1. The contrib/ directory contains small tools that might be useful for using
  2. with Tor. A few of them are included in the Tor source distribution; you can
  3. find the others in the main Tor repository. We don't guarantee that they're
  4. particularly useful.
  5. dirauth-tools/ -- Tools useful for directory authority administrators
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. add-tor is an old script to manipulate the approved-routers file.
  8. nagios-check-tor-authority-cert is a nagios script to check when Tor
  9. authority certificates are expired or nearly expired.
  10. clang/ -- Files for use with the clang compiler
  11. -----------------------------------------------
  12. sanitize_blacklist.txt is used to build Tor with clang's dynamic
  13. AddressSanitizer and UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer. It contains detailed
  14. instructions on configuration, build, and testing with clang's sanitizers.
  15. client-tools/ -- Tools for use with Tor clients
  16. -----------------------------------------------
  17. torify is a small wrapper script around torsocks.
  18. uses Tor's SOCKS port extensions to perform DNS lookups. You
  19. should probably use src/tools/tor-resolve instead.
  20. dist/ -- Scripts and files for use when packaging Tor
  21. -----------------------------------------------------
  22. torctl, rc.subr, and are init scripts for use with SysV-style init
  23. tools. Everybody likes to write init scripts differently, it seems.
  24. tor.service is a sample service file for use with systemd.
  25. The suse/ subdirectory contains files used by the suse distribution.
  26. operator-tools/ -- Tools for Tor relay operators
  27. ------------------------------------------------
  28. tor-exit-notice.html is an HTML file for use with the DirPortFrontPage
  29. option. It tells visitors that your relay is a Tor exit node, and that they
  30. shouldn't assume you're the origin for the traffic that you're delivering.
  31. tor.logrotate is a configuration file for use with the logrotate tool. You
  32. may need to edit it to work for you.
  33. uses Linux iptables tools to traffic-shape your Tor relay's
  34. traffic. If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.
  35. or-tools/ -- Tools for interacting with relays
  36. ----------------------------------------------
  37. is a tool to scan relays to see if any of them have advertised
  38. public SOCKS ports, so we can tell them not to.
  39. check-tor is a quick shell script to try doing a TLS handshake with a router
  40. or to try fetching a directory from it.
  41. exitlist is a precursor of it parses a bunch of cached
  42. server descriptors to determine which can connect to a given address:port.
  43. win32build -- Old files for windows packaging
  44. ---------------------------------------------
  45. You shouldn't need these unless you're building some of the older Windows
  46. packages.