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  1. ## Instructions for building the official rpms.
  2. ##
  3. The process used to create the official rpms is as follows:
  4. You'll need to install libevent headers, usually located in package named
  5. libevent-devel. Alternatively, you could download latest libevent from
  6. but that shouldn't be necessary.
  7. Download and Extract the latest tor source code from
  9. In the resulting directory:
  10. LIBS=-lrt ./configure
  11. make dist-rpm
  12. You should have at least two, maybe three, rpms. There should be the binary
  13. (i686|x86_64).rpm, a src.rpm, and on redhat/centos machines, a debuginfo.rpm.
  14. The debuginfo rpms are created if package redhat-rpm-config is installed (case
  15. of redhat distros).
  16. This step suffices unless you want to create RPMs for distros other than the
  17. one you used for building.
  18. ## Instructions for building RPMs for multiple architectures or distributions
  19. ## using 'mock' on Fedora or RHEL (and clones)
  20. Make sure you have mock installed and configured, see following HOWTOs for setup:
  23. Take the source RPM generated by previous step, and execute mock for every
  24. target architecture (the names come from files in /etc/mock, strip the .cfg
  25. extension in the -r parameter):
  26. mock --rebuild -r fedora-17-x86_64 tor-X.Y.Z.src.rpm
  27. Building for EL5 from newer distro (e.g. EL6 or Fedora 17) will fail due to bug
  28. (
  29. Here's a workaround:
  30. Before even building the source RPM, install fedora-packager and instruct
  31. the build system to use rpmbuild-md5 like this:
  32. dnf install fedora-packager
  33. export RPMBUILD=rpmbuild-md5
  34. Then proceed as usual to create the source RPM and binary RPMs:
  35. LIBS=-lrt ./configure
  36. make dist-rpm
  37. mock --rebuild -r epel-5-x86_64 tor-X.Y.Z.src.rpm
  38. (Note: don't build under OpenVZ - it breaks unshare() syscall, which in turn
  39. breaks mock. It could save you several hours.)