Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  teor a881ebb0d6 Always specify the onion service version 4 years ago
  teor c884a05f3e bootstrap: Silence a duplicate vote warning 4 years ago
  teor 36fc77e3a1 bootstrap: Increase InitialVotingInterval to improve reliability 4 years ago
  teor de5b491b4b Check for src/app and src/or, and fail if they are both present 4 years ago
  teor c34e6e5cd5 Stop providing the hs flag on authorities 4 years ago
  teor f16e39673a Use bridges+hs-v2 as the default in 4 years ago
  teor 74b67a8528 Add networks/bridges+hs-v2 as a copy of networks/bridges+hs 4 years ago
  teor bd12413439 Refactor authority.i timings 4 years ago
  teor 0ccad53329 Bootstrap: tidy comments 4 years ago
  teor 364534a3d2 Bootstrap: allow Tor 0.3.4 bridges to bootstrap 4 years ago
  teor 1641c18991 Remove unused code for setting TestingV3AuthVotingStartOffset 4 years ago
  teor 99ba2818d7 Detect tor build directories with src/app or src/or 4 years ago
  teor e0d4b180ac Only use ${} when required 4 years ago
  teor a5eae0b6d9 Actually use CHUTNEY_TOR as a binary path, rather than just searching PATH 4 years ago
  teor 74e87ead49 Remove all comment references to obsolete tor versions 4 years ago
  teor 0d2f884aa1 Add a minimal bwfile network with V3BandwidthsFile /tmp/bwfile 4 years ago
  teor 8500a1761f Give a better warning when chutney can't find a binary 4 years ago
  teor 57dd950901 Remove all DownloadSchedule torrc options 4 years ago
  teor 3733469980 Ignore a variant of the "Valid-After times do not match" warning 5 years ago
  teor f5745c80ad Add a bwscanner network for testing bandwidth authorities 5 years ago
  teor 3f39ce1911 Add more minimal HS, Single Onion and Exit networks 5 years ago
  teor 61c28b99a2 Add networks that test that IPv6-only tor clients can use microdescriptors 5 years ago
  teor 1bef522f0b PredictedPortsRelevanceTime is obsolete, remove it from our torrcs 5 years ago
  teor 55450d524f Put the --quiet option last on the tor command line 5 years ago
  teor f19023554c Stop crashing when the configured dns_conf is None 5 years ago
  teor 99b7c5e8e8 Disable v3 onion services in mixed networks 5 years ago
  teor f1835b17ec Stop assuming that test module attribute errors are about run_test 5 years ago
  teor 0df68e3a99 Test OLD clients, bridge clients, and hidden services in mixed networks 5 years ago
  teor d1535113b2 Tag every client and bridge client in every networks file 5 years ago
  teor d3cec81170 Stop including two copies of common.i in single-onion-v3.tmpl 5 years ago