Nick Mathewson c1f86f7492 Merge branch 'maint-0.3.4' into maint-0.3.5 5 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 9 years ago
bug27197 1ed5e009cb rust/protover: reject extra commas 5 years ago
bug27740 42558df7c8 rust/protover: return C-allocated string in protover_all_supported() 5 years ago
bug27741 80ad15921c Remove extraneous argument from Rust protover_compute_vote() 5 years ago
bug27750 c99f220f78 conn: Close the read side of a closing connection when write limit is reached 5 years ago
bug27800 93fd924bdb Log more info for duplicate ed25519 IDs 5 years ago
bug27804 db89b4b152 rust/protover: fix null deref in protover_all_supported() 5 years ago
bug27841 f89f14802e At intro points, don't close circuits on NACKs 5 years ago
bug27948 939657771c Treat backtrace test failures as expected on most BSD-derived systems 5 years ago
bug27963_timeradd 267b8d16b1 Add timeval.h include to compat_pthreads.c for timeradd() 5 years ago
bug27968 8f43b8fb47 Avoid a race condition in 5 years ago
bug28096 2fbc58cf07 Windows: fix uname on recent Windows versions 5 years ago
bug28115 f8a1dc64f9 Fix a misspelled macro test that was breaking big-endian OPE 5 years ago
bug28127 9b72dca953 Add changes file for Bug #28127 5 years ago
bug28183 0e5378feec seccomp2: Add "shutdown" to the list of permitted system calls. 5 years ago
bug28202 368413a321 Fix possible UB in an end-of-string check in get_next_token(). 5 years ago
bug28245 1ba1a1ceca Always declare groups when building with openssl 1.1.1 APIs 5 years ago
bug28298 3a2cb83685 refuse to start with relative paths + RunAsDaemon 5 years ago
bug28303 67abf55d6b Add a changes file for bug 28303 5 years ago
bug28348_034 2aff02eb3d Actually disable NEED_NET periodic events when DisableNetwork is set 5 years ago
bug28399 540c833f20 Appveyor: remove incorrect OpenSSL path 5 years ago
bug28413 1a11702a9a Fix a compiler warning in aes.c. 5 years ago
bug28419 26fd7c1d9c Changes file for bug 28419 5 years ago
bug28435 763ccd0928 Fix Doxyfile for 0.3.5 source tree moves 5 years ago
bug28441 16ca6fdfdb log: stop talking about the Named flag in log messages 5 years ago
bug28454 83c1baca16 Appveyor: manually add zstd flags to configure 5 years ago
bug28485 3260914db0 Add missing library to build tor-print-ed-signing-cert. 5 years ago
bug28524 0489288aa2 Update control_free_all() for #27169 5 years ago
bug28554 ffc7b81b5d Test: Fix memory leaks and missing unmocks in entry guard tests 5 years ago
bug28619 d37dbb09c2 hs-v3: Do not close RP circuits when deleting an ephemeral service 5 years ago
geoip-2018-11-06 5ba3d09a89 Update geoip and geoip6 to the November 6 2018 database. 5 years ago
geoip-2018-12-05 57798eb1cb Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 5 2018 database. 5 years ago
rust_asan ee1cc0feae Add a changes file for Alex Crichton's rust fixes. 5 years ago
ticket19566 d18a167ff3 sr: Switch from tor_assert() to BUG() 5 years ago
ticket27471 9ba16c4d03 hs-v3: Close client intro circuits if the descriptor is replaced 5 years ago
ticket27751 fcbbcf92cb add --enable-nss build to Travis CI 5 years ago
ticket27838 81c466c34a hs-v3: Create desc signing key cert before uploading 5 years ago
ticket27913 cf434b6c80 Add changes file 5 years ago
ticket27995 56f713b8a4 hs-v3: Always generate the descriptor cookie 5 years ago
ticket28026 6c9d678ff6 hs-v3: Add changes file for 28026 5 years ago
ticket28113 bd0e38dcfe systemd: allow tor some time to shut down after ShutdownWaitLength expires 5 years ago
ticket28128 f41bec1290 man: ClientOnionAuthDir can't be reloaded with Sandbox 1 5 years ago
ticket28229_diag 9bbf7ec303 Add changes file 5 years ago
ticket28275 0906dde9d5 man: Document HSv3 client authorization revocation 5 years ago
ticket28318 368aeaadff Appveyor: Add Windows Server 2016 to tor's build matrix 5 years ago
ticket28459 b8ce1de4bf Appveyor: always show the logs, and upload them as build artifacts 5 years ago
ticket28574 36c3235534 Explicitly specify path to OpenSSL for Appveyor. 5 years ago