Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  teor 7387258686 Merge remote-tracking branch 'teor-travel/bug27967' 5 years ago
  teor c3f39af055 Log: Ignore new tor DNS warnings 5 years ago
  teor 121b3d232f Ingore the Linux-specific sandbox warning 5 years ago
  teor c884a05f3e bootstrap: Silence a duplicate vote warning 5 years ago
  teor 74e87ead49 Remove all comment references to obsolete tor versions 5 years ago
  teor 3733469980 Ignore a variant of the "Valid-After times do not match" warning 6 years ago
  teor a99fca82b3 Hide a log message removed by Tor 23078, fixed in and 6 years ago
  teor c889534dd5 Add an offline mode to chutney, which disables DNS 7 years ago
  teor 2e8ef42b0a Ignore the new format "Failed to find node for hop" log message 6 years ago
  teor f56235a763 Now bug 17090 is fixed, remove the comment about ignoring its warning 7 years ago
  teor b93c180178 Ignore more tor warnings 7 years ago
  teor 5d731f3c93 Add SUMMARY and IGNORE_EXISTING modes to 7 years ago