Nick Mathewson e7a0616817 Changes files for feature26815 and 26816 5 years ago
.dummy df76da0f3b Add a .dummy file in the changes directory to stop git from removing it 9 years ago
bug22156 ac64e00794 Changes file for "make clippy" 5 years ago
bug25477 eb7a3fae08 Refrain from mentioning old bug in a warning 5 years ago
bug25886 9d7f148885 Make frac_nodes_with_descriptors() take and use for_direct_connect 5 years ago
bug26152 8483241b4e Improve openssl_version tests with better messages 5 years ago
bug26223 951d59d706 Use tor_getline() in dirserv.c to remove its upper line limit. 5 years ago
bug26282 39bbb8d9cf Avoid casting smartlist index implicitly 5 years ago
bug26488 46998fc8fd Validate that DirAuthority address is IPv4 5 years ago
bug26522 d0525c38d6 Refrain from potentially insecure usage of strncat() 5 years ago
bug26525 439b528f25 Rename sandbox_getaddrinfo() et. al. 5 years ago
doc26638 4ff93dd94f Merge remote-tracking branch 'rl1987/doc26638' 5 years ago
feature26815 e7a0616817 Changes files for feature26815 and 26816 5 years ago
feature26816 e7a0616817 Changes files for feature26815 and 26816 5 years ago
feature8323 25341245ae Implement GETINFO md/all 5 years ago
full_include_paths e4e949e901 fix a changes file warning 5 years ago
iphplapi 3930416dec Link GetAdaptersAddresses, rather than loading it on-demand. 5 years ago
split_or_h 3edc48c07b Add a changes file for splitting structures out of or.h 5 years ago
ticket19979 5af29fbb63 When possible, use RFC5869 HKDF implementation from OpenSSL 5 years ago
ticket25928 83de46eb25 Changes file and comment for 25928. 5 years ago
ticket26426 9fa73003fc Remove dmalloc support; closes #26426 5 years ago
ticket26427 50fb8301c1 Changes file for logging circularity fixes. 5 years ago
ticket26481 9ec80909ec Add a changes file for 26481 (the big code movement) 5 years ago
ticket26510 bf89278c79 Refactor bloom filter logic not to be digest-specific. 5 years ago
ticket26526 8de48c111c Remove addr_port_lookup. 5 years ago
ticket26526_extra 2f657a1416 Remove all users of addr_port_lookup outside of address.c 5 years ago
ticket26527 fedb3e46ec Remove ATTR_NONNULL macro 5 years ago
ticket26560 f028713d37 Add more optional packages to Travis 5 years ago
ticket26626 e2a94dc481 Require stdint.h and inttypes.h 5 years ago