1. This directory contains code for use with, and code made by, the
  2. automatic code generation tool "Trunnel".
  3. Trunnel generates binary parsers and formatters for simple data
  4. structures. It aims for human-readable, obviously-correct outputs over
  5. maximum efficiency or flexibility.
  6. The .trunnel files are the inputs here; the .c and .h files are the outputs.
  7. To add a new structure:
  8. - Add a new .trunnel file or expand an existing one to describe the format
  9. of the structure.
  10. - Regenerate the .c and .h files. To do this, you run
  11. "scripts/codegen/". You'll need trunnel installed.
  12. - Add the .trunnel, .c, and .h files to
  13. For the Trunnel source code, and more documentation about using Trunnel,
  14. see , especially
  16. and