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This directory has helpful information about what you need to know to hack on Tor!

First, read to learn how to get a start in Tor development.

If you've decided to write a patch, CodingStandards.txt will give you a bunch of information about how we structure our code.

It's important to get code right! Reading will tell you how to write and run tests in the Tor codebase.

There are a bunch of other programs we use to help maintain and develop the codebase: can tell you how to use them with Tor.

If it's your job to put out Tor releases, see so that you don't miss any steps!

For full information on how Tor is supposed to work, look at the files in

For an explanation of how to change Tor's design to work differently, look at

For the latest version of the code, get a copy of git, and

git clone

We talk about Tor on the tor-talk mailing list. Design proposals and discussion belong on the tor-dev mailing list. We hang around on, with general discussion happening on #tor and development happening on #tor-dev.

The other files in this HACKING directory may also be useful as you get started working with Tor.

Happy hacking!

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