Nick Mathewson 1160ac1283 Changes file for 19063; use the BUG macro 8 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 9 years ago
19044 2fa7a3af4c Make advisory-warnings on by default. 8 years ago
assert_nonfatal a885271c08 Add new tor_assert_nonfatal*() macros. 8 years ago
bug13239 1e553b6c68 Increase number of preemptive internal circuits 8 years ago
bug14334 d5acb633ae Don't mark guards as unreachable if connection_connect() fails. 8 years ago
bug17150 49ff09aef2 Fix another, more subtle, case of bug 17150. 8 years ago
bug17688 36dd9538d9 Don't rely on consensus parameter to use a single guard. 8 years ago
bug17983 ce854a8d22 Add -ftrapv to gcc-hardening ... mostly! 8 years ago
bug18240 a57ed38a8e Clean up TEST_TOR_BINARY so test-stem can have better dependencies 8 years ago
bug18300 7532cd439b When we get a bad nickname, explain what a good one is. 8 years ago
bug18604 ab35f9de46 Correctly close intro circuit when deleting ephemeral HS 8 years ago
bug18668 0f9b0b8bfe Initialize networking _before_ initializing libevent in the tests 8 years ago
bug18704 c7f1b46a10 Perform cache lookup when FetchHidServDescriptors is set 8 years ago
bug18809 dd17df2253 lintchanges on 18809, and fix the bug number 8 years ago
bug18815 4f37919fa1 Change UseOptimisticData default to 1. 8 years ago
bug18840 5a83122961 Authorities now sort the "package" lines in their votes 8 years ago
bug18889 bff53aabce Remove redundant declarations of MIN 8 years ago
bug18895 d9080f5d3a Check linking of hardening options, give better warnings if it fails. 8 years ago
bug18934 b72aa18d73 Check stderr for backtrace as well as stdout. 8 years ago
bug18934_2 33ffeab694 Changes file for previous commit 8 years ago
bug18956 ec81329339 Do not leak the 'tag' when trying to read a truncated ed25519 key file 8 years ago
bug18963 cdb528d841 Fetch certificates from the same directory as previous certificates 8 years ago
bug19063 1160ac1283 Changes file for 19063; use the BUG macro 8 years ago
bug19066 50ff24e276 dirauth: don't use hardcoded length when parsing digests 8 years ago
bug19079 6d6c8287d5 Include __mulodi4 in libor_ctime when it fixes clang -m32 -ftrapv 8 years ago
bug19139 94762e37b9 Use the Autoconf macro AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS 8 years ago
bug19153 2c96d95c12 Fix spelling of --enable-tor2web-mode in manpage 8 years ago
bug19161 be3875cda2 Make sure that libscrypt_scrypt actually exists before using it. 8 years ago
bug19191 6eeedc02d8 Use directory_must_use_begindir to predict we'll surely use begindir 8 years ago
bug19203 bdc59e33c1 Fix a warning on unnamed nodes in node_get_by_nickname(). 8 years ago
bug19213 60b8aaefa1 lintChanges fixes 8 years ago
bug19216 9bbd6502f0 Use autoconf, not gcc version, to decide which warnings we have 8 years ago
bug19406 b217e4ac65 Bug 19406: Add a changes file. 8 years ago
bug19428 41cb26c169 Correct the rounding behavior on tv_mdiff. 8 years ago
feature15588 6678dff386 Add changes file for #15588 8 years ago
feature18624 c4208ef65f dir auths only give Guard if they're giving Stable 8 years ago
feature18685 f197d189a6 mention 18685 in changes file 8 years ago
feature18760 0aacc07036 encourage rejected relays to contact us 8 years ago
feature18998 be0e1e9e2f Stop being so strict about the payload length of "rendezvous1" cells 8 years ago
feature19036 694f1fe808 write v3-status-votes file earlier in consensus voting 8 years ago
geoip-jun2016 60b8aaefa1 lintChanges fixes 8 years ago
lcov_excl 4043f2c95f Adopt the LCOV convention for marking lines as unreachable by tests. 8 years ago
memarea_overflow be2d37ad3c Fix a pointer arithmetic bug in memarea_alloc() 8 years ago
rsa_init_bug c4c4380a5e Fix a dangling pointer issue in our RSA keygen code 8 years ago
task19035 11d52a449c Disable GET /tor/bytes.txt and GETINFO dir-usage 8 years ago
test_zlib_bombs f016213f7f Unit tests for our zlib code to test and reject compression bombs. 8 years ago
ticket16698 48b7db3559 Add changes file for ticket 16698 8 years ago
ticket18462 055a7a198a Rename tor_dup_addr to tor_addr_to_str_dup. 8 years ago
timeouts 0a2f59aaa6 give it a changes file too 8 years ago
workqueue_tests 3cc374456b Add several test scripts wrapping test_workqueue 8 years ago
zlib_12 808015316a Remove support for zlib <= 1.1 8 years ago