non-OR circuit. Resolves ticket 12997.
  2312. - When logging information about an EXTEND2 or EXTENDED2 cell, log
  2313. their names correctly. Fixes part of bug 12700; bugfix
  2314. on
  2315. - When logging information about a relay cell whose command we don't
  2316. recognize, log its command as an integer. Fixes part of bug 12700;
  2317. bugfix on
  2318. - Escape all strings from the directory connection before logging
  2319. them. Fixes bug 13071; bugfix on Patch from "teor".
  2320. - Squelch a spurious LD_BUG message "No origin circuit for
  2321. successful SOCKS stream" in certain hidden service failure cases;
  2322. fixes bug 10616.
  2323. - Downgrade the severity of the 'unexpected sendme cell from client'
  2324. from 'warn' to 'protocol warning'. Closes ticket 8093.
  2325. o Minor bugfixes (misc code correctness):
  2326. - In munge_extrainfo_into_routerinfo(), check the return value of
  2327. memchr(). This would have been a serious issue if we ever passed
  2328. it a non-extrainfo. Fixes bug 8791; bugfix on Patch
  2329. from Arlo Breault.
  2330. - On the chance that somebody manages to build Tor on a
  2331. platform where time_t is unsigned, correct the way that
  2332. microdesc_add_to_cache() handles negative time arguments.
  2333. Fixes bug 8042; bugfix on
  2334. - Fix various instances of undefined behavior in channeltls.c,
  2335. tor_memmem(), and eventdns.c that would cause us to construct
  2336. pointers to memory outside an allocated object. (These invalid
  2337. pointers were not accessed, but C does not even allow them to
  2338. exist.) Fixes bug 10363; bugfixes on,,
  2339., and Reported by "bobnomnom".
  2340. - Use the AddressSanitizer and Ubsan sanitizers (in clang-3.4) to
  2341. fix some miscellaneous errors in our tests and codebase. Fixes bug
  2342. 11232. Bugfixes on versions back as far as
  2343. - Always check return values for unlink, munmap, UnmapViewOfFile;
  2344. check strftime return values more often. In some cases all we can
  2345. do is report a warning, but this may help prevent deeper bugs from
  2346. going unnoticed. Closes ticket 8787; bugfixes on many, many tor
  2347. versions.
  2348. - Fix numerous warnings from the clang "scan-build" static analyzer.
  2349. Some of these are programming style issues; some of them are false
  2350. positives that indicated awkward code; some are undefined behavior
  2351. cases related to constructing (but not using) invalid pointers;
  2352. some are assumptions about API behavior; some are (harmlessly)
  2353. logging sizeof(ptr) bytes from a token when sizeof(*ptr) would be
  2354. correct; and one or two are genuine bugs that weren't reachable
  2355. from the rest of the program. Fixes bug 8793; bugfixes on many,
  2356. many tor versions.
  2357. o Minor bugfixes (node selection):
  2358. - If ExcludeNodes is set, consider non-excluded hidden service
  2359. directory servers before excluded ones. Do not consider excluded
  2360. hidden service directory servers at all if StrictNodes is
  2361. set. (Previously, we would sometimes decide to connect to those
  2362. servers, and then realize before we initiated a connection that
  2363. we had excluded them.) Fixes bug 10722; bugfix on
  2364. Reported by "mr-4".
  2365. - If we set the ExitNodes option but it doesn't include any nodes
  2366. that have the Exit flag, we would choose not to bootstrap. Now we
  2367. bootstrap so long as ExitNodes includes nodes which can exit to
  2368. some port. Fixes bug 10543; bugfix on
  2369. o Minor bugfixes (performance):
  2370. - Avoid a bug where every successful connection made us recompute
  2371. the flag telling us whether we have sufficient information to
  2372. build circuits. Previously, we would forget our cached value
  2373. whenever we successfully opened a channel (or marked a router as
  2374. running or not running for any other reason), regardless of
  2375. whether we had previously believed the router to be running. This
  2376. forced us to run an expensive update operation far too often.
  2377. Fixes bug 12170; bugfix on
  2378. - Avoid using tor_memeq() for checking relay cell integrity. This
  2379. removes a possible performance bottleneck. Fixes part of bug
  2380. 12169; bugfix on
  2381. o Minor bugfixes (platform-specific):
  2382. - When dumping a malformed directory object to disk, save it in
  2383. binary mode on Windows, not text mode. Fixes bug 11342; bugfix on
  2385. - Don't report failures from make_socket_reuseable() on incoming
  2386. sockets on OSX: this can happen when incoming connections close
  2387. early. Fixes bug 10081.
  2388. o Minor bugfixes (pluggable transports):
  2389. - Avoid another 60-second delay when starting Tor in a pluggable-
  2390. transport-using configuration when we already have cached
  2391. descriptors for our bridges. Fixes bug 11965; bugfix
  2392. on
  2393. o Minor bugfixes (protocol correctness):
  2394. - When receiving a VERSIONS cell with an odd number of bytes, close
  2395. the connection immediately since the cell is malformed. Fixes bug
  2396. 10365; bugfix on Spotted by "bobnomnom"; fix by
  2397. "rl1987".
  2398. o Minor bugfixes (relay, other):
  2399. - We now drop CREATE cells for already-existent circuit IDs and for
  2400. zero-valued circuit IDs, regardless of other factors that might
  2401. otherwise have called for DESTROY cells. Fixes bug 12191; bugfix
  2402. on 0.0.8pre1.
  2403. - When rejecting DATA cells for stream_id zero, still count them
  2404. against the circuit's deliver window so that we don't fail to send
  2405. a SENDME. Fixes bug 11246; bugfix on
  2406. o Minor bugfixes (relay, threading):
  2407. - Check return code on spawn_func() in cpuworker code, so that we
  2408. don't think we've spawned a nonworking cpuworker and write junk to
  2409. it forever. Fix related to bug 4345; bugfix on all released Tor
  2410. versions. Found by "skruffy".
  2411. - Use a pthread_attr to make sure that spawn_func() cannot return an
  2412. error while at the same time launching a thread. Fix related to
  2413. bug 4345; bugfix on all released Tor versions. Reported
  2414. by "cypherpunks".
  2415. o Minor bugfixes (relays and bridges):
  2416. - Avoid crashing on a malformed resolv.conf file when running a
  2417. relay using Libevent 1. Fixes bug 8788; bugfix on
  2418. - Non-exit relays no longer launch mock DNS requests to check for
  2419. DNS hijacking. This has been unnecessary since, when
  2420. non-exit relays stopped servicing DNS requests. Fixes bug 965;
  2421. bugfix on Patch from Matt Pagan.
  2422. - Bridges now report complete directory request statistics. Related
  2423. to bug 5824; bugfix on
  2424. - Bridges now never collect statistics that were designed for
  2425. relays. Fixes bug 5824; bugfix on
  2426. o Minor bugfixes (testing):
  2427. - Fix all valgrind warnings produced by the unit tests. There were
  2428. over a thousand memory leak warnings previously, mostly produced
  2429. by forgetting to free things in the unit test code. Fixes bug
  2430. 11618, bugfixes on many versions of Tor.
  2431. o Minor bugfixes (tor-fw-helper):
  2432. - Give a correct log message when tor-fw-helper fails to launch.
  2433. (Previously, we would say something like "tor-fw-helper sent us a
  2434. string we could not parse".) Fixes bug 9781; bugfix
  2435. on
  2436. o Minor bugfixes (trivial memory leaks):
  2437. - Fix a small memory leak when signing a directory object. Fixes bug
  2438. 11275; bugfix on
  2439. - Resolve some memory leaks found by coverity in the unit tests, on
  2440. exit in tor-gencert, and on a failure to compute digests for our
  2441. own keys when generating a v3 networkstatus vote. These leaks
  2442. should never have affected anyone in practice.
  2443. o Code simplification and refactoring:
  2444. - Remove some old fallback code designed to keep Tor clients working
  2445. in a network with only two working relays. Elsewhere in the code we
  2446. have long since stopped supporting such networks, so there wasn't
  2447. much point in keeping it around. Addresses ticket 9926.
  2448. - Reject 0-length EXTEND2 cells more explicitly. Fixes bug 10536;
  2449. bugfix on Reported by "cypherpunks".
  2450. - Extract the common duplicated code for creating a subdirectory
  2451. of the data directory and writing to a file in it. Fixes ticket
  2452. 4282; patch from Peter Retzlaff.
  2453. - Since OpenSSL 0.9.7, the i2d_*() functions support allocating output
  2454. buffer. Avoid calling twice: i2d_RSAPublicKey(), i2d_DHparams(),
  2455. i2d_X509(), and i2d_PublicKey(). Resolves ticket 5170.
  2456. - Add a set of accessor functions for the circuit timeout data
  2457. structure. Fixes ticket 6153; patch from "piet".
  2458. - Clean up exit paths from connection_listener_new(). Closes ticket
  2459. 8789. Patch from Arlo Breault.
  2460. - Since we rely on OpenSSL 0.9.8 now, we can use EVP_PKEY_cmp()
  2461. and drop our own custom pkey_eq() implementation. Fixes bug 9043.
  2462. - Use a doubly-linked list to implement the global circuit list.
  2463. Resolves ticket 9108. Patch from Marek Majkowski.
  2464. - Remove contrib/id_to_fp.c since it wasn't used anywhere.
  2465. - Remove constants and tests for PKCS1 padding; it's insecure and
  2466. shouldn't be used for anything new. Fixes bug 8792; patch
  2467. from Arlo Breault.
  2468. - Remove instances of strcpy() from the unit tests. They weren't
  2469. hurting anything, since they were only in the unit tests, but it's
  2470. embarassing to have strcpy() in the code at all, and some analysis
  2471. tools don't like it. Fixes bug 8790; bugfix on and
  2472. Patch from Arlo Breault.
  2473. - Remove is_internal_IP() function. Resolves ticket 4645.
  2474. - Remove unused function circuit_dump_by_chan from circuitlist.c.
  2475. Closes issue 9107; patch from "marek".
  2476. - Change our use of the ENUM_BF macro to avoid declarations that
  2477. confuse Doxygen.
  2478. - Get rid of router->address, since in all cases it was just the
  2479. string representation of router->addr. Resolves ticket 5528.
  2480. o Documentation:
  2481. - Adjust the URLs in the README to refer to the new locations of
  2482. several documents on the website. Fixes bug 12830. Patch from
  2483. Matt Pagan.
  2484. - Document 'reject6' and 'accept6' ExitPolicy entries. Resolves
  2485. ticket 12878.
  2486. - Update manpage to describe some of the files you can expect to
  2487. find in Tor's DataDirectory. Addresses ticket 9839.
  2488. - Clean up several option names in the manpage to match their real
  2489. names, add the missing documentation for a couple of testing and
  2490. directory authority options, remove the documentation for a
  2491. V2-directory fetching option that no longer exists. Resolves
  2492. ticket 11634.
  2493. - Correct the documenation so that it lists the correct directory
  2494. for the stats files. (They are in a subdirectory called "stats",
  2495. not "status".)
  2496. - In the manpage, move more authority-only options into the
  2497. directory authority section so that operators of regular directory
  2498. caches don't get confused.
  2499. - Fix the layout of the SOCKSPort flags in the manpage. Fixes bug
  2500. 11061; bugfix on
  2501. - Resolve warnings from Doxygen.
  2502. - Document in the manpage that "KBytes" may also be written as
  2503. "kilobytes" or "KB", that "Kbits" may also be written as
  2504. "kilobits", and so forth. Closes ticket 9222.
  2505. - Document that the ClientOnly config option overrides ORPort.
  2506. Our old explanation made ClientOnly sound as though it did
  2507. nothing at all. Resolves bug 9059.
  2508. - Explain that SocksPolicy, DirPolicy, and similar options don't
  2509. take port arguments. Fixes the other part of ticket 11108.
  2510. - Fix a comment about the rend_server_descriptor_t.protocols field
  2511. to more accurately describe its range. Also, make that field
  2512. unsigned, to more accurately reflect its usage. Fixes bug 9099;
  2513. bugfix on
  2514. - Fix the manpage's description of HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient:
  2515. the maximum client name length is 16, not 19. Fixes bug 11118;
  2516. bugfix on
  2517. o Package cleanup:
  2518. - The contrib directory has been sorted and tidied. Before, it was
  2519. an unsorted dumping ground for useful and not-so-useful things.
  2520. Now, it is divided based on functionality, and the items which
  2521. seemed to be nonfunctional or useless have been removed. Resolves
  2522. ticket 8966; based on patches from "rl1987".
  2523. o Removed code and features:
  2524. - Clients now reject any directory authority certificates lacking
  2525. a dir-key-crosscert element. These have been included since
  2526., so there's no real reason for them to be optional
  2527. any longer. Completes proposal 157. Resolves ticket 10162.
  2528. - Remove all code that existed to support the v2 directory system,
  2529. since there are no longer any v2 directory authorities. Resolves
  2530. ticket 10758.
  2531. - Remove the HSAuthoritativeDir and AlternateHSAuthority torrc
  2532. options, which were used for designating authorities as "Hidden
  2533. service authorities". There has been no use of hidden service
  2534. authorities since, when we stopped uploading or
  2535. downloading v0 hidden service descriptors. Fixes bug 10881; also
  2536. part of a fix for bug 10841.
  2537. - Remove /tor/dbg-stability.txt URL that was meant to help debug WFU
  2538. and MTBF calculations, but that nobody was using. Fixes bug 11742.
  2539. - The TunnelDirConns and PreferTunnelledDirConns options no longer
  2540. exist; tunneled directory connections have been available since
  2541., and turning them off is not a good idea. This is a
  2542. brute-force fix for 10849, where "TunnelDirConns 0" would break
  2543. hidden services.
  2544. - Remove all code for the long unused v1 directory protocol.
  2545. Resolves ticket 11070.
  2546. - Remove all remaining code related to version-0 hidden service
  2547. descriptors: they have not been in use since Fixes
  2548. the rest of bug 10841.
  2549. - Remove migration code from when we renamed the "cached-routers"
  2550. file to "cached-descriptors" back in This
  2551. incidentally resolves ticket 6502 by cleaning up the related code
  2552. a bit. Patch from Akshay Hebbar.
  2553. o Test infrastructure:
  2554. - Tor now builds each source file in two modes: a mode that avoids
  2555. exposing identifiers needlessly, and another mode that exposes
  2556. more identifiers for testing. This lets the compiler do better at
  2557. optimizing the production code, while enabling us to take more
  2558. radical measures to let the unit tests test things.
  2559. - The production builds no longer include functions used only in
  2560. the unit tests; all functions exposed from a module only for
  2561. unit-testing are now static in production builds.
  2562. - Add an --enable-coverage configuration option to make the unit
  2563. tests (and a new src/or/tor-cov target) to build with gcov test
  2564. coverage support.
  2565. - Update to the latest version of tinytest.
  2566. - Improve the tinytest implementation of string operation tests so
  2567. that comparisons with NULL strings no longer crash the tests; they
  2568. now just fail, normally. Fixes bug 9004; bugfix on
  2569. - New macros in test.h to simplify writing mock-functions for unit
  2570. tests. Part of ticket 11507. Patch from Dana Koch.
  2571. - We now have rudimentary function mocking support that our unit
  2572. tests can use to test functions in isolation. Function mocking
  2573. lets the tests temporarily replace a function's dependencies with
  2574. stub functions, so that the tests can check the function without
  2575. invoking the other functions it calls.
  2576. o Testing:
  2577. - Complete tests for the status.c module. Resolves ticket 11507.
  2578. Patch from Dana Koch.
  2579. - Add more unit tests for the <circid,channel>->circuit map, and
  2580. the destroy-cell-tracking code to fix bug 7912.
  2581. - Unit tests for failing cases of the TAP onion handshake.
  2582. - More unit tests for address-manipulation functions.
  2583. o Distribution (systemd):
  2584. - Include a tor.service file in contrib/dist for use with systemd.
  2585. Some distributions will be able to use this file unmodified;
  2586. others will need to tweak it, or write their own. Patch from Jamie
  2587. Nguyen; resolves ticket 8368.
  2588. - Verify configuration file via ExecStartPre in the systemd unit
  2589. file. Patch from intrigeri; resolves ticket 12730.
  2590. - Explicitly disable RunAsDaemon in the systemd unit file. Our
  2591. current systemd unit uses "Type = simple", so systemd does not
  2592. expect tor to fork. If the user has "RunAsDaemon 1" in their
  2593. torrc, then things won't work as expected. This is e.g. the case
  2594. on Debian (and derivatives), since there we pass "--defaults-torrc
  2595. /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc" (that contains
  2596. "RunAsDaemon 1") by default. Patch by intrigeri; resolves
  2597. ticket 12731.
  2598. Changes in version - 2014-10-20
  2599. Tor disables SSL3 in response to the recent "POODLE" attack
  2600. (even though POODLE does not affect Tor). It also works around a crash
  2601. bug caused by some operating systems' response to the "POODLE" attack
  2602. (which does affect Tor).
  2603. o Major security fixes (also in
  2604. - Disable support for SSLv3. All versions of OpenSSL in use with Tor
  2605. today support TLS 1.0 or later, so we can safely turn off support
  2606. for this old (and insecure) protocol. Fixes bug 13426.
  2607. o Major bugfixes (openssl bug workaround, also in
  2608. - Avoid crashing when using OpenSSL version 0.9.8zc, 1.0.0o, or
  2609. 1.0.1j, built with the 'no-ssl3' configuration option. Fixes bug
  2610. 13471. This is a workaround for an OpenSSL bug.
  2611. Changes in version - 2014-09-22
  2612. Tor fixes a bug that affects consistency and speed when
  2613. connecting to hidden services, and it updates the location of one of
  2614. the directory authorities.
  2615. o Major bugfixes:
  2616. - Clients now send the correct address for their chosen rendezvous
  2617. point when trying to access a hidden service. They used to send
  2618. the wrong address, which would still work some of the time because
  2619. they also sent the identity digest of the rendezvous point, and if
  2620. the hidden service happened to try connecting to the rendezvous
  2621. point from a relay that already had a connection open to it,
  2622. the relay would reuse that connection. Now connections to hidden
  2623. services should be more robust and faster. Also, this bug meant
  2624. that clients were leaking to the hidden service whether they were
  2625. on a little-endian (common) or big-endian (rare) system, which for
  2626. some users might have reduced their anonymity. Fixes bug 13151;
  2627. bugfix on
  2628. o Directory authority changes:
  2629. - Change IP address for gabelmoo (v3 directory authority).
  2630. o Minor features (geoip):
  2631. - Update geoip and geoip6 to the August 7 2014 Maxmind GeoLite2
  2632. Country database.
  2633. Changes in version - 2014-07-28
  2634. Tor brings us a big step closer to slowing down the risk from
  2635. guard rotation, and also backports several important fixes from the
  2636. Tor 0.2.5 alpha release series.
  2637. o Major features:
  2638. - Clients now look at the "usecreatefast" consensus parameter to
  2639. decide whether to use CREATE_FAST or CREATE cells for the first hop
  2640. of their circuit. This approach can improve security on connections
  2641. where Tor's circuit handshake is stronger than the available TLS
  2642. connection security levels, but the tradeoff is more computational
  2643. load on guard relays. Implements proposal 221. Resolves ticket 9386.
  2644. - Make the number of entry guards configurable via a new
  2645. NumEntryGuards consensus parameter, and the number of directory
  2646. guards configurable via a new NumDirectoryGuards consensus
  2647. parameter. Implements ticket 12688.
  2648. o Major bugfixes:
  2649. - Fix a bug in the bounds-checking in the 32-bit curve25519-donna
  2650. implementation that caused incorrect results on 32-bit
  2651. implementations when certain malformed inputs were used along with
  2652. a small class of private ntor keys. This bug does not currently
  2653. appear to allow an attacker to learn private keys or impersonate a
  2654. Tor server, but it could provide a means to distinguish 32-bit Tor
  2655. implementations from 64-bit Tor implementations. Fixes bug 12694;
  2656. bugfix on Bug found by Robert Ransom; fix from
  2657. Adam Langley.
  2658. o Minor bugfixes:
  2659. - Warn and drop the circuit if we receive an inbound 'relay early'
  2660. cell. Those used to be normal to receive on hidden service circuits
  2661. due to bug 1038, but the buggy Tor versions are long gone from
  2662. the network so we can afford to resume watching for them. Resolves
  2663. the rest of bug 1038; bugfix on
  2664. - Correct a confusing error message when trying to extend a circuit
  2665. via the control protocol but we don't know a descriptor or
  2666. microdescriptor for one of the specified relays. Fixes bug 12718;
  2667. bugfix on
  2668. - Avoid an illegal read from stack when initializing the TLS
  2669. module using a version of OpenSSL without all of the ciphers
  2670. used by the v2 link handshake. Fixes bug 12227; bugfix on
  2671. Found by "starlight".
  2672. o Minor features:
  2673. - Update geoip and geoip6 to the July 10 2014 Maxmind GeoLite2
  2674. Country database.
  2675. Changes in version - 2014-05-16
  2676. Tor backports numerous high-priority fixes from the Tor 0.2.5
  2677. alpha release series. These include blocking all authority signing
  2678. keys that may have been affected by the OpenSSL "heartbleed" bug,
  2679. choosing a far more secure set of TLS ciphersuites by default, closing
  2680. a couple of memory leaks that could be used to run a target relay out
  2681. of RAM, and several others.
  2682. o Major features (security, backport from
  2683. - Block authority signing keys that were used on authorities
  2684. vulnerable to the "heartbleed" bug in OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160). (We
  2685. don't have any evidence that these keys _were_ compromised; we're
  2686. doing this to be prudent.) Resolves ticket 11464.
  2687. o Major bugfixes (security, OOM):
  2688. - Fix a memory leak that could occur if a microdescriptor parse
  2689. fails during the tokenizing step. This bug could enable a memory
  2690. exhaustion attack by directory servers. Fixes bug 11649; bugfix
  2691. on
  2692. o Major bugfixes (TLS cipher selection, backport from
  2693. - The relay ciphersuite list is now generated automatically based on
  2694. uniform criteria, and includes all OpenSSL ciphersuites with
  2695. acceptable strength and forward secrecy. Previously, we had left
  2696. some perfectly fine ciphersuites unsupported due to omission or
  2697. typo. Resolves bugs 11513, 11492, 11498, 11499. Bugs reported by
  2698. 'cypherpunks'. Bugfix on
  2699. - Relays now trust themselves to have a better view than clients of
  2700. which TLS ciphersuites are better than others. (Thanks to bug
  2701. 11513, the relay list is now well-considered, whereas the client
  2702. list has been chosen mainly for anti-fingerprinting purposes.)
  2703. Relays prefer: AES over 3DES; then ECDHE over DHE; then GCM over
  2704. CBC; then SHA384 over SHA256 over SHA1; and last, AES256 over
  2705. AES128. Resolves ticket 11528.
  2706. - Clients now try to advertise the same list of ciphersuites as
  2707. Firefox 28. This change enables selection of (fast) GCM
  2708. ciphersuites, disables some strange old ciphers, and stops
  2709. advertising the ECDH (not to be confused with ECDHE) ciphersuites.
  2710. Resolves ticket 11438.
  2711. o Minor bugfixes (configuration, security):
  2712. - When running a hidden service, do not allow TunneledDirConns 0:
  2713. trying to set that option together with a hidden service would
  2714. otherwise prevent the hidden service from running, and also make
  2715. it publish its descriptors directly over HTTP. Fixes bug 10849;
  2716. bugfix on
  2717. o Minor bugfixes (controller, backport from
  2718. - Avoid sending a garbage value to the controller when a circuit is
  2719. cannibalized. Fixes bug 11519; bugfix on
  2720. o Minor bugfixes (exit relay, backport from
  2721. - Stop leaking memory when we successfully resolve a PTR record.
  2722. Fixes bug 11437; bugfix on
  2723. o Minor bugfixes (bridge client, backport from
  2724. - Avoid 60-second delays in the bootstrapping process when Tor is
  2725. launching for a second time while using bridges. Fixes bug 9229;
  2726. bugfix on
  2727. o Minor bugfixes (relays and bridges, backport from
  2728. - Give the correct URL in the warning message when trying to run a
  2729. relay on an ancient version of Windows. Fixes bug 9393.
  2730. o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
  2731. - Fix a compilation error when compiling with --disable-curve25519.
  2732. Fixes bug 9700; bugfix on
  2733. o Minor bugfixes:
  2734. - Downgrade the warning severity for the the "md was still
  2735. referenced 1 node(s)" warning. Tor has better code
  2736. for trying to diagnose this bug, and the current warning in
  2737. earlier versions of tor achieves nothing useful. Addresses warning
  2738. from bug 7164.
  2739. o Minor features (log verbosity, backport from
  2740. - When we run out of usable circuit IDs on a channel, log only one
  2741. warning for the whole channel, and describe how many circuits
  2742. there were on the channel. Fixes part of ticket 11553.
  2743. o Minor features (security, backport from
  2744. - Decrease the lower limit of MaxMemInCellQueues to 256 MBytes (but
  2745. leave the default at 8GBytes), to better support Raspberry Pi
  2746. users. Fixes bug 9686; bugfix on
  2747. o Documentation (backport from
  2748. - Correctly document that we search for a system torrc file before
  2749. looking in ~/.torrc. Fixes documentation side of 9213; bugfix on
  2751. Changes in version - 2014-02-28
  2752. Tor further improves security against potential adversaries who
  2753. find breaking 1024-bit crypto doable, and backports several stability
  2754. and robustness patches from the 0.2.5 branch.
  2755. o Major features (client security):
  2756. - When we choose a path for a 3-hop circuit, make sure it contains
  2757. at least one relay that supports the NTor circuit extension
  2758. handshake. Otherwise, there is a chance that we're building
  2759. a circuit that's worth attacking by an adversary who finds
  2760. breaking 1024-bit crypto doable, and that chance changes the game
  2761. theory. Implements ticket 9777.
  2762. o Major bugfixes:
  2763. - Do not treat streams that fail with reason
  2764. END_STREAM_REASON_INTERNAL as indicating a definite circuit failure,
  2765. since it could also indicate an ENETUNREACH connection error. Fixes
  2766. part of bug 10777; bugfix on
  2767. o Code simplification and refactoring:
  2768. - Remove data structures which were introduced to implement the
  2769. CellStatistics option: they are now redundant with the new timestamp
  2770. field in the regular packed_cell_t data structure, which we did
  2771. in in order to resolve bug 9093. Resolves ticket 10870.
  2772. o Minor features:
  2773. - Always clear OpenSSL bignums before freeing them -- even bignums
  2774. that don't contain secrets. Resolves ticket 10793. Patch by
  2775. Florent Daigniere.
  2776. - Build without warnings under clang 3.4. (We have some macros that
  2777. define static functions only some of which will get used later in
  2778. the module. Starting with clang 3.4, these give a warning unless the
  2779. unused attribute is set on them.) Resolves ticket 10904.
  2780. - Update geoip and geoip6 files to the February 7 2014 Maxmind
  2781. GeoLite2 Country database.
  2782. o Minor bugfixes:
  2783. - Set the listen() backlog limit to the largest actually supported
  2784. on the system, not to the value in a header file. Fixes bug 9716;
  2785. bugfix on every released Tor.
  2786. - Treat ENETUNREACH, EACCES, and EPERM connection failures at an
  2787. exit node as a NOROUTE error, not an INTERNAL error, since they
  2788. can apparently happen when trying to connect to the wrong sort
  2789. of netblocks. Fixes part of bug 10777; bugfix on
  2790. - Fix build warnings about missing "a2x" comment when building the
  2791. manpages from scratch on OpenBSD; OpenBSD calls it "".
  2792. Fixes bug 10929; bugfix on Patch from Dana Koch.
  2793. - Avoid a segfault on SIGUSR1, where we had freed a connection but did
  2794. not entirely remove it from the connection lists. Fixes bug 9602;
  2795. bugfix on
  2796. - Fix a segmentation fault in our benchmark code when running with
  2797. Fedora's OpenSSL package, or any other OpenSSL that provides
  2798. ECDH but not P224. Fixes bug 10835; bugfix on
  2799. - Turn "circuit handshake stats since last time" log messages into a
  2800. heartbeat message. Fixes bug 10485; bugfix on
  2801. o Documentation fixes:
  2802. - Document that all but one DirPort entry must have the NoAdvertise
  2803. flag set. Fixes bug 10470; bugfix on /
  2804. Changes in version - 2013-12-22
  2805. Tor fixes potentially poor random number generation for users
  2806. who 1) use OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later, 2) set "HardwareAccel 1" in their
  2807. torrc file, 3) have "Sandy Bridge" or "Ivy Bridge" Intel processors,
  2808. and 4) have no state file in their DataDirectory (as would happen on
  2809. first start). Users who generated relay or hidden service identity
  2810. keys in such a situation should discard them and generate new ones.
  2811. This release also fixes a logic error that caused Tor clients to build
  2812. many more preemptive circuits than they actually need.
  2813. o Major bugfixes:
  2814. - Do not allow OpenSSL engines to replace the PRNG, even when
  2815. HardwareAccel is set. The only default builtin PRNG engine uses
  2816. the Intel RDRAND instruction to replace the entire PRNG, and
  2817. ignores all attempts to seed it with more entropy. That's
  2818. cryptographically stupid: the right response to a new alleged
  2819. entropy source is never to discard all previously used entropy
  2820. sources. Fixes bug 10402; works around behavior introduced in
  2821. OpenSSL 1.0.0. Diagnosis and investigation thanks to "coderman"
  2822. and "rl1987".
  2823. - Fix assertion failure when AutomapHostsOnResolve yields an IPv6
  2824. address. Fixes bug 10465; bugfix on
  2825. - Avoid launching spurious extra circuits when a stream is pending.
  2826. This fixes a bug where any circuit that _wasn't_ unusable for new
  2827. streams would be treated as if it were, causing extra circuits to
  2828. be launched. Fixes bug 10456; bugfix on
  2829. o Minor bugfixes:
  2830. - Avoid a crash bug when starting with a corrupted microdescriptor
  2831. cache file. Fixes bug 10406; bugfix on
  2832. - If we fail to dump a previously cached microdescriptor to disk, avoid
  2833. freeing duplicate data later on. Fixes bug 10423; bugfix on
  2834. Spotted by "bobnomnom".
  2835. Changes in version - 2013-12-11
  2836. The Tor 0.2.4 release series is dedicated to the memory of Aaron Swartz
  2837. (1986-2013). Aaron worked on diverse projects including helping to guide
  2838. Creative Commons, playing a key role in stopping SOPA/PIPA, bringing
  2839. transparency to the U.S government's PACER documents, and contributing
  2840. design and development for Tor and Tor2Web. Aaron was one of the latest
  2841. martyrs in our collective fight for civil liberties and human rights,
  2842. and his death is all the more painful because he was one of us.
  2843. Tor, the first stable release in the 0.2.4 branch, features
  2844. a new circuit handshake and link encryption that use ECC to provide
  2845. better security and efficiency; makes relays better manage circuit
  2846. creation requests; uses "directory guards" to reduce client enumeration
  2847. risks; makes bridges collect and report statistics about the pluggable
  2848. transports they support; cleans up and improves our geoip database;
  2849. gets much closer to IPv6 support for clients, bridges, and relays; makes
  2850. directory authorities use measured bandwidths rather than advertised
  2851. ones when computing flags and thresholds; disables client-side DNS
  2852. caching to reduce tracking risks; and fixes a big bug in bridge
  2853. reachability testing. This release introduces two new design
  2854. abstractions in the code: a new "channel" abstraction between circuits
  2855. and or_connections to allow for implementing alternate relay-to-relay
  2856. transports, and a new "circuitmux" abstraction storing the queue of
  2857. circuits for a channel. The release also includes many stability,
  2858. security, and privacy fixes.
  2859. o Major features (new circuit handshake):
  2860. - Tor now supports a new circuit extension handshake designed by Ian
  2861. Goldberg, Douglas Stebila, and Berkant Ustaoglu. Our original
  2862. circuit extension handshake, later called "TAP", was a bit slow
  2863. (especially on the relay side), had a fragile security proof, and
  2864. used weaker keys than we'd now prefer. The new circuit handshake
  2865. uses Dan Bernstein's "curve25519" elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman
  2866. function, making it significantly more secure than the older
  2867. handshake, and significantly faster. Tor can use one of two built-in
  2868. pure-C curve25519-donna implementations by Adam Langley, or it
  2869. can link against the "nacl" library for a tuned version if present.
  2870. The built-in version is very fast for 64-bit systems when building
  2871. with GCC. The built-in 32-bit version is still faster than the
  2872. old TAP protocol, but using libnacl is better on most such hosts.
  2873. Implements proposal 216; closes ticket 7202.
  2874. o Major features (better link encryption):
  2875. - Relays can now enable the ECDHE TLS ciphersuites when available
  2876. and appropriate. These ciphersuites let us negotiate forward-secure
  2877. TLS secret keys more safely and more efficiently than with our
  2878. previous use of Diffie-Hellman modulo a 1024-bit prime. By default,
  2879. public relays prefer the (faster) P224 group, and bridges prefer
  2880. the (more common) P256 group; you can override this with the
  2881. TLSECGroup option.
  2882. This feature requires clients running or later,
  2883. and requires both sides to be running OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later
  2884. with ECC support. OpenSSL 1.0.1, with the compile-time option
  2885. "enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128", is highly recommended.
  2886. Implements the relay side of proposal 198; closes ticket 7200.
  2887. - Re-enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 when built with OpenSSL 1.0.1e or later.
  2888. Resolves ticket 6055. (OpenSSL before 1.0.1 didn't have TLS 1.1 or
  2889. 1.2, and OpenSSL from 1.0.1 through 1.0.1d had bugs that prevented
  2890. renegotiation from working with TLS 1.1 or 1.2, so we had disabled
  2891. them to solve bug 6033.)
  2892. o Major features (relay performance):
  2893. - Instead of limiting the number of queued onionskins (aka circuit
  2894. create requests) to a fixed, hard-to-configure number, we limit
  2895. the size of the queue based on how many we expect to be able to
  2896. process in a given amount of time. We estimate the time it will
  2897. take to process an onionskin based on average processing time
  2898. of previous onionskins. Closes ticket 7291. You'll never have to
  2899. configure MaxOnionsPending again.
  2900. - Relays process the new "NTor" circuit-level handshake requests
  2901. with higher priority than the old "TAP" circuit-level handshake
  2902. requests. We still process some TAP requests to not totally starve
  2903. 0.2.3 clients when NTor becomes popular. A new consensus parameter
  2904. "NumNTorsPerTAP" lets us tune the balance later if we need to.
  2905. Implements ticket 9574.
  2906. o Major features (client bootstrapping resilience):
  2907. - Add a new "FallbackDir" torrc option to use when we can't use
  2908. a directory mirror from the consensus (either because we lack a
  2909. consensus, or because they're all down). Currently, all authorities
  2910. are fallbacks by default, and there are no other default fallbacks,
  2911. but that will change. This option will allow us to give clients a
  2912. longer list of servers to try to get a consensus from when first
  2913. connecting to the Tor network, and thereby reduce load on the
  2914. directory authorities. Implements proposal 206, "Preconfigured
  2915. directory sources for bootstrapping". We also removed the old
  2916. "FallbackNetworkstatus" option, since we never got it working well
  2917. enough to use it. Closes bug 572.
  2918. - If we have no circuits open, use a relaxed timeout (the
  2919. 95th-percentile cutoff) until a circuit succeeds. This heuristic
  2920. should allow Tor to succeed at building circuits even when the
  2921. network connection drastically changes. Should help with bug 3443.
  2922. o Major features (use of guards):
  2923. - Support directory guards (proposal 207): when possible, clients now
  2924. use their entry guards for non-anonymous directory requests. This
  2925. can help prevent client enumeration. Note that this behavior only
  2926. works when we have a usable consensus directory, and when options
  2927. about what to download are more or less standard. In the future we
  2928. should re-bootstrap from our guards, rather than re-bootstrapping
  2929. from the preconfigured list of directory sources that ships with
  2930. Tor. Resolves ticket 6526.
  2931. - Raise the default time that a client keeps an entry guard from
  2932. "1-2 months" to "2-3 months", as suggested by Tariq Elahi's WPES
  2933. 2012 paper. (We would make it even longer, but we need better client
  2934. load balancing first.) Also, make the guard lifetime controllable
  2935. via a new GuardLifetime torrc option and a GuardLifetime consensus
  2936. parameter. Start of a fix for bug 8240; bugfix on
  2937. o Major features (bridges with pluggable transports):
  2938. - Bridges now report the pluggable transports they support to the
  2939. bridge authority, so it can pass the supported transports on to
  2940. bridgedb and/or eventually do reachability testing. Implements
  2941. ticket 3589.
  2942. - Automatically forward the TCP ports of pluggable transport
  2943. proxies using tor-fw-helper if PortForwarding is enabled. Implements
  2944. ticket 4567.
  2945. o Major features (geoip database):
  2946. - Maxmind began labelling Tor relays as being in country "A1",
  2947. which breaks by-country node selection inside Tor. Now we use a
  2948. script to replace "A1" ("Anonymous Proxy") entries in our geoip
  2949. file with real country codes. This script fixes about 90% of "A1"
  2950. entries automatically and uses manual country code assignments to
  2951. fix the remaining 10%. See src/config/README.geoip for details.
  2952. Fixes bug 6266.
  2953. - Add GeoIP database for IPv6 addresses. The new config option
  2954. is GeoIPv6File.
  2955. - Update to the October 2 2013 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  2956. o Major features (IPv6):
  2957. - Clients who set "ClientUseIPv6 1" may connect to entry nodes over
  2958. IPv6. Set "ClientPreferIPv6ORPort 1" to make this even more likely
  2959. to happen. Implements ticket 5535.
  2960. - All kind of relays, not just bridges, can now advertise an IPv6
  2961. OR port. Implements ticket 6362.
  2962. - Relays can now exit to IPv6 addresses: make sure that you have IPv6
  2963. connectivity, then set the IPv6Exit flag to 1. Also make sure your
  2964. exit policy reads as you would like: the address * applies to all
  2965. address families, whereas *4 is IPv4 address only, and *6 is IPv6
  2966. addresses only. On the client side, you'll need to wait for enough
  2967. exits to support IPv6, apply the "IPv6Traffic" flag to a SocksPort,
  2968. and use Socks5. Closes ticket 5547, implements proposal 117 as
  2969. revised in proposal 208.
  2970. - Bridge authorities now accept IPv6 bridge addresses and include
  2971. them in network status documents. Implements ticket 5534.
  2972. - Directory authorities vote on IPv6 OR ports. Implements ticket 6363.
  2973. o Major features (directory authorities):
  2974. - Directory authorities now prefer using measured bandwidths to
  2975. advertised ones when computing flags and thresholds. Resolves
  2976. ticket 8273.
  2977. - Directory authorities that vote measured bandwidths about more
  2978. than a threshold number of relays now treat relays with
  2979. unmeasured bandwidths as having bandwidth 0 when computing their
  2980. flags. Resolves ticket 8435.
  2981. - Directory authorities now support a new consensus method (17)
  2982. where they cap the published bandwidth of relays for which
  2983. insufficient bandwidth measurements exist. Fixes part of bug 2286.
  2984. - Directory authorities that set "DisableV2DirectoryInfo_ 1" no longer
  2985. serve any v2 directory information. Now we can test disabling the
  2986. old deprecated v2 directory format, and see whether doing so has
  2987. any effect on network load. Begins to fix bug 6783.
  2988. o Major features (build and portability):
  2989. - Switch to a nonrecursive Makefile structure. Now instead of each
  2990. invoking other's, there is a master
  2991. that includes the others. This change makes our build
  2992. process slightly more maintainable, and improves parallelism for
  2993. building with make -j. Original patch by Stewart Smith; various
  2994. fixes by Jim Meyering.
  2995. - Where available, we now use automake's "silent" make rules by
  2996. default, so that warnings are easier to spot. You can get the old
  2997. behavior with "make V=1". Patch by Stewart Smith for ticket 6522.
  2998. - Resume building correctly with MSVC and Makefile.nmake. This patch
  2999. resolves numerous bugs and fixes reported by ultramage, including
  3000. 7305, 7308, 7309, 7310, 7312, 7313, 7315, 7316, and 7669.
  3001. o Security features:
  3002. - Switch to a completely time-invariant approach for picking nodes
  3003. weighted by bandwidth. Our old approach would run through the
  3004. part of the loop after it had made its choice slightly slower
  3005. than it ran through the part of the loop before it had made its
  3006. choice. Addresses ticket 6538.
  3007. - Disable the use of Guard nodes when in Tor2WebMode. Guard usage
  3008. by tor2web clients allows hidden services to identify tor2web
  3009. clients through their repeated selection of the same rendezvous
  3010. and introduction point circuit endpoints (their guards). Resolves
  3011. ticket 6888.
  3012. o Major bugfixes (relay denial of service):
  3013. - When we have too much memory queued in circuits (according to a new
  3014. MaxMemInCellQueues option), close the circuits that have the oldest
  3015. queued cells, on the theory that those are most responsible for
  3016. us running low on memory. This prevents us from running out of
  3017. memory as a relay if circuits fill up faster than they can be
  3018. drained. Fixes bugs 9063 and 9093; bugfix on the 54th commit of
  3019. Tor. This bug is a further fix beyond bug 6252, whose fix was
  3020. merged into
  3021. - Reject bogus create and relay cells with 0 circuit ID or 0 stream
  3022. ID: these could be used to create unexpected streams and circuits
  3023. which would count as "present" to some parts of Tor but "absent"
  3024. to others, leading to zombie circuits and streams or to a bandwidth
  3025. denial-of-service. Fixes bug 7889; bugfix on every released version
  3026. of Tor. Reported by "oftc_must_be_destroyed".
  3027. - Avoid a bug where our response to TLS renegotiation under certain
  3028. network conditions could lead to a busy-loop, with 100% CPU
  3029. consumption. Fixes bug 5650; bugfix on
  3030. o Major bugfixes (asserts, crashes, leaks):
  3031. - Prevent the get_freelists() function from running off the end of
  3032. the list of freelists if it somehow gets an unrecognized
  3033. allocation. Fixes bug 8844; bugfix on Reported by
  3034. eugenis.
  3035. - Avoid a memory leak where we would leak a consensus body when we
  3036. find that a consensus which we couldn't previously verify due to
  3037. missing certificates is now verifiable. Fixes bug 8719; bugfix
  3038. on
  3039. - If we are unable to save a microdescriptor to the journal, do not
  3040. drop it from memory and then reattempt downloading it. Fixes bug
  3041. 9645; bugfix on
  3042. - Fix an assertion failure that would occur when disabling the
  3043. ORPort setting on a running Tor process while accounting was
  3044. enabled. Fixes bug 6979; bugfix on
  3045. - Avoid an assertion failure on OpenBSD (and perhaps other BSDs)
  3046. when an exit connection with optimistic data succeeds immediately
  3047. rather than returning EINPROGRESS. Fixes bug 9017; bugfix on
  3049. - Fix a memory leak that would occur whenever a configuration
  3050. option changed. Fixes bug 8718; bugfix on
  3051. o Major bugfixes (relay rate limiting):
  3052. - When a TLS write is partially successful but incomplete, remember
  3053. that the flushed part has been flushed, and notice that bytes were
  3054. actually written. Reported and fixed pseudonymously. Fixes bug 7708;
  3055. bugfix on Tor
  3056. - Raise the default BandwidthRate/BandwidthBurst values from 5MB/10MB
  3057. to 1GB/1GB. The previous defaults were intended to be "basically
  3058. infinite", but it turns out they're now limiting our 100mbit+
  3059. relays and bridges. Fixes bug 6605; bugfix on (the
  3060. last time we raised it).
  3061. - No longer stop reading or writing on cpuworker connections when
  3062. our rate limiting buckets go empty. Now we should handle circuit
  3063. handshake requests more promptly. Resolves bug 9731.
  3064. o Major bugfixes (client-side privacy):
  3065. - When we mark a circuit as unusable for new circuits, have it
  3066. continue to be unusable for new circuits even if MaxCircuitDirtiness
  3067. is increased too much at the wrong time, or the system clock jumps
  3068. backwards. Fixes bug 6174; bugfix on 0.0.2pre26.
  3069. - If ClientDNSRejectInternalAddresses ("do not believe DNS queries
  3070. which have resolved to internal addresses") is set, apply that
  3071. rule to IPv6 as well. Fixes bug 8475; bugfix on
  3072. - When an exit relay rejects a stream with reason "exit policy", but
  3073. we only know an exit policy summary (e.g. from the microdesc
  3074. consensus) for it, do not mark the relay as useless for all exiting.
  3075. Instead, mark just the circuit as unsuitable for that particular
  3076. address. Fixes part of bug 7582; bugfix on
  3077. o Major bugfixes (stream isolation):
  3078. - Allow applications to get proper stream isolation with
  3079. IsolateSOCKSAuth. Many SOCKS5 clients that want to offer
  3080. username/password authentication also offer "no authentication". Tor
  3081. had previously preferred "no authentication", so the applications
  3082. never actually sent Tor their auth details. Now Tor selects
  3083. username/password authentication if it's offered. You can disable
  3084. this behavior on a per-SOCKSPort basis via PreferSOCKSNoAuth. Fixes
  3085. bug 8117; bugfix on
  3086. - Follow the socks5 protocol when offering username/password
  3087. authentication. The fix for bug 8117 exposed this bug, and it
  3088. turns out real-world applications like Pidgin do care. Bugfix on
  3089.; fixes bug 8879.
  3090. o Major bugfixes (client circuit building):
  3091. - Alter circuit build timeout measurement to start at the point
  3092. where we begin the CREATE/CREATE_FAST step (as opposed to circuit
  3093. initialization). This should make our timeout measurements more
  3094. uniform. Previously, we were sometimes including ORconn setup time
  3095. in our circuit build time measurements. Should resolve bug 3443.
  3096. - If the circuit build timeout logic is disabled (via the consensus,
  3097. or because we are an authority), then don't build testing circuits.
  3098. Fixes bug 9657; bugfix on
  3099. o Major bugfixes (client-side DNS):
  3100. - Turn off the client-side DNS cache by default. Updating and using
  3101. the DNS cache is now configurable on a per-client-port
  3102. level. SOCKSPort, DNSPort, etc lines may now contain
  3103. {No,}Cache{IPv4,IPv6,}DNS lines to indicate that we shouldn't
  3104. cache these types of DNS answers when we receive them from an
  3105. exit node in response to an application request on this port, and
  3106. {No,}UseCached{IPv4,IPv6,DNS} lines to indicate that if we have
  3107. cached DNS answers of these types, we shouldn't use them. It's
  3108. potentially risky to use cached DNS answers at the client, since
  3109. doing so can indicate to one exit what answers we've gotten
  3110. for DNS lookups in the past. With IPv6, this becomes especially
  3111. problematic. Using cached DNS answers for requests on the same
  3112. circuit would present less linkability risk, since all traffic
  3113. on a circuit is already linkable, but it would also provide
  3114. little performance benefit: the exit node caches DNS replies
  3115. too. Implements a simplified version of Proposal 205. Implements
  3116. ticket 7570.
  3117. o Major bugfixes (hidden service privacy):
  3118. - Limit hidden service descriptors to at most ten introduction
  3119. points, to slow one kind of guard enumeration. Fixes bug 9002;
  3120. bugfix on
  3121. o Major bugfixes (directory fetching):
  3122. - If the time to download the next old-style networkstatus is in
  3123. the future, do not decline to consider whether to download the
  3124. next microdescriptor networkstatus. Fixes bug 9564; bugfix on
  3126. - We used to always request authority certificates by identity digest,
  3127. meaning we'd get the newest one even when we wanted one with a
  3128. different signing key. Then we would complain about being given
  3129. a certificate we already had, and never get the one we really
  3130. wanted. Now we use the "fp-sk/" resource as well as the "fp/"
  3131. resource to request the one we want. Fixes bug 5595; bugfix on
  3133. o Major bugfixes (bridge reachability):
  3134. - Bridges now send AUTH_CHALLENGE cells during their v3 handshakes;
  3135. previously they did not, which prevented them from receiving
  3136. successful connections from relays for self-test or bandwidth
  3137. testing. Also, when a relay is extending a circuit to a bridge,
  3138. it needs to send a NETINFO cell, even when the bridge hasn't sent
  3139. an AUTH_CHALLENGE cell. Fixes bug 9546; bugfix on
  3140. o Major bugfixes (control interface):
  3141. - When receiving a new configuration file via the control port's
  3142. LOADCONF command, do not treat the defaults file as absent.
  3143. Fixes bug 9122; bugfix on
  3144. o Major bugfixes (directory authorities):
  3145. - Stop marking every relay as having been down for one hour every
  3146. time we restart a directory authority. These artificial downtimes
  3147. were messing with our Stable and Guard flag calculations. Fixes
  3148. bug 8218 (introduced by the fix for 1035). Bugfix on
  3149. - When computing directory thresholds, ignore any rejected-as-sybil
  3150. nodes during the computation so that they can't influence Fast,
  3151. Guard, etc. (We should have done this for proposal 109.) Fixes
  3152. bug 8146.
  3153. - When marking a node as a likely sybil, reset its uptime metrics
  3154. to zero, so that it cannot time towards getting marked as Guard,
  3155. Stable, or HSDir. (We should have done this for proposal 109.) Fixes
  3156. bug 8147.
  3157. - Fix a bug in the voting algorithm that could yield incorrect results
  3158. when a non-naming authority declared too many flags. Fixes bug 9200;
  3159. bugfix on
  3160. o Internal abstraction features:
  3161. - Introduce new channel_t abstraction between circuits and
  3162. or_connection_t to allow for implementing alternate OR-to-OR
  3163. transports. A channel_t is an abstract object which can either be a
  3164. cell-bearing channel, which is responsible for authenticating and
  3165. handshaking with the remote OR and transmitting cells to and from
  3166. it, or a listening channel, which spawns new cell-bearing channels
  3167. at the request of remote ORs. Implements part of ticket 6465.
  3168. - Make a channel_tls_t subclass of channel_t, adapting it to the
  3169. existing or_connection_t code. The V2/V3 protocol handshaking
  3170. code which formerly resided in command.c has been moved below the
  3171. channel_t abstraction layer and may be found in channeltls.c now.
  3172. Implements the rest of ticket 6465.
  3173. - Introduce new circuitmux_t storing the queue of circuits for
  3174. a channel; this encapsulates and abstracts the queue logic and
  3175. circuit selection policy, and allows the latter to be overridden
  3176. easily by switching out a policy object. The existing EWMA behavior
  3177. is now implemented as a circuitmux_policy_t. Resolves ticket 6816.
  3178. o New build requirements:
  3179. - Tor now requires OpenSSL 0.9.8 or later. OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later is
  3180. strongly recommended.
  3181. - Tor maintainers now require Automake version 1.9 or later to build
  3182. Tor from the Git repository. (Automake is not required when building
  3183. from a source distribution.)
  3184. o Minor features (protocol):
  3185. - No longer include the "opt" prefix when generating routerinfos
  3186. or v2 directories: it has been needless since Tor 0.1.2. Closes
  3187. ticket 5124.
  3188. - Reject EXTEND cells sent to nonexistent streams. According to the
  3189. spec, an EXTEND cell sent to _any_ nonzero stream ID is invalid, but
  3190. we were only checking for stream IDs that were currently in use.
  3191. Found while hunting for more instances of bug 6271. Bugfix on
  3192. 0.0.2pre8, which introduced incremental circuit construction.
  3193. - Tor relays and clients now support a better CREATE/EXTEND cell
  3194. format, allowing the sender to specify multiple address, identity,
  3195. and handshake types. Implements Robert Ransom's proposal 200;
  3196. closes ticket 7199.
  3197. - Reject as invalid most directory objects containing a NUL.
  3198. Belt-and-suspender fix for bug 8037.
  3199. o Minor features (security):
  3200. - Clear keys and key-derived material left on the stack in
  3201. rendservice.c and rendclient.c. Check return value of
  3202. crypto_pk_write_private_key_to_string() in rend_service_load_keys().
  3203. These fixes should make us more forward-secure against cold-boot
  3204. attacks and the like. Fixes bug 2385.
  3205. - Use our own weak RNG when we need a weak RNG. Windows's rand() and
  3206. Irix's random() only return 15 bits; Solaris's random() returns more
  3207. bits but its RAND_MAX says it only returns 15, and so on. Motivated
  3208. by the fix for bug 7801; bugfix on
  3209. o Minor features (control protocol):
  3210. - Add a "GETINFO signal/names" control port command. Implements
  3211. ticket 3842.
  3212. - Provide default values for all options via "GETINFO config/defaults".
  3213. Implements ticket 4971.
  3214. - Allow an optional $ before the node identity digest in the
  3215. controller command GETINFO ns/id/<identity>, for consistency with
  3216. md/id/<identity> and desc/id/<identity>. Resolves ticket 7059.
  3217. - Add CACHED keyword to ADDRMAP events in the control protocol
  3218. to indicate whether a DNS result will be cached or not. Resolves
  3219. ticket 8596.
  3220. - Generate bootstrapping status update events correctly when fetching
  3221. microdescriptors. Fixes bug 9927.
  3222. o Minor features (path selection):
  3223. - When deciding whether we have enough descriptors to build circuits,
  3224. instead of looking at raw relay counts, look at which fraction
  3225. of (bandwidth-weighted) paths we're able to build. This approach
  3226. keeps clients from building circuits if their paths are likely to
  3227. stand out statistically. The default fraction of paths needed is
  3228. taken from the consensus directory; you can override it with the
  3229. new PathsNeededToBuildCircuits option. Fixes ticket 5956.
  3230. - When any country code is listed in ExcludeNodes or ExcludeExitNodes,
  3231. and we have GeoIP information, also exclude all nodes with unknown
  3232. countries "??" and "A1". This behavior is controlled by the
  3233. new GeoIPExcludeUnknown option: you can make such nodes always
  3234. excluded with "GeoIPExcludeUnknown 1", and disable the feature
  3235. with "GeoIPExcludeUnknown 0". Setting "GeoIPExcludeUnknown auto"
  3236. gets you the default behavior. Implements feature 7706.
  3237. o Minor features (hidden services):
  3238. - Improve circuit build timeout handling for hidden services.
  3239. In particular: adjust build timeouts more accurately depending
  3240. upon the number of hop-RTTs that a particular circuit type
  3241. undergoes. Additionally, launch intro circuits in parallel
  3242. if they timeout, and take the first one to reply as valid.
  3243. - The Tor client now ignores sub-domain components of a .onion
  3244. address. This change makes HTTP "virtual" hosting
  3245. possible: http://foo.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.onion/ and
  3246. http://bar.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.onion/ can be two different websites
  3247. hosted on the same hidden service. Implements proposal 204.
  3248. - Enable Tor to read configuration, state, and key information from
  3249. a FIFO. Previously Tor would only read from files with a positive
  3250. stat.st_size. Code from meejah; fixes bug 6044.
  3251. o Minor features (clients):
  3252. - Teach bridge-using clients to avoid 0.2.2.x bridges when making
  3253. microdescriptor-related dir requests, and only fall back to normal
  3254. descriptors if none of their bridges can handle microdescriptors
  3255. (as opposed to the fix in ticket 4013, which caused them to fall
  3256. back to normal descriptors if *any* of their bridges preferred
  3257. them). Resolves ticket 4994.
  3258. - Tweak tor-fw-helper to accept an arbitrary amount of arbitrary
  3259. TCP ports to forward. In the past it only accepted two ports:
  3260. the ORPort and the DirPort.
  3261. o Minor features (protecting client timestamps):
  3262. - Clients no longer send timestamps in their NETINFO cells. These were
  3263. not used for anything, and they provided one small way for clients
  3264. to be distinguished from each other as they moved from network to
  3265. network or behind NAT. Implements part of proposal 222.
  3266. - Clients now round timestamps in INTRODUCE cells down to the nearest
  3267. 10 minutes. If a new Support022HiddenServices option is set to 0, or
  3268. if it's set to "auto" and the feature is disabled in the consensus,
  3269. the timestamp is sent as 0 instead. Implements part of proposal 222.
  3270. - Stop sending timestamps in AUTHENTICATE cells. This is not such
  3271. a big deal from a security point of view, but it achieves no actual
  3272. good purpose, and isn't needed. Implements part of proposal 222.
  3273. - Reduce down accuracy of timestamps in hidden service descriptors.
  3274. Implements part of proposal 222.
  3275. o Minor features (bridges):
  3276. - Make bridge relays check once a minute for whether their IP
  3277. address has changed, rather than only every 15 minutes. Resolves
  3278. bugs 1913 and 1992.
  3279. - Bridge statistics now count bridge clients connecting over IPv6:
  3280. bridge statistics files now list "bridge-ip-versions" and
  3281. extra-info documents list "geoip6-db-digest". The control protocol
  3282. "CLIENTS_SEEN" and "ip-to-country" queries now support IPv6. Initial
  3283. implementation by "shkoo", addressing ticket 5055.
  3284. - Add a new torrc option "ServerTransportListenAddr" to let bridge
  3285. operators select the address where their pluggable transports will
  3286. listen for connections. Resolves ticket 7013.
  3287. - Randomize the lifetime of our SSL link certificate, so censors can't
  3288. use the static value for filtering Tor flows. Resolves ticket 8443;
  3289. related to ticket 4014 which was included in
  3290. o Minor features (relays):
  3291. - Option OutboundBindAddress can be specified multiple times and
  3292. accepts IPv6 addresses. Resolves ticket 6876.
  3293. o Minor features (IPv6, client side):
  3294. - AutomapHostsOnResolve now supports IPv6 addresses. By default, we
  3295. prefer to hand out virtual IPv6 addresses, since there are more of
  3296. them and we can't run out. To override this behavior and make IPv4
  3297. addresses preferred, set NoPreferIPv6Automap on whatever SOCKSPort
  3298. or DNSPort you're using for resolving. Implements ticket 7571.
  3299. - AutomapHostsOnResolve responses are now randomized, to avoid
  3300. annoying situations where Tor is restarted and applications
  3301. connect to the wrong addresses.
  3302. - Never try more than 1000 times to pick a new virtual address when
  3303. AutomapHostsOnResolve is set. That's good enough so long as we
  3304. aren't close to handing out our entire virtual address space;
  3305. if you're getting there, it's best to switch to IPv6 virtual
  3306. addresses anyway.
  3307. o Minor features (IPv6, relay/authority side):
  3308. - New config option "AuthDirHasIPv6Connectivity 1" that directory
  3309. authorities should set if they have IPv6 connectivity and want to
  3310. do reachability tests for IPv6 relays. Implements feature 5974.
  3311. - A relay with an IPv6 OR port now sends that address in NETINFO
  3312. cells (in addition to its other address). Implements ticket 6364.
  3313. o Minor features (directory authorities):
  3314. - Directory authorities no long accept descriptors for any version of
  3315. Tor before, or for any 0.2.3 release before
  3316. These versions are insecure, unsupported, or both. Implements
  3317. ticket 6789.
  3318. - When directory authorities are computing thresholds for flags,
  3319. never let the threshold for the Fast flag fall below 4096
  3320. bytes. Also, do not consider nodes with extremely low bandwidths
  3321. when deciding thresholds for various directory flags. This change
  3322. should raise our threshold for Fast relays, possibly in turn
  3323. improving overall network performance; see ticket 1854. Resolves
  3324. ticket 8145.
  3325. - Directory authorities now include inside each vote a statement of
  3326. the performance thresholds they used when assigning flags.
  3327. Implements ticket 8151.
  3328. - Add an "ignoring-advertised-bws" boolean to the flag-threshold lines
  3329. in directory authority votes to describe whether they have enough
  3330. measured bandwidths to ignore advertised (relay descriptor)
  3331. bandwidth claims. Resolves ticket 8711.
  3332. o Minor features (path bias detection):
  3333. - Path Use Bias: Perform separate accounting for successful circuit
  3334. use. Keep separate statistics on stream attempt rates versus stream
  3335. success rates for each guard. Provide configurable thresholds to
  3336. determine when to emit log messages or disable use of guards that
  3337. fail too many stream attempts. Resolves ticket 7802.
  3338. - Create three levels of Path Bias log messages, as opposed to just
  3339. two. These are configurable via consensus as well as via the torrc
  3340. options PathBiasNoticeRate, PathBiasWarnRate, PathBiasExtremeRate.
  3341. The default values are 0.70, 0.50, and 0.30 respectively.
  3342. - Separate the log message levels from the decision to drop guards,
  3343. which also is available via torrc option PathBiasDropGuards.
  3344. PathBiasDropGuards still defaults to 0 (off).
  3345. - Deprecate PathBiasDisableRate in favor of PathBiasDropGuards
  3346. in combination with PathBiasExtremeRate.
  3347. - Increase the default values for PathBiasScaleThreshold and
  3348. PathBiasCircThreshold from (200, 20) to (300, 150).
  3349. - Add in circuit usage accounting to path bias. If we try to use a
  3350. built circuit but fail for any reason, it counts as path bias.
  3351. Certain classes of circuits where the adversary gets to pick your
  3352. destination node are exempt from this accounting. Usage accounting
  3353. can be specifically disabled via consensus parameter or torrc.
  3354. - Convert all internal path bias state to double-precision floating
  3355. point, to avoid roundoff error and other issues.
  3356. - Only record path bias information for circuits that have completed
  3357. *two* hops. Assuming end-to-end tagging is the attack vector, this
  3358. makes us more resilient to ambient circuit failure without any
  3359. detection capability loss.
  3360. o Minor features (build):
  3361. - Tor now builds correctly on Bitrig, an OpenBSD fork. Patch from
  3362. dhill. Resolves ticket 6982.
  3363. - Compile on win64 using mingw64. Fixes bug 7260; patches from
  3364. "yayooo".
  3365. - Work correctly on Unix systems where EAGAIN and EWOULDBLOCK are
  3366. separate error codes; or at least, don't break for that reason.
  3367. Fixes bug 7935. Reported by "oftc_must_be_destroyed".
  3368. o Build improvements (autotools):
  3369. - Warn if building on a platform with an unsigned time_t: there
  3370. are too many places where Tor currently assumes that time_t can
  3371. hold negative values. We'd like to fix them all, but probably
  3372. some will remain.
  3373. - Do not report status verbosely from unless the -v flag
  3374. is specified. Fixes issue 4664. Patch from Onizuka.
  3375. - Detect and reject attempts to build Tor with threading support
  3376. when OpenSSL has been compiled without threading support.
  3377. Fixes bug 6673.
  3378. - Try to detect if we are ever building on a platform where
  3379. memset(...,0,...) does not set the value of a double to 0.0. Such
  3380. platforms are permitted by the C standard, though in practice
  3381. they're pretty rare (since IEEE 754 is nigh-ubiquitous). We don't
  3382. currently support them, but it's better to detect them and fail
  3383. than to perform erroneously.
  3384. - We no longer warn so much when generating manpages from their
  3385. asciidoc source.
  3386. - Use Ville Laurikari's implementation of AX_CHECK_SIGN() to determine
  3387. the signs of types during autoconf. This is better than our old
  3388. approach, which didn't work when cross-compiling.
  3389. o Minor features (log messages, warnings):
  3390. - Detect when we're running with a version of OpenSSL other than the
  3391. one we compiled with. This conflict has occasionally given people
  3392. hard-to-track-down errors.
  3393. - Warn users who run hidden services on a Tor client with
  3394. UseEntryGuards disabled that their hidden services will be
  3395. vulnerable to (the
  3396. attack which motivated Tor to support entry guards in the first
  3397. place). Resolves ticket 6889.
  3398. - Warn when we are binding low ports when hibernation is enabled;
  3399. previously we had warned when we were _advertising_ low ports with
  3400. hibernation enabled. Fixes bug 7285; bugfix on
  3401. - Issue a warning when running with the bufferevents backend enabled.
  3402. It's still not stable, and people should know that they're likely
  3403. to hit unexpected problems. Closes ticket 9147.
  3404. o Minor features (log messages, notices):
  3405. - Refactor resolve_my_address() so it returns the method by which we
  3406. decided our public IP address (explicitly configured, resolved from
  3407. explicit hostname, guessed from interfaces, learned by gethostname).
  3408. Now we can provide more helpful log messages when a relay guesses
  3409. its IP address incorrectly (e.g. due to unexpected lines in
  3410. /etc/hosts). Resolves ticket 2267.
  3411. - Track how many "TAP" and "NTor" circuit handshake requests we get,
  3412. and how many we complete, and log it every hour to help relay
  3413. operators follow trends in network load. Addresses ticket 9658.
  3414. o Minor features (log messages, diagnostics):
  3415. - If we fail to free a microdescriptor because of bug 7164, log
  3416. the filename and line number from which we tried to free it.
  3417. - We compute the overhead from passing onionskins back and forth to
  3418. cpuworkers, and report it when dumping statistics in response to
  3419. SIGUSR1. Supports ticket 7291.
  3420. - Add another diagnostic to the heartbeat message: track and log
  3421. overhead that TLS is adding to the data we write. If this is
  3422. high, we are sending too little data to SSL_write at a time.
  3423. Diagnostic for bug 7707.
  3424. - Log packaged cell fullness as part of the heartbeat message.
  3425. Diagnosis to try to determine the extent of bug 7743.
  3426. - Add more detail to a log message about relaxed timeouts, to help
  3427. track bug 7799.
  3428. - When learning a fingerprint for a bridge, log its corresponding
  3429. transport type. Implements ticket 7896.
  3430. - Warn more aggressively when flushing microdescriptors to a
  3431. microdescriptor cache fails, in an attempt to mitigate bug 8031,
  3432. or at least make it more diagnosable.
  3433. - Improve the log message when "Bug/attack: unexpected sendme cell
  3434. from client" occurs, to help us track bug 8093.
  3435. - Improve debugging output to help track down bug 8185 ("Bug:
  3436. outgoing relay cell has n_chan==NULL. Dropping.")
  3437. o Minor features (log messages, quieter bootstrapping):
  3438. - Log fewer lines at level "notice" about our OpenSSL and Libevent
  3439. versions and capabilities when everything is going right. Resolves
  3440. part of ticket 6736.
  3441. - Omit the first heartbeat log message, because it never has anything
  3442. useful to say, and it clutters up the bootstrapping messages.
  3443. Resolves ticket 6758.
  3444. - Don't log about reloading the microdescriptor cache at startup. Our
  3445. bootstrap warnings are supposed to tell the user when there's a
  3446. problem, and our bootstrap notices say when there isn't. Resolves
  3447. ticket 6759; bugfix on
  3448. - Don't log "I learned some more directory information" when we're
  3449. reading cached directory information. Reserve it for when new
  3450. directory information arrives in response to a fetch. Resolves
  3451. ticket 6760.
  3452. - Don't complain about bootstrapping problems while hibernating.
  3453. These complaints reflect a general code problem, but not one
  3454. with any problematic effects (no connections are actually
  3455. opened). Fixes part of bug 7302; bugfix on
  3456. o Minor features (testing):
  3457. - In our testsuite, create temporary directories with a bit more
  3458. entropy in their name to make name collisions less likely. Fixes
  3459. bug 8638.
  3460. - Add benchmarks for DH (1024-bit multiplicative group) and ECDH
  3461. (P-256) Diffie-Hellman handshakes to src/or/bench.
  3462. - Add benchmark functions to test onion handshake performance.
  3463. o Renamed options:
  3464. - The DirServer option is now DirAuthority, for consistency with
  3465. current naming patterns. You can still use the old DirServer form.
  3466. o Minor bugfixes (protocol):
  3467. - Fix the handling of a TRUNCATE cell when it arrives while the
  3468. circuit extension is in progress. Fixes bug 7947; bugfix on
  3469. - When a Tor client gets a "truncated" relay cell, the first byte of
  3470. its payload specifies why the circuit was truncated. We were
  3471. ignoring this 'reason' byte when tearing down the circuit, resulting
  3472. in the controller not being told why the circuit closed. Now we
  3473. pass the reason from the truncated cell to the controller. Bugfix
  3474. on; fixes bug 7039.
  3475. - Fix a misframing issue when reading the version numbers in a
  3476. VERSIONS cell. Previously we would recognize [00 01 00 02] as
  3477. 'version 1, version 2, and version 0x100', when it should have
  3478. only included versions 1 and 2. Fixes bug 8059; bugfix on
  3479. Reported pseudonymously.
  3480. - Make the format and order of STREAM events for DNS lookups
  3481. consistent among the various ways to launch DNS lookups. Fixes
  3482. bug 8203; bugfix on Patch by "Desoxy".
  3483. o Minor bugfixes (syscalls and disk interaction):
  3484. - Always check the return values of functions fcntl() and
  3485. setsockopt(). We don't believe these are ever actually failing in
  3486. practice, but better safe than sorry. Also, checking these return
  3487. values should please analysis tools like Coverity. Patch from
  3488. 'flupzor'. Fixes bug 8206; bugfix on all versions of Tor.
  3489. - Avoid double-closing the listener socket in our socketpair()
  3490. replacement (used on Windows) in the case where the addresses on
  3491. our opened sockets don't match what we expected. Fixes bug 9400;
  3492. bugfix on 0.0.2pre7. Found by Coverity.
  3493. - Correctly store microdescriptors and extrainfo descriptors that
  3494. include an internal NUL byte. Fixes bug 8037; bugfix on
  3495. Bug reported by "cypherpunks".
  3496. - If for some reason we fail to write a microdescriptor while
  3497. rebuilding the cache, do not let the annotations from that
  3498. microdescriptor linger in the cache file, and do not let the
  3499. microdescriptor stay recorded as present in its old location.
  3500. Fixes bug 9047; bugfix on
  3501. - Use direct writes rather than stdio when building microdescriptor
  3502. caches, in an attempt to mitigate bug 8031, or at least make it
  3503. less common.
  3504. o Minor fixes (config options):
  3505. - Warn and fail if a server is configured not to advertise any
  3506. ORPorts at all. (We need *something* to put in our descriptor,
  3507. or we just won't work.)
  3508. - Behave correctly when the user disables LearnCircuitBuildTimeout
  3509. but doesn't tell us what they would like the timeout to be. Fixes
  3510. bug 6304; bugfix on
  3511. - Rename the (internal-use-only) UsingTestingNetworkDefaults option
  3512. to start with a triple-underscore so the controller won't touch it.
  3513. Patch by Meejah. Fixes bug 3155. Bugfix on
  3514. - Rename the (testing-use-only) _UseFilteringSSLBufferevents option
  3515. so it doesn't start with _. Fixes bug 3155. Bugfix on
  3516. - When autodetecting the number of CPUs, use the number of available
  3517. CPUs in preference to the number of configured CPUs. Inform the
  3518. user if this reduces the number of available CPUs. Fixes bug 8002;
  3519. bugfix on
  3520. - Command-line option "--version" implies "--quiet". Fixes bug 6997.
  3521. - Make it an error when you set EntryNodes but disable UseGuardNodes,
  3522. since it will (surprisingly to some users) ignore EntryNodes. Fixes
  3523. bug 8180; bugfix on
  3524. - Avoid overflows when the user sets MaxCircuitDirtiness to a
  3525. ridiculously high value, by imposing a (ridiculously high) 30-day
  3526. maximum on MaxCircuitDirtiness.
  3527. o Minor bugfixes (control protocol):
  3528. - Stop sending a stray "(null)" in some cases for the server status
  3529. "EXTERNAL_ADDRESS" controller event. Resolves bug 8200; bugfix
  3530. on
  3531. - The ADDRMAP command can no longer generate an ill-formed error
  3532. code on a failed MAPADDRESS. It now says "internal" rather than
  3533. an English sentence fragment with spaces in the middle. Bugfix on
  3534. Tor
  3535. o Minor bugfixes (clients / edges):
  3536. - When we receive a RELAY_END cell with the reason DONE, or with no
  3537. reason, before receiving a RELAY_CONNECTED cell, report the SOCKS
  3538. status as "connection refused". Previously we reported these cases
  3539. as success but then immediately closed the connection. Fixes bug
  3540. 7902; bugfix on Reported by "oftc_must_be_destroyed".
  3541. - If the guard we choose first doesn't answer, we would try the
  3542. second guard, but once we connected to the second guard we would
  3543. abandon it and retry the first one, slowing down bootstrapping.
  3544. The fix is to treat all our initially chosen guards as acceptable
  3545. to use. Fixes bug 9946; bugfix on
  3546. - When choosing which stream on a formerly stalled circuit to wake
  3547. first, make better use of the platform's weak RNG. Previously,
  3548. we had been using the % ("modulo") operator to try to generate a
  3549. 1/N chance of picking each stream, but this behaves badly with
  3550. many platforms' choice of weak RNG. Fixes bug 7801; bugfix on
  3552. o Minor bugfixes (path bias detection):
  3553. - If the state file's path bias counts are invalid (presumably from a
  3554. buggy Tor prior to, make them correct. Also add
  3555. additional checks and log messages to the scaling of Path Bias
  3556. counts, in case there still are remaining issues with scaling.
  3557. Should help resolve bug 8235.
  3558. - Prevent rounding error in path bias counts when scaling
  3559. them down, and use the correct scale factor default. Also demote
  3560. some path bias related log messages down a level and make others
  3561. less scary sounding. Fixes bug 6647. Bugfix on
  3562. - Remove a source of rounding error during path bias count scaling;
  3563. don't count cannibalized circuits as used for path bias until we
  3564. actually try to use them; and fix a circuit_package_relay_cell()
  3565. warning message about n_chan==NULL. Fixes bug 7802.
  3566. - Paste the description for PathBias parameters from the man
  3567. page into or.h, so the code documents them too. Fixes bug 7982;
  3568. bugfix on
  3569. o Minor bugfixes (relays):
  3570. - Stop trying to resolve our hostname so often (e.g. every time we
  3571. think about doing a directory fetch). Now we reuse the cached
  3572. answer in some cases. Fixes bugs 1992 (bugfix on
  3573. and 2410 (bugfix on
  3574. - When examining the list of network interfaces to find our address,
  3575. do not consider non-running or disabled network interfaces. Fixes
  3576. bug 9904; bugfix on Patch from "hantwister".
  3577. o Minor bugfixes (blocking resistance):
  3578. - Only disable TLS session ticket support when running as a TLS
  3579. server. Now clients will blend better with regular Firefox
  3580. connections. Fixes bug 7189; bugfix on Tor
  3581. o Minor bugfixes (IPv6):
  3582. - Use square brackets around IPv6 addresses in numerous places
  3583. that needed them, including log messages, HTTPS CONNECT proxy
  3584. requests, TransportProxy statefile entries, and pluggable transport
  3585. extra-info lines. Fixes bug 7011; patch by David Fifield.
  3586. o Minor bugfixes (directory authorities):
  3587. - Reject consensus votes with more than 64 known-flags. We aren't even
  3588. close to that limit yet, and our code doesn't handle it correctly.
  3589. Fixes bug 6833; bugfix on
  3590. - Correctly handle votes with more than 31 flags. Fixes bug 6853;
  3591. bugfix on
  3592. o Minor bugfixes (memory leaks):
  3593. - Avoid leaking memory if we fail to compute a consensus signature
  3594. or we generate a consensus we can't parse. Bugfix on
  3595. - Fix a memory leak when receiving headers from an HTTPS proxy. Bugfix
  3596. on; fixes bug 7816.
  3597. - Fix a memory leak during safe-cookie controller authentication.
  3598. Bugfix on; fixes bug 7816.
  3599. - Free some more still-in-use memory at exit, to make hunting for
  3600. memory leaks easier. Resolves bug 7029.
  3601. o Minor bugfixes (code correctness):
  3602. - Increase the width of the field used to remember a connection's
  3603. link protocol version to two bytes. Harmless for now, since the
  3604. only currently recognized versions are one byte long. Reported
  3605. pseudonymously. Fixes bug 8062; bugfix on
  3606. - Fix a crash when debugging unit tests on Windows: deallocate a
  3607. shared library with FreeLibrary, not CloseHandle. Fixes bug 7306;
  3608. bugfix on Reported by "ultramage".
  3609. - When detecting the largest possible file descriptor (in order to
  3610. close all file descriptors when launching a new program), actually
  3611. use _SC_OPEN_MAX. The old code for doing this was very, very broken.
  3612. Fixes bug 8209; bugfix on Found by Coverity; this
  3613. is CID 743383.
  3614. - Avoid a crash if we fail to generate an extrainfo descriptor.
  3615. Fixes bug 8208; bugfix on Found by Coverity;
  3616. this is CID 718634.
  3617. - Avoid an off-by-one error when checking buffer boundaries when
  3618. formatting the exit status of a pluggable transport helper.
  3619. This is probably not an exploitable bug, but better safe than
  3620. sorry. Fixes bug 9928; bugfix on Bug found by
  3621. Pedro Ribeiro.
  3622. - Get rid of a couple of harmless clang warnings, where we compared
  3623. enums to ints. These warnings are newly introduced in clang 3.2.
  3624. o Minor bugfixes (code cleanliness):
  3625. - Avoid use of reserved identifiers in our C code. The C standard
  3626. doesn't like us declaring anything that starts with an
  3627. underscore, so let's knock it off before we get in trouble. Fix
  3628. for bug 1031; bugfix on the first Tor commit.
  3629. - Fix round_to_power_of_2() so it doesn't invoke undefined behavior
  3630. with large values. This situation was untriggered, but nevertheless
  3631. incorrect. Fixes bug 6831; bugfix on
  3632. - Fix an impossible buffer overrun in the AES unit tests. Fixes
  3633. bug 8845; bugfix on Found by eugenis.
  3634. - Fix handling of rendezvous client authorization types over 8.
  3635. Fixes bug 6861; bugfix on
  3636. - Remove a couple of extraneous semicolons that were upsetting the
  3637. cparser library. Patch by Christian Grothoff. Fixes bug 7115;
  3638. bugfix on
  3639. - When complaining about a client port on a public address, log
  3640. which address we're complaining about. Fixes bug 4020; bugfix on
  3641. Patch by Tom Fitzhenry.
  3642. o Minor bugfixes (log messages, warnings):
  3643. - If we encounter a write failure on a SOCKS connection before we
  3644. finish our SOCKS handshake, don't warn that we closed the
  3645. connection before we could send a SOCKS reply. Fixes bug 8427;
  3646. bugfix on
  3647. - Fix a directory authority warn caused when we have a large amount
  3648. of badexit bandwidth. Fixes bug 8419; bugfix on
  3649. - Downgrade "Failed to hand off onionskin" messages to "debug"
  3650. severity, since they're typically redundant with the "Your computer
  3651. is too slow" messages. Fixes bug 7038; bugfix on
  3652. - Avoid spurious warnings when configuring multiple client ports of
  3653. which only some are nonlocal. Previously, we had claimed that some
  3654. were nonlocal when in fact they weren't. Fixes bug 7836; bugfix on
  3656. o Minor bugfixes (log messages, other):
  3657. - Fix log messages and comments to avoid saying "GMT" when we mean
  3658. "UTC". Fixes bug 6113.
  3659. - When rejecting a configuration because we were unable to parse a
  3660. quoted string, log an actual error message. Fixes bug 7950; bugfix
  3661. on
  3662. - Correctly recognize that [::1] is a loopback address. Fixes
  3663. bug 8377; bugfix on
  3664. - Don't log inappropriate heartbeat messages when hibernating: a
  3665. hibernating node is _expected_ to drop out of the consensus,
  3666. decide it isn't bootstrapped, and so forth. Fixes bug 7302;
  3667. bugfix on
  3668. - Eliminate several instances where we use "Nickname=ID" to refer to
  3669. nodes in logs. Use "Nickname (ID)" instead. (Elsewhere, we still use
  3670. "$ID=Nickname", which is also acceptable.) Fixes bug 7065. Bugfix
  3671. on
  3672. o Minor bugfixes (build):
  3673. - Fix some bugs in tor-fw-helper-natpmp when trying to build and
  3674. run it on Windows. More bugs likely remain. Patch from Gisle Vanem.
  3675. Fixes bug 7280; bugfix on
  3676. o Documentation fixes:
  3677. - Make the torify manpage no longer refer to tsocks; torify hasn't
  3678. supported tsocks since
  3679. - Make the tor manpage no longer reference tsocks.
  3680. - Fix the GeoIPExcludeUnknown documentation to refer to
  3681. ExcludeExitNodes rather than the currently nonexistent
  3682. ExcludeEntryNodes. Spotted by "hamahangi" on tor-talk.
  3683. - Resolve a typo in Fixes bug 6819; bugfix on
  3685. - Say "KBytes" rather than "KB" in the man page (for various values
  3686. of K), to further reduce confusion about whether Tor counts in
  3687. units of memory or fractions of units of memory. Resolves ticket 7054.
  3688. - Update tor-fw-helper.1.txt and tor-fw-helper.c to make option
  3689. names match. Fixes bug 7768.
  3690. - Fix the documentation of HeartbeatPeriod to say that the heartbeat
  3691. message is logged at notice, not at info.
  3692. - Clarify the usage and risks of setting the ContactInfo torrc line
  3693. for your relay or bridge. Resolves ticket 9854.
  3694. - Add anchors to the manpage so we can link to the html version of
  3695. the documentation for specific options. Resolves ticket 9866.
  3696. - Replace remaining references to DirServer in man page and
  3697. log entries. Resolves ticket 10124.
  3698. o Removed features:
  3699. - Stop exporting estimates of v2 and v3 directory traffic shares
  3700. in extrainfo documents. They were unneeded and sometimes inaccurate.
  3701. Also stop exporting any v2 directory request statistics. Resolves
  3702. ticket 5823.
  3703. - Drop support for detecting and warning about versions of Libevent
  3704. before 1.3e. Nothing reasonable ships with them any longer; warning
  3705. the user about them shouldn't be needed. Resolves ticket 6826.
  3706. - Now that all versions before 0.2.2.x are disallowed, we no longer
  3707. need to work around their missing features. Remove a bunch of
  3708. compatibility code.
  3709. o Removed files:
  3710. - The tor-tsocks.conf is no longer distributed or installed. We
  3711. recommend that tsocks users use torsocks instead. Resolves
  3712. ticket 8290.
  3713. - Remove some of the older contents of doc/ as obsolete; move others
  3714. to torspec.git. Fixes bug 8965.
  3715. o Code simplification:
  3716. - Avoid using character buffers when constructing most directory
  3717. objects: this approach was unwieldy and error-prone. Instead,
  3718. build smartlists of strings, and concatenate them when done.
  3719. - Rename "isin" functions to "contains", for grammar. Resolves
  3720. ticket 5285.
  3721. - Rename Tor's logging function log() to tor_log(), to avoid conflicts
  3722. with the natural logarithm function from the system libm. Resolves
  3723. ticket 7599.
  3724. - Start using OpenBSD's implementation of queue.h, so that we don't
  3725. need to hand-roll our own pointer and list structures whenever we
  3726. need them. (We can't rely on a sys/queue.h, since some operating
  3727. systems don't have them, and the ones that do have them don't all
  3728. present the same extensions.)
  3729. - Start using OpenBSD's implementation of queue.h (originally by
  3730. Niels Provos).
  3731. - Enhance our internal sscanf replacement so that we can eliminate
  3732. the last remaining uses of the system sscanf. (Though those uses
  3733. of sscanf were safe, sscanf itself is generally error prone, so
  3734. we want to eliminate when we can.) Fixes ticket 4195 and Coverity
  3735. CID 448.
  3736. - Replace all calls to snprintf() outside of src/ext with
  3737. tor_snprintf(). Also remove the #define to replace snprintf with
  3738. _snprintf on Windows; they have different semantics, and all of
  3739. our callers should be using tor_snprintf() anyway. Fixes bug 7304.
  3740. o Refactoring:
  3741. - Add a wrapper function for the common "log a message with a
  3742. rate-limit" case.
  3743. - Split the onion.c file into separate modules for the onion queue
  3744. and the different handshakes it supports.
  3745. - Move the client-side address-map/virtual-address/DNS-cache code
  3746. out of connection_edge.c into a new addressmap.c module.
  3747. - Move the entry node code from circuitbuild.c to its own file.
  3748. - Move the circuit build timeout tracking code from circuitbuild.c
  3749. to its own file.
  3750. - Source files taken from other packages now reside in src/ext;
  3751. previously they were scattered around the rest of Tor.
  3752. - Move the generic "config" code into a new file, and have "config.c"
  3753. hold only torrc- and state-related code. Resolves ticket 6823.
  3754. - Move the core of our "choose a weighted element at random" logic
  3755. into its own function, and give it unit tests. Now the logic is
  3756. testable, and a little less fragile too.
  3757. - Move ipv6_preferred from routerinfo_t to node_t. Addresses bug 4620.
  3758. - Move last_reachable and testing_since from routerinfo_t to node_t.
  3759. Implements ticket 5529.
  3760. - Add replaycache_t structure, functions and unit tests, then refactor
  3761. rend_service_introduce() to be more clear to read, improve, debug,
  3762. and test. Resolves bug 6177.
  3763. o Removed code:
  3764. - Remove some now-needless code that tried to aggressively flush
  3765. OR connections as data was added to them. Since, our
  3766. cell queue logic has saved us from the failure mode that this code
  3767. was supposed to prevent. Removing this code will limit the number
  3768. of baroque control flow paths through Tor's network logic. Reported
  3769. pseudonymously on IRC. Fixes bug 6468; bugfix on
  3770. - Remove unused code for parsing v1 directories and "running routers"
  3771. documents. Fixes bug 6887.
  3772. - Remove the marshalling/unmarshalling code for sending requests to
  3773. cpuworkers over a socket, and instead just send structs. The
  3774. recipient will always be the same Tor binary as the sender, so
  3775. any encoding is overkill.
  3776. - Remove the testing_since field of node_t, which hasn't been used
  3777. for anything since
  3778. - Finally remove support for malloc_good_size and malloc_usable_size.
  3779. We had hoped that these functions would let us eke a little more
  3780. memory out of our malloc implementation. Unfortunately, the only
  3781. implementations that provided these functions are also ones that
  3782. are already efficient about not overallocation: they never got us
  3783. more than 7 or so bytes per allocation. Removing them saves us a
  3784. little code complexity and a nontrivial amount of build complexity.
  3785. Changes in version - 2012-11-19
  3786. The Tor 0.2.3 release series is dedicated to the memory of Len "rabbi"
  3787. Sassaman (1980-2011), a long-time cypherpunk, anonymity researcher,
  3788. Mixmaster maintainer, Pynchon Gate co-designer, CodeCon organizer,
  3789. programmer, and friend. Unstinting in his dedication to the cause of
  3790. freedom, he inspired and helped many of us as we began our work on
  3791. anonymity, and inspires us still. Please honor his memory by writing
  3792. software to protect people's freedoms, and by helping others to do so.
  3793. Tor, the first stable release in the 0.2.3 branch, features
  3794. significantly reduced directory overhead (via microdescriptors),
  3795. enormous crypto performance improvements for fast relays on new
  3796. enough hardware, a new v3 TLS handshake protocol that can better
  3797. resist fingerprinting, support for protocol obfuscation plugins (aka
  3798. pluggable transports), better scalability for hidden services, IPv6
  3799. support for bridges, performance improvements like allowing clients
  3800. to skip the first round-trip on the circuit ("optimistic data") and
  3801. refilling token buckets more often, a new "stream isolation" design
  3802. to isolate different applications on different circuits, and many
  3803. stability, security, and privacy fixes.
  3804. Major features (v3 directory protocol):
  3805. - Clients now use microdescriptors instead of regular descriptors
  3806. to build circuits. Microdescriptors are authority-generated
  3807. summaries of regular descriptors' contents, designed to change very
  3808. rarely (see proposal 158 for details). This feature is designed
  3809. to save bandwidth, especially for clients on slow internet
  3810. connections. Use "UseMicrodescriptors 0" to disable it.
  3811. - Caches now download, cache, and serve microdescriptors, as well
  3812. as multiple "flavors" of the consensus, including a flavor that
  3813. describes microdescriptors.
  3814. o Major features (build hardening):
  3815. - Enable gcc and ld hardening by default. Resolves ticket 5210.
  3816. o Major features (relay scaling):
  3817. - When built to use OpenSSL 1.0.1, and built for an x86 or x86_64
  3818. instruction set, take advantage of OpenSSL's AESNI, bitsliced, or
  3819. vectorized AES implementations as appropriate. These can be much,
  3820. much faster than other AES implementations.
  3821. - When using OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later, use OpenSSL's counter mode
  3822. implementation. It makes AES_CTR about 7% faster than our old one
  3823. (which was about 10% faster than the one OpenSSL used to provide).
  3824. Resolves ticket 4526.
  3825. - Use OpenSSL's EVP interface for AES encryption, so that all AES
  3826. operations can use hardware acceleration (if present). Resolves
  3827. ticket 4442.
  3828. - Unconditionally use OpenSSL's AES implementation instead of our
  3829. old built-in one. OpenSSL's AES has been better for a while, and
  3830. relatively few servers should still be on any version of OpenSSL
  3831. that doesn't have good optimized assembly AES.
  3832. o Major features (blocking resistance):
  3833. - Update TLS cipher list to match Firefox 8 and later. Resolves
  3834. ticket 4744.
  3835. - Remove support for clients falsely claiming to support standard
  3836. ciphersuites that they can actually provide. As of modern OpenSSL
  3837. versions, it's not necessary to fake any standard ciphersuite,
  3838. and doing so prevents us from using better ciphersuites in the
  3839. future, since servers can't know whether an advertised ciphersuite
  3840. is really supported or not. Some hosts -- notably, ones with very
  3841. old versions of OpenSSL or where OpenSSL has been built with ECC
  3842. disabled -- will stand out because of this change; TBB users should
  3843. not be affected. Implements the client side of proposal 198.
  3844. - Implement a new handshake protocol (v3) for authenticating Tors to
  3845. each other over TLS. It should be more resistant to fingerprinting
  3846. than previous protocols, and should require less TLS hacking for
  3847. future Tor implementations. Implements proposal 176.
  3848. - Allow variable-length padding cells, to disguise the length of
  3849. Tor's TLS records. Implements part of proposal 184.
  3850. - While we're trying to bootstrap, record how many TLS connections
  3851. fail in each state, and report which states saw the most failures
  3852. in response to any bootstrap failures. This feature may speed up
  3853. diagnosis of censorship events. Implements ticket 3116.
  3854. o Major features (pluggable transports):
  3855. - Clients and bridges can now be configured to use a separate
  3856. "transport" proxy. This approach makes the censorship arms race
  3857. easier by allowing bridges to use protocol obfuscation plugins.
  3858. Implements proposal 180 (tickets 2841 and 3472).
  3859. o Major features (DoS resistance):
  3860. - Now that Tor 0.2.0.x is completely deprecated, enable the final
  3861. part of "Proposal 110: Avoiding infinite length circuits" by
  3862. refusing all circuit-extend requests that do not use a relay_early
  3863. cell. This change helps Tor resist a class of denial-of-service
  3864. attacks by limiting the maximum circuit length.
  3865. - Tear down the circuit if we get an unexpected SENDME cell. Clients
  3866. could use this trick to make their circuits receive cells faster
  3867. than our flow control would have allowed, or to gum up the network,
  3868. or possibly to do targeted memory denial-of-service attacks on
  3869. entry nodes. Fixes bug 6252. Bugfix on the 54th commit on Tor --
  3870. from July 2002, before the release of Tor 0.0.0.
  3871. o Major features (hidden services):
  3872. - Adjust the number of introduction points that a hidden service
  3873. will try to maintain based on how long its introduction points
  3874. remain in use and how many introductions they handle. Fixes
  3875. part of bug 3825.
  3876. - Add a "tor2web mode" for clients that want to connect to hidden
  3877. services non-anonymously (and possibly more quickly). As a safety
  3878. measure to try to keep users from turning this on without knowing
  3879. what they are doing, tor2web mode must be explicitly enabled at
  3880. compile time, and a copy of Tor compiled to run in tor2web mode
  3881. cannot be used as a normal Tor client. Implements feature 2553.
  3882. o Major features (IPv6):
  3883. - Clients can now connect to private bridges over IPv6. Bridges
  3884. still need at least one IPv4 address in order to connect to
  3885. other relays. Note that we don't yet handle the case where the
  3886. user has two bridge lines for the same bridge (one IPv4, one
  3887. IPv6). Implements parts of proposal 186.
  3888. o Major features (directory authorities):
  3889. - Use a more secure consensus parameter voting algorithm. Now at
  3890. least three directory authorities or a majority of them must
  3891. vote on a given parameter before it will be included in the
  3892. consensus. Implements proposal 178.
  3893. - Remove the artificially low cutoff of 20KB to guarantee the Fast
  3894. flag. In the past few years the average relay speed has picked
  3895. up, and while the "top 7/8 of the network get the Fast flag" and
  3896. "all relays with 20KB or more of capacity get the Fast flag" rules
  3897. used to have the same result, now the top 7/8 of the network has
  3898. a capacity more like 32KB. Bugfix on Fixes bug 4489.
  3899. o Major features (performance):
  3900. - Exit nodes now accept and queue data on not-yet-connected streams.
  3901. Previously, the client wasn't allowed to send data until the
  3902. stream was connected, which slowed down all connections. This
  3903. change will enable clients to perform a "fast-start" on streams
  3904. and send data without having to wait for a confirmation that the
  3905. stream has opened. Patch from Ian Goldberg; implements the server
  3906. side of Proposal 174.
  3907. - When using an exit relay running 0.2.3.x, clients can now
  3908. "optimistically" send data before the exit relay reports that
  3909. the stream has opened. This saves a round trip when starting
  3910. connections where the client speaks first (such as web browsing).
  3911. This behavior is controlled by a consensus parameter (currently
  3912. disabled). To turn it on or off manually, use the "OptimisticData"
  3913. torrc option. Implements proposal 181; code by Ian Goldberg.
  3914. - Add a new TokenBucketRefillInterval option to refill token buckets
  3915. more frequently than once per second. This should improve network
  3916. performance, alleviate queueing problems, and make traffic less
  3917. bursty. Implements proposal 183; closes ticket 3630. Design by
  3918. Florian Tschorsch and Björn Scheuermann; implementation by
  3919. Florian Tschorsch.
  3920. - Raise the threshold of server descriptors needed (75%) and exit
  3921. server descriptors needed (50%) before we will declare ourselves
  3922. bootstrapped. This will make clients start building circuits a
  3923. little later, but makes the initially constructed circuits less
  3924. skewed and less in conflict with further directory fetches. Fixes
  3925. ticket 3196.
  3926. o Major features (relays):
  3927. - Relays now try regenerating and uploading their descriptor more
  3928. frequently if they are not listed in the consensus, or if the
  3929. version of their descriptor listed in the consensus is too
  3930. old. This fix should prevent situations where a server declines
  3931. to re-publish itself because it has done so too recently, even
  3932. though the authorities decided not to list its recent-enough
  3933. descriptor. Fix for bug 3327.
  3934. o Major features (stream isolation):
  3935. - You can now configure Tor so that streams from different
  3936. applications are isolated on different circuits, to prevent an
  3937. attacker who sees your streams as they leave an exit node from
  3938. linking your sessions to one another. To do this, choose some way
  3939. to distinguish the applications: have them connect to different
  3940. SocksPorts, or have one of them use SOCKS4 while the other uses
  3941. SOCKS5, or have them pass different authentication strings to the
  3942. SOCKS proxy. Then, use the new SocksPort syntax to configure the
  3943. degree of isolation you need. This implements Proposal 171.
  3944. - There's a new syntax for specifying multiple client ports (such as
  3945. SOCKSPort, TransPort, DNSPort, NATDPort): you can now just declare
  3946. multiple *Port entries with full addr:port syntax on each.
  3947. The old *ListenAddress format is still supported, but you can't
  3948. mix it with the new *Port syntax.
  3949. o Major features (bufferevents):
  3950. - Tor can now optionally build with the "bufferevents" buffered IO
  3951. backend provided by Libevent 2. To use this feature, make sure you
  3952. have the latest possible version of Libevent, and pass the
  3953. --enable-bufferevents flag to configure when building Tor from
  3954. source. This feature will make our networking code more flexible,
  3955. let us stack layers on each other, and let us use more efficient
  3956. zero-copy transports where available.
  3957. - Add experimental support for running on Windows with IOCP and no
  3958. kernel-space socket buffers. This feature is controlled by a new
  3959. "UserspaceIOCPBuffers" config option (off by default), which has
  3960. no effect unless Tor has been built with bufferevents enabled,
  3961. you're running on Windows, and you've set "DisableIOCP 0". In the
  3962. long run, this may help solve or mitigate bug 98.
  3963. o Major features (path selection):
  3964. - The EntryNodes option can now include country codes like {de} or IP
  3965. addresses or network masks. Previously we had disallowed these
  3966. options because we didn't have an efficient way to keep the list up
  3967. to date. Addresses ticket 1982, but see bug 2798 for an unresolved
  3968. issue here.
  3969. o Major features (port forwarding):
  3970. - Add support for automatic port mapping on the many home routers
  3971. that support NAT-PMP or UPnP. To build the support code, you'll
  3972. need to have the libnatpnp library and/or the libminiupnpc library,
  3973. and you'll need to enable the feature specifically by passing
  3974. "--enable-upnp" and/or "--enable-natpnp" to ./configure. To turn
  3975. it on, use the new PortForwarding option.
  3976. o Major features (logging):
  3977. - Add a new 'Heartbeat' log message type to periodically log a message
  3978. describing Tor's status at level Notice. This feature is meant for
  3979. operators who log at notice, and want to make sure that their Tor
  3980. server is still working. Implementation by George Kadianakis.
  3981. - Make logging resolution configurable with a new LogTimeGranularity
  3982. option, and change the default from 1 millisecond to 1 second.
  3983. Implements enhancement 1668.
  3984. o Major features (other):
  3985. - New "DisableNetwork" config option to prevent Tor from launching any
  3986. connections or accepting any connections except on a control port.
  3987. Bundles and controllers can set this option before letting Tor talk
  3988. to the rest of the network, for example to prevent any connections
  3989. to a non-bridge address. Packages like Orbot can also use this
  3990. option to instruct Tor to save power when the network is off.
  3991. - Try to use system facilities for enumerating local interface
  3992. addresses, before falling back to our old approach (which was
  3993. binding a UDP socket, and calling getsockname() on it). That
  3994. approach was scaring OS X users whose draconian firewall
  3995. software warned about binding to UDP sockets regardless of
  3996. whether packets were sent. Now we try to use getifaddrs(),
  3997. SIOCGIFCONF, or GetAdaptersAddresses(), depending on what the
  3998. system supports. Resolves ticket 1827.
  3999. - Add experimental support for a "defaults" torrc file to be parsed
  4000. before the regular torrc. Torrc options override the defaults file's
  4001. options in the same way that the command line overrides the torrc.
  4002. The SAVECONF controller command saves only those options which
  4003. differ between the current configuration and the defaults file. HUP
  4004. reloads both files. Implements task 4552.
  4005. o New directory authorities:
  4006. - Add Faravahar (run by Sina Rabbani) as the ninth v3 directory
  4007. authority. Closes ticket 5749.
  4008. o Security/privacy fixes:
  4009. - Avoid read-from-freed-memory and double-free bugs that could occur
  4010. when a DNS request fails while launching it. Fixes bug 6480;
  4011. bugfix on
  4012. - Reject any attempt to extend to an internal address. Without
  4013. this fix, a router could be used to probe addresses on an internal
  4014. network to see whether they were accepting connections. Fixes bug
  4015. 6710; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
  4016. - Close any connection that sends unrecognized junk before the TLS
  4017. handshake. Solves an issue noted in bug 4369.
  4018. - The advertised platform of a relay now includes only its operating
  4019. system's name (e.g., "Linux", "Darwin", "Windows 7"), and not
  4020. its service pack level (for Windows) or its CPU architecture
  4021. (for Unix). Also drop the "git-XYZ" tag in the version. Packagers
  4022. can insert an extra string in the platform line by setting the
  4023. preprocessor variable TOR_BUILD_TAG. Resolves bug 2988.
  4024. - Disable TLS session tickets. OpenSSL's implementation was giving
  4025. our TLS session keys the lifetime of our TLS context objects, when
  4026. perfect forward secrecy would want us to discard anything that
  4027. could decrypt a link connection as soon as the link connection
  4028. was closed. Fixes bug 7139; bugfix on all versions of Tor linked
  4029. against OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later. Found by Florent Daignière.
  4030. - Tor tries to wipe potentially sensitive data after using it, so
  4031. that if some subsequent security failure exposes Tor's memory,
  4032. the damage will be limited. But we had a bug where the compiler
  4033. was eliminating these wipe operations when it decided that the
  4034. memory was no longer visible to a (correctly running) program,
  4035. hence defeating our attempt at defense in depth. We fix that
  4036. by using OpenSSL's OPENSSL_cleanse() operation, which a compiler
  4037. is unlikely to optimize away. Future versions of Tor may use
  4038. a less ridiculously heavy approach for this. Fixes bug 7352.
  4039. Reported in an article by Andrey Karpov.
  4040. o Major bugfixes (crashes and asserts):
  4041. - Avoid a pair of double-free and use-after-mark bugs that can
  4042. occur with certain timings in canceled and re-received DNS
  4043. requests. Fixes bug 6472; bugfix on 0.0.7rc1.
  4044. - Fix a denial of service attack by which any directory authority
  4045. could crash all the others, or by which a single v2 directory
  4046. authority could crash everybody downloading v2 directory
  4047. information. Fixes bug 7191; bugfix on
  4048. - Fix an assert that directory authorities could trigger on sighup
  4049. during some configuration state transitions. We now don't treat
  4050. it as a fatal error when the new descriptor we just generated in
  4051. init_keys() isn't accepted. Fixes bug 4438; bugfix on
  4052. - Avoid segfault when starting up having run with an extremely old
  4053. version of Tor and parsing its state file. Fixes bug 6801; bugfix
  4054. on
  4055. o Major bugfixes (clients):
  4056. - If we are unable to find any exit that supports our predicted ports,
  4057. stop calling them predicted, so that we don't loop and build
  4058. hopeless circuits indefinitely. Fixes bug 3296; bugfix on 0.0.9pre6,
  4059. which introduced predicted ports.
  4060. - Check at each new consensus whether our entry guards were picked
  4061. long enough ago that we should rotate them. Previously, we only
  4062. did this check at startup, which could lead to us holding a guard
  4063. indefinitely. Fixes bug 5380; bugfix on
  4064. - When fetching a bridge descriptor from a bridge authority,
  4065. always do so anonymously, whether we have been able to open
  4066. circuits or not. Partial fix for bug 1938; bugfix on
  4067. This behavior makes it *safer* to use UpdateBridgesFromAuthority,
  4068. but we'll need to wait for bug 6010 before it's actually usable.
  4069. o Major bugfixes (directory voting):
  4070. - Check more thoroughly to prevent a rogue authority from
  4071. double-voting on any consensus directory parameter. Previously,
  4072. authorities would crash in this case if the total number of
  4073. votes for any parameter exceeded the number of active voters,
  4074. but would let it pass otherwise. Partially fixes bug 5786; bugfix
  4075. on
  4076. - When computing weight parameters, behave more robustly in the
  4077. presence of a bad bwweightscale value. Previously, the authorities
  4078. would crash if they agreed on a sufficiently broken weight_scale
  4079. value; now, they use a reasonable default and carry on. Fixes the
  4080. rest of bug 5786; bugfix on
  4081. - If authorities are unable to get a v2 consensus document from other
  4082. directory authorities, they no longer fall back to fetching
  4083. them from regular directory caches. Fixes bug 5635; bugfix on
  4084., where routers stopped downloading v2 consensus
  4085. documents entirely.
  4086. o Major bugfixes (relays):
  4087. - Fix a bug handling SENDME cells on nonexistent streams that could
  4088. result in bizarre window values. Report and patch contributed
  4089. pseudonymously. Fixes part of bug 6271. This bug was introduced
  4090. before the first Tor release, in svn commit r152.
  4091. - Don't update the AccountingSoftLimitHitAt state file entry whenever
  4092. tor gets started. This prevents a wrong average bandwidth
  4093. estimate, which would cause relays to always start a new accounting
  4094. interval at the earliest possible moment. Fixes bug 2003; bugfix
  4095. on Reported by Bryon Eldridge, who also helped
  4096. immensely in tracking this bug down.
  4097. - Fix a possible crash bug when checking for deactivated circuits
  4098. in connection_or_flush_from_first_active_circuit(). Fixes bug 6341;
  4099. bugfix on Bug report and fix received pseudonymously.
  4100. - Set the SO_REUSEADDR socket option before we call bind() on outgoing
  4101. connections. This change should allow busy exit relays to stop
  4102. running out of available sockets as quickly. Fixes bug 4950;
  4103. bugfix on
  4104. o Major bugfixes (blocking resistance):
  4105. - Bridges no longer include their address in NETINFO cells on outgoing
  4106. OR connections, to allow them to blend in better with clients.
  4107. Removes another avenue for enumerating bridges. Reported by
  4108. "troll_un". Fixes bug 4348; bugfix on, when NETINFO
  4109. cells were introduced.
  4110. - Warn the user when HTTPProxy, but no other proxy type, is
  4111. configured. This can cause surprising behavior: it doesn't send
  4112. all of Tor's traffic over the HTTPProxy -- it sends unencrypted
  4113. directory traffic only. Resolves ticket 4663.
  4114. o Major bugfixes (hidden services):
  4115. - Improve hidden service robustness: when an attempt to connect to
  4116. a hidden service ends, be willing to refetch its hidden service
  4117. descriptors from each of the HSDir relays responsible for them
  4118. immediately. Previously, we would not consider refetching the
  4119. service's descriptors from each HSDir for 15 minutes after the last
  4120. fetch, which was inconvenient if the hidden service was not running
  4121. during the first attempt. Bugfix on; fixes bug 3335.
  4122. - Hidden services now ignore the timestamps on INTRODUCE2 cells.
  4123. They used to check that the timestamp was within 30 minutes
  4124. of their system clock, so they could cap the size of their
  4125. replay-detection cache, but that approach unnecessarily refused
  4126. service to clients with wrong clocks. Bugfix on, when
  4127. the v3 intro-point protocol (the first one which sent a timestamp
  4128. field in the INTRODUCE2 cell) was introduced; fixes bug 3460.
  4129. - When one of a hidden service's introduction points appears to be
  4130. unreachable, stop trying it. Previously, we would keep trying
  4131. to build circuits to the introduction point until we lost the
  4132. descriptor, usually because the user gave up and restarted Tor.
  4133. Fixes part of bug 3825.
  4134. o Changes to default torrc file:
  4135. - Stop listing "socksport 9050" in torrc.sample. We open a socks
  4136. port on 9050 by default anyway, so this should not change anything
  4137. in practice.
  4138. - Stop mentioning the deprecated *ListenAddress options in
  4139. torrc.sample. Fixes bug 5438.
  4140. - Document unit of bandwidth-related options in sample torrc.
  4141. Fixes bug 5621.
  4142. - Fix broken URLs in the sample torrc file, and tell readers about
  4143. the OutboundBindAddress, ExitPolicyRejectPrivate, and
  4144. PublishServerDescriptor options. Addresses bug 4652.
  4145. o Minor features (directory authorities):
  4146. - Consider new, removed or changed IPv6 OR ports a non-cosmetic
  4147. change when the authority is deciding whether to accept a newly
  4148. uploaded descriptor. Implements ticket 6423.
  4149. - Directory authorities are now a little more lenient at accepting
  4150. older router descriptors, or newer router descriptors that don't
  4151. make big changes. This should help ameliorate past and future
  4152. issues where routers think they have uploaded valid descriptors,
  4153. but the authorities don't think so. Fix for ticket 2479.
  4154. - Authority operators can now vote for all relays in a given
  4155. set of countries to be BadDir/BadExit/Invalid/Rejected.
  4156. - Provide two consensus parameters (FastFlagMinThreshold and
  4157. FastFlagMaxThreshold) to control the range of allowable bandwidths
  4158. for the Fast directory flag. These allow authorities to run
  4159. experiments on appropriate requirements for being a "Fast" node.
  4160. The AuthDirFastGuarantee config value still applies. Implements
  4161. ticket 3946.
  4162. o Minor features (bridges / bridge authorities):
  4163. - Make bridge SSL certificates a bit more stealthy by using random
  4164. serial numbers, in the same fashion as OpenSSL when generating
  4165. self-signed certificates. Implements ticket 4584.
  4166. - Tag a bridge's descriptor as "never to be sent unencrypted".
  4167. This shouldn't matter, since bridges don't open non-anonymous
  4168. connections to the bridge authority and don't allow unencrypted
  4169. directory connections from clients, but we might as well make
  4170. sure. Closes bug 5139.
  4171. - The Bridge Authority now writes statistics on how many bridge
  4172. descriptors it gave out in total, and how many unique descriptors
  4173. it gave out. It also lists how often the most and least commonly
  4174. fetched descriptors were given out, as well as the median and
  4175. 25th/75th percentile. Implements tickets 4200 and 4294.
  4176. o Minor features (IPv6):
  4177. - Make the code that clients use to detect an address change be
  4178. IPv6-aware, so that it won't fill clients' logs with error
  4179. messages when trying to get the IPv4 address of an IPv6
  4180. connection. Implements ticket 5537.
  4181. - Relays now understand an IPv6 address when they get one from a
  4182. directory server. Resolves ticket 4875.
  4183. o Minor features (hidden services):
  4184. - Expire old or over-used hidden service introduction points.
  4185. Required by fix for bug 3460.
  4186. - Reduce the lifetime of elements of hidden services' Diffie-Hellman
  4187. public key replay-detection cache from 60 minutes to 5 minutes. This
  4188. replay-detection cache is now used only to detect multiple
  4189. INTRODUCE2 cells specifying the same rendezvous point, so we can
  4190. avoid launching multiple simultaneous attempts to connect to it.
  4191. - When a hidden service's introduction point times out, consider
  4192. trying it again during the next attempt to connect to the
  4193. HS. Previously, we would not try it again unless a newly fetched
  4194. descriptor contained it. Required by fixes for bugs 1297 and 3825.
  4195. o Minor features (relays):
  4196. - Relays now include a reason for regenerating their descriptors
  4197. in an HTTP header when uploading to the authorities. This will
  4198. make it easier to debug descriptor-upload issues in the future.
  4199. - Turn on directory request statistics by default and include them in
  4200. extra-info descriptors. Don't break if we have no GeoIP database.
  4201. - Replace files in stats/ rather than appending to them. Now that we
  4202. include statistics in extra-info descriptors, it makes no sense to
  4203. keep old statistics forever. Implements ticket 2930.
  4204. - Relays that set "ConnDirectionStatistics 1" write statistics on the
  4205. bidirectional use of connections to disk every 24 hours.
  4206. - Add a GeoIP file digest to the extra-info descriptor. Implements
  4207. ticket 1883.
  4208. o Minor features (new config options):
  4209. - New config option "DynamicDHGroups" (disabled by default) provides
  4210. each bridge with a unique prime DH modulus to be used during
  4211. SSL handshakes. This option attempts to help against censors
  4212. who might use the Apache DH modulus as a static identifier for
  4213. bridges. Addresses ticket 4548.
  4214. - New config option "DisableDebuggerAttachment" (on by default)
  4215. to prevent basic debugging attachment attempts by other processes.
  4216. Supports Mac OS X and Gnu/Linux. Resolves ticket 3313.
  4217. - Ordinarily, Tor does not count traffic from private addresses (like
  4218. or when calculating rate limits or accounting.
  4219. There is now a new option, CountPrivateBandwidth, to disable this
  4220. behavior. Patch from Daniel Cagara.
  4221. o Minor features (different behavior for old config options):
  4222. - Allow MapAddress directives to specify matches against super-domains,
  4223. as in "MapAddress * *".
  4224. Implements issue 933.
  4225. - Don't disable the DirPort when we cannot exceed our AccountingMax
  4226. limit during this interval because the effective bandwidthrate is
  4227. low enough. This is useful in a situation where AccountMax is only
  4228. used as an additional safeguard or to provide statistics.
  4229. - Add port 6523 (Gobby) to LongLivedPorts. Patch by intrigeri;
  4230. implements ticket 3439.
  4231. - When configuring a large set of nodes in EntryNodes, and there are
  4232. enough of them listed as Guard so that we don't need to consider
  4233. the non-guard entries, prefer the ones listed with the Guard flag.
  4234. - If you set the NumCPUs option to 0, Tor will now try to detect how
  4235. many CPUs you have. This is the new default behavior.
  4236. - The NodeFamily option -- which let you declare that you want to
  4237. consider nodes to be part of a family whether they list themselves
  4238. that way or not -- now allows IP address ranges and country codes.
  4239. o Minor features (new command-line config behavior):
  4240. - Slightly change behavior of "list" options (that is, config
  4241. options that can appear more than once) when they appear both in
  4242. torrc and on the command line. Previously, the command-line options
  4243. would be appended to the ones from torrc. Now, the command-line
  4244. options override the torrc options entirely. This new behavior
  4245. allows the user to override list options (like exit policies and
  4246. ports to listen on) from the command line, rather than simply
  4247. appending to the list.
  4248. - You can get the old (appending) command-line behavior for "list"
  4249. options by prefixing the option name with a "+".
  4250. - You can remove all the values for a "list" option from the command
  4251. line without adding any new ones by prefixing the option name
  4252. with a "/".
  4253. o Minor features (controller, new events):
  4254. - Extend the control protocol to report flags that control a circuit's
  4255. path selection in CIRC events and in replies to 'GETINFO
  4256. circuit-status'. Implements part of ticket 2411.
  4257. - Extend the control protocol to report the hidden service address
  4258. and current state of a hidden-service-related circuit in CIRC
  4259. events and in replies to 'GETINFO circuit-status'. Implements part
  4260. of ticket 2411.
  4261. - Include the creation time of a circuit in CIRC and CIRC2
  4262. control-port events and the list produced by the 'GETINFO
  4263. circuit-status' control-port command.
  4264. - Add a new CONF_CHANGED event so that controllers can be notified
  4265. of any configuration changes made by other controllers, or by the
  4266. user. Implements ticket 1692.
  4267. - Add a new SIGNAL event to the controller interface so that
  4268. controllers can be notified when Tor handles a signal. Resolves
  4269. issue 1955. Patch by John Brooks.
  4270. o Minor features (controller, new getinfo options):
  4271. - Expose our view of whether we have gone dormant to the controller,
  4272. via a new "GETINFO dormant" value. Torbutton and other controllers
  4273. can use this to avoid doing periodic requests through Tor while
  4274. it's dormant (bug 4718). Resolves ticket 5954.
  4275. - Add a new GETINFO option to get total bytes read and written. Patch
  4276. from pipe, revised by atagar. Resolves ticket 2345.
  4277. - Implement new GETINFO controller fields to provide information about
  4278. the Tor process's pid, euid, username, and resource limits.
  4279. o Minor features (controller, other):
  4280. - Allow controllers to request an event notification whenever a
  4281. circuit is cannibalized or its purpose is changed. Implements
  4282. part of ticket 3457.
  4283. - Use absolute path names when reporting the torrc filename in the
  4284. control protocol, so a controller can more easily find the torrc
  4285. file. Resolves bug 1101.
  4286. - When reporting the path to the cookie file to the controller,
  4287. give an absolute path. Resolves ticket 4881.
  4288. o Minor features (log messages):
  4289. - Add more information to a log statement that might help track down
  4290. bug 4091. If you're seeing "Bug: tor_addr_is_internal() called with a
  4291. non-IP address" messages (or any Bug messages, for that matter!),
  4292. please let us know about it.
  4293. - If EntryNodes are given, but UseEntryGuards is set to 0, warn that
  4294. EntryNodes will have no effect. Resolves issue 2571.
  4295. - Try to make the introductory warning message that Tor prints on
  4296. startup more useful for actually finding help and information.
  4297. Resolves ticket 2474.
  4298. - When the system call to create a listener socket fails, log the
  4299. error message explaining why. This may help diagnose bug 4027.
  4300. o Minor features (other):
  4301. - When we fail to initialize Libevent, retry with IOCP disabled so we
  4302. don't need to turn on multi-threading support in Libevent, which in
  4303. turn requires a working socketpair(). This is a workaround for bug
  4304. 4457, which affects Libevent versions from 2.0.1-alpha through
  4305. 2.0.15-stable.
  4306. - When starting as root and then changing our UID via the User
  4307. control option, and we have a ControlSocket configured, make sure
  4308. that the ControlSocket is owned by the same account that Tor will
  4309. run under. Implements ticket 3421; fix by Jérémy Bobbio.
  4310. - Accept attempts to include a password authenticator in the
  4311. handshake, as supported by SOCKS5. This handles SOCKS clients that
  4312. don't know how to omit a password when authenticating. Resolves
  4313. bug 1666.
  4314. - Check for and recover from inconsistency in the microdescriptor
  4315. cache. This will make it harder for us to accidentally free a
  4316. microdescriptor without removing it from the appropriate data
  4317. structures. Fixes issue 3135; issue noted by "wanoskarnet".
  4318. - Shorten links in the tor-exit-notice file. Patch by Christian Kujau.
  4319. o Minor bugfixes (code security):
  4320. - Prevent a null-pointer dereference when receiving a data cell
  4321. for a nonexistent stream when the circuit in question has an
  4322. empty deliver window. We don't believe this is triggerable,
  4323. since we don't currently allow deliver windows to become empty,
  4324. but the logic is tricky enough that it's better to make the code
  4325. robust. Fixes bug 5541; bugfix on 0.0.2pre14.
  4326. - Fix a (harmless) integer overflow in cell statistics reported by
  4327. some fast relays. Fixes bug 5849; bugfix on
  4328. - Fix our implementation of crypto_random_hostname() so it can't
  4329. overflow on ridiculously large inputs. (No Tor version has ever
  4330. provided this kind of bad inputs, but let's be correct in depth.)
  4331. Fixes bug 4413; bugfix on Fix by Stephen Palmateer.
  4332. - Add a (probably redundant) memory clear between iterations of
  4333. the router status voting loop, to prevent future coding errors
  4334. where data might leak between iterations of the loop. Resolves
  4335. ticket 6514.
  4336. o Minor bugfixes (wrapper functions):
  4337. - Abort if tor_vasprintf() fails in connection_printf_to_buf() (a
  4338. utility function used in the control-port code). This shouldn't
  4339. ever happen unless Tor is completely out of memory, but if it did
  4340. happen and Tor somehow recovered from it, Tor could have sent a log
  4341. message to a control port in the middle of a reply to a controller
  4342. command. Fixes part of bug 3428; bugfix on
  4343. - Fix some (not actually triggerable) buffer size checks in usage of
  4344. tor_inet_ntop(). Fixes bug 4434; bugfix on Tor Patch
  4345. by Anders Sundman.
  4346. - Fix parsing of some corner-cases with tor_inet_pton(). Fixes
  4347. bug 4515; bugfix on; fix by Anders Sundman.
  4348. - Enforce correct return behavior of tor_vsscanf() when the '%%'
  4349. pattern is used. Fixes bug 5558. Bugfix on
  4350. - Make our replacement implementation of strtok_r() compatible with
  4351. the standard behavior of strtok_r(). Patch by nils. Fixes bug 5091;
  4352. bugfix on
  4353. - Find more places in the code that should have been testing for
  4354. invalid sockets using the SOCKET_OK macro. Required for a fix
  4355. for bug 4533. Bugfix on
  4356. o Minor bugfixes (code correctness):
  4357. - Check return value of fputs() when writing authority certificate
  4358. file. Fixes Coverity issue 709056; bugfix on
  4359. - When building Tor on Windows with -DUNICODE (not default), ensure
  4360. that error messages, filenames, and DNS server names are always
  4361. NUL-terminated when we convert them to a single-byte encoding.
  4362. Fixes bug 5909; bugfix on
  4363. - Fix a memory leak when trying to launch a DNS request when the
  4364. nameservers are unconfigurable. Fixes bug 5916; bugfix on Tor
  4366. - Correct file sizes when reading binary files on Cygwin, to avoid
  4367. a bug where Tor would fail to read its state file. Fixes bug 6844;
  4368. bugfix on
  4369. - Make sure to set *socket_error in all error cases in
  4370. connection_connect(), so it can't produce a warning about
  4371. errno being zero from errno_to_orconn_end_reason(). Bugfix on
  4372.; resolves ticket 6028.
  4373. - Initialize conn->addr to a valid state in spawn_cpuworker(). Fixes
  4374. bug 4532; found by "troll_un".
  4375. o Minor bugfixes (clients):
  4376. - Allow one-hop directory-fetching circuits the full "circuit build
  4377. timeout" period, rather than just half of it, before failing them
  4378. and marking the relay down. This fix should help reduce cases where
  4379. clients declare relays (or worse, bridges) unreachable because
  4380. the TLS handshake takes a few seconds to complete. Fixes bug 6743;
  4381. bugfix on, where we changed the timeout from a static
  4382. 30 seconds.
  4383. - Ensure we don't cannibalize circuits that are longer than three hops
  4384. already, so we don't end up making circuits with 5 or more
  4385. hops. Patch contributed by wanoskarnet. Fixes bug 5231; bugfix on
  4386. which introduced cannibalization.
  4387. o Minor bugfixes (relays):
  4388. - Don't publish a new relay descriptor when we reload our onion key,
  4389. unless the onion key has actually changed. Fixes bug 3263 and
  4390. resolves another cause of bug 1810. Bugfix on
  4391. - When relays refuse a "create" cell because their queue of pending
  4392. create cells is too big (typically because their cpu can't keep up
  4393. with the arrival rate), send back reason "resource limit" rather
  4394. than reason "internal", so network measurement scripts can get a
  4395. more accurate picture. Bugfix on; fixes bug 7037.
  4396. - Exit nodes don't need to fetch certificates for authorities that
  4397. they don't recognize; only directory authorities, bridges,
  4398. and caches need to do that. Fixes part of bug 2297; bugfix on
  4400. o Minor bugfixes (directory authority / mirrors):
  4401. - Avoid O(n^2) performance characteristics when parsing a large
  4402. extrainfo cache. Fixes bug 5828; bugfix on
  4403. - Authorities no longer include any router in their microdescriptor
  4404. consensuses for which they couldn't generate or agree on a
  4405. microdescriptor. Fixes the second piece of bug 6404; fix on
  4407. - When checking for requested signatures on the latest consensus
  4408. before serving it to a client, make sure to check the right
  4409. consensus flavor. Bugfix on
  4410. - Fix an edge case where TestingTorNetwork is set but the authorities
  4411. and relays all have an uptime of zero, so the private Tor network
  4412. could briefly lack support for hidden services. Fixes bug 3886;
  4413. bugfix on
  4414. - Directory caches no longer refuse to clean out descriptors because
  4415. of missing v2 networkstatus documents, unless they're configured
  4416. to retrieve v2 networkstatus documents. Fixes bug 4838; bugfix on
  4417. Patch by Daniel Bryg.
  4418. - Don't serve or accept v2 hidden service descriptors over a relay's
  4419. DirPort. It's never correct to do so, and disabling it might
  4420. make it more annoying to exploit any bugs that turn up in the
  4421. descriptor-parsing code. Fixes bug 7149.
  4422. o Minor bugfixes (hidden services, client-side):
  4423. - Assert that hidden-service-related operations are not performed
  4424. using single-hop circuits. Previously, Tor would assert that
  4425. client-side streams are not attached to single-hop circuits,
  4426. but not that other sensitive operations on the client and service
  4427. side are not performed using single-hop circuits. Fixes bug 3332;
  4428. bugfix on 0.0.6.
  4429. - Avoid undefined behavior when parsing the list of supported
  4430. rendezvous/introduction protocols in a hidden service descriptor.
  4431. Previously, Tor would have confused (as-yet-unused) protocol version
  4432. numbers greater than 32 with lower ones on many platforms. Fixes
  4433. bug 6827; bugfix on Found by George Kadianakis.
  4434. - Don't close hidden service client circuits which have almost
  4435. finished connecting to their destination when they reach
  4436. the normal circuit-build timeout. Previously, we would close
  4437. introduction circuits which are waiting for an acknowledgement
  4438. from the introduction point, and rendezvous circuits which have
  4439. been specified in an INTRODUCE1 cell sent to a hidden service,
  4440. after the normal CBT. Now, we mark them as 'timed out', and launch
  4441. another rendezvous attempt in parallel. This behavior change can
  4442. be disabled using the new CloseHSClientCircuitsImmediatelyOnTimeout
  4443. option. Fixes part of bug 1297; bugfix on
  4444. o Minor bugfixes (hidden services, service-side):
  4445. - Don't close hidden-service-side rendezvous circuits when they
  4446. reach the normal circuit-build timeout. This behavior change can
  4447. be disabled using the new
  4448. CloseHSServiceRendCircuitsImmediatelyOnTimeout option. Fixes the
  4449. remaining part of bug 1297; bugfix on
  4450. - Don't launch more than 10 service-side introduction-point circuits
  4451. for a hidden service in five minutes. Previously, we would consider
  4452. launching more introduction-point circuits if at least one second
  4453. had passed without any introduction-point circuits failing. Fixes
  4454. bug 4607; bugfix on 0.0.7pre1.
  4455. o Minor bugfixes (config option behavior):
  4456. - If the user tries to set MyFamily on a bridge, refuse to
  4457. do so, and warn about the security implications. Fixes bug 4657;
  4458. bugfix on
  4459. - The "--quiet" and "--hush" options now apply not only to Tor's
  4460. behavior before logs are configured, but also to Tor's behavior in
  4461. the absense of configured logs. Fixes bug 3550; bugfix on
  4463. - Change the AllowDotExit rules so they should actually work.
  4464. We now enforce AllowDotExit only immediately after receiving an
  4465. address via SOCKS or DNSPort: other sources are free to provide
  4466. .exit addresses after the resolution occurs. Fixes bug 3940;
  4467. bugfix on
  4468. - Make "LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0" work more reliably. Specifically,
  4469. don't depend on the consensus parameters or compute adaptive
  4470. timeouts when it is disabled. Fixes bug 5049; bugfix on
  4472. - After we pick a directory mirror, we would refuse to use it if
  4473. it's in our ExcludeExitNodes list, resulting in mysterious failures
  4474. to bootstrap for people who just wanted to avoid exiting from
  4475. certain locations. Fixes bug 5623; bugfix on
  4476. - When told to add a bridge with the same digest as a preexisting
  4477. bridge but a different addr:port, change the addr:port as
  4478. requested. Previously we would not notice the change. Fixes half
  4479. of bug 5603; fix on
  4480. o Minor bugfixes (controller):
  4481. - Allow manual 'authenticate' commands to the controller interface
  4482. from netcat (nc) as well as telnet. We were rejecting them because
  4483. they didn't come with the expected whitespace at the end of the
  4484. command. Bugfix on; fixes bug 2893.
  4485. - Report a real bootstrap problem to the controller on router
  4486. identity mismatch. Previously we just said "foo", which probably
  4487. made a lot of sense at the time. Fixes bug 4169; bugfix on
  4489. - When we receive a SIGHUP and the controller __ReloadTorrcOnSIGHUP
  4490. option is set to 0 (which Vidalia version 0.2.16 now does when
  4491. a SAVECONF attempt fails), perform other actions that SIGHUP
  4492. usually causes (like reopening the logs). Fixes bug 5095; bugfix
  4493. on
  4494. - Correctly handle checking the permissions on the parent
  4495. directory of a control socket in the root directory. Bug found
  4496. by Esteban Manchado Velázquez. Fixes bug 5089; bugfix on Tor
  4498. - End AUTHCHALLENGE error messages (in the control protocol) with
  4499. a CRLF. Fixes bug 5760; bugfix on
  4500. o Minor bugfixes (network reading/writing):
  4501. - Disable writing on marked-for-close connections when they are
  4502. blocked on bandwidth, to prevent busy-looping in Libevent. Fixes
  4503. bug 5263; bugfix on 0.0.2pre13, where we first added a special
  4504. case for flushing marked connections.
  4505. - Make sure that there are no unhandled pending TLS errors before
  4506. reading from a TLS stream. We had checks in, but
  4507. lost them in when we refactored read_to_buf_tls().
  4508. Bugfix on; fixes bug 4528.
  4509. - Detect SSL handshake even when the initial attempt to write the
  4510. server hello fails. Fixes bug 4592; bugfix on
  4511. - If the client fails to set a reasonable set of ciphersuites
  4512. during its v2 handshake renegotiation, allow the renegotiation to
  4513. continue nevertheless (i.e. send all the required certificates).
  4514. Fixes bug 4591; bugfix on
  4515. o Minor bugfixes (other):
  4516. - Exit nodes now correctly report EADDRINUSE and EADDRNOTAVAIL as
  4517. resource exhaustion, so that clients can adjust their load to
  4518. try other exits. Fixes bug 4710; bugfix on, which
  4520. - Don't check for whether the address we're using for outbound
  4521. connections has changed until after the outbound connection has
  4522. completed. On Windows, getsockname() doesn't succeed until the
  4523. connection is finished. Fixes bug 5374; bugfix on
  4524. - Don't hold a Windows file handle open for every file mapping;
  4525. the file mapping handle is sufficient. Fixes bug 5951; bugfix on
  4527. - Fix wrong TCP port range in parse_port_range(). Fixes bug 6218;
  4528. bugfix on
  4529. - If we fail to write a microdescriptor to the disk cache, do not
  4530. continue replacing the old microdescriptor file. Fixes bug 2954;
  4531. bugfix on
  4532. o Minor bugfixes (log messages, path selection):
  4533. - Downgrade "set buildtimeout to low value" messages to "info"
  4534. severity; they were never an actual problem, there was never
  4535. anything reasonable to do about them, and they tended to spam logs
  4536. from time to time. Fixes bug 6251; bugfix on
  4537. - Rate-limit the "Weighted bandwidth is 0.000000" message, and add
  4538. more information to it, so that we can track it down in case it
  4539. returns again. Mitigates bug 5235.
  4540. - Check CircuitBuildTimeout and LearnCircuitBuildTimeout in
  4541. options_validate(); warn if LearnCircuitBuildTimeout is disabled and
  4542. CircuitBuildTimeout is set unreasonably low. Resolves ticket 5452.
  4543. - Issue a log message if a guard completes less than 40% of your
  4544. circuits. Threshold is configurable by torrc option
  4545. PathBiasNoticeRate and consensus parameter pb_noticepct. There is
  4546. additional, off-by-default code to disable guards which fail too
  4547. many circuits. Addresses ticket 5458.
  4548. o Minor bugfixes (log messages, client):
  4549. - Downgrade "Got a certificate, but we already have it" log messages
  4550. from warning to info, except when we're a dirauth. Fixes bug 5238;
  4551. bugfix on
  4552. - Fix the log message describing how we work around discovering
  4553. that our version is the ill-fated OpenSSL 0.9.8l. Fixes bug
  4554. 4837; bugfix on
  4555. - When logging about a disallowed .exit name, do not also call it
  4556. an "invalid onion address". Fixes bug 3325; bugfix on
  4557. - Fix a log message suggesting that people contact a non-existent
  4558. email address. Fixes bug 3448.
  4559. - Rephrase the log message emitted if the TestSocks check is
  4560. successful. Patch from Fabian Keil; fixes bug 4094.
  4561. - Log (at debug level) whenever a circuit's purpose is changed.
  4562. - Log SSL state transitions at log level DEBUG, log domain
  4563. HANDSHAKE. This can be useful for debugging censorship events.
  4564. Implements ticket 3264.
  4565. - We now log which torrc file we're using on startup. Implements
  4566. ticket 2444.
  4567. - Rate-limit log messages when asked to connect anonymously to
  4568. a private address. When these hit, they tended to hit fast and
  4569. often. Also, don't bother trying to connect to addresses that we
  4570. are sure will resolve to getting in a directory
  4571. reply makes us think we have been lied to, even when the address the
  4572. client tried to connect to was "localhost." Resolves ticket 2822.
  4573. o Minor bugfixes (log messages, non-client):
  4574. - Downgrade "eventdns rejected address" message to LOG_PROTOCOL_WARN.
  4575. Fixes bug 5932; bugfix on
  4576. - Don't log that we have "decided to publish new relay descriptor"
  4577. unless we are actually publishing a descriptor. Fixes bug 3942;
  4578. bugfix on
  4579. - Log which authority we're missing votes from when we go to fetch
  4580. them from the other auths.
  4581. - Replace "Sending publish request" log messages with "Launching
  4582. upload", so that they no longer confusingly imply that we're
  4583. sending something to a directory we might not even be connected
  4584. to yet. Fixes bug 3311; bugfix on
  4585. - Warn when Tor is configured to use accounting in a way that can
  4586. link a hidden service to some other hidden service or public
  4587. address. Resolves ticket 6490.
  4588. - Fix a minor formatting issue in one of tor-gencert's error messages.
  4589. Fixes bug 4574.
  4590. o Testing:
  4591. - Update to the latest version of the tinytest unit testing framework.
  4592. This includes a couple of bugfixes that can be relevant for
  4593. running forked unit tests on Windows, and removes all reserved
  4594. identifiers.
  4595. - Avoid a false positive in the util/threads unit test by increasing
  4596. the maximum timeout time. Fixes bug 6227; bugfix on
  4597. - Make it possible to set the TestingTorNetwork configuration
  4598. option using AlternateDirAuthority and AlternateBridgeAuthority
  4599. as an alternative to setting DirServer. Addresses ticket 6377.
  4600. - Add a unit test for the environment_variable_names_equal() function.
  4601. - A wide variety of new unit tests by Esteban Manchado Velázquez.
  4602. - Numerous new unit tests for functions in util.c and address.c by
  4603. Anders Sundman.
  4604. - The long-disabled benchmark tests are now split into their own
  4605. ./src/test/bench binary.
  4606. - The benchmark tests can now use more accurate timers than
  4607. gettimeofday() when such timers are available.
  4608. - Use tt_assert(), not tor_assert(), for checking for test failures.
  4609. This makes the unit tests more able to go on in the event that
  4610. one of them fails.
  4611. o Build improvements:
  4612. - Use the dead_strip option when building Tor on OS X. This reduces
  4613. binary size by almost 19% when linking openssl and libevent
  4614. statically, which we do for Tor Browser Bundle.
  4615. - Provide a better error message about possible OSX Asciidoc failure
  4616. reasons. Fixes bug 6436.
  4617. - Detect attempts to build Tor on (as yet hypothetical) versions
  4618. of Windows where sizeof(intptr_t) != sizeof(SOCKET). Partial
  4619. fix for bug 4533. Bugfix on
  4620. - On Windows, we now define the _WIN32_WINNT macros only if they
  4621. are not already defined. This lets the person building Tor decide,
  4622. if they want, to require a later version of Windows.
  4623. - Our script now uses autoreconf to launch autoconf,
  4624. automake, and so on. This is more robust against some of the failure
  4625. modes associated with running the autotools pieces on their own.
  4626. - Running "make version" now displays the version of Tor that
  4627. we're about to build. Idea from katmagic; resolves issue 4400.
  4628. - Make 'tor --digests' list hashes of all Tor source files. Bugfix
  4629. on; fixes bug 3427.
  4630. - New --enable-static-tor configure option for building Tor as
  4631. statically as possible. Idea, general hackery and thoughts from
  4632. Alexei Czeskis, John Gilmore, Jacob Appelbaum. Implements ticket
  4633. 2702.
  4634. - Limited, experimental support for building with nmake and MSVC.
  4635. o Build requirements:
  4636. - Building Tor with bufferevent support now requires Libevent
  4637. 2.0.13-stable or later. Previous versions of Libevent had bugs in
  4638. SSL-related bufferevents and related issues that would make Tor
  4639. work badly with bufferevents. Requiring 2.0.13-stable also allows
  4640. Tor with bufferevents to take advantage of Libevent APIs
  4641. introduced after 2.0.8-rc.
  4642. - Our build system requires automake 1.6 or later to create the
  4643. files. Previously, you could have used 1.4.
  4644. This only affects developers and people building Tor from git;
  4645. people who build Tor from the source distribution without changing
  4646. the files should be fine.
  4647. - Detect when we try to build on a platform that doesn't define
  4648. AF_UNSPEC to 0. We don't work there, so refuse to compile.
  4649. o Build fixes (compile/link):
  4650. - Format more doubles with %f, not %lf. Patch from grarpamp to make
  4651. Tor build correctly on older BSDs again. Fixes bug 3894; bugfix on
  4652. Tor
  4653. - When building with --enable-static-tor on OpenBSD, do not
  4654. erroneously attempt to link -lrt. Fixes bug 5103.
  4655. - Set _WIN32_WINNT to 0x0501 consistently throughout the code, so
  4656. that IPv6 stuff will compile on MSVC, and compilation issues
  4657. will be easier to track down. Fixes bug 5861.
  4658. - Fix build and 64-bit compile warnings from --enable-openbsd-malloc.
  4659. Fixes bug 6379. Bugfix on
  4660. - Make Tor build correctly again with -DUNICODE -D_UNICODE defined.
  4661. Fixes bug 6097; bugfix on
  4662. o Build fixes (other):
  4663. - Use the _WIN32 macro throughout our code to detect Windows.
  4664. (Previously we had used the obsolete 'WIN32' and the idiosyncratic
  4665. 'MS_WINDOWS'.)
  4666. - Properly handle the case where the build-tree is not the same
  4667. as the source tree when generating src/common/common_sha1.i,
  4668. src/or/micro-revision.i, and src/or/or_sha1.i. Fixes bug 3953;
  4669. bugfix on
  4670. - During configure, search for library containing cos function as
  4671. libm lives in libcore on some platforms (BeOS/Haiku). Linking
  4672. against libm was hard-coded before. Fixes the first part of bug
  4673. 4727; bugfix on Patch and analysis by Martin Hebnes
  4674. Pedersen.
  4675. - Prevent a false positive from the check-spaces script, by disabling
  4676. the "whitespace between function name and (" check for functions
  4677. named 'op()'.
  4678. o Packaging (RPM) changes:
  4679. - Update our default RPM spec files to work with mock and rpmbuild
  4680. on RHEL/Fedora. They have an updated set of dependencies and
  4681. conflicts, a fix for an ancient typo when creating the "_tor"
  4682. user, and better instructions. Thanks to Ondrej Mikle for the
  4683. patch series. Fixes bug 6043.
  4684. - On OpenSUSE, create the /var/run/tor directory on startup if it
  4685. is not already created. Patch from Andreas Stieger. Fixes bug 2573.
  4686. o Code refactoring (safety):
  4687. - Do not use SMARTLIST_FOREACH for any loop whose body exceeds
  4688. 10 lines. Also, don't nest them. Doing so in the past has
  4689. led to hard-to-debug code. The new style is to use the
  4690. SMARTLIST_FOREACH_{BEGIN,END} pair. Addresses issue 6400.
  4691. - Use macros to indicate OpenSSL versions, so we don't need to worry
  4692. about accidental hexadecimal bit shifts.
  4693. - Use tor_sscanf() in place of scanf() in more places through the
  4694. code. This makes us a little more locale-independent, and
  4695. should help shut up code-analysis tools that can't tell
  4696. a safe sscanf string from a dangerous one.
  4697. - Convert more instances of tor_snprintf+tor_strdup into tor_asprintf.
  4698. - Use the smartlist_add_asprintf() alias more consistently.
  4699. o Code refactoring (consolidate):
  4700. - A major revision to our internal node-selecting and listing logic.
  4701. Tor already had at least two major ways to look at the question of
  4702. "which Tor servers do we know about": a list of router descriptors,
  4703. and a list of entries in the current consensus. With
  4704. microdescriptors, we're adding a third. Having so many systems
  4705. without an abstraction layer over them was hurting the codebase.
  4706. Now, we have a new "node_t" abstraction that presents a consistent
  4707. interface to a client's view of a Tor node, and holds (nearly) all
  4708. of the mutable state formerly in routerinfo_t and routerstatus_t.
  4709. - Move tor_gettimeofday_cached() into compat_libevent.c, and use
  4710. Libevent's notion of cached time when possible.
  4711. - Remove duplicate code for invoking getrlimit() from control.c.
  4712. - Use OpenSSL's built-in SSL_state_string_long() instead of our
  4713. own homebrewed ssl_state_to_string() replacement. Patch from
  4714. Emile Snyder. Fixes bug 4653.
  4715. - Change the symmetric cipher interface so that creating and
  4716. initializing a stream cipher are no longer separate functions.
  4717. o Code refactoring (separate):
  4718. - Make a new "entry connection" struct as an internal subtype of "edge
  4719. connection", to simplify the code and make exit connections smaller.
  4720. - Split connection_about_to_close() into separate functions for each
  4721. connection type.
  4722. - Rewrite the listener-selection logic so that parsing which ports
  4723. we want to listen on is now separate from binding to the ports
  4724. we want.
  4725. o Code refactoring (name changes):
  4726. - Rename a handful of old identifiers, mostly related to crypto
  4727. structures and crypto functions. By convention, our "create an
  4728. object" functions are called "type_new()", our "free an object"
  4729. functions are called "type_free()", and our types indicate that
  4730. they are types only with a final "_t". But a handful of older
  4731. types and functions broke these rules, with function names like
  4732. "type_create" or "subsystem_op_type", or with type names like
  4733. type_env_t.
  4734. - Rename Tor functions that turn strings into addresses, so that
  4735. "parse" indicates that no hostname resolution occurs, and
  4736. "lookup" indicates that hostname resolution may occur. This
  4737. should help prevent mistakes in the future. Fixes bug 3512.
  4738. - Use the name "CERTS" consistently to refer to the new cell type;
  4739. we were calling it CERT in some places and CERTS in others.
  4740. - Use a TOR_INVALID_SOCKET macro when initializing a socket to an
  4741. invalid value, rather than just -1.
  4742. - Rename the bench_{aes,dmap} functions to test_*, so that tinytest
  4743. can pick them up when the tests aren't disabled. Bugfix on
  4744. which introduced tinytest.
  4745. o Code refactoring (other):
  4746. - Defensively refactor rend_mid_rendezvous() so that protocol
  4747. violations and length checks happen in the beginning. Fixes
  4748. bug 5645.
  4749. - Remove the pure attribute from all functions that used it
  4750. previously. In many cases we assigned it incorrectly, because the
  4751. functions might assert or call impure functions, and we don't have
  4752. evidence that keeping the pure attribute is worthwhile. Implements
  4753. changes suggested in ticket 4421.
  4754. - Move the replay-detection cache for the RSA-encrypted parts of
  4755. INTRODUCE2 cells to the introduction point data structures.
  4756. Previously, we would use one replay-detection cache per hidden
  4757. service. Required by fix for bug 3460.
  4758. - The helper programs tor-gencert, tor-resolve, and tor-checkkey
  4759. no longer link against Libevent: they never used it, but
  4760. our library structure used to force them to link it.
  4761. o Removed features and files:
  4762. - Remove all internal support for unpadded RSA. We never used it, and
  4763. it would be a bad idea to start.
  4764. - Remove some workaround code for OpenSSL 0.9.6 (which is no longer
  4765. supported).
  4766. - Remove some redundant #include directives throughout the code.
  4767. Patch from Andrea Gelmini.
  4768. - Remove some old code to remember statistics about which descriptors
  4769. we've served as a directory mirror. The feature wasn't used and
  4770. is outdated now that microdescriptors are around.
  4771. - Remove some old code to work around even older versions of Tor that
  4772. used forked processes to handle DNS requests. Such versions of Tor
  4773. are no longer in use as relays.
  4774. - The "torify" script no longer supports the "tsocks" socksifier
  4775. tool, since tsocks doesn't support DNS and UDP right for Tor.
  4776. Everyone should be using torsocks instead. Fixes bugs 3530 and
  4777. 5180. Based on a patch by "ugh".
  4778. - Remove the torrc.bridge file: we don't use it for anything, and
  4779. it had become badly desynchronized from torrc.sample. Resolves
  4780. bug 5622.
  4781. o Documentation:
  4782. - Begin a doc/state-contents.txt file to explain the contents of
  4783. the Tor state file. Fixes bug 2987.
  4784. - Clarify the documentation for the Alternate*Authority options.
  4785. Fixes bug 6387.
  4786. - Document the --defaults-torrc option, and the new semantics for
  4787. overriding, extending, and clearing lists of options. Closes
  4788. bug 4748.
  4789. - Add missing man page documentation for consensus and microdesc
  4790. files. Resolves ticket 6732.
  4791. - Fix some typos in the manpages. Patch from A. Costa. Fixes bug 6500.
  4792. o Documentation fixes:
  4793. - Improve the manual's documentation for the NT Service command-line
  4794. options. Addresses ticket 3964.
  4795. - Clarify SessionGroup documentation slightly; resolves ticket 5437.
  4796. - Document the changes to the ORPort and DirPort options, and the
  4797. fact that {OR/Dir}ListenAddress is now unnecessary (and
  4798. therefore deprecated). Resolves ticket 5597.
  4799. - Correct a broken faq link in the INSTALL file. Fixes bug 2307.
  4800. - Clarify that hidden services are TCP only. Fixes bug 6024.
  4801. Changes in version - 2012-09-11
  4802. Tor fixes two more opportunities for remotely triggerable
  4803. assertions.
  4804. o Security fixes:
  4805. - Fix an assertion failure in tor_timegm() that could be triggered
  4806. by a badly formatted directory object. Bug found by fuzzing with
  4807. Radamsa. Fixes bug 6811; bugfix on
  4808. - Do not crash when comparing an address with port value 0 to an
  4809. address policy. This bug could have been used to cause a remote
  4810. assertion failure by or against directory authorities, or to
  4811. allow some applications to crash clients. Fixes bug 6690; bugfix
  4812. on
  4813. Changes in version - 2012-08-12
  4814. Tor fixes a remotely triggerable crash bug, and fixes a timing
  4815. attack that could in theory leak path information.
  4816. o Security fixes:
  4817. - Avoid an uninitialized memory read when reading a vote or consensus
  4818. document that has an unrecognized flavor name. This read could
  4819. lead to a remote crash bug. Fixes bug 6530; bugfix on
  4820. - Try to leak less information about what relays a client is
  4821. choosing to a side-channel attacker. Previously, a Tor client would
  4822. stop iterating through the list of available relays as soon as it
  4823. had chosen one, thus finishing a little earlier when it picked
  4824. a router earlier in the list. If an attacker can recover this
  4825. timing information (nontrivial but not proven to be impossible),
  4826. they could learn some coarse-grained information about which relays
  4827. a client was picking (middle nodes in particular are likelier to
  4828. be affected than exits). The timing attack might be mitigated by
  4829. other factors (see bug 6537 for some discussion), but it's best
  4830. not to take chances. Fixes bug 6537; bugfix on 0.0.8rc1.
  4831. Changes in version - 2012-06-06
  4832. Tor introduces a workaround for a critical renegotiation
  4833. bug in OpenSSL 1.0.1 (where 20% of the Tor network can't talk to itself
  4834. currently).
  4835. o Major bugfixes:
  4836. - Work around a bug in OpenSSL that broke renegotiation with TLS
  4837. 1.1 and TLS 1.2. Without this workaround, all attempts to speak
  4838. the v2 Tor connection protocol when both sides were using OpenSSL
  4839. 1.0.1 would fail. Resolves ticket 6033.
  4840. - When waiting for a client to renegotiate, don't allow it to add
  4841. any bytes to the input buffer. This fixes a potential DoS issue.
  4842. Fixes bugs 5934 and 6007; bugfix on
  4843. - Fix an edge case where if we fetch or publish a hidden service
  4844. descriptor, we might build a 4-hop circuit and then use that circuit
  4845. for exiting afterwards -- even if the new last hop doesn't obey our
  4846. ExitNodes config option. Fixes bug 5283; bugfix on
  4847. o Minor bugfixes:
  4848. - Fix a build warning with Clang 3.1 related to our use of vasprintf.
  4849. Fixes bug 5969. Bugfix on
  4850. o Minor features:
  4851. - Tell GCC and Clang to check for any errors in format strings passed
  4852. to the tor_v*(print|scan)f functions.
  4853. Changes in version - 2012-05-24
  4854. Tor updates the addresses for two of the eight directory
  4855. authorities, fixes some potential anonymity and security issues,
  4856. and fixes several crash bugs.
  4857. Tor 0.2.1.x has reached its end-of-life. Those Tor versions have many
  4858. known flaws, and nobody should be using them. You should upgrade. If
  4859. you're using a Linux or BSD and its packages are obsolete, stop using
  4860. those packages and upgrade anyway.
  4861. o Directory authority changes:
  4862. - Change IP address for maatuska (v3 directory authority).
  4863. - Change IP address for ides (v3 directory authority), and rename
  4864. it to turtles.
  4865. o Security fixes:
  4866. - When building or running with any version of OpenSSL earlier
  4867. than 0.9.8s or 1.0.0f, disable SSLv3 support. These OpenSSL
  4868. versions have a bug (CVE-2011-4576) in which their block cipher
  4869. padding includes uninitialized data, potentially leaking sensitive
  4870. information to any peer with whom they make a SSLv3 connection. Tor
  4871. does not use SSL v3 by default, but a hostile client or server
  4872. could force an SSLv3 connection in order to gain information that
  4873. they shouldn't have been able to get. The best solution here is to
  4874. upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8s or 1.0.0f (or later). But when building
  4875. or running with a non-upgraded OpenSSL, we disable SSLv3 entirely
  4876. to make sure that the bug can't happen.
  4877. - Never use a bridge or a controller-supplied node as an exit, even
  4878. if its exit policy allows it. Found by wanoskarnet. Fixes bug
  4879. 5342. Bugfix on (for controller-purpose descriptors)
  4880. and (for bridge-purpose descriptors).
  4881. - Only build circuits if we have a sufficient threshold of the total
  4882. descriptors that are marked in the consensus with the "Exit"
  4883. flag. This mitigates an attack proposed by wanoskarnet, in which
  4884. all of a client's bridges collude to restrict the exit nodes that
  4885. the client knows about. Fixes bug 5343.
  4886. - Provide controllers with a safer way to implement the cookie
  4887. authentication mechanism. With the old method, if another locally
  4888. running program could convince a controller that it was the Tor
  4889. process, then that program could trick the controller into telling
  4890. it the contents of an arbitrary 32-byte file. The new "SAFECOOKIE"
  4891. authentication method uses a challenge-response approach to prevent
  4892. this attack. Fixes bug 5185; implements proposal 193.
  4893. o Major bugfixes:
  4894. - Avoid logging uninitialized data when unable to decode a hidden
  4895. service descriptor cookie. Fixes bug 5647; bugfix on
  4896. - Avoid a client-side assertion failure when receiving an INTRODUCE2
  4897. cell on a general purpose circuit. Fixes bug 5644; bugfix on
  4899. - Fix builds when the path to sed, openssl, or sha1sum contains
  4900. spaces, which is pretty common on Windows. Fixes bug 5065; bugfix
  4901. on
  4902. - Correct our replacements for the timeradd() and timersub() functions
  4903. on platforms that lack them (for example, Windows). The timersub()
  4904. function is used when expiring circuits, while timeradd() is
  4905. currently unused. Bug report and patch by Vektor. Fixes bug 4778;
  4906. bugfix on
  4907. - Fix the SOCKET_OK test that we use to tell when socket
  4908. creation fails so that it works on Win64. Fixes part of bug 4533;
  4909. bugfix on Bug found by wanoskarnet.
  4910. o Minor bugfixes:
  4911. - Reject out-of-range times like 23:59:61 in parse_rfc1123_time().
  4912. Fixes bug 5346; bugfix on 0.0.8pre3.
  4913. - Make our number-parsing functions always treat too-large values
  4914. as an error, even when those values exceed the width of the
  4915. underlying type. Previously, if the caller provided these
  4916. functions with minima or maxima set to the extreme values of the
  4917. underlying integer type, these functions would return those
  4918. values on overflow rather than treating overflow as an error.
  4919. Fixes part of bug 5786; bugfix on 0.0.9.
  4920. - Older Linux kernels erroneously respond to strange nmap behavior
  4921. by having accept() return successfully with a zero-length
  4922. socket. When this happens, just close the connection. Previously,
  4923. we would try harder to learn the remote address: but there was
  4924. no such remote address to learn, and our method for trying to
  4925. learn it was incorrect. Fixes bugs 1240, 4745, and 4747. Bugfix
  4926. on Reported and diagnosed by "r1eo".
  4927. - Correct parsing of certain date types in parse_http_time().
  4928. Without this patch, If-Modified-Since would behave
  4929. incorrectly. Fixes bug 5346; bugfix on Patch from
  4930. Esteban Manchado Velázques.
  4931. - Change the BridgePassword feature (part of the "bridge community"
  4932. design, which is not yet implemented) to use a time-independent
  4933. comparison. The old behavior might have allowed an adversary
  4934. to use timing to guess the BridgePassword value. Fixes bug 5543;
  4935. bugfix on
  4936. - Detect and reject certain misformed escape sequences in
  4937. configuration values. Previously, these values would cause us
  4938. to crash if received in a torrc file or over an authenticated
  4939. control port. Bug found by Esteban Manchado Velázquez, and
  4940. independently by Robert Connolly from Matta Consulting who further
  4941. noted that it allows a post-authentication heap overflow. Patch
  4942. by Alexander Schrijver. Fixes bugs 5090 and 5402 (CVE 2012-1668);
  4943. bugfix on
  4944. - Fix a compile warning when using the --enable-openbsd-malloc
  4945. configure option. Fixes bug 5340; bugfix on
  4946. - During configure, detect when we're building with clang version
  4947. 3.0 or lower and disable the -Wnormalized=id and -Woverride-init
  4948. CFLAGS. clang doesn't support them yet.
  4949. - When sending an HTTP/1.1 proxy request, include a Host header.
  4950. Fixes bug 5593; bugfix on
  4951. - Fix a NULL-pointer dereference on a badly formed SETCIRCUITPURPOSE
  4952. command. Found by mikeyc. Fixes bug 5796; bugfix on
  4953. - If we hit the error case where routerlist_insert() replaces an
  4954. existing (old) server descriptor, make sure to remove that
  4955. server descriptor from the old_routers list. Fix related to bug
  4956. 1776. Bugfix on
  4957. o Minor bugfixes (documentation and log messages):
  4958. - Fix a typo in a log message in rend_service_rendezvous_has_opened().
  4959. Fixes bug 4856; bugfix on Tor 0.0.6.
  4960. - Update "ClientOnly" man page entry to explain that there isn't
  4961. really any point to messing with it. Resolves ticket 5005.
  4962. - Document the GiveGuardFlagTo_CVE_2011_2768_VulnerableRelays
  4963. directory authority option (introduced in Tor
  4964. - Downgrade the "We're missing a certificate" message from notice
  4965. to info: people kept mistaking it for a real problem, whereas it
  4966. is seldom the problem even when we are failing to bootstrap. Fixes
  4967. bug 5067; bugfix on
  4968. - Correctly spell "connect" in a log message on failure to create a
  4969. controlsocket. Fixes bug 4803; bugfix on
  4970. - Clarify the behavior of MaxCircuitDirtiness with hidden service
  4971. circuits. Fixes issue 5259.
  4972. o Minor features:
  4973. - Directory authorities now reject versions of Tor older than
  4974., and Tor versions between and
  4975. inclusive. These versions accounted for only a small fraction of
  4976. the Tor network, and have numerous known security issues. Resolves
  4977. issue 4788.
  4978. - Update to the May 1 2012 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  4979. - Feature removal:
  4980. - When sending or relaying a RELAY_EARLY cell, we used to convert
  4981. it to a RELAY cell if the connection was using the v1 link
  4982. protocol. This was a workaround for older versions of Tor, which
  4983. didn't handle RELAY_EARLY cells properly. Now that all supported
  4984. versions can handle RELAY_EARLY cells, and now that we're enforcing
  4985. the "no RELAY_EXTEND commands except in RELAY_EARLY cells" rule,
  4986. remove this workaround. Addresses bug 4786.
  4987. Changes in version - 2011-12-16
  4988. Tor fixes a critical heap-overflow security issue in Tor's
  4989. buffers code. Absolutely everybody should upgrade.
  4990. The bug relied on an incorrect calculation when making data continuous
  4991. in one of our IO buffers, if the first chunk of the buffer was
  4992. misaligned by just the wrong amount. The miscalculation would allow an
  4993. attacker to overflow a piece of heap-allocated memory. To mount this
  4994. attack, the attacker would need to either open a SOCKS connection to
  4995. Tor's SocksPort (usually restricted to localhost), or target a Tor
  4996. instance configured to make its connections through a SOCKS proxy
  4997. (which Tor does not do by default).
  4998. Good security practice requires that all heap-overflow bugs should be
  4999. presumed to be exploitable until proven otherwise, so we are treating
  5000. this as a potential code execution attack. Please upgrade immediately!
  5001. This bug does not affect bufferevents-based builds of Tor. Special
  5002. thanks to "Vektor" for reporting this issue to us!
  5003. Tor also fixes several bugs in previous versions, including
  5004. crash bugs for unusual configurations, and a long-term bug that
  5005. would prevent Tor from starting on Windows machines with draconian
  5006. AV software.
  5007. With this release, we remind everyone that 0.2.0.x has reached its
  5008. formal end-of-life. Those Tor versions have many known flaws, and
  5009. nobody should be using them. You should upgrade -- ideally to the
  5010. 0.2.2.x series. If you're using a Linux or BSD and its packages are
  5011. obsolete, stop using those packages and upgrade anyway.
  5012. The Tor 0.2.1.x series is also approaching its end-of-life: it will no
  5013. longer receive support after some time in early 2012.
  5014. o Major bugfixes:
  5015. - Fix a heap overflow bug that could occur when trying to pull
  5016. data into the first chunk of a buffer, when that chunk had
  5017. already had some data drained from it. Fixes CVE-2011-2778;
  5018. bugfix on Reported by "Vektor".
  5019. - Initialize Libevent with the EVENT_BASE_FLAG_NOLOCK flag enabled, so
  5020. that it doesn't attempt to allocate a socketpair. This could cause
  5021. some problems on Windows systems with overzealous firewalls. Fix for
  5022. bug 4457; workaround for Libevent versions 2.0.1-alpha through
  5023. 2.0.15-stable.
  5024. - If we mark an OR connection for close based on a cell we process,
  5025. don't process any further cells on it. We already avoid further
  5026. reads on marked-for-close connections, but now we also discard the
  5027. cells we'd already read. Fixes bug 4299; bugfix on,
  5028. which was the first version where we might mark a connection for
  5029. close based on processing a cell on it.
  5030. - Correctly sanity-check that we don't underflow on a memory
  5031. allocation (and then assert) for hidden service introduction
  5032. point decryption. Bug discovered by Dan Rosenberg. Fixes bug 4410;
  5033. bugfix on
  5034. - Fix a memory leak when we check whether a hidden service
  5035. descriptor has any usable introduction points left. Fixes bug
  5036. 4424. Bugfix on
  5037. - Don't crash when we're running as a relay and don't have a GeoIP
  5038. file. Bugfix on; fixes bug 4340. This backports a fix
  5039. we've had in the 0.2.3.x branch already.
  5040. - When running as a client, do not print a misleading (and plain
  5041. wrong) log message that we're collecting "directory request"
  5042. statistics: clients don't collect statistics. Also don't create a
  5043. useless (because empty) stats file in the stats/ directory. Fixes
  5044. bug 4353; bugfix on
  5045. o Minor bugfixes:
  5046. - Detect failure to initialize Libevent. This fix provides better
  5047. detection for future instances of bug 4457.
  5048. - Avoid frequent calls to the fairly expensive cull_wedged_cpuworkers
  5049. function. This was eating up hideously large amounts of time on some
  5050. busy servers. Fixes bug 4518; bugfix on
  5051. - Resolve an integer overflow bug in smartlist_ensure_capacity().
  5052. Fixes bug 4230; bugfix on Tor Based on a patch by
  5053. Mansour Moufid.
  5054. - Don't warn about unused log_mutex in log.c when building with
  5055. --disable-threads using a recent GCC. Fixes bug 4437; bugfix on
  5056. which introduced --disable-threads.
  5057. - When configuring, starting, or stopping an NT service, stop
  5058. immediately after the service configuration attempt has succeeded
  5059. or failed. Fixes bug 3963; bugfix on
  5060. - When sending a NETINFO cell, include the original address
  5061. received for the other side, not its canonical address. Found
  5062. by "troll_un"; fixes bug 4349; bugfix on
  5063. - Fix a typo in a hibernation-related log message. Fixes bug 4331;
  5064. bugfix on; found by "tmpname0901".
  5065. - Fix a memory leak in launch_direct_bridge_descriptor_fetch() that
  5066. occurred when a client tried to fetch a descriptor for a bridge
  5067. in ExcludeNodes. Fixes bug 4383; bugfix on
  5068. - Backport fixes for a pair of compilation warnings on Windows.
  5069. Fixes bug 4521; bugfix on and on
  5070. - If we had ever tried to call tor_addr_to_str on an address of
  5071. unknown type, we would have done a strdup on an uninitialized
  5072. buffer. Now we won't. Fixes bug 4529; bugfix on
  5073. Reported by "troll_un".
  5074. - Correctly detect and handle transient lookup failures from
  5075. tor_addr_lookup. Fixes bug 4530; bugfix on
  5076. Reported by "troll_un".
  5077. - Fix null-pointer access that could occur if TLS allocation failed.
  5078. Fixes bug 4531; bugfix on Found by "troll_un".
  5079. - Use tor_socket_t type for listener argument to accept(). Fixes bug
  5080. 4535; bugfix on Found by "troll_un".
  5081. o Minor features:
  5082. - Add two new config options for directory authorities:
  5083. AuthDirFastGuarantee sets a bandwidth threshold for guaranteeing the
  5084. Fast flag, and AuthDirGuardBWGuarantee sets a bandwidth threshold
  5085. that is always sufficient to satisfy the bandwidth requirement for
  5086. the Guard flag. Now it will be easier for researchers to simulate
  5087. Tor networks with different values. Resolves ticket 4484.
  5088. - When Tor ignores a hidden service specified in its configuration,
  5089. include the hidden service's directory in the warning message.
  5090. Previously, we would only tell the user that some hidden service
  5091. was ignored. Bugfix on 0.0.6; fixes bug 4426.
  5092. - Update to the December 6 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  5093. o Packaging changes:
  5094. - Make it easier to automate expert package builds on Windows,
  5095. by removing an absolute path from makensis.exe command.
  5096. Changes in version - 2011-12-16
  5097. Tor backports important security and privacy fixes for
  5098. oldstable. This release is intended only for package maintainers and
  5099. others who cannot use the 0.2.2 stable series. All others should be
  5100. using Tor 0.2.2.x or newer.
  5101. The Tor 0.2.1.x series will reach formal end-of-life some time in
  5102. early 2012; we will stop releasing patches for it then.
  5103. o Major bugfixes (also included in 0.2.2.x):
  5104. - Correctly sanity-check that we don't underflow on a memory
  5105. allocation (and then assert) for hidden service introduction
  5106. point decryption. Bug discovered by Dan Rosenberg. Fixes bug 4410;
  5107. bugfix on
  5108. - Fix a heap overflow bug that could occur when trying to pull
  5109. data into the first chunk of a buffer, when that chunk had
  5110. already had some data drained from it. Fixes CVE-2011-2778;
  5111. bugfix on Reported by "Vektor".
  5112. o Minor features:
  5113. - Update to the December 6 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  5114. Changes in version - 2011-10-26
  5115. Tor fixes a critical anonymity vulnerability where an attacker
  5116. can deanonymize Tor users. Everybody should upgrade.
  5117. The attack relies on four components: 1) Clients reuse their TLS cert
  5118. when talking to different relays, so relays can recognize a user by
  5119. the identity key in her cert. 2) An attacker who knows the client's
  5120. identity key can probe each guard relay to see if that identity key
  5121. is connected to that guard relay right now. 3) A variety of active
  5122. attacks in the literature (starting from "Low-Cost Traffic Analysis
  5123. of Tor" by Murdoch and Danezis in 2005) allow a malicious website to
  5124. discover the guard relays that a Tor user visiting the website is using.
  5125. 4) Clients typically pick three guards at random, so the set of guards
  5126. for a given user could well be a unique fingerprint for her. This
  5127. release fixes components #1 and #2, which is enough to block the attack;
  5128. the other two remain as open research problems. Special thanks to
  5129. "frosty_un" for reporting the issue to us!
  5130. Clients should upgrade so they are no longer recognizable by the TLS
  5131. certs they present. Relays should upgrade so they no longer allow a
  5132. remote attacker to probe them to test whether unpatched clients are
  5133. currently connected to them.
  5134. This release also fixes several vulnerabilities that allow an attacker
  5135. to enumerate bridge relays. Some bridge enumeration attacks still
  5136. remain; see for example proposal 188.
  5137. o Privacy/anonymity fixes (clients):
  5138. - Clients and bridges no longer send TLS certificate chains on
  5139. outgoing OR connections. Previously, each client or bridge would
  5140. use the same cert chain for all outgoing OR connections until
  5141. its IP address changes, which allowed any relay that the client
  5142. or bridge contacted to determine which entry guards it is using.
  5143. Fixes CVE-2011-2768. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre5; found by "frosty_un".
  5144. - If a relay receives a CREATE_FAST cell on a TLS connection, it
  5145. no longer considers that connection as suitable for satisfying a
  5146. circuit EXTEND request. Now relays can protect clients from the
  5147. CVE-2011-2768 issue even if the clients haven't upgraded yet.
  5148. - Directory authorities no longer assign the Guard flag to relays
  5149. that haven't upgraded to the above "refuse EXTEND requests
  5150. to client connections" fix. Now directory authorities can
  5151. protect clients from the CVE-2011-2768 issue even if neither
  5152. the clients nor the relays have upgraded yet. There's a new
  5153. "GiveGuardFlagTo_CVE_2011_2768_VulnerableRelays" config option
  5154. to let us transition smoothly, else tomorrow there would be no
  5155. guard relays.
  5156. o Privacy/anonymity fixes (bridge enumeration):
  5157. - Bridge relays now do their directory fetches inside Tor TLS
  5158. connections, like all the other clients do, rather than connecting
  5159. directly to the DirPort like public relays do. Removes another
  5160. avenue for enumerating bridges. Fixes bug 4115; bugfix on
  5161. - Bridges relays now build circuits for themselves in a more similar
  5162. way to how clients build them. Removes another avenue for
  5163. enumerating bridges. Fixes bug 4124; bugfix on,
  5164. when bridges were introduced.
  5165. - Bridges now refuse CREATE or CREATE_FAST cells on OR connections
  5166. that they initiated. Relays could distinguish incoming bridge
  5167. connections from client connections, creating another avenue for
  5168. enumerating bridges. Fixes CVE-2011-2769. Bugfix on
  5169. Found by "frosty_un".
  5170. o Major bugfixes:
  5171. - Fix a crash bug when changing node restrictions while a DNS lookup
  5172. is in-progress. Fixes bug 4259; bugfix on Bugfix
  5173. by "Tey'".
  5174. - Don't launch a useless circuit after failing to use one of a
  5175. hidden service's introduction points. Previously, we would
  5176. launch a new introduction circuit, but not set the hidden service
  5177. which that circuit was intended to connect to, so it would never
  5178. actually be used. A different piece of code would then create a
  5179. new introduction circuit correctly. Bug reported by katmagic and
  5180. found by Sebastian Hahn. Bugfix on; fixes bug 4212.
  5181. o Minor bugfixes:
  5182. - Change an integer overflow check in the OpenBSD_Malloc code so
  5183. that GCC is less likely to eliminate it as impossible. Patch
  5184. from Mansour Moufid. Fixes bug 4059.
  5185. - When a hidden service turns an extra service-side introduction
  5186. circuit into a general-purpose circuit, free the rend_data and
  5187. intro_key fields first, so we won't leak memory if the circuit
  5188. is cannibalized for use as another service-side introduction
  5189. circuit. Bugfix on; fixes bug 4251.
  5190. - Bridges now skip DNS self-tests, to act a little more stealthily.
  5191. Fixes bug 4201; bugfix on, which first introduced
  5192. bridges. Patch by "warms0x".
  5193. - Fix internal bug-checking logic that was supposed to catch
  5194. failures in digest generation so that it will fail more robustly
  5195. if we ask for a nonexistent algorithm. Found by Coverity Scan.
  5196. Bugfix on; fixes Coverity CID 479.
  5197. - Report any failure in init_keys() calls launched because our
  5198. IP address has changed. Spotted by Coverity Scan. Bugfix on
  5199.; fixes CID 484.
  5200. o Minor bugfixes (log messages and documentation):
  5201. - Remove a confusing dollar sign from the example fingerprint in the
  5202. man page, and also make the example fingerprint a valid one. Fixes
  5203. bug 4309; bugfix on
  5204. - The next version of Windows will be called Windows 8, and it has
  5205. a major version of 6, minor version of 2. Correctly identify that
  5206. version instead of calling it "Very recent version". Resolves
  5207. ticket 4153; reported by funkstar.
  5208. - Downgrade log messages about circuit timeout calibration from
  5209. "notice" to "info": they don't require or suggest any human
  5210. intervention. Patch from Tom Lowenthal. Fixes bug 4063;
  5211. bugfix on
  5212. o Minor features:
  5213. - Turn on directory request statistics by default and include them in
  5214. extra-info descriptors. Don't break if we have no GeoIP database.
  5215. Backported from; implements ticket 3951.
  5216. - Update to the October 4 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  5217. Changes in version - 2011-10-26
  5218. Tor backports important security and privacy fixes for
  5219. oldstable. This release is intended only for package maintainers and
  5220. others who cannot use the 0.2.2 stable series. All others should be
  5221. using Tor 0.2.2.x or newer.
  5222. o Security fixes (also included in 0.2.2.x):
  5223. - Replace all potentially sensitive memory comparison operations
  5224. with versions whose runtime does not depend on the data being
  5225. compared. This will help resist a class of attacks where an
  5226. adversary can use variations in timing information to learn
  5227. sensitive data. Fix for one case of bug 3122. (Safe memcmp
  5228. implementation by Robert Ransom based partially on code by DJB.)
  5229. - Fix an assert in parsing router descriptors containing IPv6
  5230. addresses. This one took down the directory authorities when
  5231. somebody tried some experimental code. Bugfix on
  5232. o Privacy/anonymity fixes (also included in 0.2.2.x):
  5233. - Clients and bridges no longer send TLS certificate chains on
  5234. outgoing OR connections. Previously, each client or bridge would
  5235. use the same cert chain for all outgoing OR connections until
  5236. its IP address changes, which allowed any relay that the client
  5237. or bridge contacted to determine which entry guards it is using.
  5238. Fixes CVE-2011-2768. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre5; found by "frosty_un".
  5239. - If a relay receives a CREATE_FAST cell on a TLS connection, it
  5240. no longer considers that connection as suitable for satisfying a
  5241. circuit EXTEND request. Now relays can protect clients from the
  5242. CVE-2011-2768 issue even if the clients haven't upgraded yet.
  5243. - Bridges now refuse CREATE or CREATE_FAST cells on OR connections
  5244. that they initiated. Relays could distinguish incoming bridge
  5245. connections from client connections, creating another avenue for
  5246. enumerating bridges. Fixes CVE-2011-2769. Bugfix on
  5247. Found by "frosty_un".
  5248. - When receiving a hidden service descriptor, check that it is for
  5249. the hidden service we wanted. Previously, Tor would store any
  5250. hidden service descriptors that a directory gave it, whether it
  5251. wanted them or not. This wouldn't have let an attacker impersonate
  5252. a hidden service, but it did let directories pre-seed a client
  5253. with descriptors that it didn't want. Bugfix on 0.0.6.
  5254. - Avoid linkability based on cached hidden service descriptors: forget
  5255. all hidden service descriptors cached as a client when processing a
  5256. SIGNAL NEWNYM command. Fixes bug 3000; bugfix on 0.0.6.
  5257. - Make the bridge directory authority refuse to answer directory
  5258. requests for "all" descriptors. It used to include bridge
  5259. descriptors in its answer, which was a major information leak.
  5260. Found by "piebeer". Bugfix on
  5261. - Don't attach new streams to old rendezvous circuits after SIGNAL
  5262. NEWNYM. Previously, we would keep using an existing rendezvous
  5263. circuit if it remained open (i.e. if it were kept open by a
  5264. long-lived stream, or if a new stream were attached to it before
  5265. Tor could notice that it was old and no longer in use). Bugfix on
  5266.; fixes bug 3375.
  5267. o Minor bugfixes (also included in 0.2.2.x):
  5268. - When we restart our relay, we might get a successful connection
  5269. from the outside before we've started our reachability tests,
  5270. triggering a warning: "ORPort found reachable, but I have no
  5271. routerinfo yet. Failing to inform controller of success." This
  5272. bug was harmless unless Tor is running under a controller
  5273. like Vidalia, in which case the controller would never get a
  5274. REACHABILITY_SUCCEEDED status event. Bugfix on;
  5275. fixes bug 1172.
  5276. - Build correctly on OSX with zlib 1.2.4 and higher with all warnings
  5277. enabled. Fixes bug 1526.
  5278. - Remove undocumented option "-F" from tor-resolve: it hasn't done
  5279. anything since
  5280. - Avoid signed/unsigned comparisons by making SIZE_T_CEILING unsigned.
  5281. None of the cases where we did this before were wrong, but by making
  5282. this change we avoid warnings. Fixes bug 2475; bugfix on
  5283. - Fix a rare crash bug that could occur when a client was configured
  5284. with a large number of bridges. Fixes bug 2629; bugfix on
  5285. Bugfix by trac user "shitlei".
  5286. - Correct the warning displayed when a rendezvous descriptor exceeds
  5287. the maximum size. Fixes bug 2750; bugfix on Found by
  5288. John Brooks.
  5289. - Fix an uncommon assertion failure when running with DNSPort under
  5290. heavy load. Fixes bug 2933; bugfix on
  5291. - When warning about missing zlib development packages during compile,
  5292. give the correct package names. Bugfix on
  5293. - Require that introduction point keys and onion keys have public
  5294. exponent 65537. Bugfix on
  5295. - Do not crash when our configuration file becomes unreadable, for
  5296. example due to a permissions change, between when we start up
  5297. and when a controller calls SAVECONF. Fixes bug 3135; bugfix
  5298. on 0.0.9pre6.
  5299. - Fix warnings from GCC 4.6's "-Wunused-but-set-variable" option.
  5300. Fixes bug 3208.
  5301. - Always NUL-terminate the sun_path field of a sockaddr_un before
  5302. passing it to the kernel. (Not a security issue: kernels are
  5303. smart enough to reject bad sockaddr_uns.) Found by Coverity;
  5304. CID #428. Bugfix on Tor
  5305. - Don't stack-allocate the list of supplementary GIDs when we're
  5306. about to log them. Stack-allocating NGROUPS_MAX gid_t elements
  5307. could take up to 256K, which is way too much stack. Found by
  5308. Coverity; CID #450. Bugfix on
  5309. o Minor bugfixes (only in 0.2.1.x):
  5310. - Resume using micro-version numbers in 0.2.1.x: our Debian packages
  5311. rely on them. Bugfix on
  5312. - Use git revisions instead of svn revisions when generating our
  5313. micro-version numbers. Bugfix on; fixes bug 2402.
  5314. o Minor features (also included in 0.2.2.x):
  5315. - Adjust the expiration time on our SSL session certificates to
  5316. better match SSL certs seen in the wild. Resolves ticket 4014.
  5317. - Allow nameservers with IPv6 address. Resolves bug 2574.
  5318. - Update to the October 4 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  5319. Changes in version - 2011-09-13
  5320. Tor fixes several bugs, and includes a slight tweak to Tor's
  5321. TLS handshake that makes relays and bridges that run this new version
  5322. reachable from Iran again.
  5323. o Major bugfixes:
  5324. - Avoid an assertion failure when reloading a configuration with
  5325. TrackExitHosts changes. Found and fixed by 'laruldan'. Fixes bug
  5326. 3923; bugfix on
  5327. o Minor features (security):
  5328. - Check for replays of the public-key encrypted portion of an
  5329. INTRODUCE1 cell, in addition to the current check for replays of
  5330. the g^x value. This prevents a possible class of active attacks
  5331. by an attacker who controls both an introduction point and a
  5332. rendezvous point, and who uses the malleability of AES-CTR to
  5333. alter the encrypted g^x portion of the INTRODUCE1 cell. We think
  5334. that these attacks are infeasible (requiring the attacker to send
  5335. on the order of zettabytes of altered cells in a short interval),
  5336. but we'd rather block them off in case there are any classes of
  5337. this attack that we missed. Reported by Willem Pinckaers.
  5338. o Minor features:
  5339. - Adjust the expiration time on our SSL session certificates to
  5340. better match SSL certs seen in the wild. Resolves ticket 4014.
  5341. - Change the default required uptime for a relay to be accepted as
  5342. a HSDir (hidden service directory) from 24 hours to 25 hours.
  5343. Improves on; resolves ticket 2649.
  5344. - Add a VoteOnHidServDirectoriesV2 config option to allow directory
  5345. authorities to abstain from voting on assignment of the HSDir
  5346. consensus flag. Related to bug 2649.
  5347. - Update to the September 6 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  5348. o Minor bugfixes (documentation and log messages):
  5349. - Correct the man page to explain that HashedControlPassword and
  5350. CookieAuthentication can both be set, in which case either method
  5351. is sufficient to authenticate to Tor. Bugfix on,
  5352. when we decided to allow these config options to both be set. Issue
  5353. raised by bug 3898.
  5354. - Demote the 'replay detected' log message emitted when a hidden
  5355. service receives the same Diffie-Hellman public key in two different
  5356. INTRODUCE2 cells to info level. A normal Tor client can cause that
  5357. log message during its normal operation. Bugfix on;
  5358. fixes part of bug 2442.
  5359. - Demote the 'INTRODUCE2 cell is too {old,new}' log message to info
  5360. level. There is nothing that a hidden service's operator can do
  5361. to fix its clients' clocks. Bugfix on; fixes part
  5362. of bug 2442.
  5363. - Clarify a log message specifying the characters permitted in
  5364. HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient client names. Previously, the log
  5365. message said that "[A-Za-z0-9+-_]" were permitted; that could have
  5366. given the impression that every ASCII character between "+" and "_"
  5367. was permitted. Now we say "[A-Za-z0-9+_-]". Bugfix on
  5368. o Build fixes:
  5369. - Provide a substitute implementation of lround() for MSVC, which
  5370. apparently lacks it. Patch from Gisle Vanem.
  5371. - Clean up some code issues that prevented Tor from building on older
  5372. BSDs. Fixes bug 3894; reported by "grarpamp".
  5373. - Search for a platform-specific version of "ar" when cross-compiling.
  5374. Should fix builds on iOS. Resolves bug 3909, found by Marco Bonetti.
  5375. Changes in version - 2011-08-27
  5376. The Tor 0.2.2 release series is dedicated to the memory of Andreas
  5377. Pfitzmann (1958-2010), a pioneer in anonymity and privacy research,
  5378. a founder of the PETS community, a leader in our field, a mentor,
  5379. and a friend. He left us with these words: "I had the possibility
  5380. to contribute to this world that is not as it should be. I hope I
  5381. could help in some areas to make the world a better place, and that
  5382. I could also encourage other people to be engaged in improving the
  5383. world. Please, stay engaged. This world needs you, your love, your
  5384. initiative -- now I cannot be part of that anymore."
  5385. Tor, the first stable release in the 0.2.2 branch, is finally
  5386. ready. More than two years in the making, this release features improved
  5387. client performance and hidden service reliability, better compatibility
  5388. for Android, correct behavior for bridges that listen on more than
  5389. one address, more extensible and flexible directory object handling,
  5390. better reporting of network statistics, improved code security, and
  5391. many many other features and bugfixes.
  5392. o Major features (client performance):
  5393. - When choosing which cells to relay first, relays now favor circuits
  5394. that have been quiet recently, to provide lower latency for
  5395. low-volume circuits. By default, relays enable or disable this
  5396. feature based on a setting in the consensus. They can override
  5397. this default by using the new "CircuitPriorityHalflife" config
  5398. option. Design and code by Ian Goldberg, Can Tang, and Chris
  5399. Alexander.
  5400. - Directory authorities now compute consensus weightings that instruct
  5401. clients how to weight relays flagged as Guard, Exit, Guard+Exit,
  5402. and no flag. Clients use these weightings to distribute network load
  5403. more evenly across these different relay types. The weightings are
  5404. in the consensus so we can change them globally in the future. Extra
  5405. thanks to "outofwords" for finding some nasty security bugs in
  5406. the first implementation of this feature.
  5407. o Major features (client performance, circuit build timeout):
  5408. - Tor now tracks how long it takes to build client-side circuits
  5409. over time, and adapts its timeout to local network performance.
  5410. Since a circuit that takes a long time to build will also provide
  5411. bad performance, we get significant latency improvements by
  5412. discarding the slowest 20% of circuits. Specifically, Tor creates
  5413. circuits more aggressively than usual until it has enough data
  5414. points for a good timeout estimate. Implements proposal 151.
  5415. - Circuit build timeout constants can be controlled by consensus
  5416. parameters. We set good defaults for these parameters based on
  5417. experimentation on broadband and simulated high-latency links.
  5418. - Circuit build time learning can be disabled via consensus parameter
  5419. or by the client via a LearnCircuitBuildTimeout config option. We
  5420. also automatically disable circuit build time calculation if either
  5421. AuthoritativeDirectory is set, or if we fail to write our state
  5422. file. Implements ticket 1296.
  5423. o Major features (relays use their capacity better):
  5424. - Set SO_REUSEADDR socket option on all sockets, not just
  5425. listeners. This should help busy exit nodes avoid running out of
  5426. useable ports just because all the ports have been used in the
  5427. near past. Resolves issue 2850.
  5428. - Relays now save observed peak bandwidth throughput rates to their
  5429. state file (along with total usage, which was already saved),
  5430. so that they can determine their correct estimated bandwidth on
  5431. restart. Resolves bug 1863, where Tor relays would reset their
  5432. estimated bandwidth to 0 after restarting.
  5433. - Lower the maximum weighted-fractional-uptime cutoff to 98%. This
  5434. should give us approximately 40-50% more Guard-flagged nodes,
  5435. improving the anonymity the Tor network can provide and also
  5436. decreasing the dropoff in throughput that relays experience when
  5437. they first get the Guard flag.
  5438. - Directory authorities now take changes in router IP address and
  5439. ORPort into account when determining router stability. Previously,
  5440. if a router changed its IP or ORPort, the authorities would not
  5441. treat it as having any downtime for the purposes of stability
  5442. calculation, whereas clients would experience downtime since the
  5443. change would take a while to propagate to them. Resolves issue 1035.
  5444. - New AccelName and AccelDir options add support for dynamic OpenSSL
  5445. hardware crypto acceleration engines.
  5446. o Major features (relays control their load better):
  5447. - Exit relays now try harder to block exit attempts from unknown
  5448. relays, to make it harder for people to use them as one-hop proxies
  5449. a la tortunnel. Controlled by the refuseunknownexits consensus
  5450. parameter (currently enabled), or you can override it on your
  5451. relay with the RefuseUnknownExits torrc option. Resolves bug 1751;
  5452. based on a variant of proposal 163.
  5453. - Add separate per-conn write limiting to go with the per-conn read
  5454. limiting. We added a global write limit in Tor,
  5455. but never per-conn write limits.
  5456. - New consensus params "bwconnrate" and "bwconnburst" to let us
  5457. rate-limit client connections as they enter the network. It's
  5458. controlled in the consensus so we can turn it on and off for
  5459. experiments. It's starting out off. Based on proposal 163.
  5460. o Major features (controllers):
  5461. - Export GeoIP information on bridge usage to controllers even if we
  5462. have not yet been running for 24 hours. Now Vidalia bridge operators
  5463. can get more accurate and immediate feedback about their
  5464. contributions to the network.
  5465. - Add an __OwningControllerProcess configuration option and a
  5466. TAKEOWNERSHIP control-port command. Now a Tor controller can ensure
  5467. that when it exits, Tor will shut down. Implements feature 3049.
  5468. o Major features (directory authorities):
  5469. - Directory authorities now create, vote on, and serve multiple
  5470. parallel formats of directory data as part of their voting process.
  5471. Partially implements Proposal 162: "Publish the consensus in
  5472. multiple flavors".
  5473. - Directory authorities now agree on and publish small summaries
  5474. of router information that clients can use in place of regular
  5475. server descriptors. This transition will allow Tor 0.2.3 clients
  5476. to use far less bandwidth for downloading information about the
  5477. network. Begins the implementation of Proposal 158: "Clients
  5478. download consensus + microdescriptors".
  5479. - The directory voting system is now extensible to use multiple hash
  5480. algorithms for signatures and resource selection. Newer formats
  5481. are signed with SHA256, with a possibility for moving to a better
  5482. hash algorithm in the future.
  5483. - Directory authorities can now vote on arbitary integer values as
  5484. part of the consensus process. This is designed to help set
  5485. network-wide parameters. Implements proposal 167.
  5486. o Major features and bugfixes (node selection):
  5487. - Revise and reconcile the meaning of the ExitNodes, EntryNodes,
  5488. ExcludeEntryNodes, ExcludeExitNodes, ExcludeNodes, and Strict*Nodes
  5489. options. Previously, we had been ambiguous in describing what
  5490. counted as an "exit" node, and what operations exactly "StrictNodes
  5491. 0" would permit. This created confusion when people saw nodes built
  5492. through unexpected circuits, and made it hard to tell real bugs from
  5493. surprises. Now the intended behavior is:
  5494. . "Exit", in the context of ExitNodes and ExcludeExitNodes, means
  5495. a node that delivers user traffic outside the Tor network.
  5496. . "Entry", in the context of EntryNodes, means a node used as the
  5497. first hop of a multihop circuit. It doesn't include direct
  5498. connections to directory servers.
  5499. . "ExcludeNodes" applies to all nodes.
  5500. . "StrictNodes" changes the behavior of ExcludeNodes only. When
  5501. StrictNodes is set, Tor should avoid all nodes listed in
  5502. ExcludeNodes, even when it will make user requests fail. When
  5503. StrictNodes is *not* set, then Tor should follow ExcludeNodes
  5504. whenever it can, except when it must use an excluded node to
  5505. perform self-tests, connect to a hidden service, provide a
  5506. hidden service, fulfill a .exit request, upload directory
  5507. information, or fetch directory information.
  5508. Collectively, the changes to implement the behavior fix bug 1090.
  5509. - If EntryNodes, ExitNodes, ExcludeNodes, or ExcludeExitNodes
  5510. change during a config reload, mark and discard all our origin
  5511. circuits. This fix should address edge cases where we change the
  5512. config options and but then choose a circuit that we created before
  5513. the change.
  5514. - Make EntryNodes config option much more aggressive even when
  5515. StrictNodes is not set. Before it would prepend your requested
  5516. entrynodes to your list of guard nodes, but feel free to use others
  5517. after that. Now it chooses only from your EntryNodes if any of
  5518. those are available, and only falls back to others if a) they're
  5519. all down and b) StrictNodes is not set.
  5520. - Now we refresh your entry guards from EntryNodes at each consensus
  5521. fetch -- rather than just at startup and then they slowly rot as
  5522. the network changes.
  5523. - Add support for the country code "{??}" in torrc options like
  5524. ExcludeNodes, to indicate all routers of unknown country. Closes
  5525. bug 1094.
  5526. - ExcludeNodes now takes precedence over EntryNodes and ExitNodes: if
  5527. a node is listed in both, it's treated as excluded.
  5528. - ExcludeNodes now applies to directory nodes -- as a preference if
  5529. StrictNodes is 0, or an absolute requirement if StrictNodes is 1.
  5530. Don't exclude all the directory authorities and set StrictNodes to 1
  5531. unless you really want your Tor to break.
  5532. - ExcludeNodes and ExcludeExitNodes now override exit enclaving.
  5533. - ExcludeExitNodes now overrides .exit requests.
  5534. - We don't use bridges listed in ExcludeNodes.
  5535. - When StrictNodes is 1:
  5536. . We now apply ExcludeNodes to hidden service introduction points
  5537. and to rendezvous points selected by hidden service users. This
  5538. can make your hidden service less reliable: use it with caution!
  5539. . If we have used ExcludeNodes on ourself, do not try relay
  5540. reachability self-tests.
  5541. . If we have excluded all the directory authorities, we will not
  5542. even try to upload our descriptor if we're a relay.
  5543. . Do not honor .exit requests to an excluded node.
  5544. - When the set of permitted nodes changes, we now remove any mappings
  5545. introduced via TrackExitHosts to now-excluded nodes. Bugfix on
  5547. - We never cannibalize a circuit that had excluded nodes on it, even
  5548. if StrictNodes is 0. Bugfix on
  5549. - Improve log messages related to excluded nodes.
  5550. o Major features (misc):
  5551. - Numerous changes, bugfixes, and workarounds from Nathan Freitas
  5552. to help Tor build correctly for Android phones.
  5553. - The options SocksPort, ControlPort, and so on now all accept a
  5554. value "auto" that opens a socket on an OS-selected port. A
  5555. new ControlPortWriteToFile option tells Tor to write its
  5556. actual control port or ports to a chosen file. If the option
  5557. ControlPortFileGroupReadable is set, the file is created as
  5558. group-readable. Now users can run two Tor clients on the same
  5559. system without needing to manually mess with parameters. Resolves
  5560. part of ticket 3076.
  5561. - Tor now supports tunneling all of its outgoing connections over
  5562. a SOCKS proxy, using the SOCKS4Proxy and/or SOCKS5Proxy
  5563. configuration options. Code by Christopher Davis.
  5564. o Code security improvements:
  5565. - Replace all potentially sensitive memory comparison operations
  5566. with versions whose runtime does not depend on the data being
  5567. compared. This will help resist a class of attacks where an
  5568. adversary can use variations in timing information to learn
  5569. sensitive data. Fix for one case of bug 3122. (Safe memcmp
  5570. implementation by Robert Ransom based partially on code by DJB.)
  5571. - Enable Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution
  5572. Prevention (DEP) by default on Windows to make it harder for
  5573. attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Patch from John Brooks.
  5574. - New "--enable-gcc-hardening" ./configure flag (off by default)
  5575. to turn on gcc compile time hardening options. It ensures
  5576. that signed ints have defined behavior (-fwrapv), enables
  5577. -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 (requiring -O2), adds stack smashing protection
  5578. with canaries (-fstack-protector-all), turns on ASLR protection if
  5579. supported by the kernel (-fPIE, -pie), and adds additional security
  5580. related warnings. Verified to work on Mac OS X and Debian Lenny.
  5581. - New "--enable-linker-hardening" ./configure flag (off by default)
  5582. to turn on ELF specific hardening features (relro, now). This does
  5583. not work with Mac OS X or any other non-ELF binary format.
  5584. - Always search the Windows system directory for system DLLs, and
  5585. nowhere else. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1954.
  5586. - New DisableAllSwap option. If set to 1, Tor will attempt to lock all
  5587. current and future memory pages via mlockall(). On supported
  5588. platforms (modern Linux and probably BSD but not Windows or OS X),
  5589. this should effectively disable any and all attempts to page out
  5590. memory. This option requires that you start your Tor as root --
  5591. if you use DisableAllSwap, please consider using the User option
  5592. to properly reduce the privileges of your Tor.
  5593. o Major bugfixes (crashes):
  5594. - Fix crash bug on platforms where gmtime and localtime can return
  5595. NULL. Windows 7 users were running into this one. Fixes part of bug
  5596. 2077. Bugfix on all versions of Tor. Found by boboper.
  5597. - Introduce minimum/maximum values that clients will believe
  5598. from the consensus. Now we'll have a better chance to avoid crashes
  5599. or worse when a consensus param has a weird value.
  5600. - Fix a rare crash bug that could occur when a client was configured
  5601. with a large number of bridges. Fixes bug 2629; bugfix on
  5602. Bugfix by trac user "shitlei".
  5603. - Do not crash when our configuration file becomes unreadable, for
  5604. example due to a permissions change, between when we start up
  5605. and when a controller calls SAVECONF. Fixes bug 3135; bugfix
  5606. on 0.0.9pre6.
  5607. - If we're in the pathological case where there's no exit bandwidth
  5608. but there is non-exit bandwidth, or no guard bandwidth but there
  5609. is non-guard bandwidth, don't crash during path selection. Bugfix
  5610. on
  5611. - Fix a crash bug when trying to initialize the evdns module in
  5612. Libevent 2. Bugfix on
  5613. o Major bugfixes (stability):
  5614. - Fix an assert in parsing router descriptors containing IPv6
  5615. addresses. This one took down the directory authorities when
  5616. somebody tried some experimental code. Bugfix on
  5617. - Fix an uncommon assertion failure when running with DNSPort under
  5618. heavy load. Fixes bug 2933; bugfix on
  5619. - Treat an unset $HOME like an empty $HOME rather than triggering an
  5620. assert. Bugfix on 0.0.8pre1; fixes bug 1522.
  5621. - More gracefully handle corrupt state files, removing asserts
  5622. in favor of saving a backup and resetting state.
  5623. - Instead of giving an assertion failure on an internal mismatch
  5624. on estimated freelist size, just log a BUG warning and try later.
  5625. Mitigates but does not fix bug 1125.
  5626. - Fix an assert that got triggered when using the TestingTorNetwork
  5627. configuration option and then issuing a GETINFO config-text control
  5628. command. Fixes bug 2250; bugfix on
  5629. - If the cached cert file is unparseable, warn but don't exit.
  5630. o Privacy fixes (relays/bridges):
  5631. - Don't list Windows capabilities in relay descriptors. We never made
  5632. use of them, and maybe it's a bad idea to publish them. Bugfix
  5633. on
  5634. - If the Nickname configuration option isn't given, Tor would pick a
  5635. nickname based on the local hostname as the nickname for a relay.
  5636. Because nicknames are not very important in today's Tor and the
  5637. "Unnamed" nickname has been implemented, this is now problematic
  5638. behavior: It leaks information about the hostname without being
  5639. useful at all. Fixes bug 2979; bugfix on, which
  5640. introduced the Unnamed nickname. Reported by tagnaq.
  5641. - Maintain separate TLS contexts and certificates for incoming and
  5642. outgoing connections in bridge relays. Previously we would use the
  5643. same TLS contexts and certs for incoming and outgoing connections.
  5644. Bugfix on; addresses bug 988.
  5645. - Maintain separate identity keys for incoming and outgoing TLS
  5646. contexts in bridge relays. Previously we would use the same
  5647. identity keys for incoming and outgoing TLS contexts. Bugfix on
  5648.; addresses the other half of bug 988.
  5649. - Make the bridge directory authority refuse to answer directory
  5650. requests for "all descriptors". It used to include bridge
  5651. descriptors in its answer, which was a major information leak.
  5652. Found by "piebeer". Bugfix on
  5653. o Privacy fixes (clients):
  5654. - When receiving a hidden service descriptor, check that it is for
  5655. the hidden service we wanted. Previously, Tor would store any
  5656. hidden service descriptors that a directory gave it, whether it
  5657. wanted them or not. This wouldn't have let an attacker impersonate
  5658. a hidden service, but it did let directories pre-seed a client
  5659. with descriptors that it didn't want. Bugfix on 0.0.6.
  5660. - Start the process of disabling ".exit" address notation, since it
  5661. can be used for a variety of esoteric application-level attacks
  5662. on users. To reenable it, set "AllowDotExit 1" in your torrc. Fix
  5663. on 0.0.9rc5.
  5664. - Reject attempts at the client side to open connections to private
  5665. IP addresses (like,, and so on) with
  5666. a randomly chosen exit node. Attempts to do so are always
  5667. ill-defined, generally prevented by exit policies, and usually
  5668. in error. This will also help to detect loops in transparent
  5669. proxy configurations. You can disable this feature by setting
  5670. "ClientRejectInternalAddresses 0" in your torrc.
  5671. - Log a notice when we get a new control connection. Now it's easier
  5672. for security-conscious users to recognize when a local application
  5673. is knocking on their controller door. Suggested by bug 1196.
  5674. o Privacy fixes (newnym):
  5675. - Avoid linkability based on cached hidden service descriptors: forget
  5676. all hidden service descriptors cached as a client when processing a
  5677. SIGNAL NEWNYM command. Fixes bug 3000; bugfix on 0.0.6.
  5678. - On SIGHUP, do not clear out all TrackHostExits mappings, client
  5679. DNS cache entries, and virtual address mappings: that's what
  5680. NEWNYM is for. Fixes bug 1345; bugfix on
  5681. - Don't attach new streams to old rendezvous circuits after SIGNAL
  5682. NEWNYM. Previously, we would keep using an existing rendezvous
  5683. circuit if it remained open (i.e. if it were kept open by a
  5684. long-lived stream, or if a new stream were attached to it before
  5685. Tor could notice that it was old and no longer in use). Bugfix on
  5686.; fixes bug 3375.
  5687. o Major bugfixes (relay bandwidth accounting):
  5688. - Fix a bug that could break accounting on 64-bit systems with large
  5689. time_t values, making them hibernate for impossibly long intervals.
  5690. Fixes bug 2146. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre6; fix by boboper.
  5691. - Fix a bug in bandwidth accounting that could make us use twice
  5692. the intended bandwidth when our interval start changes due to
  5693. daylight saving time. Now we tolerate skew in stored vs computed
  5694. interval starts: if the start of the period changes by no more than
  5695. 50% of the period's duration, we remember bytes that we transferred
  5696. in the old period. Fixes bug 1511; bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
  5697. o Major bugfixes (bridges):
  5698. - Bridges now use "reject *:*" as their default exit policy. Bugfix
  5699. on Fixes bug 1113.
  5700. - If you configure your bridge with a known identity fingerprint,
  5701. and the bridge authority is unreachable (as it is in at least
  5702. one country now), fall back to directly requesting the descriptor
  5703. from the bridge. Finishes the feature started in;
  5704. closes bug 1138.
  5705. - Fix a bug where bridge users who configure the non-canonical
  5706. address of a bridge automatically switch to its canonical
  5707. address. If a bridge listens at more than one address, it
  5708. should be able to advertise those addresses independently and
  5709. any non-blocked addresses should continue to work. Bugfix on Tor
  5710. Fixes bug 2510.
  5711. - If you configure Tor to use bridge A, and then quit and
  5712. configure Tor to use bridge B instead (or if you change Tor
  5713. to use bridge B via the controller), it would happily continue
  5714. to use bridge A if it's still reachable. While this behavior is
  5715. a feature if your goal is connectivity, in some scenarios it's a
  5716. dangerous bug. Bugfix on Tor; fixes bug 2511.
  5717. - When the controller configures a new bridge, don't wait 10 to 60
  5718. seconds before trying to fetch its descriptor. Bugfix on
  5719.; fixes bug 3198 (suggested by 2355).
  5720. o Major bugfixes (directory authorities):
  5721. - Many relays have been falling out of the consensus lately because
  5722. not enough authorities know about their descriptor for them to get
  5723. a majority of votes. When we deprecated the v2 directory protocol,
  5724. we got rid of the only way that v3 authorities can hear from each
  5725. other about other descriptors. Now authorities examine every v3
  5726. vote for new descriptors, and fetch them from that authority. Bugfix
  5727. on
  5728. - Authorities could be tricked into giving out the Exit flag to relays
  5729. that didn't allow exiting to any ports. This bug could screw
  5730. with load balancing and stats. Bugfix on; fixes bug
  5731. 1238. Bug discovered by Martin Kowalczyk.
  5732. - If all authorities restart at once right before a consensus vote,
  5733. nobody will vote about "Running", and clients will get a consensus
  5734. with no usable relays. Instead, authorities refuse to build a
  5735. consensus if this happens. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1066.
  5736. o Major bugfixes (stream-level fairness):
  5737. - When receiving a circuit-level SENDME for a blocked circuit, try
  5738. to package cells fairly from all the streams that had previously
  5739. been blocked on that circuit. Previously, we had started with the
  5740. oldest stream, and allowed each stream to potentially exhaust
  5741. the circuit's package window. This gave older streams on any
  5742. given circuit priority over newer ones. Fixes bug 1937. Detected
  5743. originally by Camilo Viecco. This bug was introduced before the
  5744. first Tor release, in svn commit r152: it is the new winner of
  5745. the longest-lived bug prize.
  5746. - Fix a stream fairness bug that would cause newer streams on a given
  5747. circuit to get preference when reading bytes from the origin or
  5748. destination. Fixes bug 2210. Fix by Mashael AlSabah. This bug was
  5749. introduced before the first Tor release, in svn revision r152.
  5750. - When the exit relay got a circuit-level sendme cell, it started
  5751. reading on the exit streams, even if had 500 cells queued in the
  5752. circuit queue already, so the circuit queue just grew and grew in
  5753. some cases. We fix this by not re-enabling reading on receipt of a
  5754. sendme cell when the cell queue is blocked. Fixes bug 1653. Bugfix
  5755. on Detected by Mashael AlSabah. Original patch by
  5756. "yetonetime".
  5757. - Newly created streams were allowed to read cells onto circuits,
  5758. even if the circuit's cell queue was blocked and waiting to drain.
  5759. This created potential unfairness, as older streams would be
  5760. blocked, but newer streams would gladly fill the queue completely.
  5761. We add code to detect this situation and prevent any stream from
  5762. getting more than one free cell. Bugfix on Partially
  5763. fixes bug 1298.
  5764. o Major bugfixes (hidden services):
  5765. - Apply circuit timeouts to opened hidden-service-related circuits
  5766. based on the correct start time. Previously, we would apply the
  5767. circuit build timeout based on time since the circuit's creation;
  5768. it was supposed to be applied based on time since the circuit
  5769. entered its current state. Bugfix on 0.0.6; fixes part of bug 1297.
  5770. - Improve hidden service robustness: When we find that we have
  5771. extended a hidden service's introduction circuit to a relay not
  5772. listed as an introduction point in the HS descriptor we currently
  5773. have, retry with an introduction point from the current
  5774. descriptor. Previously we would just give up. Fixes bugs 1024 and
  5775. 1930; bugfix on
  5776. - Directory authorities now use data collected from their own
  5777. uptime observations when choosing whether to assign the HSDir flag
  5778. to relays, instead of trusting the uptime value the relay reports in
  5779. its descriptor. This change helps prevent an attack where a small
  5780. set of nodes with frequently-changing identity keys can blackhole
  5781. a hidden service. (Only authorities need upgrade; others will be
  5782. fine once they do.) Bugfix on; fixes bug 2709.
  5783. - Stop assigning the HSDir flag to relays that disable their
  5784. DirPort (and thus will refuse to answer directory requests). This
  5785. fix should dramatically improve the reachability of hidden services:
  5786. hidden services and hidden service clients pick six HSDir relays
  5787. to store and retrieve the hidden service descriptor, and currently
  5788. about half of the HSDir relays will refuse to work. Bugfix on
  5789.; fixes part of bug 1693.
  5790. o Major bugfixes (misc):
  5791. - Clients now stop trying to use an exit node associated with a given
  5792. destination by TrackHostExits if they fail to reach that exit node.
  5793. Fixes bug 2999. Bugfix on
  5794. - Fix a regression that caused Tor to rebind its ports if it receives
  5795. SIGHUP while hibernating. Bugfix in; closes bug 919.
  5796. - Remove an extra pair of quotation marks around the error
  5797. message in control-port STATUS_GENERAL BUG events. Bugfix on
  5798.; fixes bug 3732.
  5799. o Minor features (relays):
  5800. - Ensure that no empty [dirreq-](read|write)-history lines are added
  5801. to an extrainfo document. Implements ticket 2497.
  5802. - When bandwidth accounting is enabled, be more generous with how
  5803. much bandwidth we'll use up before entering "soft hibernation".
  5804. Previously, we'd refuse new connections and circuits once we'd
  5805. used up 95% of our allotment. Now, we use up 95% of our allotment,
  5806. AND make sure that we have no more than 500MB (or 3 hours of
  5807. expected traffic, whichever is lower) remaining before we enter
  5808. soft hibernation.
  5809. - Relays now log the reason for publishing a new relay descriptor,
  5810. so we have a better chance of hunting down instances of bug 1810.
  5811. Resolves ticket 3252.
  5812. - Log a little more clearly about the times at which we're no longer
  5813. accepting new connections (e.g. due to hibernating). Resolves
  5814. bug 2181.
  5815. - When AllowSingleHopExits is set, print a warning to explain to the
  5816. relay operator why most clients are avoiding her relay.
  5817. - Send END_STREAM_REASON_NOROUTE in response to EHOSTUNREACH errors.
  5818. Clients before didn't handle NOROUTE correctly, but such
  5819. clients are already deprecated because of security bugs.
  5820. o Minor features (network statistics):
  5821. - Directory mirrors that set "DirReqStatistics 1" write statistics
  5822. about directory requests to disk every 24 hours. As compared to the
  5823. "--enable-geoip-stats" ./configure flag in 0.2.1.x, there are a few
  5824. improvements: 1) stats are written to disk exactly every 24 hours;
  5825. 2) estimated shares of v2 and v3 requests are determined as mean
  5826. values, not at the end of a measurement period; 3) unresolved
  5827. requests are listed with country code '??'; 4) directories also
  5828. measure download times.
  5829. - Exit nodes that set "ExitPortStatistics 1" write statistics on the
  5830. number of exit streams and transferred bytes per port to disk every
  5831. 24 hours.
  5832. - Relays that set "CellStatistics 1" write statistics on how long
  5833. cells spend in their circuit queues to disk every 24 hours.
  5834. - Entry nodes that set "EntryStatistics 1" write statistics on the
  5835. rough number and origins of connecting clients to disk every 24
  5836. hours.
  5837. - Relays that write any of the above statistics to disk and set
  5838. "ExtraInfoStatistics 1" include the past 24 hours of statistics in
  5839. their extra-info documents. Implements proposal 166.
  5840. o Minor features (GeoIP and statistics):
  5841. - Provide a log message stating which geoip file we're parsing
  5842. instead of just stating that we're parsing the geoip file.
  5843. Implements ticket 2432.
  5844. - Make sure every relay writes a state file at least every 12 hours.
  5845. Previously, a relay could go for weeks without writing its state
  5846. file, and on a crash could lose its bandwidth history, capacity
  5847. estimates, client country statistics, and so on. Addresses bug 3012.
  5848. - Relays report the number of bytes spent on answering directory
  5849. requests in extra-info descriptors similar to {read,write}-history.
  5850. Implements enhancement 1790.
  5851. - Report only the top 10 ports in exit-port stats in order not to
  5852. exceed the maximum extra-info descriptor length of 50 KB. Implements
  5853. task 2196.
  5854. - If writing the state file to disk fails, wait up to an hour before
  5855. retrying again, rather than trying again each second. Fixes bug
  5856. 2346; bugfix on Tor
  5857. - Delay geoip stats collection by bridges for 6 hours, not 2 hours,
  5858. when we switch from being a public relay to a bridge. Otherwise
  5859. there will still be clients that see the relay in their consensus,
  5860. and the stats will end up wrong. Bugfix on; fixes
  5861. bug 932.
  5862. - Update to the August 2 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  5863. o Minor features (clients):
  5864. - When expiring circuits, use microsecond timers rather than
  5865. one-second timers. This can avoid an unpleasant situation where a
  5866. circuit is launched near the end of one second and expired right
  5867. near the beginning of the next, and prevent fluctuations in circuit
  5868. timeout values.
  5869. - If we've configured EntryNodes and our network goes away and/or all
  5870. our entrynodes get marked down, optimistically retry them all when
  5871. a new socks application request appears. Fixes bug 1882.
  5872. - Always perform router selections using weighted relay bandwidth,
  5873. even if we don't need a high capacity circuit at the time. Non-fast
  5874. circuits now only differ from fast ones in that they can use relays
  5875. not marked with the Fast flag. This "feature" could turn out to
  5876. be a horrible bug; we should investigate more before it goes into
  5877. a stable release.
  5878. - When we run out of directory information such that we can't build
  5879. circuits, but then get enough that we can build circuits, log when
  5880. we actually construct a circuit, so the user has a better chance of
  5881. knowing what's going on. Fixes bug 1362.
  5882. - Log SSL state transitions at debug level during handshake, and
  5883. include SSL states in error messages. This may help debug future
  5884. SSL handshake issues.
  5885. o Minor features (directory authorities):
  5886. - When a router changes IP address or port, authorities now launch
  5887. a new reachability test for it. Implements ticket 1899.
  5888. - Directory authorities now reject relays running any versions of
  5889. Tor between and inclusive; they have
  5890. known bugs that keep RELAY_EARLY cells from working on rendezvous
  5891. circuits. Followup to fix for bug 2081.
  5892. - Directory authorities now reject relays running any version of Tor
  5893. older than That version is the earliest that fetches
  5894. current directory information correctly. Fixes bug 2156.
  5895. - Directory authorities now do an immediate reachability check as soon
  5896. as they hear about a new relay. This change should slightly reduce
  5897. the time between setting up a relay and getting listed as running
  5898. in the consensus. It should also improve the time between setting
  5899. up a bridge and seeing use by bridge users.
  5900. - Directory authorities no longer launch a TLS connection to every
  5901. relay as they startup. Now that we have 2k+ descriptors cached,
  5902. the resulting network hiccup is becoming a burden. Besides,
  5903. authorities already avoid voting about Running for the first half
  5904. hour of their uptime.
  5905. - Directory authorities now log the source of a rejected POSTed v3
  5906. networkstatus vote, so we can track failures better.
  5907. - Backport code from 0.2.3.x that allows directory authorities to
  5908. clean their microdescriptor caches. Needed to resolve bug 2230.
  5909. o Minor features (hidden services):
  5910. - Use computed circuit-build timeouts to decide when to launch
  5911. parallel introduction circuits for hidden services. (Previously,
  5912. we would retry after 15 seconds.)
  5913. - Don't allow v0 hidden service authorities to act as clients.
  5914. Required by fix for bug 3000.
  5915. - Ignore SIGNAL NEWNYM commands on relay-only Tor instances. Required
  5916. by fix for bug 3000.
  5917. - Make hidden services work better in private Tor networks by not
  5918. requiring any uptime to join the hidden service descriptor
  5919. DHT. Implements ticket 2088.
  5920. - Log (at info level) when purging pieces of hidden-service-client
  5921. state because of SIGNAL NEWNYM.
  5922. o Minor features (controller interface):
  5923. - New "GETINFO net/listeners/(type)" controller command to return
  5924. a list of addresses and ports that are bound for listeners for a
  5925. given connection type. This is useful when the user has configured
  5926. "SocksPort auto" and the controller needs to know which port got
  5927. chosen. Resolves another part of ticket 3076.
  5928. - Have the controller interface give a more useful message than
  5929. "Internal Error" in response to failed GETINFO requests.
  5930. - Add a TIMEOUT_RATE keyword to the BUILDTIMEOUT_SET control port
  5931. event, to give information on the current rate of circuit timeouts
  5932. over our stored history.
  5933. - The 'EXTENDCIRCUIT' control port command can now be used with
  5934. a circ id of 0 and no path. This feature will cause Tor to build
  5935. a new 'fast' general purpose circuit using its own path selection
  5936. algorithms.
  5937. - Added a BUILDTIMEOUT_SET controller event to describe changes
  5938. to the circuit build timeout.
  5939. - New controller command "getinfo config-text". It returns the
  5940. contents that Tor would write if you send it a SAVECONF command,
  5941. so the controller can write the file to disk itself.
  5942. o Minor features (controller protocol):
  5943. - Add a new ControlSocketsGroupWritable configuration option: when
  5944. it is turned on, ControlSockets are group-writeable by the default
  5945. group of the current user. Patch by Jérémy Bobbio; implements
  5946. ticket 2972.
  5947. - Tor now refuses to create a ControlSocket in a directory that is
  5948. world-readable (or group-readable if ControlSocketsGroupWritable
  5949. is 0). This is necessary because some operating systems do not
  5950. enforce permissions on an AF_UNIX sockets. Permissions on the
  5951. directory holding the socket, however, seems to work everywhere.
  5952. - Warn when CookieAuthFileGroupReadable is set but CookieAuthFile is
  5953. not. This would lead to a cookie that is still not group readable.
  5954. Closes bug 1843. Suggested by katmagic.
  5955. - Future-proof the controller protocol a bit by ignoring keyword
  5956. arguments we do not recognize.
  5957. o Minor features (more useful logging):
  5958. - Revise most log messages that refer to nodes by nickname to
  5959. instead use the "$key=nickname at address" format. This should be
  5960. more useful, especially since nicknames are less and less likely
  5961. to be unique. Resolves ticket 3045.
  5962. - When an HTTPS proxy reports "403 Forbidden", we now explain
  5963. what it means rather than calling it an unexpected status code.
  5964. Closes bug 2503. Patch from Michael Yakubovich.
  5965. - Rate-limit a warning about failures to download v2 networkstatus
  5966. documents. Resolves part of bug 1352.
  5967. - Rate-limit the "your application is giving Tor only an IP address"
  5968. warning. Addresses bug 2000; bugfix on 0.0.8pre2.
  5969. - Rate-limit "Failed to hand off onionskin" warnings.
  5970. - When logging a rate-limited warning, we now mention how many messages
  5971. got suppressed since the last warning.
  5972. - Make the formerly ugly "2 unknown, 7 missing key, 0 good, 0 bad,
  5973. 2 no signature, 4 required" messages about consensus signatures
  5974. easier to read, and make sure they get logged at the same severity
  5975. as the messages explaining which keys are which. Fixes bug 1290.
  5976. - Don't warn when we have a consensus that we can't verify because
  5977. of missing certificates, unless those certificates are ones
  5978. that we have been trying and failing to download. Fixes bug 1145.
  5979. o Minor features (log domains):
  5980. - Add documentation for configuring logging at different severities in
  5981. different log domains. We've had this feature since,
  5982. but for some reason it never made it into the manpage. Fixes
  5983. bug 2215.
  5984. - Make it simpler to specify "All log domains except for A and B".
  5985. Previously you needed to say "[*,~A,~B]". Now you can just say
  5986. "[~A,~B]".
  5987. - Add a "LogMessageDomains 1" option to include the domains of log
  5988. messages along with the messages. Without this, there's no way
  5989. to use log domains without reading the source or doing a lot
  5990. of guessing.
  5991. - Add a new "Handshake" log domain for activities that happen
  5992. during the TLS handshake.
  5993. o Minor features (build process):
  5994. - Make compilation with clang possible when using
  5995. "--enable-gcc-warnings" by removing two warning options that clang
  5996. hasn't implemented yet and by fixing a few warnings. Resolves
  5997. ticket 2696.
  5998. - Detect platforms that brokenly use a signed size_t, and refuse to
  5999. build there. Found and analyzed by doorss and rransom.
  6000. - Fix a bunch of compile warnings revealed by mingw with gcc 4.5.
  6001. Resolves bug 2314.
  6002. - Add support for statically linking zlib by specifying
  6003. "--enable-static-zlib", to go with our support for statically
  6004. linking openssl and libevent. Resolves bug 1358.
  6005. - Instead of adding the svn revision to the Tor version string, report
  6006. the git commit (when we're building from a git checkout).
  6007. - Rename the "log.h" header to "torlog.h" so as to conflict with fewer
  6008. system headers.
  6009. - New --digests command-line switch to output the digests of the
  6010. source files Tor was built with.
  6011. - Generate our manpage and HTML documentation using Asciidoc. This
  6012. change should make it easier to maintain the documentation, and
  6013. produce nicer HTML. The build process fails if asciidoc cannot
  6014. be found and building with asciidoc isn't disabled (via the
  6015. "--disable-asciidoc" argument to ./configure. Skipping the manpage
  6016. speeds up the build considerably.
  6017. o Minor features (options / torrc):
  6018. - Warn when the same option is provided more than once in a torrc
  6019. file, on the command line, or in a single SETCONF statement, and
  6020. the option is one that only accepts a single line. Closes bug 1384.
  6021. - Warn when the user configures two HiddenServiceDir lines that point
  6022. to the same directory. Bugfix on 0.0.6 (the version introducing
  6023. HiddenServiceDir); fixes bug 3289.
  6024. - Add new "perconnbwrate" and "perconnbwburst" consensus params to
  6025. do individual connection-level rate limiting of clients. The torrc
  6026. config options with the same names trump the consensus params, if
  6027. both are present. Replaces the old "bwconnrate" and "bwconnburst"
  6028. consensus params which were broken from through
  6029. Closes bug 1947.
  6030. - New config option "WarnUnsafeSocks 0" disables the warning that
  6031. occurs whenever Tor receives a socks handshake using a version of
  6032. the socks protocol that can only provide an IP address (rather
  6033. than a hostname). Setups that do DNS locally over Tor are fine,
  6034. and we shouldn't spam the logs in that case.
  6035. - New config option "CircuitStreamTimeout" to override our internal
  6036. timeout schedule for how many seconds until we detach a stream from
  6037. a circuit and try a new circuit. If your network is particularly
  6038. slow, you might want to set this to a number like 60.
  6039. - New options for SafeLogging to allow scrubbing only log messages
  6040. generated while acting as a relay. Specify "SafeLogging relay" if
  6041. you want to ensure that only messages known to originate from
  6042. client use of the Tor process will be logged unsafely.
  6043. - Time and memory units in the configuration file can now be set to
  6044. fractional units. For example, "2.5 GB" is now a valid value for
  6045. AccountingMax.
  6046. - Support line continuations in the torrc config file. If a line
  6047. ends with a single backslash character, the newline is ignored, and
  6048. the configuration value is treated as continuing on the next line.
  6049. Resolves bug 1929.
  6050. o Minor features (unit tests):
  6051. - Revise our unit tests to use the "tinytest" framework, so we
  6052. can run tests in their own processes, have smarter setup/teardown
  6053. code, and so on. The unit test code has moved to its own
  6054. subdirectory, and has been split into multiple modules.
  6055. - Add a unit test for cross-platform directory-listing code.
  6056. - Add some forgotten return value checks during unit tests. Found
  6057. by coverity.
  6058. - Use GetTempDir to find the proper temporary directory location on
  6059. Windows when generating temporary files for the unit tests. Patch
  6060. by Gisle Vanem.
  6061. o Minor features (misc):
  6062. - The "torify" script now uses torsocks where available.
  6063. - Make Libevent log messages get delivered to controllers later,
  6064. and not from inside the Libevent log handler. This prevents unsafe
  6065. reentrant Libevent calls while still letting the log messages
  6066. get through.
  6067. - Certain Tor clients (such as those behind may
  6068. want to fetch the consensus in an extra early manner. To enable this
  6069. a user may now set FetchDirInfoExtraEarly to 1. This also depends on
  6070. setting FetchDirInfoEarly to 1. Previous behavior will stay the same
  6071. as only certain clients who must have this information sooner should
  6072. set this option.
  6073. - Expand homedirs passed to tor-checkkey. This should silence a
  6074. coverity complaint about passing a user-supplied string into
  6075. open() without checking it.
  6076. - Make sure to disable DirPort if running as a bridge. DirPorts aren't
  6077. used on bridges, and it makes bridge scanning somewhat easier.
  6078. - Create the /var/run/tor directory on startup on OpenSUSE if it is
  6079. not already created. Patch from Andreas Stieger. Fixes bug 2573.
  6080. o Minor bugfixes (relays):
  6081. - When a relay decides that its DNS is too broken for it to serve
  6082. as an exit server, it advertised itself as a non-exit, but
  6083. continued to act as an exit. This could create accidental
  6084. partitioning opportunities for users. Instead, if a relay is
  6085. going to advertise reject *:* as its exit policy, it should
  6086. really act with exit policy "reject *:*". Fixes bug 2366.
  6087. Bugfix on Tor Bugfix by user "postman" on trac.
  6088. - Publish a router descriptor even if generating an extra-info
  6089. descriptor fails. Previously we would not publish a router
  6090. descriptor without an extra-info descriptor; this can cause fast
  6091. exit relays collecting exit-port statistics to drop from the
  6092. consensus. Bugfix on; fixes bug 2195.
  6093. - When we're trying to guess whether we know our IP address as
  6094. a relay, we would log various ways that we failed to guess
  6095. our address, but never log that we ended up guessing it
  6096. successfully. Now add a log line to help confused and anxious
  6097. relay operators. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1534.
  6098. - For bandwidth accounting, calculate our expected bandwidth rate
  6099. based on the time during which we were active and not in
  6100. soft-hibernation during the last interval. Previously, we were
  6101. also considering the time spent in soft-hibernation. If this
  6102. was a long time, we would wind up underestimating our bandwidth
  6103. by a lot, and skewing our wakeup time towards the start of the
  6104. accounting interval. Fixes bug 1789. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
  6105. - Demote a confusing TLS warning that relay operators might get when
  6106. someone tries to talk to their ORPort. It is not the operator's
  6107. fault, nor can they do anything about it. Fixes bug 1364; bugfix
  6108. on
  6109. - Change "Application request when we're believed to be offline."
  6110. notice to "Application request when we haven't used client
  6111. functionality lately.", to clarify that it's not an error. Bugfix
  6112. on; fixes bug 1222.
  6113. o Minor bugfixes (bridges):
  6114. - When a client starts or stops using bridges, never use a circuit
  6115. that was built before the configuration change. This behavior could
  6116. put at risk a user who uses bridges to ensure that her traffic
  6117. only goes to the chosen addresses. Bugfix on; fixes
  6118. bug 3200.
  6119. - Do not reset the bridge descriptor download status every time we
  6120. re-parse our configuration or get a configuration change. Fixes
  6121. bug 3019; bugfix on
  6122. - Users couldn't configure a regular relay to be their bridge. It
  6123. didn't work because when Tor fetched the bridge descriptor, it found
  6124. that it already had it, and didn't realize that the purpose of the
  6125. descriptor had changed. Now we replace routers with a purpose other
  6126. than bridge with bridge descriptors when fetching them. Bugfix on
  6127. Fixes bug 1776.
  6128. - In the special case where you configure a public exit relay as your
  6129. bridge, Tor would be willing to use that exit relay as the last
  6130. hop in your circuit as well. Now we fail that circuit instead.
  6131. Bugfix on Fixes bug 2403. Reported by "piebeer".
  6132. o Minor bugfixes (clients):
  6133. - We now ask the other side of a stream (the client or the exit)
  6134. for more data on that stream when the amount of queued data on
  6135. that stream dips low enough. Previously, we wouldn't ask the
  6136. other side for more data until either it sent us more data (which
  6137. it wasn't supposed to do if it had exhausted its window!) or we
  6138. had completely flushed all our queued data. This flow control fix
  6139. should improve throughput. Fixes bug 2756; bugfix on the earliest
  6140. released versions of Tor (svn commit r152).
  6141. - When a client finds that an origin circuit has run out of 16-bit
  6142. stream IDs, we now mark it as unusable for new streams. Previously,
  6143. we would try to close the entire circuit. Bugfix on 0.0.6.
  6144. - Make it explicit that we don't cannibalize one-hop circuits. This
  6145. happens in the wild, but doesn't turn out to be a problem because
  6146. we fortunately don't use those circuits. Many thanks to outofwords
  6147. for the initial analysis and to swissknife who confirmed that
  6148. two-hop circuits are actually created.
  6149. - Resolve an edge case in path weighting that could make us misweight
  6150. our relay selection. Fixes bug 1203; bugfix on 0.0.8rc1.
  6151. - Make the DNSPort option work with libevent 2.x. Don't alter the
  6152. behavior for libevent 1.x. Fixes bug 1143. Found by SwissTorExit.
  6153. o Minor bugfixes (directory authorities):
  6154. - Make directory authorities more accurate at recording when
  6155. relays that have failed several reachability tests became
  6156. unreachable, so we can provide more accuracy at assigning Stable,
  6157. Guard, HSDir, etc flags. Bugfix on Resolves bug 2716.
  6158. - Directory authorities are now more robust to hops back in time
  6159. when calculating router stability. Previously, if a run of uptime
  6160. or downtime appeared to be negative, the calculation could give
  6161. incorrect results. Bugfix on; noticed when fixing
  6162. bug 1035.
  6163. - Directory authorities will now attempt to download consensuses
  6164. if their own efforts to make a live consensus have failed. This
  6165. change means authorities that restart will fetch a valid
  6166. consensus, and it means authorities that didn't agree with the
  6167. current consensus will still fetch and serve it if it has enough
  6168. signatures. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1300.
  6169. - Never vote for a server as "Running" if we have a descriptor for
  6170. it claiming to be hibernating, and that descriptor was published
  6171. more recently than our last contact with the server. Bugfix on
  6172.; fixes bug 911.
  6173. - Directory authorities no longer change their opinion of, or vote on,
  6174. whether a router is Running, unless they have themselves been
  6175. online long enough to have some idea. Bugfix on
  6176. Fixes bug 1023.
  6177. o Minor bugfixes (hidden services):
  6178. - Log malformed requests for rendezvous descriptors as protocol
  6179. warnings, not warnings. Also, use a more informative log message
  6180. in case someone sees it at log level warning without prior
  6181. info-level messages. Fixes bug 2748; bugfix on
  6182. - Accept hidden service descriptors if we think we might be a hidden
  6183. service directory, regardless of what our consensus says. This
  6184. helps robustness, since clients and hidden services can sometimes
  6185. have a more up-to-date view of the network consensus than we do,
  6186. and if they think that the directory authorities list us a HSDir,
  6187. we might actually be one. Related to bug 2732; bugfix on
  6189. - Correct the warning displayed when a rendezvous descriptor exceeds
  6190. the maximum size. Fixes bug 2750; bugfix on Found by
  6191. John Brooks.
  6192. - Clients and hidden services now use HSDir-flagged relays for hidden
  6193. service descriptor downloads and uploads even if the relays have no
  6194. DirPort set and the client has disabled TunnelDirConns. This will
  6195. eventually allow us to give the HSDir flag to relays with no
  6196. DirPort. Fixes bug 2722; bugfix on
  6197. - Only limit the lengths of single HS descriptors, even when multiple
  6198. HS descriptors are published to an HSDir relay in a single POST
  6199. operation. Fixes bug 2948; bugfix on Found by hsdir.
  6200. o Minor bugfixes (controllers):
  6201. - Allow GETINFO fingerprint to return a fingerprint even when
  6202. we have not yet built a router descriptor. Fixes bug 3577;
  6203. bugfix on
  6204. - Send a SUCCEEDED stream event to the controller when a reverse
  6205. resolve succeeded. Fixes bug 3536; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1. Issue
  6206. discovered by katmagic.
  6207. - Remove a trailing asterisk from "exit-policy/default" in the
  6208. output of the control port command "GETINFO info/names". Bugfix
  6209. on
  6210. - Make the SIGNAL DUMP controller command work on FreeBSD. Fixes bug
  6211. 2917. Bugfix on
  6212. - When we restart our relay, we might get a successful connection
  6213. from the outside before we've started our reachability tests,
  6214. triggering a warning: "ORPort found reachable, but I have no
  6215. routerinfo yet. Failing to inform controller of success." This
  6216. bug was harmless unless Tor is running under a controller
  6217. like Vidalia, in which case the controller would never get a
  6218. REACHABILITY_SUCCEEDED status event. Bugfix on;
  6219. fixes bug 1172.
  6220. - When a controller changes TrackHostExits, remove mappings for
  6221. hosts that should no longer have their exits tracked. Bugfix on
  6223. - When a controller changes VirtualAddrNetwork, remove any mappings
  6224. for hosts that were automapped to the old network. Bugfix on
  6226. - When a controller changes one of the AutomapHosts* options, remove
  6227. any mappings for hosts that should no longer be automapped. Bugfix
  6228. on
  6229. - Fix an off-by-one error in calculating some controller command
  6230. argument lengths. Fortunately, this mistake is harmless since
  6231. the controller code does redundant NUL termination too. Found by
  6232. boboper. Bugfix on
  6233. - Fix a bug in the controller interface where "GETINFO ns/asdaskljkl"
  6234. would return "551 Internal error" rather than "552 Unrecognized key
  6235. ns/asdaskljkl". Bugfix on
  6236. - Don't spam the controller with events when we have no file
  6237. descriptors available. Bugfix on (Rate-limiting
  6238. for log messages was already solved from bug 748.)
  6239. - Emit a GUARD DROPPED controller event for a case we missed.
  6240. - Ensure DNS requests launched by "RESOLVE" commands from the
  6241. controller respect the __LeaveStreamsUnattached setconf options. The
  6242. same goes for requests launched via DNSPort or transparent
  6243. proxying. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1525.
  6244. o Minor bugfixes (config options):
  6245. - Tor used to limit HttpProxyAuthenticator values to 48 characters.
  6246. Change the limit to 512 characters by removing base64 newlines.
  6247. Fixes bug 2752. Fix by Michael Yakubovich.
  6248. - Complain if PublishServerDescriptor is given multiple arguments that
  6249. include 0 or 1. This configuration will be rejected in the future.
  6250. Bugfix on; closes bug 1107.
  6251. - Disallow BridgeRelay 1 and ORPort 0 at once in the configuration.
  6252. Bugfix on; closes bug 928.
  6253. o Minor bugfixes (log subsystem fixes):
  6254. - When unable to format an address as a string, report its value
  6255. as "???" rather than reusing the last formatted address. Bugfix
  6256. on
  6257. - Be more consistent in our treatment of file system paths. "~" should
  6258. get expanded to the user's home directory in the Log config option.
  6259. Fixes bug 2971; bugfix on, which introduced the
  6260. feature for the -f and --DataDirectory options.
  6261. o Minor bugfixes (memory management):
  6262. - Don't stack-allocate the list of supplementary GIDs when we're
  6263. about to log them. Stack-allocating NGROUPS_MAX gid_t elements
  6264. could take up to 256K, which is way too much stack. Found by
  6265. Coverity; CID #450. Bugfix on
  6266. - Save a couple bytes in memory allocation every time we escape
  6267. certain characters in a string. Patch from Florian Zumbiehl.
  6268. o Minor bugfixes (protocol correctness):
  6269. - When checking for 1024-bit keys, check for 1024 bits, not 128
  6270. bytes. This allows Tor to correctly discard keys of length 1017
  6271. through 1023. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.
  6272. - Require that introduction point keys and onion handshake keys
  6273. have a public exponent of 65537. Starts to fix bug 3207; bugfix
  6274. on
  6275. - Handle SOCKS messages longer than 128 bytes long correctly, rather
  6276. than waiting forever for them to finish. Fixes bug 2330; bugfix
  6277. on Found by doorss.
  6278. - Never relay a cell for a circuit we have already destroyed.
  6279. Between marking a circuit as closeable and finally closing it,
  6280. it may have been possible for a few queued cells to get relayed,
  6281. even though they would have been immediately dropped by the next
  6282. OR in the circuit. Fixes bug 1184; bugfix on
  6283. - Never queue a cell for a circuit that's already been marked
  6284. for close.
  6285. - Fix a spec conformance issue: the network-status-version token
  6286. must be the first token in a v3 consensus or vote. Discovered by
  6287. "parakeep". Bugfix on
  6288. - A networkstatus vote must contain exactly one signature. Spec
  6289. conformance issue. Bugfix on
  6290. - When asked about a DNS record type we don't support via a
  6291. client DNSPort, reply with NOTIMPL rather than an empty
  6292. reply. Patch by intrigeri. Fixes bug 3369; bugfix on 2.0.1-alpha.
  6293. - Make more fields in the controller protocol case-insensitive, since
  6294. control-spec.txt said they were.
  6295. o Minor bugfixes (log messages):
  6296. - Fix a log message that said "bits" while displaying a value in
  6297. bytes. Found by wanoskarnet. Fixes bug 3318; bugfix on
  6299. - Downgrade "no current certificates known for authority" message from
  6300. Notice to Info. Fixes bug 2899; bugfix on
  6301. - Correctly describe errors that occur when generating a TLS object.
  6302. Previously we would attribute them to a failure while generating a
  6303. TLS context. Patch by Robert Ransom. Bugfix on; fixes
  6304. bug 1994.
  6305. - Fix an instance where a Tor directory mirror might accidentally
  6306. log the IP address of a misbehaving Tor client. Bugfix on
  6308. - Stop logging at severity 'warn' when some other Tor client tries
  6309. to establish a circuit with us using weak DH keys. It's a protocol
  6310. violation, but that doesn't mean ordinary users need to hear about
  6311. it. Fixes the bug part of bug 1114. Bugfix on
  6312. - If your relay can't keep up with the number of incoming create
  6313. cells, it would log one warning per failure into your logs. Limit
  6314. warnings to 1 per minute. Bugfix on 0.0.2pre10; fixes bug 1042.
  6315. o Minor bugfixes (build fixes):
  6316. - Fix warnings from GCC 4.6's "-Wunused-but-set-variable" option.
  6317. - When warning about missing zlib development packages during compile,
  6318. give the correct package names. Bugfix on
  6319. - Fix warnings that newer versions of autoconf produce during
  6320. ./ These warnings appear to be harmless in our case,
  6321. but they were extremely verbose. Fixes bug 2020.
  6322. - Squash a compile warning on OpenBSD. Reported by Tas; fixes
  6323. bug 1848.
  6324. o Minor bugfixes (portability):
  6325. - Write several files in text mode, on OSes that distinguish text
  6326. mode from binary mode (namely, Windows). These files are:
  6327. 'buffer-stats', 'dirreq-stats', and 'entry-stats' on relays
  6328. that collect those statistics; 'client_keys' and 'hostname' for
  6329. hidden services that use authentication; and (in the tor-gencert
  6330. utility) newly generated identity and signing keys. Previously,
  6331. we wouldn't specify text mode or binary mode, leading to an
  6332. assertion failure. Fixes bug 3607. Bugfix on (when
  6333. the DirRecordUsageByCountry option which would have triggered
  6334. the assertion failure was added), although this assertion failure
  6335. would have occurred in tor-gencert on Windows in
  6336. - Selectively disable deprecation warnings on OS X because Lion
  6337. started deprecating the shipped copy of openssl. Fixes bug 3643.
  6338. - Use a wide type to hold sockets when built for 64-bit Windows.
  6339. Fixes bug 3270.
  6340. - Fix an issue that prevented static linking of libevent on
  6341. some platforms (notably Linux). Fixes bug 2698; bugfix on,
  6342. where we introduced the "--with-static-libevent" configure option.
  6343. - Fix a bug with our locking implementation on Windows that couldn't
  6344. correctly detect when a file was already locked. Fixes bug 2504,
  6345. bugfix on
  6346. - Build correctly on OSX with zlib 1.2.4 and higher with all warnings
  6347. enabled.
  6348. - Fix IPv6-related connect() failures on some platforms (BSD, OS X).
  6349. Bugfix on; fixes first part of bug 2660. Patch by
  6350. "piebeer".
  6351. o Minor bugfixes (code correctness):
  6352. - Always NUL-terminate the sun_path field of a sockaddr_un before
  6353. passing it to the kernel. (Not a security issue: kernels are
  6354. smart enough to reject bad sockaddr_uns.) Found by Coverity;
  6355. CID #428. Bugfix on Tor
  6356. - Make connection_printf_to_buf()'s behavior sane. Its callers
  6357. expect it to emit a CRLF iff the format string ends with CRLF;
  6358. it actually emitted a CRLF iff (a) the format string ended with
  6359. CRLF or (b) the resulting string was over 1023 characters long or
  6360. (c) the format string did not end with CRLF *and* the resulting
  6361. string was 1021 characters long or longer. Bugfix on;
  6362. fixes part of bug 3407.
  6363. - Make send_control_event_impl()'s behavior sane. Its callers
  6364. expect it to always emit a CRLF at the end of the string; it
  6365. might have emitted extra control characters as well. Bugfix on
  6366.; fixes another part of bug 3407.
  6367. - Make crypto_rand_int() check the value of its input correctly.
  6368. Previously, it accepted values up to UINT_MAX, but could return a
  6369. negative number if given a value above INT_MAX+1. Found by George
  6370. Kadianakis. Fixes bug 3306; bugfix on 0.2.2pre14.
  6371. - Fix a potential null-pointer dereference while computing a
  6372. consensus. Bugfix on, found with the help of
  6373. clang's analyzer.
  6374. - If we fail to compute the identity digest of a v3 legacy keypair,
  6375. warn, and don't use a buffer-full of junk instead. Bugfix on
  6376.; fixes bug 3106.
  6377. - Resolve an untriggerable issue in smartlist_string_num_isin(),
  6378. where if the function had ever in the future been used to check
  6379. for the presence of a too-large number, it would have given an
  6380. incorrect result. (Fortunately, we only used it for 16-bit
  6381. values.) Fixes bug 3175; bugfix on
  6382. - Be more careful about reporting the correct error from a failed
  6383. connect() system call. Under some circumstances, it was possible to
  6384. look at an incorrect value for errno when sending the end reason.
  6385. Bugfix on
  6386. - Correctly handle an "impossible" overflow cases in connection byte
  6387. counting, where we write or read more than 4GB on an edge connection
  6388. in a single second. Bugfix on
  6389. - Avoid a double mark-for-free warning when failing to attach a
  6390. transparent proxy connection. Bugfix on Fixes
  6391. bug 2279.
  6392. - Correctly detect failure to allocate an OpenSSL BIO. Fixes bug 2378;
  6393. found by "cypherpunks". This bug was introduced before the first
  6394. Tor release, in svn commit r110.
  6395. - Fix a bug in bandwidth history state parsing that could have been
  6396. triggered if a future version of Tor ever changed the timing
  6397. granularity at which bandwidth history is measured. Bugfix on
  6398. Tor
  6399. - Add assertions to check for overflow in arguments to
  6400. base32_encode() and base32_decode(); fix a signed-unsigned
  6401. comparison there too. These bugs are not actually reachable in Tor,
  6402. but it's good to prevent future errors too. Found by doorss.
  6403. - Avoid a bogus overlapped memcpy in tor_addr_copy(). Reported by
  6404. "memcpyfail".
  6405. - Set target port in get_interface_address6() correctly. Bugfix
  6406. on and; fixes second part of bug 2660.
  6407. - Fix an impossible-to-actually-trigger buffer overflow in relay
  6408. descriptor generation. Bugfix on
  6409. - Fix numerous small code-flaws found by Coverity Scan Rung 3.
  6410. o Minor bugfixes (code improvements):
  6411. - After we free an internal connection structure, overwrite it
  6412. with a different memory value than we use for overwriting a freed
  6413. internal circuit structure. Should help with debugging. Suggested
  6414. by bug 1055.
  6415. - If OpenSSL fails to make a duplicate of a private or public key, log
  6416. an error message and try to exit cleanly. May help with debugging
  6417. if bug 1209 ever remanifests.
  6418. - Some options used different conventions for uppercasing of acronyms
  6419. when comparing manpage and source. Fix those in favor of the
  6420. manpage, as it makes sense to capitalize acronyms.
  6421. - Take a first step towards making or.h smaller by splitting out
  6422. function definitions for all source files in src/or/. Leave
  6423. structures and defines in or.h for now.
  6424. - Remove a few dead assignments during router parsing. Found by
  6425. coverity.
  6426. - Don't use 1-bit wide signed bit fields. Found by coverity.
  6427. - Avoid signed/unsigned comparisons by making SIZE_T_CEILING unsigned.
  6428. None of the cases where we did this before were wrong, but by making
  6429. this change we avoid warnings. Fixes bug 2475; bugfix on
  6430. - The memarea code now uses a sentinel value at the end of each area
  6431. to make sure nothing writes beyond the end of an area. This might
  6432. help debug some conceivable causes of bug 930.
  6433. - Always treat failure to allocate an RSA key as an unrecoverable
  6434. allocation error.
  6435. - Add some more defensive programming for architectures that can't
  6436. handle unaligned integer accesses. We don't know of any actual bugs
  6437. right now, but that's the best time to fix them. Fixes bug 1943.
  6438. o Minor bugfixes (misc):
  6439. - Fix a rare bug in rend_fn unit tests: we would fail a test when
  6440. a randomly generated port is 0. Diagnosed by Matt Edman. Bugfix
  6441. on; fixes bug 1808.
  6442. - Where available, use Libevent 2.0's periodic timers so that our
  6443. once-per-second cleanup code gets called even more closely to
  6444. once per second than it would otherwise. Fixes bug 943.
  6445. - Ignore OutboundBindAddress when connecting to localhost.
  6446. Connections to localhost need to come _from_ localhost, or else
  6447. local servers (like DNS and outgoing HTTP/SOCKS proxies) will often
  6448. refuse to listen.
  6449. - Update our OpenSSL 0.9.8l fix so that it works with OpenSSL 0.9.8m
  6450. too.
  6451. - If any of the v3 certs we download are unparseable, we should
  6452. actually notice the failure so we don't retry indefinitely. Bugfix
  6453. on 0.2.0.x; reported by "rotator".
  6454. - When Tor fails to parse a descriptor of any kind, dump it to disk.
  6455. Might help diagnosing bug 1051.
  6456. - Make our 'torify' script more portable; if we have only one of
  6457. 'torsocks' or 'tsocks' installed, don't complain to the user;
  6458. and explain our warning about tsocks better.
  6459. - Fix some urls in the exit notice file and make it XHTML1.1 strict
  6460. compliant. Based on a patch from Christian Kujau.
  6461. o Documentation changes:
  6462. - Modernize the doxygen configuration file slightly. Fixes bug 2707.
  6463. - Resolve all doxygen warnings except those for missing documentation.
  6464. Fixes bug 2705.
  6465. - Add doxygen documentation for more functions, fields, and types.
  6466. - Convert the HACKING file to asciidoc, and add a few new sections
  6467. to it, explaining how we use Git, how we make changelogs, and
  6468. what should go in a patch.
  6469. - Document the default socks host and port ( for
  6470. tor-resolve.
  6471. - Removed some unnecessary files from the source distribution. The
  6472. AUTHORS file has now been merged into the people page on the
  6473. website. The roadmaps and design doc can now be found in the
  6474. projects directory in svn.
  6475. o Deprecated and removed features (config):
  6476. - Remove the torrc.complete file. It hasn't been kept up to date
  6477. and users will have better luck checking out the manpage.
  6478. - Remove the HSAuthorityRecordStats option that version 0 hidden
  6479. service authorities could use to track statistics of overall v0
  6480. hidden service usage.
  6481. - Remove the obsolete "NoPublish" option; it has been flagged
  6482. as obsolete and has produced a warning since
  6483. - Caches no longer download and serve v2 networkstatus documents
  6484. unless FetchV2Networkstatus flag is set: these documents haven't
  6485. haven't been used by clients or relays since 0.2.0.x. Resolves
  6486. bug 3022.
  6487. o Deprecated and removed features (controller):
  6488. - The controller no longer accepts the old obsolete "addr-mappings/"
  6489. or "unregistered-servers-" GETINFO values.
  6490. - The EXTENDED_EVENTS and VERBOSE_NAMES controller features are now
  6491. always on; using them is necessary for correct forward-compatible
  6492. controllers.
  6493. o Deprecated and removed features (misc):
  6494. - Hidden services no longer publish version 0 descriptors, and clients
  6495. do not request or use version 0 descriptors. However, the old hidden
  6496. service authorities still accept and serve version 0 descriptors
  6497. when contacted by older hidden services/clients.
  6498. - Remove undocumented option "-F" from tor-resolve: it hasn't done
  6499. anything since
  6500. - Remove everything related to building the expert bundle for OS X.
  6501. It has confused many users, doesn't work right on OS X 10.6,
  6502. and is hard to get rid of once installed. Resolves bug 1274.
  6503. - Remove support for .noconnect style addresses. Nobody was using
  6504. them, and they provided another avenue for detecting Tor users
  6505. via application-level web tricks.
  6506. - When we fixed bug 1038 we had to put in a restriction not to send
  6507. RELAY_EARLY cells on rend circuits. This was necessary as long
  6508. as relays using Tor through were
  6509. active. Now remove this obsolete check. Resolves bug 2081.
  6510. - Remove workaround code to handle directory responses from servers
  6511. that had bug 539 (they would send HTTP status 503 responses _and_
  6512. send a body too). Since only server versions before
  6513. were affected, there is no longer reason to
  6514. keep the workaround in place.
  6515. - Remove the old 'fuzzy time' logic. It was supposed to be used for
  6516. handling calculations where we have a known amount of clock skew and
  6517. an allowed amount of unknown skew. But we only used it in three
  6518. places, and we never adjusted the known/unknown skew values. This is
  6519. still something we might want to do someday, but if we do, we'll
  6520. want to do it differently.
  6521. - Remove the "--enable-iphone" option to ./configure. According to
  6522. reports from Marco Bonetti, Tor builds fine without any special
  6523. tweaking on recent iPhone SDK versions.
  6524. Changes in version - 2011-02-23
  6525. Tor fixes a variety of less critical bugs. The main other
  6526. change is a slight tweak to Tor's TLS handshake that makes relays
  6527. and bridges that run this new version reachable from Iran again.
  6528. We don't expect this tweak will win the arms race long-term, but it
  6529. buys us time until we roll out a better solution.
  6530. o Major bugfixes:
  6531. - Stop sending a CLOCK_SKEW controller status event whenever
  6532. we fetch directory information from a relay that has a wrong clock.
  6533. Instead, only inform the controller when it's a trusted authority
  6534. that claims our clock is wrong. Bugfix on; fixes
  6535. the rest of bug 1074.
  6536. - Fix a bounds-checking error that could allow an attacker to
  6537. remotely crash a directory authority. Bugfix on
  6538. Found by "piebeer".
  6539. - If relays set RelayBandwidthBurst but not RelayBandwidthRate,
  6540. Tor would ignore their RelayBandwidthBurst setting,
  6541. potentially using more bandwidth than expected. Bugfix on
  6542. Reported by Paul Wouters. Fixes bug 2470.
  6543. - Ignore and warn if the user mistakenly sets "PublishServerDescriptor
  6544. hidserv" in her torrc. The 'hidserv' argument never controlled
  6545. publication of hidden service descriptors. Bugfix on
  6546. o Minor features:
  6547. - Adjust our TLS Diffie-Hellman parameters to match those used by
  6548. Apache's mod_ssl.
  6549. - Update to the February 1 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  6550. o Minor bugfixes:
  6551. - Check for and reject overly long directory certificates and
  6552. directory tokens before they have a chance to hit any assertions.
  6553. Bugfix on Found by "doorss".
  6554. - Bring the logic that gathers routerinfos and assesses the
  6555. acceptability of circuits into line. This prevents a Tor OP from
  6556. getting locked in a cycle of choosing its local OR as an exit for a
  6557. path (due to a .exit request) and then rejecting the circuit because
  6558. its OR is not listed yet. It also prevents Tor clients from using an
  6559. OR running in the same instance as an exit (due to a .exit request)
  6560. if the OR does not meet the same requirements expected of an OR
  6561. running elsewhere. Fixes bug 1859; bugfix on
  6562. o Packaging changes:
  6563. - Stop shipping the Tor specs files and development proposal documents
  6564. in the tarball. They are now in a separate git repository at
  6565. git://
  6566. - Do not include Git version tags as though they are SVN tags when
  6567. generating a tarball from inside a repository that has switched
  6568. between branches. Bugfix on; fixes bug 2402.
  6569. Changes in version - 2011-01-15
  6570. Tor continues our recent code security audit work. The main
  6571. fix resolves a remote heap overflow vulnerability that can allow remote
  6572. code execution. Other fixes address a variety of assert and crash bugs,
  6573. most of which we think are hard to exploit remotely.
  6574. o Major bugfixes (security):
  6575. - Fix a heap overflow bug where an adversary could cause heap
  6576. corruption. This bug probably allows remote code execution
  6577. attacks. Reported by "debuger". Fixes CVE-2011-0427. Bugfix on
  6579. - Prevent a denial-of-service attack by disallowing any
  6580. zlib-compressed data whose compression factor is implausibly
  6581. high. Fixes part of bug 2324; reported by "doorss".
  6582. - Zero out a few more keys in memory before freeing them. Fixes
  6583. bug 2384 and part of bug 2385. These key instances found by
  6584. "cypherpunks", based on Andrew Case's report about being able
  6585. to find sensitive data in Tor's memory space if you have enough
  6586. permissions. Bugfix on 0.0.2pre9.
  6587. o Major bugfixes (crashes):
  6588. - Prevent calls to Libevent from inside Libevent log handlers.
  6589. This had potential to cause a nasty set of crashes, especially
  6590. if running Libevent with debug logging enabled, and running
  6591. Tor with a controller watching for low-severity log messages.
  6592. Bugfix on Fixes bug 2190.
  6593. - Add a check for SIZE_T_MAX to tor_realloc() to try to avoid
  6594. underflow errors there too. Fixes the other part of bug 2324.
  6595. - Fix a bug where we would assert if we ever had a
  6596. file (or another file read directly into
  6597. memory) of exactly SIZE_T_CEILING bytes. Fixes bug 2326; bugfix
  6598. on Found by doorss.
  6599. - Fix some potential asserts and parsing issues with grossly
  6600. malformed router caches. Fixes bug 2352; bugfix on Tor
  6601. Found by doorss.
  6602. o Minor bugfixes (other):
  6603. - Fix a bug with handling misformed replies to reverse DNS lookup
  6604. requests in DNSPort. Bugfix on Tor Related to a
  6605. bug reported by doorss.
  6606. - Fix compilation on mingw when a pthreads compatibility library
  6607. has been installed. (We don't want to use it, so we shouldn't
  6608. be including pthread.h.) Fixes bug 2313; bugfix on
  6609. - Fix a bug where we would declare that we had run out of virtual
  6610. addresses when the address space was only half-exhausted. Bugfix
  6611. on
  6612. - Correctly handle the case where AutomapHostsOnResolve is set but
  6613. no virtual addresses are available. Fixes bug 2328; bugfix on
  6614. Bug found by doorss.
  6615. - Correctly handle wrapping around when we run out of virtual
  6616. address space. Found by cypherpunks; bugfix on
  6617. o Minor features:
  6618. - Update to the January 1 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  6619. - Introduce output size checks on all of our decryption functions.
  6620. o Build changes:
  6621. - Tor does not build packages correctly with Automake 1.6 and earlier;
  6622. added a check to to make sure that we're building with
  6623. Automake 1.7 or later.
  6624. - The tarball was missing src/common/OpenBSD_malloc_Linux.c
  6625. because we built it with a too-old version of automake. Thus that
  6626. release broke ./configure --enable-openbsd-malloc, which is popular
  6627. among really fast exit relays on Linux.
  6628. Changes in version - 2010-12-17
  6629. Tor does some code cleanup to reduce the risk of remotely
  6630. exploitable bugs. We also took this opportunity to change the IP address
  6631. for one of our directory authorities, and to update the geoip database
  6632. we ship.
  6633. o Major bugfixes:
  6634. - Fix a remotely exploitable bug that could be used to crash instances
  6635. of Tor remotely by overflowing on the heap. Remote-code execution
  6636. hasn't been confirmed, but can't be ruled out. Everyone should
  6637. upgrade. Bugfix on the 0.1.1 series and later.
  6638. o Directory authority changes:
  6639. - Change IP address and ports for gabelmoo (v3 directory authority).
  6640. o Minor features:
  6641. - Update to the December 1 2010 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
  6642. Changes in version - 2010-11-23
  6643. Yet another OpenSSL security patch broke its compatibility with Tor:
  6644. Tor makes relays work with openssl 0.9.8p and 1.0.0.b. We
  6645. also took this opportunity to fix several crash bugs, integrate a new
  6646. directory authority, and update the bundled GeoIP database.
  6647. o Major bugfixes:
  6648. - Resolve an incompatibility with OpenSSL 0.9.8p and OpenSSL 1.0.0b:
  6649. No longer set the tlsext_host_name extension on server SSL objects;
  6650. but continue to set it on client SSL objects. Our goal in setting
  6651. it was to imitate a browser, not a vhosting server. Fixes bug 2204;
  6652. bugfix on
  6653. - Do not log messages to the controller while shrinking buffer
  6654. freelists. Doing so would sometimes make the controller connection
  6655. try to allocate a buffer chunk, which would mess up the internals
  6656. of the freelist and cause an assertion failure. Fixes bug 1125;
  6657. fixed by Robert Ransom. Bugfix on
  6658. - Learn our external IP address when we're a relay or bridge, even if
  6659. we set PublishServerDescriptor to 0. Bugfix on,
  6660. where we introduced bridge relays that don't need to publish to
  6661. be useful. Fixes bug 2050.
  6662. - Do even more to reject (and not just ignore) annotations on
  6663. router descriptors received anywhere but from the cache. Previously
  6664. we would ignore such annotations at first, but cache them to disk
  6665. anyway. Bugfix on Found by piebeer.
  6666. - When you're using bridges and your network goes away and your
  6667. bridges get marked as down, recover when you attempt a new socks
  6668. connection (if the network is back), rather than waiting up to an
  6669. hour to try fetching new descriptors for your bridges. Bugfix on
  6670.; fixes bug 1981.
  6671. o Major features:
  6672. - Move to the November 2010 Maxmind GeoLite country db (rather
  6673. than the June 2009 ip-to-country GeoIP db) for our statistics that
  6674. count how many users relays are seeing from each country. Now we'll
  6675. have more accurate data, especially for many African countries.
  6676. o New directory authorities:
  6677. - Set up maatuska (run by Linus Nordberg) as the eighth v3 directory
  6678. authority.
  6679. o Minor bugfixes:
  6680. - Fix an assertion failure that could occur in directory caches or
  6681. bridge users when using a very short voting interval on a testing
  6682. network. Diagnosed by Robert Hogan. Fixes bug 1141; bugfix on
  6684. - Enforce multiplicity rules when parsing annotations. Bugfix on
  6685. Found by piebeer.
  6686. - Allow handshaking OR connections to take a full KeepalivePeriod
  6687. seconds to handshake. Previously, we would close them after
  6688. IDLE_OR_CONN_TIMEOUT (180) seconds, the same timeout as if they
  6689. were open. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1840. Thanks to mingw-san
  6690. for analysis help.
  6691. - When building with --enable-gcc-warnings on OpenBSD, disable
  6692. warnings in system headers. This makes --enable-gcc-warnings
  6693. pass on OpenBSD 4.8.
  6694. o Minor features:
  6695. - Exit nodes didn't recognize EHOSTUNREACH as a plausible error code,
  6696. and so sent back END_STREAM_REASON_MISC. Clients now recognize a new
  6697. stream ending reason for this case: END_STREAM_REASON_NOROUTE.
  6698. Servers can start sending this code when enough clients recognize
  6699. it. Bugfix on; fixes part of bug 1793.
  6700. - Build correctly on mingw with more recent versions of OpenSSL 0.9.8.
  6701. Patch from mingw-san.
  6702. o Removed files:
  6703. - Remove the old debian/ directory from the main Tor distribution.
  6704. The official Tor-for-debian git repository lives at the URL
  6706. - Stop shipping the old doc/website/ directory in the tarball. We
  6707. changed the website format in late 2010, and what we shipped in
  6708. really wasn't that useful anyway.
  6709. Changes in version - 2010-05-02
  6710. Tor addresses the recent connection and memory overload
  6711. problems we've been seeing on relays, especially relays with their
  6712. DirPort open. If your relay has been crashing, or you turned it off
  6713. because it used too many resources, give this release a try.
  6714. This release also fixes yet another instance of broken OpenSSL libraries
  6715. that was causing some relays to drop out of the consensus.
  6716. o Major bugfixes:
  6717. - Teach relays to defend themselves from connection overload. Relays
  6718. now close idle circuits early if it looks like they were intended
  6719. for directory fetches. Relays are also more aggressive about closing
  6720. TLS connections that have no circuits on them. Such circuits are
  6721. unlikely to be re-used, and tens of thousands of them were piling
  6722. up at the fast relays, causing the relays to run out of sockets
  6723. and memory. Bugfix on (where clients started tunneling
  6724. their directory fetches over TLS).
  6725. - Fix SSL renegotiation behavior on OpenSSL versions like on Centos
  6726. that claim to be earlier than 0.9.8m, but which have in reality
  6727. backported huge swaths of 0.9.8m or 0.9.8n renegotiation
  6728. behavior. Possible fix for some cases of bug 1346.
  6729. - Directory mirrors were fetching relay descriptors only from v2
  6730. directory authorities, rather than v3 authorities like they should.
  6731. Only 2 v2 authorities remain (compared to 7 v3 authorities), leading
  6732. to a serious bottleneck. Bugfix on Fixes bug 1324.
  6733. o Minor bugfixes:
  6734. - Finally get rid of the deprecated and now harmful notion of "clique
  6735. mode", where directory authorities maintain TLS connections to
  6736. every other relay.
  6737. o Testsuite fixes:
  6738. - In the util/threads test, no longer free the test_mutex before all
  6739. worker threads have finished. Bugfix on
  6740. - The master thread could starve the worker threads quite badly on
  6741. certain systems, causing them to run only partially in the allowed
  6742. window. This resulted in test failures. Now the master thread sleeps
  6743. occasionally for a few microseconds while the two worker-threads
  6744. compete for the mutex. Bugfix on
  6745. Changes in version - 2010-03-16
  6746. Tor fixes a regression introduced in that could
  6747. prevent relays from guessing their IP address correctly. It also fixes
  6748. several minor potential security bugs.
  6749. o Major bugfixes:
  6750. - Fix a regression from our patch for bug 1244 that caused relays
  6751. to guess their IP address incorrectly if they didn't set Address
  6752. in their torrc and/or their address fails to resolve. Bugfix on
  6753.; fixes bug 1269.
  6754. - When freeing a session key, zero it out completely. We only zeroed
  6755. the first ptrsize bytes. Bugfix on 0.0.2pre8. Discovered and
  6756. patched by ekir. Fixes bug 1254.
  6757. o Minor bugfixes:
  6758. - Fix a dereference-then-NULL-check sequence when publishing
  6759. descriptors. Bugfix on Discovered by ekir; fixes
  6760. bug 1255.
  6761. - Fix another dereference-then-NULL-check sequence. Bugfix on
  6762. Discovered by ekir; fixes bug 1256.
  6763. - Make sure we treat potentially not NUL-terminated strings correctly.
  6764. Bugfix on Discovered by rieo; fixes bug 1257.
  6765. Changes in version - 2010-02-21
  6766. Tor makes Tor work again on the latest OS X -- this time
  6767. for sure!
  6768. o Minor bugfixes:
  6769. - Work correctly out-of-the-box with even more vendor-patched versions
  6770. of OpenSSL. In particular, make it so Debian and OS X don't need
  6771. customized patches to run/build.
  6772. Changes in version - 2010-02-13
  6773. Tor fixes a huge client-side performance bug, makes Tor work
  6774. again on the latest OS X, and updates the location of a directory
  6775. authority.
  6776. o Major bugfixes (performance):
  6777. - We were selecting our guards uniformly at random, and then weighting
  6778. which of our guards we'd use uniformly at random. This imbalance
  6779. meant that Tor clients were severely limited on throughput (and
  6780. probably latency too) by the first hop in their circuit. Now we
  6781. select guards weighted by currently advertised bandwidth. We also
  6782. automatically discard guards picked using the old algorithm. Fixes
  6783. bug 1217; bugfix on Found by Mike Perry.
  6784. o Major bugfixes:
  6785. - Make Tor work again on the latest OS X: when deciding whether to
  6786. use strange flags to turn TLS renegotiation on, detect the OpenSSL
  6787. version at run-time, not compile time. We need to do this because
  6788. Apple doesn't update its dev-tools headers when it updates its
  6789. libraries in a security patch.
  6790. - Fix a potential buffer overflow in lookup_last_hid_serv_request()
  6791. that could happen on 32-bit platforms with 64-bit time_t. Also fix
  6792. a memory leak when requesting a hidden service descriptor we've
  6793. requested before. Fixes bug 1242, bugfix on Found
  6794. by aakova.
  6795. o Minor bugfixes:
  6796. - Refactor resolve_my_address() to not use gethostbyname() anymore.
  6797. Fixes bug 1244; bugfix on 0.0.2pre25. Reported by Mike Mestnik.
  6798. o Minor features:
  6799. - Avoid a mad rush at the beginning of each month when each client
  6800. rotates half of its guards. Instead we spread the rotation out
  6801. throughout the month, but we still avoid leaving a precise timestamp
  6802. in the state file about when we first picked the guard. Improves
  6803. over the behavior introduced in
  6804. Changes in version - 2010-01-19
  6805. Tor fixes a critical privacy problem in bridge directory
  6806. authorities -- it would tell you its whole history of bridge descriptors
  6807. if you make the right directory request. This stable update also
  6808. rotates two of the seven v3 directory authority keys and locations.
  6809. o Directory authority changes:
  6810. - Rotate keys (both v3 identity and relay identity) for moria1
  6811. and gabelmoo.
  6812. o Major bugfixes:
  6813. - Stop bridge directory authorities from answering dbg-stability.txt
  6814. directory queries, which would let people fetch a list of all
  6815. bridge identities they track. Bugfix on
  6816. Changes in version - 2009-12-21
  6817. Tor fixes an incompatibility with the most recent OpenSSL
  6818. library. If you use Tor on Linux / Unix and you're getting SSL
  6819. renegotiation errors, upgrading should help. We also recommend an
  6820. upgrade if you're an exit relay.
  6821. o Major bugfixes:
  6822. - Work around a security feature in OpenSSL 0.9.8l that prevents our
  6823. handshake from working unless we explicitly tell OpenSSL that we
  6824. are using SSL renegotiation safely. We are, of course, but OpenSSL
  6825. 0.9.8l won't work unless we say we are.
  6826. - Avoid crashing if the client is trying to upload many bytes and the
  6827. circuit gets torn down at the same time, or if the flip side
  6828. happens on the exit relay. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1150.
  6829. o Minor bugfixes:
  6830. - Do not refuse to learn about authority certs and v2 networkstatus
  6831. documents that are older than the latest consensus. This bug might
  6832. have degraded client bootstrapping. Bugfix on
  6833. Spotted and fixed by xmux.
  6834. - Fix a couple of very-hard-to-trigger memory leaks, and one hard-to-
  6835. trigger platform-specific option misparsing case found by Coverity
  6836. Scan.
  6837. - Fix a compilation warning on Fedora 12 by removing an impossible-to-
  6838. trigger assert. Fixes bug 1173.
  6839. Changes in version - 2009-10-15
  6840. Tor fixes a crash bug when you're accessing many hidden
  6841. services at once, prepares for more performance improvements, and
  6842. fixes a bunch of smaller bugs.
  6843. The Windows and OS X bundles also include a more recent Vidalia,
  6844. and switch from Privoxy to Polipo.
  6845. The OS X installers are now drag and drop. It's best to un-install
  6846. Tor/Vidalia and then install this new bundle, rather than upgrade. If
  6847. you want to upgrade, you'll need to update the paths for Tor and Polipo
  6848. in the Vidalia Settings window.
  6849. o Major bugfixes:
  6850. - Send circuit or stream sendme cells when our window has decreased
  6851. by 100 cells, not when it has decreased by 101 cells. Bug uncovered
  6852. by Karsten when testing the "reduce circuit window" performance
  6853. patch. Bugfix on the 54th commit on Tor -- from July 2002,
  6854. before the release of Tor 0.0.0. This is the new winner of the
  6855. oldest-bug prize.
  6856. - Fix a remotely triggerable memory leak when a consensus document
  6857. contains more than one signature from the same voter. Bugfix on
  6859. - Avoid segfault in rare cases when finishing an introduction circuit
  6860. as a client and finding out that we don't have an introduction key
  6861. for it. Fixes bug 1073. Reported by Aaron Swartz.
  6862. o Major features:
  6863. - Tor now reads the "circwindow" parameter out of the consensus,
  6864. and uses that value for its circuit package window rather than the
  6865. default of 1000 cells. Begins the implementation of proposal 168.
  6866. o New directory authorities:
  6867. - Set up urras (run by Jacob Appelbaum) as the seventh v3 directory
  6868. authority.
  6869. - Move moria1 and tonga to alternate IP addresses.
  6870. o Minor bugfixes:
  6871. - Fix a signed/unsigned compile warning in
  6872. - Fix possible segmentation fault on directory authorities. Bugfix on
  6874. - Fix an extremely rare infinite recursion bug that could occur if
  6875. we tried to log a message after shutting down the log subsystem.
  6876. Found by Matt Edman. Bugfix on
  6877. - Fix an obscure bug where hidden services on 64-bit big-endian
  6878. systems might mis-read the timestamp in v3 introduce cells, and
  6879. refuse to connect back to the client. Discovered by "rotor".
  6880. Bugfix on
  6881. - We were triggering a CLOCK_SKEW controller status event whenever
  6882. we connect via the v2 connection protocol to any relay that has
  6883. a wrong clock. Instead, we should only inform the controller when
  6884. it's a trusted authority that claims our clock is wrong. Bugfix
  6885. on; starts to fix bug 1074. Reported by SwissTorExit.
  6886. - We were telling the controller about CHECKING_REACHABILITY and
  6887. REACHABILITY_FAILED status events whenever we launch a testing
  6888. circuit or notice that one has failed. Instead, only tell the
  6889. controller when we want to inform the user of overall success or
  6890. overall failure. Bugfix on Fixes bug 1075. Reported
  6891. by SwissTorExit.
  6892. - Don't warn when we're using a circuit that ends with a node
  6893. excluded in ExcludeExitNodes, but the circuit is not used to access
  6894. the outside world. This should help fix bug 1090. Bugfix on
  6896. - Work around a small memory leak in some versions of OpenSSL that
  6897. stopped the memory used by the hostname TLS extension from being
  6898. freed.
  6899. o Minor features:
  6900. - Add a "getinfo status/accepted-server-descriptor" controller
  6901. command, which is the recommended way for controllers to learn
  6902. whether our server descriptor has been successfully received by at
  6903. least on directory authority. Un-recommend good-server-descriptor
  6904. getinfo and status events until we have a better design for them.
  6905. Changes in version - 2009-07-28
  6906. Tor fixes a major bug with accessing and providing hidden
  6907. services.
  6908. o Major bugfixes:
  6909. - Make accessing hidden services on 0.2.1.x work right again.
  6910. Bugfix on; workaround for bug 1038. Diagnosis and
  6911. part of patch provided by "optimist".
  6912. o Minor features:
  6913. - When a relay/bridge is writing out its identity key fingerprint to
  6914. the "fingerprint" file and to its logs, write it without spaces. Now
  6915. it will look like the fingerprints in our bridges documentation,
  6916. and confuse fewer users.